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  • What was this evolution? I'm always working when stuff happens!

  • He's a human now.  Sort of.  Greater dragon (which means he founded Conclave as an "animalistic" lesser dragon, not bad for a beast).

  • what stats did y'all keep for the event. Team breakdowns, individual breakdowns, city, weekly, facets, kills? 

    I'm sure more people will participate next time if they get a 'stat stats' type breakdown at the end.  Everyone wants some glory

  • I'm curious how those numbers could even be feasible. (the impossible to overcome deficit)

    We covered a gap and before the 'week of no return' we caught up and surpassed Yudhi's side for a day or two. At this point we got drastically fewer Rakia facets (a handful over the week), but I know Mhaldor was still working the cave.

    When the people came back from Bonnaroo, there was about a week left where the go-ahead was given to kill Oughlor. At this point, given the fact that there was a singular week where Yudhi's side had been 'free reign', how could a 'free reign' week for Maklak's side (hypothetically, as Makarios said) where we would be generating more points give -no change-?

    I'm not saying Yudhi's side shouldn't have won, but the math just doesn't add up on it being an impossibility.

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  • RuthRuth Singapore

    Whatever it was, the event was extremely useful in giving people in Mhaldor a chance to take up the initiative and organize stuff, PK groups or even the confidence to get more involved in an event (which is good, because I want people to participate for when Mhaldor gets their revamped Houses.)

    This event was definitely a people booster and a good experience for novices starting out to get a feel of what Achaea offers in terms of events and stuff.

    Shoutouts go to @Nimala, @Xinna, @Falthus, @Florentino, @Herose, @Suladan, @Alcinae, @Lioli, @Cresil, @Crixos, @Proficy, @Hasar, @Mycen‌

    and also the participating opponents who did give us someone to fight against!

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  • Daeir said:
    it allowed Yudhi's side to continually compound an advantage
    It sounds like they didn't even need to, they could have sat back and done nothing for the rest of the event after a certain point, because even if Maklak's side got every point possible from killing both guardians it wouldn't have been enough to catch up.
    Daeir said:
    Future events should definitely have the score visible to everyone, though. Not sure why it was occluded this time.
    That was the point of Makarios's post; it was hidden because if it wasn't, everyone would have been able to see that the event was already won halfway through.
  • You're talking semantics and gameplay, I'm talking math.

    Prior to the week of Bonnaroo, Maklak had just taken the lead, assume at this point points are even for argument's sake.

    At this point, a week passed, and again for simplicity assume worst case scenario, 0 generation for Maklak, optimal generation for Yudhi for approximately a week.

    When the group returned from Bonnaroo Maklak's side again generated slightly more facets per day (during the day we generated significantly more, enough to overcome downtime facets). But let's assume we weren't, let's assume at this point we were generating evenly.

    At the last week, Maklak's side had a chance to obtain greater-than-optimal points for approximately a week.

    Based on:

    Makarios said:

    Put in perspective, the guys running it were fine with making Maklak able to show what a scumbag he was by letting his team kill their own guardian, because reallistically if you guys had not killed it whatsoever from that point on and they'd got every spawn from both guardians until the end of the event, you'd have still won.

    The lead was so staggering at this point that it was impossible to win. Math does not generate these results (there would still be a viable chance to recover, etc, given the extra generation).

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  • Jarrod knows more than the admins running the event. Doncha know.

  • I could try to respond constructively to your constant lack of constructive input in any thread on the forums, but I'm sure if it keeps up I'll suddenly just stop noticing the posts altogether.

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    The rates do not matter assuming that value did not change during the event.  You clearly do not understand the math, that's ok, I'll try to explain it better.

    When both sides were going all out, Maklak's side generated more facets than Yudhi's. Evidenced by the first ~2 weeks of the event. This doesn't even matter in the math portion though, because:

    A) When just Yudhi's side is going all out, their -maximum- generation rate is X.

    B) When just Maklak's side is going all out, with Oughlor for higher than optimal generation rate, it is X+Y. X and Y numerical values do not matter, they are positive values.

