Logosmas, Stockings, and Candycanes!

Thread for Logosmas stuff and showing rewards


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    Not to sound ungrateful for all the hard work so far, but is it possible we could have it listed what the prizes of the stockings can be? I found this old post of when the stockings were first introduced, but I just want to make sure if it is the same or not:

    prize possibilities:
     - Eagles Wings (customised)
     - Hunter's Belt (customised)
     - Wand of Portals (customised)
     - Mayan bracelets (customised)
     - Ring of the Magus (customised)
     - Ranger's bow w/ shooting (customised)
     - Artefact vial (customised)
     - Gem of Transmutation
     - Lesser and Greater Stones of Wonder (See ANNOUNCE #4452)
     - Shard of the Lesser Lorewarden
     - Ink-stained rose thorn (See ANNOUNCE #4447)
     - Ledolian Surcoat (See ANNOUNCE #4447)
     - A trader's reference (new artefact - allows the use of the commodity market from anywhere)
     - Prospector's guidebook (new artefact - increases the maximum number of mines by 1)
     - Globe of Shifting continents
     - Phial of shimmering permanent ink
     - Mayan Crowns
     - Reincarnations and trait resets
     - Whetstones (free weapon proficiency)
     - Customisation figurines
     - Humgii racing tickets
     - Seftonium and Lucrecent nuts
     - Shop of Wonder stat/crit/experience boost vials
     - Tophats
     - One of three new minipets (caribou fawn, seal pup, white lion cub - these interact with the mount
    versions below) <---- Im definitely sure this must be changed
     - One of three new collared mounts (caribou, walrus, and white lion) <---- This too
     - An Ironbeard battle figurine
     - Credits and gold

  • @Asmodron See LOGOSMAS LIST for all the possibilities, they've been mostly moved out of the stockings/giftbags proper and are now much more flexible via candycanes.
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    So to clarify, stockings this month can only contain these items?:

    This year you have a chance to find:
    - Silvery candycanes
    - Various statistic altering artefacts
    - A Logosmas themed artefact vial

  • ID Name Price


    1 a shimmering pair of snowfall wings 400

    2 a festive Logosmas tunic 80

    3 a bauble gem 200

    4 a decorated grimoire 200

    5 a crown of holly 100

    6 a brooch of the first holiday snow 30

    7 a halfling's hood 80

    8 a wrapped gem 80

    9 a jingling bell-studded shackle 120

    10 a garland festooned wand 160

    11 a braided garland bracelet 140

    12 a ring of Draconic Jubilee 170

    13 a ring of Logosmas clarity 170

    14 a Logosmas tree talisman 200

    15 Ironbeard's armband 100

    16 a reindeer wrangler's boomerang 90

    17 a dark chocolate chip 160

    18 a pair of Logosmas spurs 100

    19 an eggnog spigot 80

    20 a festive, wooden flowerpot 40

    21 an icy cleaver 60

    22 a glacial almanac 70

    23 a holly-decked vault 100

    24 a ribbon-tied chocolate box 40

    25 a decorated cigar box 20

    26 a tundral drinking horn 30

    27 an antler pipe 10

    28 a sharpened Logosmas tree trunk 30

    29 a prismatic tree lantern 70

    30 a golden cube 70

    31 a clasp of the animal spirit 100

    32 a Scorpic Band of Mind Distension 60

    33 Bracers of the Phoenix 50

    34 an Ekanelian Jewel 70

    35 a golden pendulum 50

    36 a mesmer's fetish 80

    37 a shining insignia of prowess 160

    38 a quill of Inscribing 50

    39 Rakia's flame 70

    40 a silver tuning fork 40

    41 a Sorcerer's notebook 70

    42 brass knuckles 160

    43 an amethyst skull pendant 160

    44 an Yggdrasian splinter 100

    45 a Scimitar of Falcons 160

    46 a Stonereaver battleaxe 160

    47 a Worldforge Warhammer 160

    48 an Axe of the Hunt 160

    49 a Raphaelan mace 160

    50 a Skullsplitter flail 160

    51 a Wyvern's Lash 160

    52 a Carnivalis blackjack 160

    53 an interlocked cache 5

    54 a wintry ceramic pot 200


    Also @Nicola , Since I see stuff in here worth 400 candycanes.  What exactly is the amount of canes you should expect from each stocking level on average (or just a rough guestimate)?  I'm thinking of purchasing 5 extravagent ones, and just really want to feel like I'm getting my money's worth since it's $650 usd.

