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  • Followup: Im all up in yer Austin, wertchin yer racin.

  • I JUST finished my certification, passing all tests. This has been 26 weeks of reading hex/ascii and working on it with every bit of my spare time (which wasn't much) and pushing things off, except for 2 festivals - so I had 2 weekends off where I wasn't working on it (average time for most people start-to-finish is 6-7 months). If you score less than 100% on any ONE test of the 6 you have to wait a year to try again.

    Along the way, I managed to get 4 other certifications and need to renew another. That will be 6 certifications in 6 months, all while pursuing this ONE. Goddamn, and now I have an extra day - Sunday - this weekend. I may have to drink. And I will finally have time to actually do other stuff, like Achaea again.

  • Karaoked for six hours with friends. 
  • Got a job offer in Houston that was pretty good for a job that is perfect for me and I am perfect for. Wasn't super looking forward to moving, so I countered a little high.

    They accepted.

    Looks like I'm moving to Houston. :smile:
  • I liked your post, but make sure you research where you want to stay in Houston. Some areas are sketchy.

  • @Cooper you're not wrong. I've found a spot already that is danger-adjacent, but isn't dangerous itself. I also have a dog that will kill on command. I will also be working 3 minutes (walking) from my apartment.
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