Svo Updates



  • 13.4.1 update!

    Quick update prompted by the in-game line change for standing, brings in several fixes and a set of NameDB improvements, too!

    Stand trigger

    The standing line in the game got changed, so this update reflects the change. You can also add the new line into the svo stand trigger as a temporary measure before you get a chance to update.

    Balzadeen as a def

    The Balzadeen got added in for Apostates - it can be deffed up now (the system will properly get 100% mana before raising one), get tracked from ENT, and defences that require a Balzadeen active will now respect that, and summon a Balzadeen first if you've allowed it on defup.

    Races added to NameDB

    NameDB now tracks the race of a person along with other attributes! It'll realize this either off honours, or you can do ndb set <person> race <their race>.

    New API function: ndb.addname

    ndb.addname("name") or ndb.addname({"name1", "name2", ...}) allow you to add new names for NameDB to check. This function will allow you to build your own crawlers and so on for your NameDB to havest even more names!

    NameDB friends list

    NameDB now shows the friends classes and totals on your friends list (provided you have any). This is similar to how it showed this for clanwho and partywho. Thanks to Lynara for adding this in.

    NameDB: eating lines while checking fixed

    NameDB would sometimes delete one more line than it needed to when gagging a name - this was visible when checking qw for several names. This issue has been fixed.


    • added an eliminate start trigger (gives an echo if the person is an enemy per ndb)
    • added Baalzadeen to defup/keepup, and tracking for Baalzadeen-relevant defences
    • added Balzadeen tracking from ENT
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added the new standing trigger
    • fixed mana change to report the max mana, not health
    • fixed prone in blackout delaying stand at times
    • fixed svo.config.set() not to show a prompt if you set the value without an echo
    • NameDB: added an Immortals section to qwc
    • NameDB: added an ndb.addname("name") or ndb.addname({"name1", "name2", ...}) function for data import
    • NameDB: added citizenship line to check a person
    • NameDB: added FRIENDS LIST to show classes (thanks to Lynara for the code)
    • NameDB: added honors to work as well as honours (and variants without the S)
    • NameDB: added race tracking!
    • NameDB: fixed checking a lot of people deleting more lines than it should at times
    • NameDB: fixed highlights to be removed on ndb delete all
    • NameDB: fixed lists sometimes capturing prompt flags
    • NameDB: fixed vconfig2 to say the right tooltip for highlight pauses
    • NameDB: improved dragon tracking by honors - it now also considers dragonform along with XP rank
    • NameDB: improved name checking to delete invalid recorded names, so it doesn't get stuck trying to check them
    • NameDB: improved ndb cancel to hide the checking window
    • NameDB: improved vconfig politics to have the color list link on top
  • 13.4.2 update

    Another update shortly after 13.4.1, because I messed up. Sorry about that! Instead of fixing blackout+prone to be quicker to retry, I broke it, it was very spammy now. This update rectifies this quickly.


    For some people, some times, auto-updating would not work properly - it'd either get stuck updating, or update and install on system, and so on. I did a bit of digging and one possible cause for this issue seems to be that Dropbox instead of giving the system when downloading it, bugs out and doesn't deliver the system. Then of course installing that wouldn't work, so you'd be left without a system.

    Svo will now verify the zip it downloads and will redownload it again if that happens, so after this update, the process will be smoother.


    • added more bashing triggers
    • fixed balzadeen and pentagram to show up under Apostasy
    • fixed block defup and keepup conflicting during defup
    • fixed knight limbcounter echoes to show in org color
    • fixed spamming stand in blackout
    • improved resiliency of the system updates (Dropbox is screwy sometimes)
  • edited April 2013

    Hey! New update is here for the Bard, Blademaster and Dropbox changes.

    Dropbox stuff

    Dropbox changed some things around, which broke the mapper scripts crowdmap and Svo's autoupdates. This means that vupdate will not work on this update :( I did however work out and fix the problem, so after you do this update, it will work again.

    Update your mapper script

    In case you haven't updated already, check rl, it should say the following:

    (mapper): version 13.4.1. 

    If it's an earlier version, make sure to update it - download the latest one from here. This'll make crowdmap updates work again.

    Updating your Svo

    You'll need to manual this updatem as the auto-updater will get fixed in this update and doesn't work due to Dropbox changes yet. To do so, use the original link for your system to download the latest copy (if you've lost yours, feel free to ask me about it). Uninstall your old Svo in the Package Manager, and then install the new zip you've downloaded. Restart Mudlet and you'll be done.

    Bard changes

    As per the Bard classleads in Announce 38253826, the system has been updated for all of the Bard-related changes. Pesante, Cantata and Noise effects and lines were adjusted. Tremolo and Vibrato was added, with the system also not wasting salve balance on mending/renewal. Appropriate anti-illusion was also added for this.

    Blademaster changes

    The system was also updated for the small Blademaster classleads as per Announce 3827.

    @exits customprompt tag

    A new customprompt tag has been added: @exits. This lists the current exits your room has on the prompt. An upper-case version, @EXITS, is available as well.


    NameDB: improved qw speed

    Pulling the names from qw was a bit slow for some people on Windows, so the speed of that was improved. Recent additions to qw also include qw update (to re-check all people on current qw) and qwc (to see qw sorted by city members).

    Svo classtricks and NameDB

    Svo's classtricks and NameDB have been integrated - and NameDB will now auto-set the class of the opponent you're fighting automatically. This has been proofed against illusions with lifevision and the new vconfig autoclassset # option, which requires x consecutive hits from the class before it sets it.

    A new event was also added, svo got hit by that provides the class (and the name if available) that you can use for scripting.


