Much steal. Very hide. Wow.



  • Solution for theft: weight limits and no floating inventory.

    Wanna clean out a shop? Hope you can carry 47thousand pounds of junk in your pack.

    Wanna pickpocket that cool thing? Make sure you have a freehand and enough weightspace left.

    It'll make combat rough but unlimited carry capacity has been a plague on combat for years. Who really believes you can float three pipes in front of your mouth to smoke, hands free, at will?

    Problem solved kids. Thank me later.


  • I haven't responded to this but its long enough, may as well. I don't mind theft, and the mechanic has also given me solid rp. I've even had to pay thieves to test a newbies antitheft because Smoldor and we don't have a serp. The idea of it/espionage has been hard tied in, and has been a point many orgs have been founded on. Here's my 2 cents.

    • Novices need more help, or some universal thing to point to. I've had newbs that don't want to use serverside, much less listen on this. Or they're lost on what the hell I'm talking about. I've even had to break character and switch to nexus to help. This takes away from actual rp.
    • There's a cap on how much gold I can make a day. Why is it entirely fair to lose more than that? Why I hate the death argument. I can recover from death, no cap.

    My idea: Have fences hold grab all items. Victim can coax the fence into a majority of gold stolen be returned, with a cut to the guild/thief. Benefits thief because more they steal-more on their cut, or they get it all if the victim doesn't go bribe it back. To provide retal, could implement someone here's idea on retal, or if we're aiming for rp list who has the chit for item retrieval. If you lose your bid, least opens up a chance to talk it out with whatever thief/mark has it. Still relies on people not being dicks, but thats Achaea.

    Tldr: idea good. System bad. Make it rp and not just losing shit and frustrating people that take the time to help.

  • How I feel it might be, to be an Admin of Achaea.

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    @Kshavatra Yeah, I've had a ton of stuff stolen (and stuff that I stole first). I just think that is the highest credit item I have ever owned, probably. I also 100% enjoyed the RP with the SL house over that, and making me open PK / no constrained theft was a great way to deal with it. I know a few members of the SL house at the time had fun too with it.

    Under that would be, I have no idea, probably a higher value forged whip (50ish cr) back in the day? My antitheft has always sucked, as a thief, because I figure if I steal you may as well be able to steal from me.

  • If any other company blatantly ignored their customers after this long they'd be roasted worse than the "Do you not have phones?" event.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • I stole a non-resetting level two artifact mace that could be wielded and used by anyone from @Trey a few years ago.

    I sold it to Makarios for 2000cr.

    Me and Trey are BFFs now.

  • Forgot more benefits of weight limit and no floating inventory.

    Mounts become more necessary thus causing more gold sink. Pack your mule with your extra gear, carry it on a wagon.

    Speaking of gold too, can't stuff your pack full of it because that's heavy so it'll force banks to be used. This also solves the pickpocketing gold complaint unless thieves learn how to rob banks too.


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    If any other company blatantly ignored their customers after this long they'd be roasted worse than the "Do you not have phones?" event.

    Have you considered that you're not being ignored and that maybe the admin just don't feel the need to reiterate an answer they've already given so that you can hurl abuse at them?

  • @Draqoom

    Killed a person? You become over-encumbered after every two kills. This will drive sell prices of the instant-offer talisman up. Then from there you can add more mechanics that make bashing clunkier.

  • Solution for theft: weight limits and no floating inventory.

    Between this and the permadeath suggestion, AchaeaRPI here we come!

  • The last theft complaint thread was four years ago and the admins never answered then, either, except to lock the thread. Whatever this 'claimed answer' you have heard them give is, they haven't spoken it in at least half a decade now, so maybe they can refresh our memories by actually engaging with us and telling us what it is. A lot can change in four-five years and I'd like to verify that this is the case.

    Ghosting the thread is the least appropriate response. Having to answer questions and have conversations you'd rather not answer or have is part of most people's jobs, including mine.

  • Can’t ghost a thread if you never open forums

  • A lot can change in four-five years and I'd like to verify that this is the case.

    It's still the case.

    Cool, I hope you can sleep better tonight.

  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    gandhi is going to march to this thread here in a minute.

  •  the nightmare that was inflicted on Lyrin

    I'm going to see if I can make this my new title in game.

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    @Salko Why am I tagged? That isn't my quote, you mean @Kshavatra?

    I think you have an elegant response, but you didn't reach out when I stole from you (from what I remember). You didn't seek interaction. I did, however, have great interaction with your citymates who did reach out - and in fact I mailed the whaterver amount of gold (~130?) to them to give to you.

    Honestly, I pickpocket out of boredom and am probably part of the problem in that regard. When it does lead to RP, it is fun and I enjoy it. When the victim turtles and doesn't do anything, I don't really feel bad and move on. It should be noted that when I pickpocket I literally don't even drop selfishness - I just pickpocket from people that have it down. You don't need triggers to counteract that.

