• I just wish they'd fix the armory to update properly for lv 110 people. Out of the 15 or so chars I've checked so far, only 1 of them show as 110.

    Also finally finished my damn campaign. Mmm tasty 865 WW weapon, 857-ish Mistweaver and 850 Brewmaster.
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    Did normal mythic on 820 gear. Went just fine. Lots of shadowmend spam.

    Disc priest supposed to be one of the best spot healers with barrier and mend. Stats are a bit wonky though, everything drops mastery but I want haste and critical!
  • My resto druid outputs godlike healing, being ilvl 845 helps but it is really fun to get to jump in and out of boomkin or cat form for extra dps while I have hots rolling on people.
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  • my only hot is called shadow word PAIN
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    Priest in general seems kinda meh, honestly. Think @Lala went from playing mainly Disc to saying it sucked and swapping to Holy; maybe she was always Holy, I dunno! I came to the same conclusion as well, personally.

    Monk on the other hand, holy crap. Mythic Darkheart Thicket- sooo much groupwide damage, especially when group is being derpy and taking more than they need to... And I don't really worry about any of it as MW, I just keep everyone basically perma topped at 834 ilvl. Think on the last boss I popped out ~195k hps, and was still at ~35% mana after 3 minutes of fighting. And that was -without- playing Fistweaving; I prolly would've still been at like 50-55% if I was.

    Which is another fun thing about MW: If the groupwide damage is sufficiently manageable with just my HoTs I can get up and start wailing on a boss, and be able to still dish out ~45-60k dps.

    Zero regrets making this my main, all 3 specs are decent and fun.. Except Brewmaster. I don't like it, some people stand by it but not me. It's doable, but why bring a BrM to raids if you have a warrior/dk/druid tank available. Even DH is better honestly.
  • I've seen some very mythic geared Disc priests in my order hall recently so it seems like it's fine with the gear. I wanna get my monk to 110 now...

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    Could've geared as Shadow :p

    I jest. I feel like for PUGs that Holy would be a lot more reliable. Disc seems like the one that needs coordinated people to work well with, since it looks to be kinda hit and miss with being able to deal with constant groupwide damage. That's been my experience with Disc priests thus far anyway, that I've had heal in mythics/heroics.

    Speaking of Mythic PUGs I get a lot of shit like this. Spoilering for size.
    [/spoiler] -Note, I left when he said 'rlly wow' - #4 was also a hunter that died last, after the tank did (he shelled the explosion).
    I get that I can be a dick at times, but I don't feel like I was particularly harsh here. Seems to be the case a lot when you leave when people screw up tremendously, or are performing at a level that requires you to absolutely work your ass off in order to have bosses downed... I don't mind having to heal through intense damage, but taking 5-6 minutes per boss that should only be taking 2-3, and REALLY stretching my mana, because people are doing dps that is WAY below their gear level... Ugh.

    Generally when you're assured that a group is performing fine before joining, you expect them to be doing so.
  • I was always main Disc but it is just terrible now for actual healing outside of BGs. Funny thing is I was so squishy as shadow I quested the latter part as disc.

    Resto druid is OP. 
  • I did a lot of mind bender + fade and liberal self shields and leveled just fine as shadow. And now things just melt and maybe get a hit or two so no problems. 

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    WTF is happening!

    :(:( Bye Thrall :(:(
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    I finally started getting Mythic groups yesterday. Was wavering on my love for priest while struggling to get loot drops in heroics... But these mythic fights are a fun challenge with PUGs. Eye of Aszara final boss can diaf tho. 

    Just realizing I haven't posted my tag anywhere...


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    Dunn said:
    Eye of Aszara final boss can diaf

    Wait until you do these bosses on Mythic with PUGs:
    1. Assault on Violet Hold (pretty much all of the bosses)
    2. Maw of Souls (Helya, last boss) -- @Lala :D
    3. Black Rook Hold (Amalgam of Souls, 1st boss - probably easiest on this list, just painful sometimes)
    4. Vault of the Wardens (Inquisitor Tormentorum, 2nd boss. So many fail at it.)
    5. Vault of the Wardens (Tirathon Saltheril, 1st boss. See above.)
    Honorable mentions to the last boss of Darkheart Thicket, and the worm boss in Neltharion's Lair. They can be excessive amounts of aids if people don't do their jobs properly.


    eta: I heard Court of Stars / The Arcway (mythic only dungeons) are pretty tough without majorly coordinated groups as well. Haven't done them yet though, not really geared enough on either char just yet.
  • Only of those I haven't done are Vault. Violet Hold was a nail biter for sure... I did Maw right before bed last night and that was a white knuckle affair for sure. The difficulty reminds me of BC heroics a lot, which I loved. 

