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Svo Updates



  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean
    14.3.2 update

    A quick update to address the breathing line change. Little things are important, especially when they're annoying!


    • added an atlatl warning trigger
    • added gleam triggers
    • added the new breathing trigger
    • disabled/deleted unknown crippled triggers in leu of the game showing which limbs are crippled exactly, so the system doesn't double-up on them
    • fixed aeon sometimes being falsely detected while in retardation or vice-versa
    • improved svo.prio.list() to return the list of priorities, and otherwise with svo.prio.list(true) echo it
    • updated the system for the all-in-one Tekura combos, which don't require a small delay on registering mangles if used

    I had a longer post written up but the CMS somehow stuffed up upon saving the draft and erased most of the post :(

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean
    14.3.3 update

    It's another one of those enourmous with lots of stuff. Hurrah!

    Priests read this

    Have I got your attention? I hope I have. If you're a Priest, do CONFIG PROMPT CUSTOM *hh, *mm, *ee, *ww *b*d*c after updating the system. This will make the in-game prompt show Healing balance, which will allow the system to track it better. If the system ever thinks deaf/blind took your balance away when you healed someone else of it (it's fine it if it is on yourself), then you haven't done this. If someone else complains about it, then they haven't done that either.

    Priest balance was also added to the custom prompt tag, @promptstring - which is in use by default - so you should see an E pop up for your balance. There is also a separate tag now available, @healingbal, should you wish to put the balance elsewhere.

    Scripting: svo.gettreeableaffs()

    This handy new function returns you a list of afflictions that you currently have that are 'simple' - cured by tree, passive healing, bloodboil, and so on. This thus ignores mangles, timed afflictions and others - but includes common things like paralysis, asthma, stupidity and so on.

    Knight limbcounter anti-illusion

    Yep, finally added it - do tn ai to turn it on.

    Balance loss timers

    Little times showing how long your balance was missing for have been added to hydra, entities, healing and voice balances. Information is empowering, they say.

    NameDB: Mark tracking

    Big thanks to Veldrin for contributing Mark tracking to NameDB! Mark status is reflected on whois, and functions to set and check mark status have been added to the API.

    Tree strats for perm tattoos

    Owners of permanent tree tattoos, rejoice! Two new strategies are now included with Svo - one to touch the tree if you've got more than two afflictions (one wouldn't be useful - most of the time herb/focus/salve/smoke would get it), and another to touch if you've got more than three.

    As most people don't have a permanent tree tattoo, these are disabled by default - so visit vconfig2 to turn them on.

    Remeber that you can make your own, completely custom tree strats as well.

    Improved ninkharsag handling

    The system will now recognise it when an obvious cure was hidden by ninkharsag - for example, when you only had one affliction and it hid one, or only two and it hid two. When this isn't obvious, the system will now add an unknownany affliction - forcing you to eventually diagnose (unless you manually diagnose yourself) to sync the affliction tracking.

    As a little bonus for me, I now know how to spell ninkharsag.


    Tons of various stuff below, read on.


