Svo Updates

This is a running thread about the latest updates to the awesome Svo curing system - which is updated with new features, fixes and improvements all the time for free.

As mentioned earlier, I'll be on vacation soon - in a week, for three weeks then. I won't be quick to respond to support requests then, sorry! I'll get to all messages and emails when I get back.

People Tracker improved

A fair bit of improvements were added to the peopletracker - mostly in the wholist-like functionality. It has aliases now to show you a nice list of where everybody is - filterable by area, groups only, or certain people you're watching for. It also has functionality to report what people are in the area or whom are people with - something that would be useful in raiding. To check out how to use this new feature, see the updated docs.

New alias: cc

A new alias - cc - and a new function have been added to Svo. Both of them allow you to communicate on a given channel easier - by taking care some of the common things for you. They're pretty useful, so read on for how they can help you! The cc alias can be for talking with your group regardless of the medium you're using a party, clan, team or anything else. You'd only have to get used to typing cc instead of all the different things or the current one you're using - and switch what channel you talk on with vconfig ccto. The function can be used as your announce function - you can trigger it to whatever you'd like to announce, change where it announces to instantly with vconfig ccto, and not worry about the function announcing when you're in aeon or paused.

Game output

I've added triggers to fix the boxes / odd characters in the who list, as well as gag smileys. Hope that helps!

Auto-pause on burrow

The system will now automatically pause when you burrow, so it saves you the hassle of getting accidentally spammed by vaulting or doing something else. This is illusion-proofed as well so it isn't exploited.

StupidCheck by Lynara

Lynara has contributed a module to the system, StupidCheck, that detects stupidity given off the stupidity emotes + you not sending those commands recently. More chances of hidden stupidity getting cured quicker!

New vconfig: repeatcmd

The new repeatcmd option will make Svo repeat commands one or more times - so vconfig repeatcmd 1 will double all commands, 2 will triple, and so on. You'll want to make use of this in case you're fighting drunk again!

New vconfig: siprandom

In case you're a big fan of obfuscated vials, one of the things you could do to make most of them is sip the vials evenly. This command, paired with the elist sorter addon, will sip from random vials containing the fluid instead of drinking one vial after another out.

New vconfig: steedfollow

In case you'd like to lose your steed instead of having it auto-follow you, the new vconfig steedfollow off option will allow you to do that.

Bard improvements

I've fixed songs sometimes being spammed on defup, as well as harmonics not getting captured from the harmonics list. This should be better now! Please let me know if anything is off - this went unnoticed for a while.

New addon: Priest Report

This helpful addon comes with all Priest systems now - a priest reporter. It has features to report traces of a person to a clan, and respond to seek requests via clan or direct tells.


A whole lot of other things made it into the update - including the ability to display your current def list in a miniconsole, fixes and improvements. Read below for the full list! Changelog: too big and awesome to fit in this thread. See website!


  • Ordered my system today, and I can't wait.
  • 12.10.1 update

    Heya - first update since I'm back, has awesome improvements and fixes - get it in.

    Pipe lighting improvements

    Recent updates in Svo started seeing improvements on the problem of "if you don't have the cures, spam the crap out of them for no good reason" that's been a characteristic of curing systems since pretty much the start of them. It certainly shouldn't be this way in a system that's built for quality and ease of use, imho - and so one of the first things I've fixed in this case was with pipes - when you don't have a tinderbox, don't spam trying to light them, instead stop until you've obtained one.

    Adding this feature is an incremental improvement, and at the moment Svo would just put the the non-artefact pipes you had on ignore when you lacked a tinderbox and told you about it. It seems people glazed over that though and didn't notice - and as such, this update brings an improvement: checking plist now will give you a heads-up if any pipes are on ignore (as well as an easy button to remove them), as well as buying a tinderbox will remind you to unignore the lighting of pipes if any are on ignore.

    Future updates will automatically unignore lighting of pipes when you buy a tinderbox if they were put on the ignore list to begin with because you didn't have a tinderbox, so this whole process will be completely automatic: lose/start out missing a tinderbox, Svo won't spam you until you pause but just stop trying - buy a tinderbox and it resumes. To facilitate this automatic unignore without unignoring stuff you do want ignored, the ignore feature was improved - see below.

    Ignore with a reason

    The ignore system was improved! For users - checking vshow ignore will now tell you why was something was put on ignore if it was done automatically. For scripters - you can now supply a reason for ignoring something, so your script can smartly unignore if the reason to ignore them to begin with was right. If you'd like to supply a reason, you need to change your pattern from:

    svo.ignore.prone = true


    svo.ignore.prone = { because = "I like sitting" }

    Of course you don't always have to give a reason, the old = true way still works and your scripts won't break. Your reason will then show up on vshow ignore, and when you'll want to uningnore something, you could check that you ignored it for the right reasons before doing so:

    if type(svo.ignore.prone) == "table" and svo.ignore.prone.because == "I like sitting" then
      svo.ignore.prone = nil --party time

    Bashing trigger improvements

    Leighann contributed a whole set of triggers for several new areas, which are pretty niftily divided by areas with use of GMCP & Mudlets gates.

