Much steal. Very hide. Wow.

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Since Ictinus said to start a new thread, after the very thrilling and exciting discussion that happened in the WHTYT thread. Let's continue said amazing conversations.

Theft is garbage. Discuss.

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  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    ur garbage

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    Thank you for your valuable input. I love you, too.

    What is the worst thing in this game, and why is it promos theft?

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  • Shit happens IRL.

    Your character should not get punished by someone stealing something that is a priceless item that holds significant historical value to you because your dog decided to start vomiting on the floor.

    If my dog did that during PK and I had to stop, I would die. 0.3% of my level, if that, is nothing compared to "This old item that a friend from 10 years ago gave me that is now dead IRL or has stopped logging in entirely. It's nondecay, but I was unable to afford to get it to being returning yet."

    or the lovely case, that I really hope was changed.

    "Hey, I know you just opened globes and had a ton of legenddeck cards in your inventory. While you were away, I stole 30 legenddeck cards from you (over 1000cr value). If you want them back, you can pay me half that value to me. Or I can just sell them. Yes, I know you just spent IRL money on them. No. I don't give a fuck."

    The amount of ways that thieves can get away compounds onto this issue, because while it does feel nice to actually kill a thief, it doesn't actually do anything to solve the problem. It requires multiple players to form a damn coalition to immediately blitz the thief the second they leave their place of hiding. They'll need to either hinder immediately to stop escape (Druid works for this due to prone+entangle), have room hinder to stop instant duanathar/urn, or have hamstring (Stop icewall into evade past into disappearing act).

    Certain thieves have Wand of Reflections, which is effectively a Get Out of Jail Free card every hour, they might take up branch to avoid damage, urn mounts.. etc. Heck, I know some even have a trigger with a list of "If X enters adjacent, leave." the second that a huge list of people that have attacked them in the past. Or.. god forbid.

    A certain thief who hires on people for attacking him because they weren't mark.. or hires for when their urn mount is killed post murder of them.

    tl;dr: Theft is shit, and there is nothing that anyone says that will change my mind on why it's a bad mechanic.

  • Proposal. I know this would require a LOT. But wouldn't it be nice if items stolen were returned to you on death of the thief by you or the mark you hired? It'd be a start at least.

  • I believe they do via chits with fences? I might be wrong though, I've never really had to deal with it.

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  • Yeah you can get your stuff back stolen from pickpocket via the fence system. You just need to bid for it. If it's priceless, you'll pay a lot.

    You can't pickpocket promo items from someone's inventory @Adrik. The recent theft of those items from someone had to do with the person putting them in a container that they left sitting around their house.

  • @Amranu I was not mentioning recently. In the past someone had it happen to them.

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    Unsurprisingly, in his attempt to defend it, Elyon provided the very best argument against theft as a mechanic in its current form.

    actually employing antitheft. teaching your citymembers how to avoid thieves. I teach people all the damn time, I fail to see why everyone else, knowing full well thievery exists, either ignore the whole antitheft business that can stop me in my tracks or just dont tell their novices about it.

    The entire mechanic of theft absolutely requires someone to use triggers. It makes the game inaccessible to anyone who does not have a system, because there is absolutely zero way to play this game and opt out of being stolen from. Keeping up selfishness is not sufficient to stop a thief. Even if it was, why should that be acceptable? Nothing else in the game requires you to constantly be alert just to exist. Someone can't come and PK you just because you forgot to leave up a defense.

  • Also, ultimately, the cost of dying to most people is far less than any gold being stolen. I mean if Greys dies, I have my RESPAWNING IN # countdown telling me how long to I have take a break from the game.

  • Hey @Greys can I get that respawn countdown?

    Back on topic, theft sucks. It was probably made to start conflict and be a way to make Achaea seem like a living, breathing, and dangerous world, but it’s a game. The amount of people it affects negatively is not proportionate to the amount of people it affects positively.