    • added a @healingbal custom prompt tag
    • added a bashing trigger
    • added a skywatch already up line
    • added a svo.gettreeableaffs() function & documented it
    • added a third-party angel shield line
    • added a troubleshooting section to docs to document common confusion
    • added a troubleshooting section to NameDB docs to keep track of some common mess-ups
    • added anti-illusion to knight limbcounter (if it works ok, will add to others as as well)
    • added balance loss times to the healing, hydra, and voice balances
    • added healing balance to @promptstring
    • added hoisted affliction to system and hoist triggers
    • added hydra breaking shield line
    • added mark tracking to NameDB - thanks to Veldrin for making this and contributing it!
    • added ndb.ismark(), ndb.setmark()
    • added priest balance tracking from the prompt - if you're a priest, make sure to do "CONFIG PROMPT CUSTOM *hh, *mm, *ee, *ww *b*d*c"
    • added the new void diag line
    • added two new tree curing strats for people with a permanent tree tattoo - any2affs and any3affs (2+ or 3+ affs to touch tree)
    • fixed a few afflictions not to get removed on an empty tree touch that tree doesn't cure
    • fixed an issue where if the parry config was corrupted (for whatever reason), the system wouldn't be able to load anything else after and not finish loading successfully either
    • fixed bedevil defence to require all 5 channels open
    • fixed deadening cures to be reconised by skill/passive cures and tree
    • fixed delay mangles still happening on tekura combos which broke the limb with the first punch
    • fixed dissonance def strip trigger
    • fixed eaglefeathers to actually be eaglefeather - apparently this is the variation that works
    • fixed enchanter to wave the feather for worrystones (thanks Jukilian)
    • fixed hamstring expiring echo that can sometimes show up even if hamstring is gone
    • fixed healing balance loss not to be counted for blind and deaf when you cure it on yourself
    • fixed mending/renewal spam on a mangled limb (the line in the game was changed)
    • fixed meta limbcounter not to overwrite the singleprompt when that is in use
    • fixed monolith highlight trigger not to conflict with text replacement, and made it a bit brighter as a bonus (thanks Malaphus!)
    • fixed ninkharsag to get removed if it stays on for far too long
    • fixed priest self-heal not curing an affliction to be recognised again, as it was changed in the game (doesn't say the "person isn't afflicted" anymore)
    • fixed simultaneity defence to be removed when you lose one of the channels
    • fixed some errors from NameDB that could pop up while checking ndb update all
    • fixed svo.me.oldhealth and svo.me.oldmana to actually work
    • fixed tekura combos registering ghost afflictions seldomly since the last update
    • fixed the echoback option in svo.config.set to actually work when it's set to false
    • fixed the system not unpausing and returning the custom prompt after editing a poster
    • fixed vconfig2 displaying a period in the wrong place when preclotting was on and clotting was off
    • improved arm balance triggers (thanks Bouff!)
    • improved ninkharsag handling - if it hides cures of an obvious affliction, the system will take it off
    • improved ninkharsag to add an unknown affliction when it hides an affliction, so the system will diagnose eventually with enough unknowns
    • improved system to re-do things that were cancelled by sleep right away when you wake up
    • set the newly-added tree strategies of any2affs and any3affs to be disabled by default
    • updated fitness skill detection during install for blademasters to work (it was looking for fitness in shindo before)
  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean
    14.5.1 update!

    There's been a fair bit of big changes to the game through classleads in the game lately, and I'm working through them. It'll take a few days though, and to ease the pain of having an outdated system, this intermediate update is published. This covers most of the Alchemist changes plus the new syntax error message that's popping up. More updates will follow to complete updating the system!


    • added a 'svo started fullstats' event
    • added a trigger for bedevil aff rebounding to account for unknown affs
    • added a voice balance going away trigger
    • added bedevil aura rebounding an affliction to work for disrupts as well
    • added humour levels & curing of them
    • added humours extra levels detection
    • added the swellskin aff (increases herb balance on next eat)
    • added truewrack unknowns detection
    • deleted fluids
    • deleted sfluids toggle
    • fixed a meropis pacifism bashing trigger to be peace
    • fixed anti-illusion not to go off on cures being applied too fast when serverside curing is on
    • fixed behead warning to work for two-word weapons
    • fixed curing to work with swellskin
    • fixed glare trigger
    • fixed the 'Syntax: OUTRIFT [num|ALL] ' line popping up
    • improved tekura monk detection to catch more lines (and thus apply restoration earlier if it's an all in one combo)
    • NameDB: added alchemist class detection for a few more attacks
    • removed lust from being ignored when server-side curing is on; it doesn't cure it
    • removed some defences that were put on ignore accidentally when you turned off aff curing
    • updated all lines for the new humours
    • updated diag not to say an affliction is ignored when server-side curing is on
    • updated frost defence to remove temperance as well when it goes away
    • updated names of some strippable defences, keepup was missing some of them getting stripped until a 'def'
    • updated restoration refills for the gold change
    • updated wracking to add the appropriate amount of humour levels depending on the afflictions you've got

  • ZiiZii Member Posts: 616 @ - Epic Achaean

    Whoops, mudlet crashed during the update and now I don't have any svo installed.  How do I fix?

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  • ZiiZii Member Posts: 616 @ - Epic Achaean
    edited May 2014

    I'm good now

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  • AktillumAktillum PhilippinesMember Posts: 1,368 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Just a heads up, I know you said more updates are coming but pipe refilling is pretty broken right now, SVO doesn't take into account the pipe balance when trying to smoke the last puff and then refill, so currently refilling only works if you use refillat 0

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean

    Wouldn't it run out of puffs and then refill anyway?

