Ship trading



  • That it is.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Forceboarding was an interesting mechanic, but more often than not people used it as a quick 'win' scenario rather than attempting any actual RP with it. Zulah was the main person that would ever board a ship and actually try to talk to people instead of immediately attacking them. It was getting a bit ridiculous when people were sailing out in Cutters just to launch a plank over to another ship so they could murderhobo them as a way of sinking the ship. I don't mind the changes to plundering, and think they were a good change.

    Before ship trades, Forceboarding wasn't what got people out on the seas. There's always been a very select type of player who go sailing just for the sake of sailing. That's in part because of how daunting it seems to initially get started. People should definitely look more into their city ship programs if they want to learn or to sail more, because in my experience cities usually tend to have an abundance of ships waiting to be used.

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