  • you all suck

  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    The entire mechanic of theft absolutely requires someone to use triggers.



  • Keeping up selfishness is not sufficient to stop a thief.

    Maybe I'm wrong? Honestly, it's been ages since I've been meaningfully stolen from, but I'm pretty sure it's possible to get you to give away your pack or something else before you can get selfishness back up, if you don't have rewearing triggers and the like?

  • oh wow way to go you've proven it is possible to have an opinion on something you know nothing about.

  • oh actually also Adrik has no idea what he's talking about either lol

  • A couple of triggers is not a 'system'

    A thief cannot get your pack if you have a simple rewear trigger.

  • Nerf all escapes.

  • @Amranu A thief cannot get your pack if theft was taken out of the game.

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  • A few people have idea'd giving returning players a grace period for theft.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • The only beneficial role play theft has ever had is org related, ie theft of letters/journals that have important communications in them or stealing from shops or estates. I have never heard of a personal theft that has interesting RP elements. It is always done by people who think that their RP is more important than anyone else’s.

  • Not to sound like, super "oh woe is me" about it, because I realize how it will sound, but I initiated character retirement immediately after my interaction with the dude who took whatever hadn't decayed off of me.

    Theft in Achaea has existed for a very long time, the administration of the game has decided it's important enough to the game to remain intact in its current state, and I don't want to play that kind of game. It isn't high stakes, or "a living breathing world" - it's bad game design, it's been discussed for ages as being bad game design, and it's pretty telling that some of the posts in here would serve to help bring it more in line with modern conflict systems in Achaea but nothing is going to come of any of this discussion.

    Gave up the classless bash-o-thon at 89(10%)

  • No one has raised the point that poor Elyon, among others, would likely quit playing if he cannot thieve. Who says making Achaea fun for people who enjoy playing an asshole character should not be considered?

  • Theft isn't the only activity that gives free reign to assholes, really.

    Just this character right here, what, 5-6 years ago, can't even remember, maybe more, maybe less... Not even level 30, just out of newbie zone exploring Actar, standing around Biba giving rabbits or waiting for Tobold to give him his pipe. A Shallamese Priest back then, Avianca, comes in the room, I'm doing nothing just checking some scrolls, newbie that I am. Priest kills me, no RP nothing, I remember it clear as day. I ask why, no response from the player. Both Mhaldor and Shallam send me tells asking me what happened, given that I was still a novice and not permitted to do combat, I say "nothing whatsoever". They both tell me they asked the player and the player replied (to them but never me) that I swore at them or said Evil (tm) things so they had to kill me, or sth like that. I read all the related scrolls, sent my Issue telling them they can check the logs to see I did basically nothing and there was no RP reason involved and that the player is lying - the reply was a few lines saying "seek IC means to solve this". Yeah right, newbie, no idea, no money back then, city thinks I'm lying, Shallam thinks I'm lying, Avianca probably roleplaying a psychopath or lying just to get some free kill counts... What am I to do really as a player?

    Left the game for several years, didn't find it in my heart to play a "Heavy immersive RP-enforcing game" like Achaea. Point is that guess what, theft is this on steroids, with worse results for more people.

    Being an asshole is still the problem, and there's still no remedies to be found in the mechanisms provided by the game against theft. I had an alt joining a city/house some time ago, being around Delos, trying to decide class and train, and reading scrolls I have to for advancement. Same thief, 7 times, one day (Achaean month). Didn't even know how to make a trigger back then, and can't remember if there was even serverside curing? Selfishness gone once, that was it.

    It's a bad, flawed system, that can be abused to grief, is actually being abused, offers roleplay only to less than a handful of people, causes new or even old players to abandon the game, and makes you rethink how RP-focused Achaea really is with all that shit going on.

  • tbf dude who does nothing plus namino who always does nothing or pvps plusmudsex dude isnt really equalling a valid point but ok

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