    Given that the time frame of A was approximately equal to the time frame of potential B (based on Makarios' post), there would be more points generated at maximum B rate vs maximum A rate. It does not matter what the numerical rates are, one is higher because it has a higher cap, and Makarios' post indicated that that wouldn't have even had a chance of overcoming it, which seems like a flaw occurred somewhere in the math.

    I do not think Maklak's side should have won, I don't think the actual rate of facets was high enough to overcome the deficit. I do think it should have been possible given a hypothetical maximum facet rate, which it was implied it was not. This seems like an error.

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    ...honestly you don't understand the premise. Stop responding.

    Actual is irrelevant. Theoretical is what we're discussing. Stop trying to apply values to things that don't require values to be compared. What actually happened that we saw does not matter. Get your head on what I'm actually talking about if you're going to reply, otherwise do not pollute my point with your complete lack of understanding of what I'm discussing.

    Maklak's potential max (which Makarios was talking about) for the last week was higher than Yudhi's potential max while everyone was away for a week. This fact alone means that if both sides operated at these maximums for the same time frame, Maklak would win. Neither side operated at maximum for either window.

    This means Yudhi was operating under maximum, but Makarios' post still indicates it was an impossible deficit to overcome even if Maklak's side were operating at max.

    You do not understand what I am talking about and should not respond until you can comprehend basic theoretical value comparisons. What actually happened is not being discussed.

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  • So did Maklak's side have a handicap built in, either by mistake or on purpose?  Is this the question, because of Maklak's side (in theory) having a higher cap by being able to also kill their own guardian, yet it still being "impossible" for them to win after a brief absence?  I don't know that it would necessarily be a bad thing if the outcome was somewhat predetermined, in service of the overall arc of the event (though that might also piss some people off), but it might be a point of pride for the "losing" side to know if it were.  

    As an aside, I remember several people mentioning that the bashing itself was more challenging in terms of "not dying" (which if true is a sort of handicap in and of itself), and Makarios expressed admin's surprise that so many of use sided with Maklak in the first place (though some of us quite unwillingly).  

  • Given the week off, I don't think Maklak's side should have won. I think, given the rate possible afterwards with the double guardian killing (killing Oughlor was worth significantly less net gain because his death counted for Yudhi's side), it should have been possible to overcome the deficit and potentially close at the end, but based on how many kills of each I saw I would assume Yudhi's side had a point lead at the end, though not the insurmountable one mentioned, all else being equal.

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    Points don't come solely from facets, you two. We got the lead those 5 days because Rakia was killed around two times during it. Oughlor and Slice were killed at almost every available spawn with little breaks inbetween extremely efficiently. I'm confident Slice was killed more often than Brock. Then we continued to keep killing them when you guys started killing Rakia again. We couldn't grab every available spawn, but we usually got 2 or 3 more kills on Oughlor over the course of the day than the number of kills you got on Rakia. Killing the bosses gives points, too, which is why killing Oughlor didn't seem to help very much.

    I'm not going to bother thinking about the math and will just take Makarios' word for it, because ugh, math. It probably works out. 

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    I think it pretty much boils down to this:

  • The event was a lot of fun, it did a lot for bringing Eleusis together and bettering our teamwork. A lot of us gained many levels, outleveling the outpost and even reaching dragon. I'd say we had a good time. Bonus points if our efforts mean Yudhi is a 'good' guy now.

    The fights on Poly/Tundra were great too. It was nice to finally have a fight that had a clear ending and wouldn't go on for hours and hours afterwards. 

  • Jhui said:
    Rangor said:
    Also did i get a reward for beating ashtan? 

    The confidence to accept war!

    10/10, would fight on EU time.

    [ SnB PvP Guide | Link ]

    [ Runewarden Sparring Videos | Link ]
  • tell ravien "Let's declare war on ashtan now, we can take em."

    // goes on vacation

  • Rangor said:

    tell ravien "Let's declare war on ashtan now, we can take em."

    // goes on vacation

    Best Xenonmorph impression I've ever seen.

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