    In addition to this, Svo will now be better about detecting symptoms of crippled limbs - it'll apply mending as necessary now, instead of diagnosing eventually. This improvement was facilitated by the fact that the system will now detect resto breaks from the games ambiguous messages when it suspects there's a mending one and will act accordingly - while before it would've spazzed out, so diagnosing before was better.

    Manual classtricks

    Anything Svo does is a game changer on the battlefield and that's pretty amazing. A bit ago Svo started getting features to detect per-class tricks people would use to pull off on it (hidden abilities in blackout, certain prep combos, etc) and got a pretty simple system for 'detecting' whom you're fighting (until Svo 2 comes along and is way smarter about this. Yes, Svo 2 will be a free upgrade!). While all the code was available for you to fiddle with it yourself, there were no tn/tf aliases like in vadi-m for you to do it easily.

    So this update rectifies this in two ways - you now have a vconfig autoclasses off option to disable the super-simple autodetect system and you can tn/tf class, all, or classonlytn turns a class on, tf turns a class off and you can either use "all" to act on all classes (ie tn all), or only certain ones with a list (ie. tn apostate infernal shaman) or disable all and enable only one (ie tn serponly).

    The API, in addition to svo.enableclass("class") and svo.disableclass("class") functions also got svo.enableallclasses() and svo.disableallclasses() functions to assist with this.

    Stats by %

    svo.stats data now also sports the stats by their percentage for health, mana, willpower and endurance - they are svo.stats.hpsvo.stats.mpsvo.stats.wp and svo.stats.ed respectively. This'll make scripting easier as you don't have to work out the number anymore & provide it with your scripts.

    Kaido Transmute improvement

    Monk system got a new vconfig transsipprone option - something that'll help you distinguish the systems behavior better between PK and bashing. When you're bashing and relying on transmute for your health, it's OK to wait until you get up to transmute - likely your limbs aren't broken and you'll do so quickly. During PK, however, you're likely to be hindered a fair bit, and so you don't want transmute not transmuting when you're prone, you want to sip health instead - so this option allows you to toggle this. In addition to this, the system will start sipping health when you run out of willpower (instead of not as before).

    Blackout & limb breaks

    The system now detects limb breaks in blackout, so it doesn't spazz applying mending anymore...

    "jump" emote

    ... and in line with fixing annoying things, the system won't be jumping to check for paralysis if you've got checkparalysis off ignore. It uses something else instead now that's not shown room-wide if it fails.


    Lots of other stuff improved, check the list below as usual!


    • added @xprank to docs and improved text in various parts
    • added a new aff to pre-apply restoration to arms: parestoarms
    • added a suggestion to unignore pipe lighting when you buy a tinderbox
    • added alias names to alias Svo descriptions to help find the syntax quicker
    • added Axe of Gaian Fury to the Meta limbcounter
    • added big warnings to Sylvan Heartseed
    • added Leighann's bashing triggers
    • added manual tn/tf class, classonly and all
    • added more balances to svo got balance and svo lost balance (most of them now)
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added stats.hp, mp, wp, and ed - these are the percents of the stats with one decimal precision
    • added svo.enableallclasses() and svo.disableallclasses() API functions
    • added vconfig autoclasses option - toggles whenever the system should "detect" whom you're fighting and enable appropriate classes. Turning this off will disable that, and you can tn/tf class instead.
    • added vconfig haveshroud for custom Shadowcloaks
    • added vconfig transsipprone option - helps monks distinguish between behaviors better for pk and pve and transmute
    • added warnings for the target removing rebounding themselves in the rebounding tracker, as well as light-blue color highlights for when you raze their defences
    • changed default curemethod to preferconc while you're doing the install - so the system will fall back to trans cures if you don't have conc herbs for pipe filling
    • fixed 'inr all item' command showing up in inra
    • fixed ignore not getting taken off ignore when you complete meditations
    • fixed svo limb hit events to report the limbs properly, not the names of players
    • fixed the system spamming things when you're trying to relogin and hiding the questions as well
    • fixed tree balance to be reset when you touch tree off-balance
    • improved health sipping not to sip mana in the small moment you're eating potash for your health
    • improved PLIST to say if any pipe relighting is on ignore, and added easy buttons to press to disable that
    • improved Svo's dealing with no wp & transmute - it'll sip health instead of just not transmuting
    • improved stats with triggers
    • improved unknowncrippledlimb, unknowncrippledleg and unknowncrippledarm to detect restoration breaks and cure them properly - this means that the system will be better about hidden blackout breaks, new lines during bashing and things of that sort
    • made vconfig usehealing off to be synonymous with vconfig usehealing none - as well as vconfig transmute and vconfig warningtype
    • removed sileris forced def check, the systme won't check def anymore when sileris suspiciously didn't come up - it'll instead see if you're getting bitten to realize that
    • removed the silly "jump" emote from paralysis, it now uses something else instead that's not shown to everyone in the room if you don't have paralysis. checkparalysis was taken off ignore as well since it works onw
    • updated fishing distance addon with new lines, as well as custom prompt tag removal when you disable it
    • updated gold costs for new restoration refills
  • Hey, new update - adds some new features and otherwise mostly fixes things up.