    A whole lot of other additions and improvements made it in as well, see the changelog below:


    • added blue M and m's to Telepathy and Kaido skills
    • added demon armour, mask Baalzadeen to persist through death
    • added integration between NameDB and classtricks - NameDB will automatically detect and set class of people during combat
    • added Lifevision checking for auto-class enabling
    • added line for soulspear shattering prism
    • added more bashing triggers (thanks Nemesio!)
    • added new arm/leg break lines in bashing
    • added new Cantata line
    • added new Tremolo, Vibratos in (the system will appropriately delay mending and not waste salve balance), along with the anti-illusion for it
    • added Noise cancelling tumble warning
    • added somersault highlights (tumble style) (thanks Tesha!)
    • added the new voidfist fade line on impale
    • added two new default customprompt tags, @exits and @EXITS
    • fixed (Dragon) alignment in clanwho
    • fixed lovers not to get cleared on burst/death as intended
    • fixed recklessness from Evileye with AI on giving an (i)
    • fixed system updates for Dropbox changes, after this update vupdate should work again
    • improved NameDB qw speed on Windows
    • improved priest reports angel seek to also plot the sought person on the map
    • NameDB: added ndb.setclass(name, class), ndb.setdragon(name, status) functions
    • NameDB: fixed ndb.getcolor for rogues, fixed ndb.addname for multiple names (thanks Lynara!)
    • possibly fixed rebounding looping after death/burst
  • 13.4.4 update

    New update, as you'd expect of Svo quality, for the recent changes in the game. Shallam is gone and Targossas, the Dawnspear rises - Svo and NameDB have been updated for this fact.

    Targossas renaming

    The update has been made to be as painless as possible, so as many things as possible have been automated. Your vconfig org setting will auto-change to Targossas if you've previously have had set it on Shallam. All known Shallamese citizens by NameDB will be auto-migrated to be Targossians whenever you load up Mudlet, and whenever you import data (so your old backups will transition). You will might need to update vconfig politics city relationship statuses to reflect your orgs political reality.

    In regards to scripting, ndb.isshallamese() will still be working as it was. If you used ndb.getcity() however, it will now return "Targossas" for a Targossian citizen, so you will have to adjust that. A new function, ndb.istargossian(), was added as well.


    • added faster clotting if your mana allows it and you're bleeding a lot
    • deleted Shallam, added Targossas in Svo
    • fixed illusions stripping defs that show up on prompt working
    • fixed pesante rebounding still registering a stun
    • improved Svo to remember which vials you ran out of on restart
    • inker addon: made it touch tattoos as it inks, instead of all at the end in a row
    • NameDB: added ndb.getcolorp(), similar to ndb.getcolor but does not prefix <>'s for cecho use. Can be used with fg/bg. Returns nil if there is no color for the person
    • NameDB: added ndb.istargossian()
    • NameDB: deleted Shallam, added Targossas. Existing Shallamese citizens will be auto-migrated to Targossas, ndb.isshallamese() will still work, although ndb.getcity will return "Targossas" now (so if you used the former, make sure to update your scripts)
  • 13.4.5 update

    New update for the Dragoncraft changes!


    Added triggers for the new targetted Dragoncrafts curse ability, and added recklessness, weakness as blocking afflictions to Dragonheal.

    @day and @month tags

    Two new customprompt tags have been added - @day, which shows the current in-game day, and @month, which shows the current in-game month. They're powered by the new IRE.Time GMCP extension that Achaea has added.


    • added @day and @month customprompt tags
    • added more bashing triggers (thanks Nemesio!)
    • added new targetted Dragoncurse
    • adjusted dragonheal not to go off when reckless or weak
    • fixed @affs tag for mutilatedrightleg (should be rl3)
    • fixed cwho to capture class changes again
    • fixed unknown aff's ? to go down when passively cured
  • 13.5.1 update!

    New updates for Jester classleads, curing fixes and new improvements!

    Jester classleads

    Jester classleads are here, and so the system got an updated Bop trigger for the mental afflictions it now gives and the vodun/puppetry trigger was updated to take prone into equasion as well.

    Restoration curing

    Restoration curing in the system was slightly wonky due to the unexpected addition of the "limb too damaged to cure in that manner" line - this has now been fixed, and it's fine once again.

    Bloodleech detection

    Bloodleech-going-away detection was improved to take account into GMCP (since bloodleeches already show on INFO HERE, it is no different). This means the system will now detect you lost a bloodleech when you leap or jump out of the room and so on.

    Peopletracker: ppof alias

    A new alias got added to the peopletracker; ppof <citizens> will report the currently online, ungemmed citizens of a city to your CC (so party or clan or whatever). The alias also allows you to lazy-type the city name: i.e., ppof a or ppof ash will do it for Ashtan and so on.

    New scripting goodies

    A fair bit of new and interesting functions and events are available to scripters now. Check out the docs for svo.usingbalance()svo.doing(), and svo.not_illusion() functions. A svo started defup event is now raised when you start deffing up in a defence mode, and all limbcounters received a svo limbcounter hit event that is raised when you connect to a limb of your victim.

    Svo now cures voyria with tree when out of immunity/antigen

    Something that I personally think is very cool, Svo will now use tree to cure your voyria should you run out of immunity and antigen. Assuming you've got a tree tattoo, of course. The cool part about is that the system has advanced enough to make this possible: it tracks the sips your vials have of a given thing. This is available for scripting as well, see svo.es_potions.

    Fullstats and transmute

    Fullstats has been fixed to work properly when you've got a transmute mode enabled - it didn't before, and never really caught my attention as I haven't played a monk. improvements table has been fixed to account for the Char.Items.Remove change, and additionally, it now uses the right/left/both flags to set[item].hand to left, right or both.

    NameDB: added rogues highlighting

    It's been asked for, and now it's here! Rogues are available as a highlighting category in NameDB. See your improved vconfig politics after you update and restart Mudlet.

    NameDB: added improved cwho

    Your cwho will now show people who have obtained Dragon, and when they are in Dragon, it will show their lesser class. Big thanks to Veldrin for making and contributing the code for this!