  • AktillumAktillum PhilippinesMember Posts: 1,368 @@ - Legendary Achaean


    It appears to reset to 9 puffs after it fails to refill and you need to Plist for SVO to recognize that its empty.

    puff skullcap

    You take a long drag off your pipe. (2 skullcap left)

    Your lungs have recovered enough to smoke another mineral or plant.

    puff skullcap

    You take a long drag off your pipe. (1 skullcap left)(outr skullcap|smoke 341268|smoke 341268|put skullcap in 341268)

    You remove 1 skullcap, bringing the total in the Rift to 638.

    Your lungs have not yet recovered enough to allow you to smoke.

    Your lungs have not yet recovered enough to allow you to smoke.

    A long, elegant ebony pipe is full and will hold no more items.

    Your lungs have recovered enough to smoke another mineral or plant.

    You feel an aura of rebounding surround you.

    puff skullcap

    You take a long drag off your pipe.

    You puff on the pipe, but your existing aura of weapons rebounding negates any effect. (9 skullcap left)

    Your lungs have recovered enough to smoke another mineral or plant.

    Your lungs have recovered enough to smoke another mineral or plant.


    Stat    Pipe        Contents               Remaining      Decay


    artfct  pipe353677  slippery elm           ( 10 puffs)     n/a (re-enable lighting)

    artfct  pipe341268  empty                                  n/a

    artfct  pipe336015  a valerian leaf        (  8 puffs)     n/a (re-enable lighting)(outr 

    skullcap|put skullcap in 341268)

    You remove 1 skullcap, bringing the total in the Rift to 637.

    You fill your pipe with a skullcap flower.

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean
    That it does, but it would refill when it tries to smoke and the pipe is empty (which isn't great still).
  • RangorRangor Member Posts: 3,302 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    That'd suck balls if you tried to smoke elm to cure the aeon only to discover you had to fill the pipe.

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean
    Yeah, that's the not great part. At any rates, updates are coming.

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean

    14.5.2 update!

    This is the second half of system updates to cover the classlead changes - covers things like pipe balances and so on. The system is pretty much updated for the classlead changes now and is no longer outdated.

    Dragonheal balance

    Dragonheal balance has been added, and works as you'd expect - the system won't dragonheal when you haven't got it, it shows up in vshowb and svo.bals, and system events are raised for it.

    Smoke balance

    Smoke balance has been added as a 'real' balance to the system - it existed before, all smoke-related affs were on it already, but they just didn't use it. Same as dragonheal, smoke balance shows up everywhere you'd expect it, and it has the balance timer visible well.

    Important: since smoke balance priorities actually matter now, adjust aeon & other important friends to be higher up in the priority!

    Purgative balance

    Similar to the smoke balance, purgative balance already existed - sipping immunity/antigen will now use it up.

    Inundate effects

    The system now properly accounts for inundate effects, and in case of the Phlegmatic one where you get hidden, randomised afflictions, it'll try to do a best guess at what you've got.


    The newly-added Evileye truestare defence is now available on defup and keepup.

    Sileris timeout

    The sileris timeout has been increased per the classlead changes from 6s to 8s.


    The system now tracks the pinshot affliction, and won't vault if you've got it up.

    A note on pre-filling pipes

    The system hasn't yet been updated not to use the refillat feature while you've got selfishness up. If you have selfishness up, you can't use the EMPTY syntax to empty a pipe; the only way to empty it was to smoke it away. Since there is a smoke balance in place now, you can't do that. Either put selfishness down when fighting (not a great idea) or set the refillat to be 0, so the system will only refill it when it actually runs out. This change does give an edge to Aeon, as you can't make sure your pipes don't run out so easily anymore - and related just to the smoke balance itself, you can be put off smoke balance before being given aeo, delaying the curing.


    See stuff below.


    • added dragonheal balance to dragonheal
    • added dragonheal, smoke balances (purgative already existed)
    • added new inundate effects
    • added pinshot affliction
    • added purgative balance to immunity sipping
    • added smoking balances to smoke affs
    • added truestare to evileye defences
    • extended sileris timeout
    • removed the sparks tracker addon
    • updated allowed danaus, nemesis affs
    • updated vaulting not to go off with pinshot
  • ApolinarioApolinario Member Posts: 23 ✭✭ - Stalwart

    Any chance we can add gripping to vodun/puppetry defences? It is possible it's already in the system and I missed it.. If so, please disregard. Thanks for the updates Vadi

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean

    Sure, send me a mail with the syntax, the on, already on, off, already off and defence lines.

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean

    14.5.3 update!

    Just a quick update for the changed deathsight line in the game and a few other things that came by.