    As for being a new player and having these feelings, you 100% can send me ooc tells (if you don't want to try IC) explaining how you feel. It is a part of the game I enjoy, but I'm not going to drive someone out of the game over a mechanic that I use when bored. I also wouldn't mind it being changed mechanically. It isn't the main reason I play, and I can see how it would suck for others.

    edit: I also generally go by age as a limit for theft. 22+ (and a decent ranking) is enough time to know that you should have selfishness up. Not even re-selfishness, just have it up.

    edit: And I never go after specific items. And by posting this, you let me know that it feels like it is driving you from the game. I 100% won't target you any more because of it (you already were on my do not target list, because of that IC interaction with your citymates explaining what was going on).

  • Salko makes a good point that I hadn’t really considered. At its core, Achaea is a roleplaying game. Salko IRL is roleplaying as someone who hasn’t switched to mudlet so I can help him make complex anti theft triggers. This means that he’s roleplaying as a degenerate and everyone around him now has RP justification to steal from him whenever they want.

  • @Otha I didn't want to interact with you directly because I was terrified of you! I considered trying to defend myself but as soon as I WHOIS'd you I realized there was nothing I could do and that I was completely helpless and at your mercy. I stood there processing it for a while and eventually ran away to cry and vent my badfeels to the city. Then Reonna, on her own initiative, got in touch with you and secured restitution for me somehow. As I tried to explain above, this didn't actually make me feel any better, and actually made me feel worse because now my ineptitude was causing problems for the city, I was afraid of provoking further retribution, and all the other reasons I stated above. I appreciate you clarifying here and I feel better and less miserable after getting a clearer understanding of your thinking.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    Some people think theft is unbalanced and needs further work, some thing it has been nerfed extensively already, and still others think it should be removed entirely. From their own perspectives, these are all fair points in their own ways, but I'm sure we can all agree on one thing: If this at all affected the in-game economy, the response from both players and administration would be considerably different, it not more immediate from the latter.

  • There's a really low chance you'll ever be a burden on a city financially, basically ever. If you happen to get to the level where you potentially could be, you're already doing things the right way and shouldn't be in a position to cause any kind of burden in the first place.


  • Little bandaid.

    The fence system already records what came from who. If the victim hires a mark on the thief and the mark succeeds the package at the fence should automatically return to the victim.

  • If stealing is permitted, forceboarding should be permitted. Lose one or bring back the other. That is all.

  • I've been stolen from a couple of times by Elyon, which was my fault because I was mindless. I've set up things as such that it won't happen anymore (Elyon please continue to leave me alone...), plus just ensuring that if I need to step away from the keyboard as a player, I open a journal and I can't be a target of theft (am I allowed to say that?).

    Joke response to thread: What I'm getting from all of this is that everyone should be allowed to be thieves, so that everyone is a thief, and then no one is a thief.

    Serious response to thread: I've only been playing since August 2020 and recently had to step back from the game in a major way. I don't know if the theft mechanic adds immersion value to the game the way it currently exists. Was it adding value to me to be continuously mindful of all of my belongings, checking for hidden or phased individuals before I enter various places? I err on the side of - not really.

    I feel like value could be added if, as some have said, there was a thieves guild, a proper community or group of people who have the sole purpose of invoking change in the game, the politics, the power holders, by bringing them down, causing mayhem and lowercase chaos, protection rackets. If there were high value target thieving items in denizen run shops, or on mighty denizens, that could only be obtained if you bought them for a ridiculous In Game price of gold, or if you stole them. Yes I realise I'm basically describing something out of The Elder Scrolls. But as a player who once considered what theft could be in a Fantasy RPG, I thought that would be pretty cool.

    As theft exists now, I don't know if that is possible. Or if players or coders/admins even want that.

  • It is just mind boggling to me that when I "stole" 3,000,000 gold from Eleusis due to a commodity pricing error it was patched up LITERALLY the next day to make it impossible for that situation to happen again....but thieves get to steal hundreds of dollars worth of promo items and it is just like "Well good luck with that".

    About the same consistency we get with everything else I guess....none...

    If I was Lyrin, I would have quit on the spot and never came back when that issued got dismissed.

    I like these two quotes :)

  • I think you have an elegant response, but you didn't reach out when I stole from you (from what I remember).

    @Otha can you help me understand why you think it's reasonable to expect someone you just stole from to 'reach out to you' in order to see if maybe you'll consider returning the shit you stole because, as you said, you were bored?

    like for all the talk about being robbed being 'a generator of interesting conflict', i'm very curious what interesting things come out of someone whose been playing for a few months asking a complete stranger for their shit back. also, what is he supposed to do if you say no? hire on you, and spend more gold after bad, probably piss you off, and potentially get harassed even more?

  • @Profit why are you so scared of an admin response? @Namino says it has been almost half a decade since the last response and one of those years was 2020 which really counts for like 3, so it doesn't seem out of place to address the issue. Serpents as a whole are long overdue for a rework so this would be the perfect time to announce it.

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