    Changelog & everything else:

    • added a "svo limbcounter hit" event for limbcounters
    • added a "svo started defup" event that is raised at the start of going into defup
    • added a dragonlock (when you can't dragonheal)
    • added a mounted trample symptom to recognize unmounted
    • added an impatience symtom when trying to meditate
    • added color customprompts to docs
    • added feather tattoo to be recognized as levitation (system can't use it yet however)
    • added GMCP-based bloodleech detection (they show up on INFO HERE as well)
    • added impaled by soulspear diag line
    • added more bashing triggers (thanks to everyone who sends them in!)
    • added svo.usingbalance(), svo.doing(), and svo.not_illusion() functions
    • added tree curing selarnia line
    • fixed chargeshield to require air channel
    • fixed druid dampening line
    • fixed fullstats to work with transmute enabled
    • fixed haemophilia and several other detected symptoms to remove an unknown
    • fixed hold breath anti-illusion check for asthma going off for people who don't have breath if their pipes weren't in order
    • fixed impale writhing to take into account arm balances
    • fixed pesante and martellato to be detected properly with an occultist damage rebound aura
    • fixed Ulgase's aeon trigger
    • fixed vitality not to go off while numb
    • improved monk limbcounter not to count hits from the same combo that breaks a limb
    • made the system touch tree when you have voyria and no antigen/immunity
    • NameDB: added Dragon/Lesser class to cwho (thanks to Veldrin for the code)
    • NameDB: added rogues as a category that can be highlighted
    • Offering script: removed extra prompt trigger
    • Peopletracker: added ppof alias
    • removed auto-pause when you burrow, since you can still sip and eat herbs underground
    • updated Bop trigger for mental afflictions
    • updated changed Spirit channel opening line
    • updated to set the hand attribute to "both", "left" or "right" based on the GMCP flags
    • updated system for the new "limb too damaged to cure in that manner" that was messing with restoration curing
    • updated tumble cancel warning
    • updated Vodun/Puppetry cripple to prone as well
  • 13.5.2 updates

    Monk changes

    A day after the classleads, the system has been updated for all the Monk classleads! Take note that hitting Guarding is now a 2s stun instead of prone.

    Limbcounter updates

    All limbcounters have been updated to take the new Guarding line into account!

    However the Monk one at the time of the writing does not deal with the new Combo command well yet - this has slipped my attention, and another update will be done shortly to rectify that.

    Anti-illusion improvements

    Hypersomnia is now double-checked by AI when it is on before it is cured! This helps improve the systems AI in general.

    Remember that you can add your own illusions to be ignored with svo.ignore_illusion(), and undo detected illusions with svo.not_illusion() (so the system doesn't think something is an illusion if it's not).

    Devil tarot tracking

    Devil Tarot is now tracked by svo.defc.devil, and the svo got def, svo lost def events. While it doesn't make too much sense to keepup or defup this defence, having it be tracked by the system will allow you to script with it easier, which is the intended idea.

    Peopletracker: ppwith improvement

    ppwith will now also echo the text back to you, so when you aren't in a party, you can still see with whom a particular person is. Thanks to Dontarion for the idea!

    New function: svo.ccnop()

    svo.ccnop() is similar to"stuff I want to announce"), except that it will go off when the system is paused. It will not go off if you are in aeon or retardation.

    This function is useful because sometimes there are announces you want to get through pause, i.e. when you are propping a totem and enemies hit it.

    vconfig burrowpause

    Auto-pause on burrow is back, this time as an option to please everybody. It's on by default, and with it on, the system will automatically pause when you burrow, so it doesn't spam things. The downside is that it won't cure or heal you either, which is feasible in a limited manner while burrowed.

    vconfig freevault

    This new option tells the system whenever your vaulting takes up balance or not. The system auto-detects and auto-sets this by itself, so you don't have to worry about configuring it.

    If your vault takes up no balance, then the system, when you get proned and knocked off your mount, can send stand vault, and dor or your custom function all at once - shaving you off ping time from just getting up and vaulting at once, and then doing dor or your custom function.

    Priest blessings / Alchemist empowerments in Dragonform

    Class defences now show up in Dragonform as additional defences! This means that Priest Dragons can now see their blessings and Alchemist Dragons can see the empowerment they have. Same with Magi Chargeshields and so on!

    More stuff:

    • added a new slain trigger by rune to detect death
    • added anti-illusion check for hypersomnia
    • added bard fear line
    • added blackout prompt + vote to be recognized for blackout mode
    • added choke trigger to count for a persons class
    • added Devil tarot tracking (svo.defc.devil)
    • added inlove cure lines to tree and passive curing
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added new guarding line to be ignored by limbcounters
    • added new roundhouse line
    • added ppwith to also echo the line to yourself
    • added soulcage and transmog lines not to tick off disrupt
    • added svo.ccnop - a variant of that goes off when paused
    • added targetted magi prone trigger
    • added vconfig burrowpause option (toggles whenever the system auto-pauses on death or not)
    • added vconfig freevault option (tells the system whenever your vaulting takes balance or is free - this is so it can do stuff right away when you stand|vault. The system also auto-detects and auto-sets this option by itself)
    • elist sorter: fixed the setpotion syntax to accept multiple words
    • fixed blind cancelling transfix from bashing NPCs still getting counted as transfix
    • fixed breath keepup not to go off in asthma
    • fixed class defs to show up in Dragonform as additional defs if they stay (so Priests can see their blessings now, Alchemists can see their empowerments in Dragonform)
    • fixed parry to reset on death/starburst
    • fixed prompt tags to properly reflect unknownany / unknownmental counts when loki is visible with a symptom
    • fixed transfix symptom for duanathar making (i)'s
    • fixed tree getting used for voyria all the time if you didn't have the elist sorter addon
    • improved balanceful and balanceless functions to run inline with stand|vault being done, and not right after
    • inker addon: will now put inks away if you try to ink a tattoo you actually can't
    • NameDB: fixed cwho to realize dragon for people
    • elist sorter: fixed the setpotion syntax to accept multiple words
    eeeee thank you so much.
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  • 12.7.2 update!

    Hi! Timely update to help the system deal with the new Targossian arena properly. improvements

    I've improved to have it keep tracking properly when vconfig autorewield is off, and it now handles the swap hands command as well. Additionally, it raises an svo me.wielded updated event whenever the table is updated, allowing you to create GUI trackers for your wielded items.

