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  • @Sobriquet Nope. Just increase the penalties if you're marked a thief. Don't need to apply it broadly now that that tag exists.

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  • That makes sense, tbh

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  • Yeah. The experience loss reductions are good imo. It sucks when people don't want to do anything risky because of xp loss.

    Thief-only additional loss just doesn't really help anything because thieves often don't care much about xp.

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    I still think that the fence lot produced when someone is stolen from should return to the player if the thief is killed by the person themselves or their mark. (I'm laying in bed right now and can't remember if that changed with last week's tweak).

    It could be extended. If any player who has an open lot at a fence or their marks kill the thief in the allotted span all of the thief's lots are returned to their respective players. Theory is the more the thief thieves, the more at risk they are to lose everything the y have waiting to be collected. If they do, by chance, get something more valuable than sigil and gold it would then be in their best interest to cool off until they secure their lot to lower people chasing them or risk losing the neat item due to more people waiting for a misstep, coding issue, or shitty game connection.

  • In all honesty, death carries next to no penalty these days and conflict avoidance/hesitance remains just as high as it has ever been throughout Achaea's history for most people, anecdotally speaking. Clearly, dialing back the penalties for death have not made a significant influence on this front.

    Making death more "meaningful" will only encourage more avoidance and hesitance of it. Given the screaming fit some people made about "not being able to roleplay outside of a guard stacks" (???) for fear of theft, instituting further penalties is only going to encourage more people to stick to the safety of their current domains and given the general difficulty of recent content additions on the PvE front, engage even less with the game as a whole.

    I approve of the idea in spirit, but in practice, Achaea's community seems to favor the preservation of those unwilling to make much risk despite dozens of repeated attempts from the administration over the years to get them to do anything outside of their bubble.

    This is obviously off topic a bit but I thought it should be said, since it is sort of the elephant in the room. Achaeans by far and large (with obvious exceptions) do not enjoy risk, much to everybody's disappointment.

  • Speaking of the fence. Why is the fence on a room which is a pain in the ass to stay in?

    You literally have the current pushing you away before you can do anything. It's annoying.

  • There's more than one fence, but yeah, for some reason the most well known fence is in the worst place to be in.

    For real, why would a shady 'business' man stand under a bridge in a river? Particularly a fast moving river?

  • That was terrible. Absolutely terrible. But I laughed.

  • Thank you for making a rarely practiced art now completely extinct. Might as well just get rid of it as a whole, selfishness too, no reason for that mechanic anymore.

  • I'll take, "What's an overreaction? for 500 please, Alex."

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  • THIEFWHO needs to exist, but in the meantime classwho and honors isn't terrible if you are already a serpent. It will be interesting to track how often people get tagged with Thief.

    Also, I'd be 100% for a talon like tattoo that will summon a thief anywhere in your area, with similar wind-up. With so many escape skills it would be pretty avoidable, and it will prevent people from AFK'ing on guard stacks to lose the thief tag (or should).

  • @Saonji said: I'll take, "What's an overreaction? for 500 please, Alex."

    $500? What is this, pre-2001?

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    Woah now big spender... You could buy 2/3 of an Aegis belt with that.

  • You'd have to rob Lyrin's house... two... maybe even three times to make that much!

  • $500 hasn't been an option in Jeopardy since 2001. I wasn't commenting on the value of $500

  • There will be a Ldeck card for thieves in the next batch, similar to Jovan.

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    Don't forget if you don't buy the thiefwho artefact you'll only see the thief who has the most thief infamy points. Cause.

  • That's if they haven't bought the Thiefveil artefact for 2800 credits. If they have, then all you see on THIEFWHO even with the artefact is still the "A Masterful Thief of Great Renown" line.

  • I mean go ahead and celebrate I guess. Achaea lost a great player because cry babies can't take simple steps to secure their loot ie orb, bell tattoo, selfishness, journaling when going afk etc...

    Guess pay pigs are the only demographic that really matters. You know the ones who can perpetually PK people and somehow are totally immune to issuing.

  • Who was the great player that was lost?

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  • Elyon has quit.

  • Oh, I thought you were talking about @Fairweather. Damn, maybe we can get him back?

  • The same guy that said these changes are good and that he didn’t try to avoid consequence? Curious…

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  • Hey Saonji, go sell more garbage aff tracking code to suckers with that built-in entire profile wipe for "non-legit" copies. Seems like that would be considered malware to some folks.

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo

    All other inaccuracies aside, Elyon has been logged in essentially the whole day so not even sure how that qualifies as quitting.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • @Hikagejuunin Maybe don't use what you don't have permission to use, then? Seems pretty logical, if you ask me.

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