    Meditate improvements

    Meditation in the system can now be configured to ignore prone (so you can sit down while meditating) - and that, by default, is off. It has RP advantages that you'll want to enable it for, but it can mess with combat if you'd like to meditate in the middle of a fight. See the vconfig medprone option for this.

    Another improvement with meditate is the vconfig unmed option - which'll take meditate off keepup once you achieve full willpower. Enabling this will stop the system from perpetually meditating whenever you go below full willpower.

    Arena fix

    When you go into arena, arena mode needs to be enabled (tn arena). The system normally does this automatically for you, both when you enter and leave the arena, but it didn't do it for the Delos one. This has been fixed now and it'll do it for Delos as well. Whenever you have a problem with the system spamming in the arena though, make sure you do tn arena.

    Other improvements

    A ton of other miscellaneous improvements are in, check the changelog below:

    • added Delos arena to be to be considered for automatic tn/tf arena
    • added failed summon line to reset the count
    • added fear to be cured before focusing
    • added first-person retardation dampen line
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added more illusions to be ignored by default
    • added Order NPC request triggers for going into the editor
    • added svo.check_dofree() function, to force check the dofree queue
    • added variable - can use it to check whenever you can outr things atm or not
    • added vconfig medprone and vconfig unmed
    • enchanter is now added by default to all magi systems
    • fixed impatience check to lose focus balance on properly
    • fixed offering to respect vconfig pagelength
    • fixed setting the priest healing skill to recognize ablaze instead of burning
    • fixed Svo to handle character registration process nicer
    • fixed system auto-unpausing at login since a recent change
    • fixed tree strats to not go off on damaged versions of the limbs
    • improved dragonflex use to respect whenever webbed or roped are on ignore
    • improved install to empty pipes so it doesn't spam them
    • improved shin and kai tracking to account for the 'Vote' in the prompt (but still, don't have it in, messes with the system)
    • started adding svo API data in docs
    • updated the new short name for arsenic for mineral tracking
  • This is aimed at improving things for those trying out the new Mudlet updates!

    Two major things are fixed: vshow defup and vshow keepup were coming up blank - so a workaround has been added to make them work. The new default font size in Mudlet for the map labels was also kind of huge, so the peopletracker uses a smaller font explicitly. It's not configurable yet, but I will add an option for it shortly (along with new available options of having the label go under or above rooms, and scale as you zoom out or not).

    Other changes include:

    • added a font size to peopletrackers labels, so they aren't the new huge default as on test8
    • added a workaround for vshow defup and vshow keepup being blank on test7 and test8
    • added new bashing triggers
    • added the new dragonbreath def line - it finally got one!
    • fixed an e! with filling a pipe in aeon/ret
    • fixed promptstring and promptstringorig to show blind and deaf if you have them as afflictions
    • fixed svo.clearbalanceful() and svo.clearbalanceless() not to break do/dofree
    • fixed the heartseed 2 warning to work
  • Hi guys! New year, new Svo update, new features you've always wanted and new improvements are here.

    vconfig curemode prefercustom

    Setup individually which cure you prefer over which, with the alternative cure being the backup
    vshow curelist

    Yep, it is what you think it is. vconfig curemode prefercustom allows you to individually customize which cures you prefer, via a very intuitive clickable menu. This works for all cures.

    The system will automatically fallback to the alternative cure should you run out of the preferred cure, or in case of herbs - if it's faster (ie the herb is already in the rift and the preferred one is not). Along with preferconc and prefertrans, the addition of prefercustom makes Svo be very versatile in allowing you to choose between forestal and alchemist cures.

    vconfig labelsize

    A new option for the peopletracker, vconfig labelsize, has been added. This allows you to adjust the font size of the labels on the map! Make them as big or small as you want. Default size is 10.


    The system was beefed up against relapsing, stuttering and sensitivity illusions - so do this update asap if you fight serpents or magi often in particular. Remember to turn on anti-illusion when you need it (tn ai) and that you can have the system ignore dstabs that gave only one venom with stabs on and ignore bites with sbites on.

    System zip name

    The Svo zip name doesn't matter anymore. It can be Character svo (1).zip or anything else just fine now - the system will still be installed with a proper name and it won't be an issue. For scripters, see here how to explicitly name your Mudlet packages.


    A ton of fixes to triggers and other things went into improving the quality of the system in this release. See below for the list. If something isn't covered, please let me know about it.