    Targossian arena

    The new Targossian arena has been added to the system, which'll help stop it from spazzing out while fighting in it. Additionally, I've added a vconfig autoarena option which you can turn off and turn arena mode on/off manually instead to handle this in the future without an update.

    ppwith fix

    The previous update messed up ppwith - making it not work if the person was with a group (which kind of defeats the point). ppwith is now fixed once again!

    Better amnesia+aeon handling

    The system now deals with amnesia and aeon far more efficienty, cancelling the amnesia ASAP and restarting whatever it was doing in the same go.

    New NameDB alias: ndb

    NameDB now sports an ndb alias, which lists all of the aliases from the docs page right within Mudlet for you! You can hover over or click on an alias to get its description. ndb long is a similar version, with all of the alias descriptions expanded.

    New NameDB data capture: clan lists

    For those who'd like to have ALL THE NAMES in their NameDB, Lynara contributed a way to vacuum those names from clanhelp <clan>! So next time you do clanhelp mudlet... yeah.


    A ton of useful improvements also made it in, see changelog below:


    • added a "svo limbcounter reset" and "svo limb reset" events to all limbcounters
    • added a ton of voice balance triggers - thanks Cesarina! This improves the voice balance tracking
    • added an example of "Registering custom tags when Svo is ready" to documentation
    • added arrowcatch to be properly recognized by defstrip triggers
    • added grove defences coming off lines (thanks Swadryt!)
    • added more bashing triggers (big thanks to everyone who sends them in)
    • added more variables to in docs
    • added ndb.iscityenemy(), ndb.isimmortal(), ndb.exists() to NameDB docs
    • added svo me.wielded updated event
    • added Targossian arena for automatic arena mode on/off
    • added tn autoarena, an option you can use to enable/disable turn on/off of the arena mode
    • added Vodun sleep trigger
    • changed the default F2 dor example to be 'kill' instead of 'kick'
    • docs: documented and added examples
    • docs: documented svo.defs.defup() and svo.defs.keepup()
    • docs: documented svo.doaction(), svo.find_until_last_paragraph()
    • fixed "gammed" typo in qwho
    • fixed 'tf allclasses' to work
    • fixed aria def now to go off while deaf
    • fixed fullstats getting messed up by recklessness
    • fixed limb damage being ignored sometimes
    • fixed ppwith not reporting someone anymore if they were with a group
    • fixed tracking breaking when vconfig autorewield is off
    • fixed targetted Dragoncurse to go through anti-illusion
    • fixed tekura stances now to be done while you are not mounted only
    • improved amnesia+aeon handling to cancel amnesia and restart whever the system was doing right away
    • improved givevial in refiller to work with selfishness
    • improved installation to stop properly if you didn't have GMCP on
    • improved keepup for blocking not to go off while deffing
    • improved to handle SWAP HANDS
    • made the system block again quickly after trying to block a direction failed (because you moved rooms just before block went through and the exit doesnt exist anymore)
    • NameDB: added "ndb" and "ndb long" aliases to server as cheatsheets
    • NameDB: added clan info to capture names (thanks Lynara!)
    • NameDB: improved grammar from "and of those" to ", of those" when reporting Dragons
    • NameDB: improved whois to mention (manual) when the ally/enemy status of a person has been set manually
    • NameDB: made citizens dormant capture names as well
    • removed some named generic illusions, other AI methods are handling them now
    • updated the shrugging def line
    • updated the sulphur already on line
  • 13.7.2 update

    Very quick follow-up to the previous update, had a bug: limb breaks with venoms / long lines weren't being recognized. Sorry about this! Please update once again ASAP.

    As always, if you have any general feedback for improvements or problems - please mail or message me.

  • 13.7.3 update

    Quick update that fixes limb breaks to be properly recognized - the last update still had problems. Sorry about that.


    • added might passive curing line
    • added more bashing triggers (thanks Rispok and Iakimen!)
    • added vodun throttle to turn breathing on
    • fixed compasslash limb breaks not being recognized
    • fixed restoring with a mangled limb making the system not recognize one of the mended limbs
  • 13.8.1 update

    This is part 1/2 of the updates for new Occultist lines. All lines and new afflictions have been added; and the system will fare much better now. You will, however, want to adapt your offensive and defensive strategies against the new Occultist!

    For Cadmus, a new option was introduced - vconfig focuswithcadmus. With this off (default), the system will not focus while you've got cadmus. When you do have it on, the system will focus while you've got cadmus - and the reason you'll want to do that is that sometimes it's beneficial to swap one high-priority mental affliction for a lower-priority physical one. It's a bit of a gamble, and this is untested, so that's why there's an option for you to enable and play with it. In part 2/2, the option will be augmented by a list of afflictions which you'll specify which to use focus for. So, for example, you could have it risk using focus for stupidity but not vertigo.

    Missing things that will come in update 2/2 are:

    1. Nin'kharsag handling
    2. List for focusable cadmus afflictions
    3. Occultist entity balance tracking



    • added added Instill
    • added all the new Occultist lines, with the exception of Nin'kharsag handling. That'll be a weak point until part 2 of the update (coming soon as well) comes.
    • added loneliness to the list of madness affs
    • added palpatar delaying speed/quicksilver time
    • added pyradius handling
    • added rixil delaying focus balance time
    • added rixil, hecate, palpatar, and cadmus tracking
    • added vconfig focuswithcadmus - with this on, the system will use focus while you've got cadmus (focus will still cure a mental affliction, but cadmus will give you a physical one). The default is off for this, but you can turn it on if you think it is still beneficial to focus. This is a stop-gap solution: a better way of handling this will come in part 2 of the occultist update.
    • aded hecate blocking madness curing
    • deleted bloodleech
  • 13.8.3 update

    Hiya - this update brings improved Cadmus handling, Occultist entities balance tracking, and various scripting improvements.

