Best in each class

I'm curious about where things stand with combatants in regard to class. What are your thoughts on the best current fighters in each class?

I have no idea where to start, so I'll leave it up to you all.



  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN

    P sure atm..

    Jinsun Occultist

    Caladbolg Paladin

    Jhui Monk

    Rangor whatever class he is

    Santar Serpent

    Xer Apostate

    Tirac Blademaster

    Talysin Jester

    Xinna Bard

    Anyone with Artifacts, Magi

    No one plays Alchemist..

    Don't think anyone plays druid..

    Don't think anyone plays Jester..

    Runewarden.. that's an iffy one..

    Shaman.. Don't think anyone plays Shaman..

    Sylvan haven't seen anyone heartseeded in awhile.

    oh and Infernal.. does anyone play infernal anymore?

  • Caladbolg said:

    Anyone with Artifacts, Magi


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    I'd actually put @Hasar as best Magi combatant, and he has little to no arties

  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington

    I like how you all forgot us poor priests oh that's right our combatants changed class after last classlead.

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    Alchemist - Cadarus.

    Apostate - Crixos/Xer.

    Bard - Xinna.

    Blademaster - Tirac once he gets his striking down. Atalkez working pretty hard.

    Druid - No Druid duelists.

    Jester - Talysin.

    Infernal - Vicious by default.

    Magi - Aegoth

    Monk - Jhui

    Occultist - Hirst.

    Paladin - No Paladin duelists.

    Priest - No Priest duelists.

    Runewarden - Probably me. Iakimen I assume as good + arties, though.

    Shaman - No Shaman duelists.

    Sentinel - Rom.

    Serpent - Strata.

    Sylvan - Lothiac.

  • Exelethril most annoying runewarden to fight ever.

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    I hear your wpm is most excellent

    not quite ellodin's but close

  • I think you guys missed me off your li.. oh this isn't who's been which class the most - carry on.

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    Seftin said:

    I think you guys missed me off your li.. oh this isn't who's been which class the most - carry on.

    You're a pretty good Forestal-Serposbargiknightster

  • WessuxWessux Chattanooga

    I'll go ahead and take the infernal title, THANK YOU!

    Invest in a 9mm retirement plan.
  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway


    Infernal Wessux (Male Grook)


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  • <Whatever class he's playing> - Mizik

    <Whatever class he's playing> - Jarrel

    <Whatever class he's playing> - Tanris

    <Whatever class he's talking about> - Jovolo        (I keed I keed)

    Cascades of quicksilver light streak across the firmament as the celestial voice of Ourania intones, "Oh Jarrod..."

  • Hasar's the best magi, for sure. 

  • Hasar is best magi.

    Cadarus is best alchemist.

  • StrataStrata United States of Derp
    @Mako was a badass alchemist. @Cadarus I hear is a beast though too.

  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN
    What about Kaden for magi? Heard he was better but Magi is alot different all together.

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    @Caladbolg best cleaver NA

  • druid 4 lyfe

    Replies the scorpion: "It's my nature..."
  • Would give my left testicle to make this list someday

  • StrataStrata United States of Derp
    Jovolo said:
    It would be easier to just practise dude

    what you preach.

  • Jacen said:

    Would give my left testicle to make this list someday

    To be honest, I wouldn't say that these lists are that worthwhile to get into to.

    This list really speaks of who are the best in their respective class - and in many cases a person's name is given simply because they are the best of few who fight in that class. And while that may certainly make them the best in their class, I wouldn't say they are actually good.

    List of best combatants in each class =/= list of good combatants. Personally, I think I'm a tad mediocre at Runewarden, because I really haven't spent any time for innovation into the class (I'd like to say this is because of future weaponry changes, but it's more because I haven't been feeling the combat lately, I suppose. Also that I don't need much innovation to kill mostly everyone). It's important not to judge your competence by how many people you can kill, but about who you can kill. Because the first is ridiculously easy, but the later can be quite difficult. Keeping this in mind, the majority of the people listed, while perhaps the best combatant you may find in their class, aren't actually...that great. For some, of course, the opposite holds true.

    And I would highly advise you develop your own list of who is the best in Achaean combat lately (as in fight them yourself, at a high level, frequently), because developing your own opinion on a second party's bias (which is so clearly rampant here) isn't actually accurate. Surprisingly.

  • Pretty sure Daeir has been the worst at every class he's played. Takes true devotion to earn that title.


  • Snipebot isn't a class. It's a subclass of Serpent. So, it doesn't count. Sorry :(
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