    • added "svo got dragonform" and "svo lost dragonform" events
    • added a highlight for a tattoo fading
    • added a highlight for grove portals
    • added a highlight to a spark failing
    • added a new alias - vshow curelist, or vshow cl
    • added a variable (svo.conf.riftlabelcolumns) to control the amount of columns in vshow herbstat - set it with 'vlua svo.conf.riftlabelcolumns = 2', for example
    • added chameleon additional def line
    • added confusion symptoms
    • added mindnet addon to Monk systems by default (please uninstall the one you got from the website as they'll be duplicated). This one has an option to turn announcing on/off as well
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added sign editing line to composer
    • added some more tips
    • added stuttering symptom detection
    • added trigger for bloodleech going away via being bashed
    • added vconfig curemethod prefercustom - which allows you to select, per-cure, which one you prefer (and sets the alternative as backup automatically). This means you can have all conc cures + potash while also having moss as backup and so on.
    • added vconfig labelsfont for peopletracker
    • changed staff to quarterstaff for grove defs, so it doesn't interfere with illusion staves
    • fixed asthma getting confirmed after relapsing not confirming relapsing as well
    • fixed bleeding timing out showing a funny empty line
    • fixed bm nothing to parry with line throwing an (i)
    • fixed broken arm symptom line going off for numbness
    • fixed confirmation messages not to go off when the aff is already confirmed
    • fixed damaged arm symptom trigger
    • fixed dissonance trigger
    • fixed fx/fxx calculations (thanks Lyr!)
    • fixed msg list not linkifying a preserved message
    • fixed relapsing illusions messing things up
    • fixed sensitivity, stuttering illusions
    • fixed somersault from disembowel not getting caught
    • fixed stuttering getting cured by tree/passive cure/blackout not being caught
    • fixed svo.addaff("relapsing") not working
    • fixed system assuming aeon in blackout+retardation
    • fixed tree and restore strat menus having blue text and being underlined
    • fixed undofree talking about the do queue, and not the dofree queue
    • fixed vshow afflist having blue text and underlines, reduced it to 3 columns as well
    • improved mindnet: now reports to cc. You can use vconfig ccto to make it output to party, clan, person, team or etc (
    • improved peopletracker's ppwith output for single persons
    • improved ppwith, ppat to use the new cleaner area names if your mapper script is recent enough
    • improved priest reporter's seek alias to get disabled in dragonform
    • improved refiller to allow you not to specify an amount, ie 'refill health' will refill 1 health then
    • improved voffer to just use the new 'offer corpses'
    • improved vsanctify to stop sanctifying once the shrine is okay
    • improvement to Svo packages - they no longer rely on the file name to install right. So "Character svo (1).zip" will properly install, along with anything else
    • moved curemethod line from vconfig2 to vshow, as it's more relevant to be seen there
    • moved dispel to curses from subterfuge
    • removed GMCP message at login - everyone uses it for a while now anyhow
    • shortened hamstring in @affs to 'hms'
    • sort of aligned things in vshow
  • 13.2.1 update

    Big update for in-game changes + new things and improvements, as usual! Update your system ASAP, don't be lazy.

    Announce 3777

    Per Announce 3777, checking dubious illusions that fake afflictions on you while you don't have balance or equilibrium is now considered a loophole. This is something that even the Nexus system was doing, so it goes pretty far back and was a pretty widely known practice.

    There's two things curing can do now: either believe suspicious paralysis lines when you're off balance/equilibrium (and thus fall for every illusion that does it, wasting vital herb balance), or wait until you have balance and equilibrium to check (which means you might use herb balance for something else, and when you confirm the paralysis, you'll have to wait for herb balance to cure it).

    Neither are optimal, so you'll have to learn to deal with the new setup - observe and adjust your curing priorities if things aren't going well (pva, for example, or make aliases that swap/load entire prio lists), watch for affs and take appropriate defensive action, and so on.

    Svo offers you to decide whenever you'd like to wait to confirm paralysis if you're offbal/eq with the  vconfig waitparalysisai option. If anti-illusion is enabled and a suspicious paralysis line (possibly an illusion) comes along, and you're without balance/equilibrium, with this off option (default), the system will assume paralysis to be true. With this option on, the system will wait until you have both balance and equilibrium to confirm paralysis before curing it, as you can't confirm it anymore without balance/equilibrium. The downside of having the option on is that you might get balance/equilibrium back but not have herb balance, so you'll be slowed down as you wait for herb balance to cure paralysis to do anything - while with the option off, you'd be falling for believable paralysis illusions as they can't be confirmed.

    Tekura curing

    Improved tekura combo curing

    Something that hasn't been touched on in a while but could be improved; Tekura combos will no longer game your salve priorities by changing the order the limbs are broken in.

    Scripting improvements

    A fair bit of scripting improvements in this update worthy of mention happened.

    Two new events were added - svo enabled class and svo disabled class that let you know when classes were enabled and disabled, appropriately. The svo limb hit event was improved with the attack type used (thanks Wyd for the help done there).

    svo.doubleRunToSend() function was added - this requires the function to be called with the same data twice in quick succession in order for it to go off once. This is useful in case you'd like to emulate a double-click on a link (thanks to Lynara for the contribution).

    svo.transmute() function - it'll transmute once up to 1000 health, if you need to regain any health at all. This is only useful if you're spamming your attacks, and so the systems transmute isn't getting in - you could use this function before your attack to have the system transmute.