    More flexible Cadmus

    You can now specify which afflictions should focus be used to cure while you've got cadmus, in addition to the blanket "use/don't use focus with cadmus". Cadmus is the Occultist affliction that cannot be cured directly, gives you physical afflictions if you use focus while you have it, and lasts until you've cured all of the relevant physical afflictions.

    To select which affs you'd like to see focus used on, click on vconfig2 → adjust affs. The list is fairly intuitive and you select things by clicking on the checkboxes.

    Entities balance tracking

    Occultist entities balance is now tracked by the system, in the similar manner that the voice and hydra balances are. You will see it on your prompt of you're using @promptstring tag or by adding the new @entitiesbal one.

    You can also use it in your scripting with svo.bals.entities and the svo got balance, svo lost balance events.

    Improved scripting things

    You can now check if an illusion was registered within a svo.aiprompt() trigger with svo.ignore_illusion() does not delete aiprompts (allowing you to use them for other purposes), and this will enable you to act accordingly if an illusion has been detected.

    svo.reset.bals() was introduced to reset all balances, and svo.prio.getlist(balance) will give you a list of priorities on a balance. Particularly useful if you want to get some data out of the system as to what actions are focusable, cured by salves, and so on.

    What happened to 13.8.2?

    It was bad and didn't load right, so 13.8.3 quickly fixed it. If you have upgraded to 13.8.2 in the meantime, please update manually to fix the system. Sorry about this.


    More stuff got improved as well, see below:


    • added a clickable menu to select which afflictions still should use focus while you've got cadmus (and an appropriate API as well)
    • added Actar and Golgotha defences to Domination (chaosorb got renamed and repurposed)
    • added alleviate cure line
    • added butterfly bomb proning trigger
    • added entities and voice balances to @promptstring
    • added entities balanace lines (thanks Hirst!)
    • added entities balance (svo.bals.entities, @entitiesbal prompt tag)
    • added example code for activating a customized lyre to docs
    • added - a variable that you can check within svo.aiprompt to see if an illusion has been noticed.
    • added svo.prio.getlist(balance) to get a table of prios per balance
    • added svo.reset.bals()
    • deleted irrelevant 'tree cured powersap' artifact
    • fixed bloodleech giving haemophilia triggering an (i) at times
    • fixed grammar typo in docs (thanks Sephem)
    • fixed Hallelujah curing aeon to be recognized by anti-illusion
    • fixed system not detecting that madness wasn't cured due to hecate block
    • improved focuswithcadmus vconfig2 entry to show a menu when it's enabled
    • improved transmute to be done at once with stand
    • minor optimization to curing core with Healing enabled
    • shortened priest report text on vconfig2, so the line fits on Mudlet's screenwidth 80
    • updated grammar in elist sorter tooltip (thanks Rispok)
  • Hi guys - there's a temporary fix available for the addiction looping with AI on: . It won't cure addiction, but it'll stop the nutsyness.
  • 13.8.4 update!

    This is the official Svo update for ANNOUNCE NEWS #3932, and it includes the quick fix - so after updating, you don't need to do that anymore.


    The system has been updated to handle addiction eating, and updated all of the lines for the affliction as well.


    Precache has been adjusted to precache a maximum of one item while you have addiction. So if you've got 5 bloodroot and 5 kelp on precache normally, while you have addiction, it'll keep 1 bloodroot and 1 kelp out. This makes sense as every eat will consume the entire portion of that herb/mineral anyhow, so it'd be a waste to have more.


    • fixed herb looping with addiction and anti-illusion
    • improved precache to only precache 1 of a thing if you've got precache setup and have addiction
    • updated all addiction lines
  • 13.9.2 update!

    New update - covers Priest classleads and the intermediate salve changes!

    New Priest afflictions

    This update handles the new disrupt family of Priest afflictions - both in curing, trigger adjustment necessary, and the @affs tag.

    As new afflictions get added to the bottom of the priorities, it is recommended that you do vupdate prios after upgrading to move the disrupts up, if you haven't customized your prios setup. If you have, move the disrupts up yourself as necessary.

    New Healing balance

    From the Priests POV, the system now tracks and respects the Healing balance and the Bedevil affliction.

    The healing balance is also available for scripting - via the svo.bals.healing variable, and the svo got balancesvo lost balance events.

    Healing modes have not been adjusted yet - they were still being worked on when the salve changes necessitated an update. I'm still working out good ways of handling it - but meanwhile, full, partial and none healing modes are still available. Full might make sense for bashing, but partial not so for PK.

    Priest Healer

    The Priest healer has been updated - given how you can't mass-heal afflictions anymore, the healer has been reworked to heal afflictions one at a time in the order of priority. This means that for one cre, you'll get one affliction healed - and if you want another healed, use cre again (this is so 10 afflictions won't occupy your healing balance for the next 20s).

    The importance of afflictions is determined from your aeon/retardation priority (because that's a place where everything is within one, comparable list).

    crc alias was also updated to heal insomnia last.

    Spazzing leg curing

    The spazzing leg curing that happened since the last few updates was fixed and works fine now! As always, do let me know if you run into any other issues.

    13.9.1 update

    13.9.1 was a pretty short-lived update - for some time, Achaea's salves that didn't require a bodypart for an application suddenly did, thus breaking the typical "apply mass" and so on syntax. However the update broke Lifevision mask artefact, and it failed to actually make use of the syntax, so 13.9.2 came about to fix that up.


