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  • And yeah, DWB felt like fashioning into Obliterate.

    I felt so vulnerable prepping. Hated it. 
  • @Ariete did a test. Assault is not affected by weapon speed.

    It's just that it was silently improved from 3.5s to 2.5s.
  • Does dwb need momentum to kill?

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  • Does dwb need momentum to kill?
    Momentum, or momentum?

    If you refer to the weaponmastery ability, I would say yes.  It powers everything besides whirl

    If you mean like momentum like an affliction class needs momentum then...no? but yes, especially as you go for a finish.  People getting out and rebounding coming up really screws it all.  I'm sure more experienced dwb's will have greater insight
  • Does dwb need momentum to kill?

    Yes they need to gather like the max 8 momentum to start the kill sequence. I am not sure if 8 is needed but they do need momentum to assault (breaking head to serious concussion, or torso to serious trauma) for pulp or Torso break. Pulp is insta, torso break ends in death too.

    At this point, DWB can pull entire kill sequence within 7.5s, which is before rebounding can come up. They don't need to fracture your rebounding to start the sequence, they can wait for you to drop it. 

  • Or the person with rebounding up could just wait until you lose momentum?

    [ SnB PvP Guide | Link ]

    [ Runewarden Sparring Videos | Link ]
  • AerekAerek East Tennessee, USA
    Fracture with sufficient momentum is .8 seconds. Rebounding is annoying and can cost DWB momentum when it surprises them or hindering interrupts their flow, but it's not really a problem when it's properly accounted for. You could double up Rebound/shield to try and block momentum, or hinder with web/transfix/etc, but that still means that the best way to "dodge" Pulp is to sacrifice your own offense just so they can never actually attempt it. That's not fun for anyone.
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  • Yea I checked it the other day, and it doesn't matter what weapon you use. It's the same balance recovery as of right now
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