    In case you need to use an echo() or echoLink() with the systems configured default color, svo.getDefaultColorNums use was added to the docs that'll help you with this.

    The table was documented in the docs - this is where your vshow curelist preferences are stored. You can adjust your preferences via script as well with this table.


    • added a bloodboil line
    • added soulspear breaking shield line (for ts alias)
    • added a line for trees throwing you out and breaking legs
    • added a link to view full priority again when adjusting priorities (thanks Lynara)
    • added attacktype to the svo limb hit event (contributed by Wyd)
    • added svo.doubleRunToSend() - requires the function to be called twice in quick succession to go off. Useful for "double-clicking" text links (contributed by Lynara)
    • added more bashing trigger lines (thanks Rispok)
    • added more symptoms for crippled arms and legs
    • added specific block drop lines (thanks Jacen)
    • added svo disabled class and svo enabled class events
    • added svo.transmute() for monks, if you'd like to spam your attacks and have the system get transmutes in - put svo.transmute() before the attack
    • added vconfig waitparalysisai
    • added venom toxin to vshow curelist
    • adjusted checkparalysis to only go off when you have balance+eq in the game (per announce 3777, something that was in since the Nexus system (!) is classified as a loophole now)
    • changed the default timeout for herb balance to 2.5 from 5
    • changed viridian quarterstaff back to staff, apparently that breaks indoors casting
    • docs: added svo.getDefaultColorNums, helpful when writing echos
    • docs: added - this is where your vshow curelist preferences are stored at, which you can adjust via script
    • docs: added undoall to cancel vdefile/vsanctify
    • fixed breathing not to go off in aeon
    • fixed mind batter with AI not registering afflictions beside stun
    • fixed ppin to search better, ie so ppin new hope now works
    • fixed concoctionist refilling arty vials since the last update broke them
    • fixed voidfist tripping (i)'s with AI on
    • fixed system trying to doublewrithe at once at times with (writhe|writhe) from impale/transfix, for example
    • fixed system restarting transfix writhe on transfix/impale combo - works as it should now
    • improved priest report seek alias to get auto-disabled in dragonform
    • improved priestracker to capitalize the targets name
    • improved priestracker to report dead or hp/mp status of a person
    • improved priestracker to respond to Companions requests
    • improved sparks tracker to announce when the spark will go off in the room
    • improved tekura combo curing such that your salve balance priorities can't be gamed by the order of breaks
  • 13.3.1 update

    New update - being even more nice features, a whole new addon, and more improvements!

    Svo is self-updating

    Svo is now self-updating - no need to use the link anymore!
    Svo is now self-updating - no need to use the link anymore!

    Yup, updating the system is now super easy. It literally is one button click. You do not have to use the link to download the system anymore; you don't have to manually install the new system it downloads for you.

    The system will automatically check for updates, download a new version, and show a little window for you - all you have to do is click 'Restart', restart Mudlet, and you're on the new version. Very simple - I'm hoping this'll help people keep their system updated easier now, as it's fairly important to do so!

    This feature requires Mudlet 2.1 (available for Windows, Linux and Mac) - which you should have been on for a while now, as the crowdmap requires it anyway.


    It's been on my mind to expand the system just from the curing/bashing roles it has for a long while now. The main motivation is, as always, to keep helping people - get into combat and other great things that Achaea offers.

    That's what Svo 2 that I mentioned will be about. Svo 2 will come to you in pieces - and this, NameDB, is the first one of them.

    What is NameDB?

    It is something that adds name consciousness to the system - or in other words, "know" people. How will this help you? It has a ton of applications, but the two main ones are:

    • a name highlighter! A very good one, at that - you can highlight, bold, underline and italicize names with it. It's not just an enemy highlighter either - this one can highlight a lot of categories for you:
    Have your way with highlights!
    Have your way with highlights!
    • giving your triggers consciousness on whom are they dealing with: now your triggers can distinguish between enemies, allies, your city mates, order mates, and so on. This is pretty amazing, as now you can make triggers that react differently depending on what the name is! All without having to manually keep lists of people and so on.

    This is something I've been using myself for years and it is incredibly useful. NameDB is very much designed for scripting with, and can be employed to help you in a ton of situations. Everything from making your mindnet report only enemies, auto-tentacle only enemies, to parsing falcon glance/veilglance and reporting which people are in a remote location - it can help you with. If you're a scripter, definitely take the time to explore it as it'll be incredibly useful.


    Dragonheal use has been added to the system, so if you're a Dragon and get in trouble, it'll dragonheal out for you. As with tree and restore, you can adjust in which cases will it use dragonheal, as well add your own cases when it should dragonheal for you fairly easily.

    Remember to do vconfig dragonheal on to enable it!

    Rift freeze bug

    In a very rare scenario, Mudlet with Svo would freeze when you checked rift - the issue for this has been now located (it's a Mudlet bug), and I added a workaround to Svo not to trigger the issue.

