Much steal. Very hide. Wow.



  • It must be fun being a sociopath.

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  • Once again,, ad hominin with the added bonus of also just being nonfactual.

    Also odd that you ascribe to the philosophy that people who engage in intimate rp are deserving of criticism for that, which speaks of some deep seated, incel adjacent psychological issues. Overall, D-, see me after class.

    And regardless as to whatever personal flaws I may have, the fact remains that theft, particularly as you exercise it, is a major hamstring to the average level of enjoyment of the game.

    Ditch it. If we lose the Elyons of the game then my heart will ache for their passing but that's a sacrifice I will burden my spiritual shoulders with for the greater good.


  • I mean, I'll accept critiques on my form, he's certainly been sitting there watching me often enough.

  • I tried to post a picture but now my computer won't stop talking in Latin. So here, a rough ASCII drawing of what I was going to post instead:

    @@@Don't Feed@@@
     @@The Trolls@@

  • Let's increase the severity of theft and the ways in which you can steal.

    It's time for identity theft in Achaea. I believe in you, Elyon


  • To me the biggest, most valid argument against theft is that it's not opt-in. Every time the question of pvp has come up that I've seen at some point the admin types respond that it's almost entirely opt-in. As an example, I shout some mildly insulting things about Mezghar, I then spend several days running away from his attempts to kill me. It's somewhat annoying, but I INITIATED IT. I opted in to the conflict by doing something to intentionally offend him. Theft is not opt-in at all. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can be a target of theft. In a city, out of a city, on guards, it doesn't matter. A new thief (or a new alt) that hasn't been enemied yet could pickpocket on a guard stack and run away unharmed. Heck, I made a serpent alt once and in less than a day had enough lessons in to pickpocket and got a sigil off someone in Delos. I could have stood there and gotten more too because they were afk.

    tl;dr - there needs to be a mechanism to opt in / opt out of being a theft target. Someone mentioned needing to be Infamous to be stolen from. Maybe certain areas are considered high-risk areas, like a theft version of treacherous planes, I don't know, but something should be done to define 'opting in' to theft.

  • They had that with the signet ring bug that got fixed.

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    I could retire tomorrow and have accomplished more in this game than you would in the next decade. Sit down.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • Assertion: Theft is only done by assholes

    Refutation: Theft is also done by Elyon who isn't an asshole

    Proof: Elyon came into this thread being an asshole


  • ^ before these two threads I hadn't been sure if it was just the character...

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    Also, I cannot believe that adding new ways to avoid all but the most coordinated of gank squads would backfire when combined with the simplification of IC motivations to "Well, as long as I'm winning, anything goes".

    Neither theft nor Elyon are the problem. They're symptoms.

  • @Namino non factual? you stitched your own mouth up so that you dont have to contribute to the game in ways that aren't pvp. All you do is PVP and moan on discord. Prove me wrong. Write some poetry.

    @Draqoom Identity theft coming soon.

  • That isn't why he did it at all, though.

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  • I still remember the first experience my character had as the victim of a thief more than a decade ago. It was intense. My heart was racing and I was in a state of panic. When I saw what I'd lost, I left the realms in disgust. After I'd calmed down, I returned.

    Achaea shouldn't feel safe. I don't want it to feel safe. There should be espionage, theft, intrigue, murder and mayhem.

    That being said, there have to be limits on the scale of loss a theft can incur, and the level of grief it can bring. The gold in your pack, sigils, vials, up to a certain amount of riftables, all readily replaceable should be fair game. The items that concern me the most are the irreplaceable ones. Journals, manuscripts, scrolls and letters are particularly problematic due to the effort that may have gone into them. Maybe being able to read them for a few hours should be enough reward for a thief. Having to bid for such irreplaceable items in the FENCE system may result in an excessive reward for a thief, and excessive grief for the victim.

  • I mean good poem but quite unrealistic. I'll let you have artistic license on it, though.

    Newsboard it please.

  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    this is a good thread.