    A whole set of other things were updated as well, see below:


    • added 'svo config changed' to pp alias
    • added addiction symptoms for adding/removing it
    • added bedevil defence tracking
    • added handling of all disrupts in triggers
    • added new 'already have lifevision' line
    • added new disrupts as afflictions and proper curing for them
    • added spirit disrupts to default prios (use 'vupdate prios' to reset prios to new)
    • added tracking of the new Healing balance
    • fixed addiction to work with hawthorn
    • fixed bloodleech haemophilia to be registered with anti-illusion on
    • fixed frost getting stripped as a def not being upkept
    • fixed hypersomnia to be registered with anti-illusion and insomnia on
    • fixed infestation maggots impatience to be registered if your Mudlet screenwidth is 80
    • fixed lifevision from 13.9.1 update
    • fixed Metamorphosis Gaze to register confusion as well (thanks Josoul!)
    • fixed Metamorphosis Glare to register impatience as well
    • fixed red dragon breath to use the new 'dragonfire'
    • fixed salve curing spazzing out after a leg was broken and you needed to stand
    • fixed salve priorities not being applied right on dsl venom cripples and a limb break (regression after tremolo/vibrato stuff)
    • fixed sensitivity registering in certain cases when only deaf was stripped
    • fixed svo.clearbalanceful() breaking dor
    • fixed various typos in the documentation
    • improved cadmus aff list to show what is cadmus' effect
    • improved vconfig org to work with 'rogue' as well as 'none'
    • NameDB: fixed whois ALLCAPITALS to work
    • removed some Occultist entity lines that didn't actually take entity balance
    • updated 'vupdate class' and 'vupdate addons'
    • updated apply syntaxes to require a bodypart
    • updated dragonforming to the case change in the game's message
    • updated Healing to respect the new healnig balance
    • updated priest healing addon: as you can't cure everything in one go now, it'll only cure the most important affliction. Use it again to cure another (or do something else). Big thanks to Melodie for helping test it!
    • updated salve applications to actually target bodyparts, and localized no cures better
    • updated trigger bubonis line for typo bugfix in-game
  • 13.9.3 update!

    This update follows shortly on the heels of 13.9.2, introducing Elder Dragon support into the system! Congratulations to all of the Dragons who are achieving this feat. As well as Elder Dragons, the updates fixes some miscallaneous things. Runewarden classleads do not require any changes in the system, so there's nothing new in that regard.


    • added a missing 'svo config changed' event for the dragonbreath option
    • added bedevil to be defup/keepup-able
    • added elder dragon support and all things associated with that
    • fixed a redundant (i) that can happen with impatience on
    • fixed the elder dragonform start line to work for any colour
    • fixed typo'd "actar" to be "arctar"
    • improved elist sorter not to stop system loading if the save file got corrupted
  • 13.10.1 & 13.10.1b updates!

    New update! Two in one even, because the first one had two minor problems.


    Serpent shrugging is in! It's dealt with in the same successful model as you'll already find dragonheal, tree and restore being dealt with. Shrugging has pre-setup curing strategies you can enable/disable easily via the UI or scripting, and you can also create your own, which can be quite complex and clever, for when you'd like it to be used.

    You'll also find that the @promptstring customprompt tag will show shrugging in it now, and a new tag, @shrugging, was added as well to make use of.

    Scripting-wise, shrugging-related balance changes now get raised as you'd expect ("svo lost balance" and "svo got balance"), and shrugging is available for querying at svo.bals.shrugging.

    Shrugging is off by default - not every Serpent has it at start as a skill. Make sure to turn it on, if you have it, by doing vconfig shrugging yep.


    Scripting prios

    An improvement to manipulating priorities via scripting - svo.prio.insert(). This is complimentary to the already available swapping function - but unlike swapping, it'll insert a priority in the given position and automatically shift everything else down if it needs to. Swapping will swap places of two things only.

    Lyre mode improvements

    A whole bunch of improvements were made to Lyre mode to make it more trustworthy in combat - thanks to Rangor for showing the issues, testing the fixes and dying at least once. It is, however, much better now! When you have a concussion or stupidity, doubledo will make sure to avoid double doing the lyre command - since that will break it. lyc is better now - sometimes if you were lagging enough, it'd send commands in after it sent all of them already + the lyre strum - it doesn't anymore. And lastly, if you got stunned in the unlucky moment between the strum command being sent and it going through - the system wouldn't unpause from the pause it did for the lyre. It'll now, however, do it immediately and properly.

    Immediate transmute

    Transmute mode has been improved to do all the transmute steps at once! Instead of the previous transmute, wait for the transmute command to go through, transmute again, ...the system will now do all of the transmutes at once. According to Draqoom, who helped to test and retest as I perfected this, "... it runs smoother, heals faster and lets me attack quicker without having to wait for it to transmute between/before attacks.".

    Making sure it is still safe to use and doesn't over-transmute is the tricky part in doing this, but with some extensive testing it has been tuned to work perfectly. If it is not working well for your ping/internet speed setup, do get in touch.

    Faster clotting

    Clotting speed has been improved as well to work better on slower connections by batching things when it can, while still remaining safe to use in regards to mana use levels. This'll help against Blademasters, Alchemists and anyone else who stacks a lot of bleeding on you (within your reasonable health/mana limits, of course).

    NameDB qw

    NameDB's qw now has a little addition that mentions how many people are visible in total. Thanks to Silas for the idea!


    Reworked Pyradius trigger

    The code behind the Pyradius (firelord, transforms your affs) was improved not to give (i)'s with anti-illusion and generally handle the afflictions better, and properly as it should.

    Message summaries

    Message search lists, summaries and the general messages lists all now made the message numbers clickable - so you can click to read the message, instead of having to type out "m s g  r e a d  1 4 5 1".

    Workspace 1_482

    NameDB scripting improvements

    NameDB offers three new functions in this update - ndb.shouldbold(name), ndb.shoulditalicize(name), ndb.shouldunderline(name). These allow you to check if NameDB is going to bold, italisize or underline a name - so you can, in your scripting, replicate the same thing NameDB would do on text from the game.