    Also, can we get the ability to tradein the artefacts we get from stockings?  I don't want to get say... a level 3 con belt (which I already have) from a stocking instead of a more useful artefact, and would very easily/gladly trade that in if it meant I got an equivalent 'amount' of candycanes.  (or even 2/3rds the amount.. which is 266 or so, based on the wings).

  • All artefacts can be traded in. Candycane gains should be satisfying when compared to the investment made in the stocking.
  • @Nicola Can they (the stat arties and vials) from stockings, be traded in for candycanes?  Just don't wanna get a level 3 dex boot or somefin and it not be able to fuel my desire to purchase wings, etc.
  • @Frederich

    Nicola said:
    All artefacts can be traded in.

  • Oh.  Hella awesome then.  I thought you meant that as in bound cr.

    Definitely lookin forward to this.
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Frederich said:
    I thought you meant that as in bound cr.
    Doesn't she?
  • @Frederich I do mean for bound credits, if you have an artefact it is then bound to you, it cannot be traded back for unbound currencies or to other people.
  • Oh.  I was asking about trading them into candy-canes to purchase the arties with but.  I guess that does make them tradeable...

    Still interested
  • @Nicola someone I know just got herbs and 2 candycanes from their stocking. I had assumed candycanes was a side-present. Is this suppose to be the case?

    Additionally, since herbs were not mentioned on the list, are there any other small time presents we can get not listed?
  • Herbs, gold, and the like are the general filler that we've always had in stockings and giftbags, candycanes are a standard prime reward.
  • Candy canes sound like a stellar reward considering 5 get you an interlocked cache, and you can save up candycanes for a better reward if you want. What level are the 400 candycane wings, eagle or Atavian?

  • @Trey that's a mini-pet cache that opens for the northern minipets set.  It doesn't open for historical/marks and sometimes death, like last months caches.

    Take that as you will.
  • Hmm. Candycanes still sound like an acceptable present as long as the amount is variable and it isn't just 2 every time.

  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Trey, they're Atavian.

    All the Logosmas artefacts are priced, in candycanes, with their 5cr/candycane value.

    My guess is each level stocking will give approx. the # of candycanes equivalent, at least, to that stocking's credit package value.
  • ZahanZahan Valhalla
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    Trey said:
    What level are the 400 candycane wings, eagle or Atavian?

    logosmas show 1
    A shimmering pair of snowfall wings:
    Price:                   400
    Based on:                a pair of atavian wings

    It's as you would expect at the rate of 5 credits per cane. 
    Click here for Nexus packages
    Currently available: Abs, Cnote, Keepalive, Lootpet, Mapmod
  • The payout starts a little above the credit package worth and has a random factor that can push it a nontrivial amount higher.
  • Also...

    an antler pipe

    Claimed from the kill of a reindeer's, naught goes to waste in the frozen north, this elegant pipe 
    is fashioned from a piece of antler. Hollowed throughout, a slender prong becomes a mouthpiece, and 
    where it joins the main serves as the bowl. While polished and pale where the smoker draws breath, 
    the rest still retains the soft, grey-brown velvet of growth.
    It weighs 6 ounce(s).
    It bears the distinctive mark of Razzlo.
  • Razzlo said:
    You open a logosmas stocking and find a group of 2 candycanes, a pair of Ogre's Gauntlets, and a group of 13 bloodroot leaves inside!


    You are dismayed as a pair of Ogre's Gauntlets turns to dust in your hands.



    Why did the artifact decay?
  • Devran said:
    Razzlo said:


    Why did the artifact decay?
    I will let you know when they do.
  • Razzlo said:
    Devran said:
    Razzlo said:


    Why did the artifact decay?
    I will let you know when they do.
    A pair of Ogre's Gauntlets has returned to your inventory.

  • I will say that getting an identical amount of canes from each stocking feel substantially less uh.. exciting/interesting from a purely 'feeling' perspective. I would likely have preferred no other stat boosting artefacts, but a more common chance for double/triple/quadriple etc canes to capture the excitement of hitting a bigger payday.
  • << Obligatory "bitch about free stuff" post >>

  • Caelan said:
    << Obligatory "bitch about free stuff" post >>
    That's the thing, it's not free stuff. Well unless someone bought it for you, then I suppose it's sort of free (for you).

  • Stupid question (first Christmas in Achaea): Are the stockings filled after every midnight (while Ironbeard is around), or is it hang, Ironbeard fills once after midnight, stocking disappears/becomes inactive for good?
  • @Halstad Each stocking is single use and only filled once. Though they will remain until opened; I think there may be a few from last year still around.
  • I want to see a few of the top tier opened.
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