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  • This is why I don't bash.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • Was going to say that damage was absolutely ridiculous. No reason NOT to be Elord if that was standard DPS! I'd have to go and get permanently hard with bashing damage like that!
  • I might have to try out Earth Lord now.

  • So, Buffet got buffed, and I wanted to test the damage.
    Stats are standard for all Ele lords, and I have no stat arties, just the con trait, same test target.

    22% dmg, 2.25b, 9.78%/s

    So, still fairly weak. Arties might improve it some, though I'm not sure what stat actually affects the damage. Unless it's a huge improvement, bashing in Air Lord doesn't look to be worth it at all. Oh well.
  • Nothing affects elemental lord's damage, as far as people could tell when it was last checked.

    As far as I recall, none besides Earth are worth bashing in. Water Lord is 'okay' but nothing stellar.

  • Water is mainly okay because you have a Battlerage attack that heals you. At least, for me. That, and all the health. And some decent natural defenses.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Dochitha said:
    For the record, only DWC is affected by STR, DWB, 2H, SNB are all not affected by STR. I believe it's unintended, and if this is adjusted they should all come back on par.
    Wait...what? Is this really a thing?

  • Kresslack said:
    Dochitha said:
    For the record, only DWC is affected by STR, DWB, 2H, SNB are all not affected by STR. I believe it's unintended, and if this is adjusted they should all come back on par.
    Wait...what? Is this really a thing?

  • Most threads you can get away with just reading the first page

    This is not one of those threads
  • Penwize said:
    Oh! To clarify this now in case anyone didn't see it, Atalkez had his critting gagged so his numbers are doubled, so it's not quite as egregiously powerful as those numbers would suggest.
    Any chance you could share the corrected dps, pretty please?
  • Divide by 2 gives you 12.2% aka real shitty.
  • Dupre said:
    Divide by 2 gives you 12.2% aka real shitty.
    Hmm. You're right. That doesn't seem good at all


    @Mindshell, can we get a numbers update on SnB?
    Weave Overhand/Deathblow
    29.00% dmg, 1.98b (2.20)
    Psi Shatter - no scaling
    18.50% dmg, transcend every 5th attack

    Combined average
    163.50% dmg, 9.90b (11.00), 16.52% p/s

    Note that all weaves do the same damage per hit, but overhand and deathblow are the fastest choices. I also took a look at clarity + psi shatter shenanigans, but as psi shatter doesn't scale with stats the output was way too low to consider.

    Also, given how transcend functions, psion hunting is backended and will drop off as you travel between targets and your transcendence decays.

    Re snb, I did start looking at numbers but I'd left it until I have time to focus on this again.
  • @Mindshell Is there any way we could get these dps breakdowns unartied? 

    With these two combined, it would be a great resource to show the unartied, artied, and scaling for all PVE aspects of each class, for those interested.

  • It'd be a lot easier to crowdsource unartied versions - just have people post what their stats are, make sure they have no arties affecting their damage, and that the class skill that governs their PvE damage is trans. Then go find a little girl in Tasur'ke and rough her up a little. Once that's done, it'd be pretty easy to get it all together in a google spreadsheet or something.
  • 0 chance of getting consistent results there. 

  • I did initially start on this, and I have some numbers, but once the gem of reincarnation changes went in I had to shelve the entire project. Adjusting stats to properly test started eating up big chunks of time and getting results relies on me not critting everything. Been itching to finish up outstanding tests but I don't have much time to myself with current events as is.
  • So does Weaving scale with Int or Str? 

  • Strength.
  • I just want to know how Psion bashing compares to other classes? Because it feels terrible.

  • Because it is terrible.

  • So what class I pick up as my bashing alternative?

  • Look through the thread.
    Unartied, the order doesn't exactly change all that much.

  • Just pick up any iteration of knight other than SnB. Relatively low skill investment, solid damage output, very tanky. 

  • Shaman is my vote for "unartied duo-trans bashing class".

    You don't need Vodun unless someone is going to let you leech off of them, Spiritlore will make you sort of tanky (though you'll specificially have to swap spirits when you change between PVE and PVP), and Bleed/Jinx bashing is some of the best non-artied damage output.

    If you're stuck on a single trans skill, non-SnB Knight, Serpent, or Bard are your best bets.
  • Don't have to swap between bashing and pvp, so long as you don't wanna use soulrend. You'll obviously be less tanky, since you're only using garon in the situation I'm thinking, but it's workable enough!
    Obviously if you know you're not gonna get jumped, might as well use all 3. But yeah.

  • Finally got around to actually testing Fire Lord's hunting damage for an exact number, I knew it was bad but yikes is it bad.

    21.00% dmg, 2s bal, 10.50% p/s

    I think it would be a prime candidate to get a Psion-like shatter buff, since you build spark up against denizens but have no way to expend it. Probably would still be crap, but better crap hopefully.
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    Has anyone done an Analysis on Priest PvE?
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