Achaean Raves



  • I didn't even know what to do. I was so screwed no matter what. :D

  • @Embrelle is cool people.

  • I haven't been able to play as much as I wanted while preparing for the Spring semester of college, but I had to give a rave to Targossas. Everyone has been so helpful, and I've joined at an interesting time. There has been a festival, an auction, sock puppets, some talking eldritch rat that Eryl stomped... vehemently, a demigod who shows up to things and makes people innovate their ways of interacting together.

    I love the lore with the city, the classes, priest is so much fun and is aesthetically so pleasing/contrasting for someone who has opted for more darker malevolent themed classes no matter the games I play.

    I have so much reading, character building, combat to learn, and very little time lately, but I'm really having a blast so far.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    Have been working on learning scripting lately, and made this simple yet effective tracking for totem implant status. Small and simple, and I'm sure in the future I will discover a number of ways to make it better, but it's great making progress on projects like this because it just encourages one to keep learning.

  • HhaosHhaos Cortland, Ohio
    After being gone for a long time the environment in Hashan seems to have, for me, changed for the better. I've been back less than a week and have been engaged by many players for many reasons and just want to give a shout out to the new crew. The apathy and attitude of the entire city has changed. More helpful players overall abound and I dont know if I could pick a better time to have come back.

    Gnaroth for helping me try to wrap my head back around lua and making spending a couple hours with me to test it deserves a special shoutout here for sure as he doesnt know me from jump.

    Big and small rp interactions have lead to some pretty interesting nights after work, especially thanks to Octaviia and a few others and I find myself questioning why I ever left.

    Reonna I would like to see how this little back and forth with his mum plays out. Even sending people to liberate me from my captivity.

    It's all so much more than I experienced in my days playing 7 or so years ago. You guys are awesome and I dont know if I would have stuck around if the reception was anywhere near what I expected. 

  • So it's been awhile since I posted here. I was gone for about a year in real life time (good stuff happened) anyway since being back it's felt like a huge welcome from Mhaldor. @Entaro you're doing some awesome stuff keep it up!

    However I also want to take time to say whoever designed this citole. Major props. I absolutely love it!

  • I really just started about a week ago, but I have been having a lot of fun hunting and chatting.

  • Final fight for the new LHG is really well done. There's no insane damage output to make you feel like you have to hit hit hit or you get outpaced, so you can take it slow and focus on getting all the mechanics right. I really like that, a lot.
  • Thanks to everyone that greeted me on my return! Appreciated!

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