    GMCP wielding change

    svo.wielded has been fixed for GMCP change that occured, so that works properly again now! As does systems tracking of what you can't parry with that relies on it - that helps the system not spam you out when you're wielding something that can't parry.

    It's on my mind to improve svo.wielded in the future to allow you to check more easily what item is wielded in which hand.

    Anti-illusion improvements

    The built-in anti-illusion got more improvements this time around: protection against enmesh and chaosrays illusions, and dstab/illusion the same you were doing ones. The latter aren't easy to pull off already, but they can be effective and are difficult to protect against. The system doesn't nullify them completely yet, but it's chances have increased now.anti-illusion fixes: enmesh, dstab/cure and chaosrays

    20 puff pipes

    Support for the new, currently auctions-only 20 puff artefact pipes has been added. Just check ii pipes or plist when they're full and the system will automatically catch them, and count the amount of smokes available properly.


    There've been a ton of fixes and improvements as well. Among notable ones are the qwho menu sometimes not showing - it'd plot people on the map, but not give you a menu. This has been fixed (the issue was that it didn't show if someone was in an unmapped/weird area).

    svo got balance and svo lost balance events were fixed to go off on all events properly. If you'd like to try out Akaya's pretty nifty visual balance tracker, you'll want to get this update in. Other useful fixes are in as well, see changelog below:


    • added a trigger line for blast removing both shield and prism at once
    • added a vivi, riftlock and aeon strats to dragonheal by default (remember you can add your own too)
    • added enmesh anti-illusion
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added new Composer line to enable composer mode
    • added some more disabled arm symptoms
    • added support for 20 puff pipes (detected from ii pipe or plist)
    • added vconfig dragonheal, and dragonheal curing strats
    • aligned tree/restore/dragonheal strats edit links in vconfig2
    • fixed corruption bled line adding bleeding instead of setting
    • fixed getting reckless/blackout with customprompt off breaking the prompt
    • fixed hydra sting not raising a svo lost hydra balance event
    • fixed impatience AI going off without the person having Focus
    • fixed Lyre for druids not morphing if you ask it to use nightingale instead of grove
    • fixed priest healing going off for an arm when the other arm is broken (can't cure then)
    • fixed qwho not showing a menu when someone was in an unknown area
    • fixed restoration cure illusion for a limb that wasn't broken
    • fixed shipmode getting auto-disabled on move while still on a ship
    • fixed shrivel line for the hidden change done in game
    • fixed sparkcounter to track rooms by unique, individual IDs instead of room names
    • fixed sulphur or mercury fading causing a double-sip
    • fixed svo got/lost balance for focus, sip, herb, salve and moss events
    • fixed svo.wielded for GMCP change
    • fixed system not realizing you left the editor after an NPC with a comma in their title request
    • fixed unwknowncrippledarm typo in crippled arm symptom
    • fixed writhe|reject not to go off at once
    • improved chaosrays anti-illusion
    • improved downloader mechanism! Now the system can fully auto-update, without needing a link or etc
    • improved offering script to wield kris for 'offer corpses'
    • improved tumble fail warning to account for double broken legs
    • improved vecho to show up right away
    • partially fixed dstab/cure right away illusions (they can still work in certain rare circumstances)
    • removed ^3 color tag (undocumented, and it never worked)


  • If you want 1400 or so names to start you off, download the below and NDB IMPORT it.
  • @Vadimuses

    I have a pretty massive list of people's names and what city they are from. Would it be useful to post that?

  • Not sure, it auto-gathers people from qw anyhow and atm you can only easily import data exported with it.
  • NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
    @Cooper: @Tanaar's was pretty helpful. Go for it.
  • edited March 2013
    It's not everyone, but I'd hazard a guess that it includes *most* of the serious, active players, and maybe half of even people with gems. Tracking all of those down is a -bitch-. They don't get picked up by QW or CLWHO, so unless you share city/house/order with them, you have to both notice them getting missed and honors them individually.

    ETA: Also, I highly recommend setting all of your vconfig city highlights to bold, it makes the actual names stand out. Use underline and italics for org enemy status. If you want Divine names to really POP out at you, set them to white, bold, underline, italics. On a dark background, names of gods and goddesses will practically jump off the screen and hit you with a mallet carved with the words "Pay attention here"
  • CardanCardan The Garden
    Vadimuses said:

    GMCP wielding change

    svo.wielded has been fixed for GMCP change that occured, so that works properly again now! As does systems tracking of what you can't parry with that relies on it - that helps the system not spam you out when you're wielding something that can't parry.

    It's on my mind to improve svo.wielded in the future to allow you to check more easily what item is wielded in which hand.

    I've also just fixed the bug where two-handed weapons would randomly show via GMCP as left or right wielded. They should now correctly show 'lL' to signify both left and right hands being involved
  • Vadimuses said:

    The built-in anti-illusion got more improvements this time around: protection against enmesh and chaosrays illusions, and dstab/illusion the same you were doing ones. The latter aren't easy to pull off already, but they can be effective and are difficult to protect against. The system doesn't nullify them completely yet, but it's chances have increased now.anti-illusion fixes: enmesh, dstab/cure and chaosrays

    Why protect against something that is already hard to pull off (as you said), and probably only ever used by one or two people at all :(
  • edited March 2013
    Cooper said:



  • Cooper said:
    Here's a script that'll import that data. Install it, it'll import, and uninstall it. It's also an example of how to make your own importers.
  • Svo thinks I'm Hashani. :( How do I fix this?

