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  • AmunetAmunet Spokane, Washington, USA
    Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to go, now, thanks to the financial difficulties that have arisen with my dad's memorial. A couple thousand dollars for airfare, hotel, etc. is no longer in the cards. Sorry, guys. I hope everyone else has a good time, though.
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  • Urgh. Finger is on the trigger but I'm nervous about where I'll be on my internship for the summer as this falls smack in the middle of that time period.
  • Tecton said:
    It's a weekend, don't you have a doctor's appointment at 2pm that friday?
    Damn your logic.
  • Amunet - that sucks. I'm happy kicking you $50 towards a "who can get Amunet to Ironcon and have her enjoy herself after what's been going on in her life" fund.

    So, consider this post worth $50. Who else is up for the challenge?

    (tagging @Akia because tagging is fun)
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    dactylic hexameter is
    way more interesting than the inside of anyone's vagina.
  • AkiaAkia phoenix, az
    I love @tagg.


  • Just make sure when you @Tagg @Akia you declare no @Tagg-backs, @Cinya.
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  • ^ She wins.

  • Glad you had fun in DC, @Akia. Sorry we couldn't see more of you. Also, clearly anyone who is not sure about going just needs to hang out with me and @Cinya for a while. :D

  • AkiaAkia phoenix, az
    Who cares about you and Cinya, your BF was cool as shit!


  • Well he'll be in Vegas (not at the meet, but there), so feel free to use him as a gamblin' buddy. Haha.

  • Akia said:
    So in light of the recent DC "meet" and the blast I had, I just bought an IronCon ticket, see you all there!
    (Party): Mizik says, "This can't possibly go wrong."
  • My job this summer will likely be unpaid and without any sort of stipend funding as it's not public aid/community assistance based.

    Too rich for me right now. Have fun you all!
  • Anyone but me notice that the EXACT venue isn't named, nor is the hotel with which 'arrangements' have been made?
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  • TectonTecton The Garden of the Gods
    I believe Sarapis is finalising negotiations with the hotels over the coming weeks, at which point there will be posts up about where you can get the group rate. 

    As for the location, we'll have all of the details out to all registered participants well before the event itself!
  • HyperlithHyperlith San Fierro area, San Andreas
    Tecton said:
    Ever seen the movie Hostel? No? Great!
    I'm imagining a dry erase board with varying prices for the different citizens and the appropriate procedures we get with them!

  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    Cyrene will show the world just how badass we can raid a hotel room.

    Quick, @Aerek, grab your Wardens and deploy!
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  • Try not to set the whole building on fire, though.
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