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    Okay honestly....

    There is too much to list, but @Farrah and @Mezghar you know why, and my newfound family member @Elyra ...thanks for making a very weird time for Gurklukke filled with amusement, even if it is at Mezghar's expense most of the time. I have been having a fun time lurking around in Hashan, in between various other know who you are @Twilight and @Pandora. I never thought the little frog would be in the position to want to make change in himself as he is, but character development is wild.

    Also in that same regard to the numerous people who admittedly have given Gurk a headache after his leaving Cyrene, it is good to know that despite some of the questionable things I have done with my character, it has had some kind of impact on folks, and I would name you many people if I could remember everyone off the top of my head, but truthfully you are all good beans,

    Also a special thank you to @Astarod for the ice cream. It was tasty.

  • @Eryl Everyone has been nice OOCly, more a you do what you enjoy mentality.

    ICly I fully expect some people to grumble, but even then, its been more a mix of disappointment and thoughtful discussions, or outright saying Corruption blah blah, manipulation....but not anything I could not roleplay out. I have thick skin, I have played far more toxic or controversial characters in MUD's. Gurk is a softboy in comparison.

    Except that guy @Barrien the big jerk ...jk ily... see you on the battlefield.


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    @Synthus You are an awesome sport and great person to RP with. Thanks for the patience and laughs with Rys' teasing , bluntness, and obliviousness, and Syn's endearing reactions. I laughed so much, you're awesome.

    Ah, and I hope I made you facepalm at least once

  • Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the nuances of combat or city management, administration, you name it - things that may or may not get patched, balance issues, etc.

    In what game can you go to someone else's city, kill someone in front of his cronies, and then get retribution in the form of spears thrown from within your own city. @Astarod :)

    Made my freaking day!

    If you take a step back and look at what combat is and how it functions as a whole, you really have to give credit to Achaea and its development team. In the last four decades I have not encountered a more complex in depth system, in person or virtually, with so much room for creativity.

    I get excited trying to figure out how to commit the oldest sins in the newest ways. :D

    Shecks snickers softly to himself.

    Shecks lifts one hand to touch an earring of Sinope.

    Blistered skin melting from his flesh, Shecks has succumbed to the effects of Novak, Trial-Elect of Antagony's darkshade.

  • @Novaki That was pretty great! Your pariah is coming on really well. We were hoping for retaliation for the Atlatl love tap, but there's always next time!

    Nobody in Ashtan can complain about atlatls though @Penwize <3

    The Divine voice of Twilight echoes in your head, "See that it is. I espy a tithe of potential in your mortal soul, Astarod Blackstone. Let us hope that it flourishes and does not falter as so many do."

    Aegis, God of War says, "You are dismissed from My demense, Astarod. Go forth and fight well. Bleed fiercely, and climb the purpose you have sought to chase for."
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    @Novaki Sorry, forums is bugged. :(

    The Divine voice of Twilight echoes in your head, "See that it is. I espy a tithe of potential in your mortal soul, Astarod Blackstone. Let us hope that it flourishes and does not falter as so many do."

    Aegis, God of War says, "You are dismissed from My demense, Astarod. Go forth and fight well. Bleed fiercely, and climb the purpose you have sought to chase for."
  • Rave to counteract my rant.

    I designed a whole new outfit for Vhaynna, and pretty much everything was approved when I logged back in after submitting. Except my blouse. I NEED MY BLOUSE.

    I appreciate the new PROOF system too, even when it frustrates me with 'this does not belong in a Dropped description', while highlighting the word in the Examined description :D.

    So thank you @AchaeaTeam for adding this feature.

  • Thank you for taking the time to speak with Aina, @Gaia and @Adrik , even if I almost had a heart attack when she got ripped so suddenly.

    Dynamic interactions like these are what makes Achaea feel so alive.

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    @Gaia really isn't kidding @Aina Darke.

    I go AFK for like 2 minutes to have a bio break and get a go-gurt and come back to

    Gaia, the Wildwood Queen says, "Wakey wakey My High Warden."

    Gaia, the Wildwood Queen snaps Her fingers infront of you.

    Gaia, the Wildwook Queen taps you on the shoulder.

    Nearly gave me a damn heart attack. Just be glad that you are not one of the people who reports to CT when people snap their fingers infront of you.

    My rave is that Gaia is awesome, and if @Mezghar tries to tell me his Dad is better than my Queen, I can shut him up by saying "WELL MY QUEEN KILLED UR DAD!"

  • Can confirm that Gaia loves the heart attacks!

  • I don't do the raves much, as I am an inherently negative person and it drags the whole vibe of the room down and that's a thing I need to work on.

    BUT. CITY GUIDES. Love it. When they first came up, I thought it was just some Eleusian project and applied. Then a day or so later I checked HELP and went "Oh. OH." I was not convinced that it would do anything, but I actually know many of the Village newbies by name, and it has genuinely led to very interesting and educational interactions.

    1200 renown a day ain't shabby, either

  • This has been a pretty exhausting like...month+? I'm so glad I'm not city leadership any more, I can't imagine how much more they're dealing with. There's always some tension or other, and while I don't always enjoy logging in to something new on fire, I really greatly appreciate all the effort that goes into making stuff happen.

    So, raves to admin for focusing on Cyrene, even if it's a rough ride. Raves to Cyrene's leaders for hanging on and doing their best to get us all through this in one piece. And raves to all the players willing to hang on for dear life- we aren't the strongest city, not even close. But I'm always so proud that we will fight anybody in Cyrene, any time. And that there has been such a crazy flurry of activity- somebody is always trying something or getting into stuff.

  • I, too, look forward to Shallam 2.0

  • Yeah, I've always had a custom "think" alias (which of course produced nothing but a fancy echo). It's great that this is finally a serverside thing!

  • The primordial tones of the Earthmother echo within your mind, "It is pleasing to see you awake once more. I hope you make it a regular thing."

    You tell Gaia, "Thank you so much, Earthmother!"

    I just want to say, logging in [for Grondson's memorial] after over a year of not playing was so amazing. Although many of my old friends have disappeared (sad face), I was greeted so warmly by old friends and new friends alike, and I am so tempted to play again even though I don't really have the time. :P Thank you all, you are the best. (Naoma, Castien, Laedha, and others)

    And thank you Lady @Gaia , that was a very cool and special interaction for Cailin.

  • ColganoColgano Nebraska

    @Gurklukke how dare you. D: :P

  • Im still your pizza nugget @Colgano

  • This game has been entertaining to me whenever I play it. Recently it has become fun.

  • ItaIta Hashan

    @Gurklukke Oh gosh, oh gosh, golly gee gosh! I"m going to hide in embarrasment. Thank you SO much for your sincere words. It is truly my delight! It is people like you that make me excited. I'm new, completely new, to such a game as this. So, I do find it all really thrilling - and I guess it bubbles over. It's remarkable really,Achaea is, and one of those reasons is you! Others like you to! Where I can share my enthuasism and awe!

    Thank you so much for being awesome and letting me bounce off my ideas, energy, excitement off of you. You are one of the reasons I look forward to logging on to! Thank YOU for all you bring when you log on!

    ALso, yes, @Agramon is absolutely my rock. I would be nothing in this game without him, his help, and patience! He's gone through it all with me. I'm so grateful for it, because the learning curve is harrrrddddd! And I still struggle. But struggle happily.

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