                   Honourable, knight eternal,

                                            Darkly evil, cruel infernal.

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                                                                                             Dance with death forever more.

  • vconfig org <your org>

    The org setting never really did much so people didn't pay attention to it, but now it matters for NameDB.
  • vadi when will I get my monk order. I bought it like a day ago?
    Cooper said:
    This is one of the worst forms of special snowflake RP I've ever seen. Thanks for going to another city to do it!
  • You already got it... read your own messages.
  • Vadimuses said:
    You already got it... read your own messages.
    sent an email about the issue. my bad. easy fix tho.

    Cooper said:
    This is one of the worst forms of special snowflake RP I've ever seen. Thanks for going to another city to do it!
  • There was no problem whatsoever, you just ignored what I told you two days ago. *sigh*
  • Little late to the party, but I wanted to contribute the list I managed to pull over to this from my old dataminer. For some reason 192 people are listed as being from Shallam *scratch head* but there are 3884 names in total, it's in the format that you just use "ndb import" for. 

    (Whiners Anonymous): Alcaro says, "If I overdose on anything, though, it'll be a lack of anything."
    (Whiners Anonymous): Alcaro says, "Isn't Morimbuul that Arab that was banished to beneath Mhaldor or something."
  • 13.3.2 update

    New update! It's somewhat quicker to come  as updating is much easier now, per the previous update. Enjoy!

    NameDB fixes

    NameDB is progressing and was improved in several ways:

    • added nppnpp on/off alias to stop/resume highlighting: useful for KoTHs and other situations
    • auto-checking names is even quieter/more aesthetic now: instead of echoing to the main screen, it'll pop up a little window bottom-right that'll hide when it's done
    • Veldrin added Dragons (and ndb.isdragon()) to NameDB - thanks!
    • added a ndb delete person alias
    • added a ndb.getnotes(person) function, for retrieving notes on a person via script
    • Karai added ndb.iscityenemy(person) - it's similar to ndb.isenemy(person), but ignores the persons house and order status
    • fixed house members to capture all people. It doesn't auto-more for you, as not to spam the hell out of you every time you check it - but you can do config pagelength 250 to have it capture more than the default of 20 people
    • certain houses hw lists weren't adding the house affliation to members properly - that's been fixed now
    • fixed offplane and gemmed 'qw' list honors'ing "None" as a name, and fixed qw to work for guide names properly as well
    • fixed class name captured from lists to be stored in lowercase as they should be
    • fixed vconfig politics stances to get saved properly
    • and lastly, updated Hashans default politics to better reflect the current situation

    The future additions list grew bigger, so that's a preview or something that'll come in the future. If you'd like to add any of it yourself, feel free to.

    City enemies

    An unrelated to NameDB change in the previous update caused Mudlet on Windows to crash when city enemies were checked - that's been fixed.

    Druidry def

    After you've used rejuvenate, 'def' menu wouldn't show up properly - this has been fixed now.


    A bunch more things got fixed/improved upon, as detailed below:


    • added a button to reset all priorities on default on vshow
    • added Dragons to NameDB (thanks to Veldrin for the contribution)
    • added mindnet to all blademaster systems by default (uninstall the old script from the website if you had it)
    • added more bashing triggers and deleted a duplicate one
    • added ndb delete <person> alias
    • added ndb.getnotes(person), ndb.isdragon(person) to NameDB API
    • added ndb.iscityenemy(person) - this is like ndb.isenemy, except it ignores house and order statuses
    • added npp alias to namedb - stops/resumes name highlighting
    • changed default clan listing of priest tracker to include dawnguard instead of defunct RG
    • fixed an issue with druid systems, when after doing rejuvenate def would not show fully
    • fixed crash on 'city enemies' on Windows from last updatefixed def for druids not showing the menu after rejuvenate was done
    • fixed house members to work for non-probated members as well (it doesn't auto-more, so as to not spam you out)
    • fixed HW for some houses not capturing the house affliation of the persons
    • fixed mindnet script to properly work for enemies only
    • fixed off-plane qw with a gem capturing 'None' as a name
    • fixed qw for guides
    • fixed stun registering on pommelstrike when you've dodged it
    • fixed svo.deleteLineP() not deleting the customprompt on shipmode with customprompt on
    • improved 'vupdate' alias! Now it can check for updates for you, and force it to download as well
    • improved honors'ing lists of people: won't spam you with anything at all now, it'll instead show a little window bottom-left
    • improved manual honors on a person: won't say it's done checking names now
    • improved NameDB docs (bigger wishlist, added qw and ndb delete aliases)
    • improved priest report to prefix trace: for traces, so it is easier to trigger on trace reports
    • namedb: fixed class to be stored lowercase from people lists
    • updated default Hashan politics to be more accurate
  • I forgot to mention: vupdate and vupdate force were added & improved!
  • This quick update is for Announce 3800, Apostasy Stain changes. It's quite an important change, so if you're involved in combat, update asap, or you'll look very silly.