  • yeah its actually generated some creativity so I kinda welcome it

  • Ok. The legenddeck kesh card ISN'T 100 percent safe. Severian is better. He nerfs people mind controlling you

    Casing will show up when you are cased. Highlight it. It goes down once per rl day or if you or your mark kills the thief.

    Banded chests etc or locked, safe housing, shops are also good starts.

    Delos fence is a nuisance, yes.

    Trigger WHO HERE on case messages and you should have a good idea.

    I mean , if you think all this stuff is bad try actually being a thief. Most decent thieves will have spent weeks, months, whatever honing their system. In Profit's case it is probably years. Ain't as easy as some people here seem to think.

  • If you don't have a trigger to lose balance or move or something on snap, selfishness can be 100% bypassed by sealing for 5s and using the command separator to send snap/pickpocket, so it is pretty useless to keep up anyway.

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    I feel that people should have the option to be a thief, it does fit in the RP and concept of Achaea. Thievery should be a part of it, as it can offer some type of meaningful interactions, and it can factor into the politics-heavy world. Thievery should be OK - but it's not. Why? Because it's not moderated, at all, and requires EXTERNAL systems (triggers) to prevent successfully.

    What should not be possible is having 10 theft attempts by the same thief in one single day you get down to play. I cannot even believe this does not amount to griefing, especially if it's done while you're in between quests or training at a tutor, when other online games ban people disrupting your gameplay in such a manner.

    What should not be possible is losing EVERYTHING you own that you haven't spent 100 credits (40$) to make reset to you. What should not be possible is having no means to know what was lost or a way to get it back (cause yes, there's nothing in the rules forcing them to give back things).

    Just because you live in a country that has 40-45 degrees in summer and frequent blackouts throughout the day because they cannot sustain all those ACs open and you get disconnected (no triggers), you shouldn't lose everything you might have spend years gathering. Or because your mother called you to tell you your aunt, her sister, might have cancer and you weren't in the right frame of mind to QQ, or WALKTO CITY and find a Guard Stack, or put up Selfishness before inquiring what's going on (yes that's happened).

    Realism in games is fine, to give meaningful depth to it. The way it's implemented/handled right now does virtually nothing towards this end and only detracts from any other "meaningful depths" this world may have.

    I'm pretty sure just as one RL day can be one IG month for the sake of "Achaea is a game" and sacrificing realism, something can be done about the realism intended for theft, too.

    There just doesn't seem to be any incentive to do so...

  • there are already mechanics like that in place for theft of anything other than gold/sigils

    losing EVERYTHING not resetting to you would take on average 6 hours per item if you were AFK, had no defences and were very unlucky.

    the incentive to do so? Theft was overhauled a hundred times before, changing from it being possible for near anyone to take your stuff to now involving a fair amount of work on the thief's behalf compared to five minutes on the theftees behalf.

    if I am able to take everything you have you're doing something horribly wrong. Try it. Be a thief. I'll teach you.

    Offer is open to literally anyone.

  • also @Accipiter this makes you immune to theft in some areas, it nearly triples the time taken to steal anything and severely hampers successful theft if used in conjunction with other antitheft methods

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    @Elyon You are bringing up the point that thieving is hard. However, noone is making the argument that it isn't (i.e. you saying to be able to thieve takes time to master is a straw man argument). The argument that was being made was that is that thieves have no meaningful risk/cost to their attempts at this point.

  • I think the fact that whenever we have these threads we see overwhelming distain for theft is proof enough that it is a garbage mechanic.

  • @Thaisen Ahem. Allow me to do my best attempt at an Amranu impression.

    "JuSt BeCaUsE eVeRyOnE hAtEs It DoEsN't MeAn It'S bAd."

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

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    "Sure, you can say it's a "Dangerous living world" and that is true, but for anything other than theft it's a conscious decision to put yourself (and your character) in that position."

    This right here is why I don't think theft should be removed. It's essentially the only thing in the game preventing people from feeling completely 100% safe in nearly any area in the game. The world outside cities etc is meant to have a sense of danger, of feeling like you need to keep your wits about you. Removing theft will completely remove that from the game. I'm not a fan of that.

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