    A whole lot more stuff also made it in; see changelog below:


    • added @shrugging, @year customprompt tags to docs
    • added @year customprompt tag
    • added a svo.getping() function
    • added a trigger for funeralmass under blackout
    • added an example of the svo singleprompt reposition custom override function to docs
    • added an example on forcing NameDB to re-honors a set of people via script docs
    • added bard paranoia trigger
    • added elist command to docs for elistsorter
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added shrugging balance into @promptstring
    • added shrugging strats and shrugging support! If you are a serpent and have the skill, do vconfig shrugging yep to turn it on!
    • added some more triggers to track entbal (thanks Josoul)
    • added svo.prio.insert, svo.getping to docs
    • added the already on consciousness line
    • added the complete list of balances to docs
    • added vconfig shrugging and shrugging strats!
    • fixed 'lyc', given enough curing commands sent / lag inbetween them, breaking the lyre by sending more commands after the initial command
    • fixed 'vconfig org' to work again
    • fixed a rare case where a stun inbetween the lyre command being sent and going through would leave the system paused
    • fixed double prefarar dsls stripping deaf not registering sensitivity after a recent bloodleech & sensitivity improvement
    • fixed gagclot to work once again
    • fixed hamstring to be renewed when it is re-applied
    • fixed pipes sometimes trying to refill after a command that was going to take balance was sent already
    • fixed stupidity and concussion double-do doubling up the lyre strum command - so the lyre would get cancelled right away if you got unlucky
    • fixed the new 'svo already prone' trigger to be actually enabled
    • fixed the system overclotting when bleeding too much mana
    • fixed touching tree with ninkharsag clearing all affs
    • fixed typo in vconfig dragonheal
    • fixed vinstall to auto-set dragonheal and dragonflex due to GMCP update (possibly?)
    • fixed wake/resleep to respect lifevision
    • improved NameDB not to error out on Cobra/Rip
    • improved paralysis detection in retardation
    • improved pyradius trigger not to give (i)'s and work much better
    • improved svo config changed for pause lyre not to get raised when the config didn't change
    • improved the monk limbcounters announces not to clash with singleprompt
    • improved transmute to transmute everything needed at once, instead of doing in in step/prompt - transmute is much quicker now
    • improved tree, restore, dragonheal and shrugging scenarios list - it's now sorted and aligned for easier viewing
    • improved unread message summary and message search #'s to be clickable
    • improved vconfig morphskill message
    • NameDB: "magi" is not pluralized as "magis" anymore in cw (thanks Silvarien)
    • NameDB: added a little thing to qw that shows the total people visible (thanks Silas for the idea)
    • NameDB: added new functions for scripting: ndb.shouldbold(name), ndb.shoulditalicize(name), ndb.shouldunderline(name)
    • NameDB: clanwho capturing offchanel peoples title with 'offchannel' in their name
    • NameDB: fixed highlighting for the watchfor, immortality, city, order, house enemy lists
    • NameDB: improved newbies re-spawning and re-use a name to re-honors them (thanks Rispok)
    • NameDB: orders in vconfig politics are now sorted
    • NameDB: possibly fixed ndb update all on many names going wild. Not certain, this is difficult to pin down
    • updated 'def' to actually register that you're parrying or guarding a certain limb
    • updated alertness already on line (they changed it in the game)
    • updated devilmark, devil triggers (thanks Josoul)
    • updated lyre mode not to use lyre prone
    • updated reflection def line (they changed it in the game)
  • I forgot to mention in the latest update notes - lyre mode for Metamorph users will now morph and sing in one go, instead of morphing and then singing once morphed. Enjoy!
  • 13.11.1 update

    A quick maintenance update fixing a small set of things - mostly fixing Priest Healing to heal all afflictions a Priest can again.

    Priest Healing

    The problem was introduced in the last update when I inadvertently sorted the list of healing skills in alphabetical order (instead of leaving it be in the order of learning).

    I've also improved the Priest Healing addon to mention the reason why can't it heal an affliction when it can't do so - either because you don't know how to cure that particular affliction, or you don't have the necessary channels open.


    A few stuff all around as usual, see below.


    • added a prompt to vshow ignorelist
    • added a roundhouse kick to the monk limbcounter
    • added addiction symptom to be recognized (thanks Hirst)
    • added entities disloyalty symptom (thanks Hirst)
    • added mana use to Chivalry Mastery
    • added more bashing triggers (thanks everyone!)
    • added war net webbing line
    • documentation fixed instances of 'svo' to mention 'Svo' as the name
    • documentation: added a screeshot of 'vshow ignore'
    • fixed a typo in a Svo protip of the healer addon
    • fixed an e! for Viridians with the meta limbcounter attacking certain creatures
    • fixed Priest Healing thinking you can't cure or heal some afflictions since the last update before this
    • fixed the description of checkparalysis on vshow ignore
    • improved 'vshow ignorelist' to show a prompt at the end
    • improved Priest Healing addon to explain why can't it cure an affliction (either you don't have the skill or the channel isn't open)
    • NameDB: improved 'whois ' to align class and XP rank properly
  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen
    Vadiiiiiiiiiiiii. I can't get the newest update of SVO, is the link you sent me a long while back still good?
  • 13.12.1 update!

    Holidays season is here, and so is a new Svo! This one brings presents in forms of timely fixes to newly-discovered issues.

    Retardation illusion

    The fix for the new illusion that enables retardation mode is in, along with improvements to detect when you aren't actually in retardation. Also keep in mind that Svo has an alias, vrmaff, that will remove any affliction, right away, no questions asked.

    NameDB: new function

    NameDB's scripting now gets an easy way to manually set a name to be an enemy or an ally regardless of everything else: ndb.setiff(). This functions in the same and familiar manner as the iff alias.


    Not much to add to them here, so read the list below: Changelog:

    • added a *ton* of new bashing triggers - big thanks to Rispok, Tessa, Iakimen and anyone else who submitted them
    • added a new metamorphosis flame defence line
    • added and documented vconfig ccto army
    • added Quarterstaff prone line
    • fixed shrugging not to go off in Dragonform
    • fixed system for the new Tremolo not to apply restoration every time
    • fixed vconfig org to unset the status of the org that you switch to in NameDB
    • fixed well-timed tree touch, restore illusions clearing affs
    • improved "retardation going away" detection to be more quick
    • improved devilmark not to go off when devil is up
    • improved lyre defup/keepup to check for vconfig lyre
    • improved recklessness detection to take mana into account
    • improved restore strats not to count crippled limbs that are also mangled or mutilated
    • improved retardation auto-detection to be quicker, and not so easily trigger-able by illusions
    • improved stormhammer targetting to target demolitionists and other NPCs with long names
    • NameDB: added a ndb.setiff() function
    • NameDB: documented namedb.setiff()
    • NameDB: fixed qwc for when Gods are visible
    • removed shrugging as a serpent defence
  • 13.12.2 update

    Quick update to take advantages of new features introduced in classleads!