    If you've been keeping up on the updates, Svo will automatically prompt you with a little window to update. If you'd like, you can also type vupdate to have it check for any new updates manually as well.


    Apostasy Stain was changed to block bloodroot from curing slickness. It does so "quietly" - the game will tell you that you have no bloodroot afflictions instead of reporting that it was blocked. Stain also doesn't have a fade line, and expires in about 2 mins (+/-30s, it's not accurate). It can be renewed permanently as well.

    The system will now account for this, so - update, or it can really mess you up.


    • added 'no mortal order head' line to order members
    • added a new type of lock: stain (stain, slickness, broken arms and empty valerian/realgar pipe)
    • added a workaround for svo auto-updater getting stuck sometimes
    • added birthdays capture of names
    • added restore and dragonheal stainlock strats
    • added stain tracking
    • adjusted Svo not to use bloodroot for slickness when stained
    • fixed "ub" sending "ub" to the game when blocking is ignored
    • fixed house members capturing a wrong class of someone who is classless
    • fixed mindnet entered trigger not working
    • fixed scything kick for mink limbcounter
    • fixed soulcage not to go off when you can't do it
    • fixed system assuming 5k angel power on angel touch
  • New update (13.3.4), fourth one in March - but with the easier update system that's been ironed out, this shouldn't be too much of a hassle. The main thing in this update is to fix the error that happens when checking def, which started happening after a recent improvement.

    Error on checking def

    At a certain point after you've lost a defence, def wouldn't show up anymore - this has been fixed.

    Scripting improvements

    svo config changed event has been added - this goes off on pause/unpause and any vconfig changes. You can use svo.conf[option] to work out the new value that it has been changed to. 

    In a similar vein, svo got def and svo lost def events are in as well now, allowing you the possibility to visually track your defences. The sample svo_example_affs script was updated to show defences as well as afflictions.

    NameDB improvements

    A fair bit of good stuff for NameDB to make the update worth it!

    New alias: qwc

    This shows you the qw list with people sorted by their orgs:


    Helps if you're planning nefarious activities and etcetera.

    New alias: qw update

    For those who like to keep their information updated, the new qw update will re-check all people on the current QW for you.

    New alias: ndb update all

    In a similar vein, a way to re-check all known names by NameDB is now available: ndb update all alias will do this for you. Don't use it lightly if you have thousands of names - namedb checks them one at a time (not to overload the game), so it'll take a few minutes.

    New alias: qw2

    Using qw2, as well as qw, is now possible. qw2 sorts the names alphabetically and shows the total.

    New function: ndb.getcolor(name)

    This is a pretty useful function for scripters. Triggers in Mudlet don't trigger on echoes (which is a very good thing and a feature), but then color triggers won't color text either. A solution to this is in NameDB now - a function that'll tell you the cecho color of a name. You can use this to color names in your echoes! Check the examples in the API on how to use it.

    Svo improvements

    Several improvements made it into the system - a new restore strat, getting arena mode to stay on more when it should, illusion fix and so on:


    • added a 'only working arm is off balance' trigger
    • added another default restore strat - anyoneortwolimbsprone
    • added ndb.getcolor(name)
    • added svo config changed event for pause/unpause and vconfig changes
    • added svo got def and svo lost def events
    • fixed 'dragoform' typo in priest tracker
    • fixed DEFENCES list sometimes not working after a recent update (defcheck error)
    • fixed devilmark 'already have' trigger to work
    • fixed empty pipes illusions when smoking for aeon
    • fixed impale to get removed when you move rooms
    • fixed scythekick causing an error
    • fixed stun throwing an (i) when you got beckoned and saw it due to that
    • fixed waterweird to require water channel to be open
    • namedb: added ndb update all to recheck ALL people in namedb
    • namedb: added newcomer lines to add newbies
    • namedb: added qw update to re-check names on current qw
    • namedb: added qw2 to capture names as well as qw
    • namedb: added qwc to sort qw by organization members and count
    • small improvement to fix arena getting turned off when you have dementia
    • updated svo_example_affs example script to show defs as well as affs
  • CardanCardan The Garden
    Vadimuses said:

    New alias: qw2

    Using qw2, as well as qw, is now possible. qw2 sorts the names alphabetically and shows the total.

    You may run into issues here with the pre-existing command in game of "QW2" that shows the quick who list, sorted alphabetically, with a total of players online. You can optionally specify a partial name to match as well. QW2 is listed about halfway down HELP WHO.
  • edited March 2013
    Sorry about the confusion, the in-game alias isn't overwritten - it's just recognized now to capture names. As qw/qw2 don't have any lines prepended to them signifying the list, triggers to capture it are inefficient - and they so they only get enabled by aliases when necessary.
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