    • added a few more occy ent balance loss lines
    • added a note on affliction names in documentation
    • added devil/devilmark off line
    • documented vconfig decaytime option in elist sorter (the option was already visible in vconfig2)
    • fixed aff curing status not being loaded right (system would think its curing was on when it was actually off)
    • improved unnamable trigger to account for randomness in affliction delivery time
    • updated AI to account for server curing system's commands
    • updated deathsight line
    • updated system to recognise when the server curing lights pipes
    • updated the 'max stuff in rift' line
    • updated the system to use the "light pipes" command for lighting pipes. A note though, when you have an empty unlit pipe, the game says you haven't got any pipes that need lighting - in the odd case the system thinks the pipe is full when it's empty, it'll get confused and keep trying to light it. Check plist when that happens - it'll refill it & then light it successfully.
    • updated tree, dragonheal not to remove affs madness blocks from curing when you've got maddness
  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean
    14.6.1 update!

    An update to fix up some general things!


    The gripping defence has been added to puppetry and vodun skillsets, so you can defup and keepup it now.

    Disrupts herb curing

    Herb curing has been added to the rest of disrupts afflictions, alongside focus curing. By default, they'll be at the bottom of the herb priorities - you can move them up with vshow > herb if you'd like.

    Better tracking of server-side

    The system will now track when server-side is curing impales, and a specific case where the system thought you had frozen but server-side cures shivering is accounted for now as well.

    Herb madness cures

    A follow-up to the previous update where dragonheal/tree/etc no longer wipes madness and the affs it blocks, herbs no longer do as well when you get no cures.


    • added an 'already on' line for groundwatch
    • added grip to puppetry/vodun
    • added herb curing to disrupts
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added tracking to server-side curing for impales
    • added tracking to server-side curing shivering when the system thinks we've got frozen
    • fixed empty herb eating wiping madness affs when you've got madness
    • updated guarding trigger
    • updated judgement warnings for artefact maces
    • updated soulspear line for named spears
    • updated the limbcounter AI not to have false positives

  • NoakNoak Member Posts: 144 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished

    Hi Vadi,

    The tattoo add-on triggers need to be updated. Once a tattoo is finished the system remains paused and it doesn't auto-touch. 

    Thanks for your hard work!


  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean

    Noticed, thanks!

  • VayneVayne Rhode IslandMember Posts: 1,897 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Does the change with dropbox have something to do with the reason I cannot install the newest download?

  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the StormMember Posts: 3,178 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Vayne said:

    Does the change with dropbox have something to do with the reason I cannot install the newest download?

    Yes. Log in to Mudlet, wait for Svo's "I can't download" spam to finish. Go into package manager. Uninstall any one of the Svo folders (they'll all be uninstalled). Manually download your Svo file from Dropbox - http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84880/svo/r/Character%20svo.zip (replace Character with your character's name). Within package manager, click Install and navigate to where you saved the zip. Wait for install. Restart Mudlet. Enjoy.

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  • TrillianaTrilliana Member Posts: 1,989 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Vadi smoking line changed

    You take a long drag of realgar off your pipe.
    is what it is now :)

  • VayneVayne Rhode IslandMember Posts: 1,897 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    @Klendathu, awesome, thanks!

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean
    Trilliana said:

    Vadi smoking line changed

    You take a long drag of realgar off your pipe.
    is what it is now :)

    Yeah that is included, see Smoking line.

  • TrillianaTrilliana Member Posts: 1,989 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Vadimuses said:
    Trilliana said:

    Vadi smoking line changed

    You take a long drag of realgar off your pipe.
    is what it is now :)

    Yeah that is included, see Smoking line.

    Aha, after spending 20 minutes fixing my profile last night, I know what caused the issue for me.


  • BastunBastun Member Posts: 7

    Vadi, im considering buying this system for my Runie, problem is that im brand new to mudlet and dont have a working gui yet. Would you mind posting a screenie of svo on a blank fresh profile so I can see what my screen will look like?  I use a 23 in monitor with a native 1080p res. (1920-1080 pixels).

  • VadimusesVadimuses Member Posts: 1,122 @ - Epic Achaean
    Svo doesn't come with a gui, although it does modify/add to the in-game text.

  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygenMember Posts: 2,492 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    edited August 2014

    Since the update, this has been changing back and forth from this to Do have.

    You easily vault onto the back of a vibrant xaohlatl.

    (svo): Don't have balanceless vaulting.

    Haven't had balanceless since runie. Aand it keeps bouncing between vault and mount. No explanation why.

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