    Bell tattoo

    The bell tattoo has been repurposed in the game, and now serves a fairly useful role - so it has been added as a defup/keepup defence to the system! You can now def it up whenever you'd like.

    If you add it to your basic keepup, it'll be put up automatically right when you login - because the system starts by default in the basic defences mode, and when keepup is on, it makes sure its defences are up.


    Subterfuge gained an ability to view wormholes when the secondsight defence is up - the system can now defup and keepup secondsight as well.


    Fitness, on the other hand, got stripped of its defence ability. It has now also been removed from defup/keepup - but you still can use it to cure asthma.


    A bunch of things were fixed; thanks for reporting them:


    • added 'svo.config.set("ndbpaused", ) to NameDB docs
    • added a note to priest healer docs about cre's priorities
    • added bell tattoo as a defence
    • added mickey's herb balance stealing effect
    • added more bashing triggers (thanks to everyone who sends them in!)
    • added secondsight as a defence
    • added Tekura stripping deaf line
    • added the bedevil already on line
    • added the lightwall darkshade line
    • added vconfig setpotion to docs for elist sorter
    • fixed constitution defence stopping illness to be taken into account
    • fixed sensitivity from targetted dragoncurse only stripping deaf still getting added
    • improved documentation quality in general in a few places
    • removed fitness as a defence
    • rewrote and improved the 'Setting a custom prompt' chapter of docs
  • 14.1.1 update

    Quick update for the insomnia change in the game, among other improvements.


    • added more bashing triggers
    • added svo.checkcustomparry() to docs
    • changed bell tattoo to be balanceless as it has been changed in the game
    • fixed 'vshow' to fully show with a custom parry strategy
    • fixed an e! that happened with tremolo sometimes
    • fixed commands with extra spaces before/after them not getting tracked by the system (for the purposes of not double-doing things and so on)
    • fixed fitness from going off in dragonform
    • fixed gripping to be redeffed when stripped by a skill
    • improved custom parry function to go off when affs are lost/gained
    • updated for insomnia getting removed from diagnose
  • 14.2.1 update!

    A quick update to address the update of the Shadowcloak lines in the game and add new stuff.

    Humour balance

    Humour balance is now tracked by the system and available in the custom prompt as a prompt tag! Big thanks to Seifur for collecting and sending them in. svo.balance.humour and balance events as available as well as you'd expect.

    Totals in NameDB

    NameDB will now show the total amount of people online in the class counts, helping you easily realise how many citymates, people in the party or a clan you've got.

    NameDB totals


    Fixed up echanter

    Jukilian has fixed up and improved the enchanter include in the system, so give it a go again. A new alias, enchant list, has also been added to help work out some of the less intuitive syntaxes for enchanting.

    Quicker paralysis & stand

    The system has been improved to chain curing paralysis and standing to do so at once if it's feasible, which is a boon for non-US people against prone & paralysis spam.


    A bunch of other improvements as available as well as you'd expect, see below for the full list!


    • added a @humourbal prompt tag for Alchemists
    • added a mindnet already on trigger to telepathy
    • added an already on trigger for distortedaura (a line got added to the game)
    • added an echo to when you adjust NameDB's autoclassset feature
    • added humour balance (svo.bals.humour) and the corresponding balance events (thanks Seifur)
    • added more bashing triggers
    • added totals to NameDB's class counts
    • added updates and improvements to the enchanter from Jukilian. He also added a 'enchant list' to see what all you can enchant
    • added vitality ring line to be recognised as having no vitality
    • fixed asthma trigger getting tricked into other afflictions when you've already had asthma
    • fixed block not to go off while phased (you can't block phased)
    • fixed firelord giving an e! when no afflictions were transformed
    • fixed svo.prompttrigger() to accept nil again to unset a prompt trigger
    • fixed viridian defence not to loop when you can't do it
    • improved asthma/paralysis priority switching to be more precise
    • improved eat paralysis, stand to be done at once (eat paralysis|stand). Helps when you're getting prone/paralysis spammed on a non-US ping
    • improved elist's decays disposing to check for new empties that you could have bought first
    • improved wording used in elist's decays disposing
    • removed insomnia from diag
    • updated herb balance reset timer to account for mickey's lower balance use
    • updated the shadowcloak trigger per the games changes
    • updated throwing axe line in meta limbcounter
  • 14.2.2 update!

    A short update to fix city, house and order enemies updating - which was unfortunately broken with the last update. Sorry about that.

    As a useful tip, remember that you can swap afflictions not only by clicking around in vshow but also by editing the lists directly - and in fact creating new lists even, customising them for any combat scenario and loading them in as necessary. Check out this section of the docs.


    • added a Dun prone bashing trigger
    • fixed NameDB org enemies
  • 14.2.3 update!

    A timely update for the changed Rift lines in the system. Update your Svo so it runs well again!
  • 14.2.3b update!

    The last update for Rift changes didn't account for all changes - I didn't realise that the 'glancing into your rift' line's colour is now game-configurable. Since the systems trigger was tied to the colour, the update did not work for everybody. This update rectifies this and restores herb curing!

    I'm not excluding the possibility of another update needed after this, since we might discover something else that was changed by the rift updates in the game but wasn't announced.


    • fixed Viridian limbcounter to work for sides again
    • updated the rift start line not to depend on colour
  • 14.2.3c update!

    Another update to fix the herb-eating issue - the new outr trigger was done wrong and was messing the system up (by removing the herb altogether from This prompt update fixes the issue.


    • disabled accidental highlighting of the rift
    • fixed an issue where outr'ing something would wipe it from, causing problems
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