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    VH was a nightmare. Had an undergeared group and 3 portals up. Helya can bite my ass. Hardcore.

    Me running through Broken Shore Isle and see Brutallus chasing me. "Nope, nope nope. F&&k you, Oh hell no I'm gonna die. No no no."
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Vault is my favourite dungeon in all of WoW.

    As for Eye of Azshara, @Dunn, someone's obviously not playing a warrior :>
    Huh. Neat.
  • Maw of Souls for some reason people just can NOT be bothered to dodge mechanics on Helya (last boss). It's always a wipe fest due to DPS simply not caring to move.

    Though the camera zoom issue makes that boss really annoying for melee I've heard.

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    I got into a guild Mythic spam group yesterday... I'm now 841 equipped. Got so many drops last night with such low frustration because all of them knew what they were doing. That's the unicorn of groups right there. 

    I'm sad that they were on another server :(

    @Stuneree That fight as ranged is the best thing because a lot of that stuff is telegraphed. I've found people are more likely to just not interrupt Torrent ever. 

  • Ahmet said:
    Vault is my favourite dungeon in all of WoW.

    As for Eye of Azshara, @Dunn, someone's obviously not playing a warrior :>
    I'm playing with Twist of Fate and Reaper of Souls talents so below 35% I absolutely dump out DPS. That fight is incredible because it starts below that. I'm talking about the general chaos of it all. Although, having done it a couple of times now, the chaos is pretty fun. I just need to lean harder on my insta casts and go for actual casts smartly. 

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    Stuneree said:
    Though the camera zoom issue makes that boss really annoying for melee I've heard.
    Can't say I've had an issue with any mechanics yet as WW. For me I just stay to the far right the entire time (like right near the railing); a quick camera tilt upwards, if she's facing my direction I roll to the left. Transcendence back (GCD-free) and continue hitting her when she's done.
    Feral/Warrior/Rogues should be able to do the same thing really with displacer/leap/grappling hook (or shadowstep to friendly target)... DK Idk... just use abomination huddle/shield I guess for 90% reduction. Or wraith walk out of the way + AMS for safety.

    Dunn said:
    I'm playing with Twist of Fate and Reaper of Souls talents so below 35% I absolutely dump out DPS.
    (Not making fun of you, genuinely curious) - Everyone I've heard from says that Shadow DPS is absolutely abysmal and shit to play, compared to how it was in the pre-patch, since you're virtually forced to play Surrender To Madness to do 'good' dps, and boss mechanics can easily fuck you over with that. How've you found it? Have any meters to compare with? Interested to see honestly how you stack up with the high-dps ranged (namely ele/hunter) compared to 'shitty' ranged like Lock.

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    I'd say DK could just stand in middle and move based on direction. 

    But the problem with the fight isn't the fact that it's hard (because it's actually extremely simple), it's just that people really don't give a shit to do mechanics in pugs, and just want quick gear assuming everyone else does the work.

    EDIT: And yeaahhh dude lock dps is ass right now. I'll unquestionably top dps in pugs, but the moment I'm playing with guild players at similar iLvl there isn't even a competition on single-target. I have to make my own pugs too because almost nobody accepts locks lmao.

    Yeeah I've been doing it as ranged without much issue, but yeah people not interrupting torrent is baffling to me. 

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    I've been top or near top on most boss fights. I get crushed in trash usually, but there are times I come out on top with multi dotting. I haven't played STM at all in Mythics and still consistently put up 170-240k DPS single target depending on how much I have to move/avoid. The real damage comes, like I said, below 35%. I'll be middle of the pack and shoot to the top out of nowhere. 

    Honestly its shit for short duration pulls. Spriest is kind of like a train starting from a dead stop. I get destroyed by warriors and DH in aoe because they machine gun out their stuff and I have to multi dot before I can erupt/seat for decent damage. 2-3 target pulls I usually come out on top because I can touch/pain and be into my normal rotation fairly quick. 

    TLDR Great boss damage, hard rotation, mediocre AOE on large packs, good 2-3 target dps. 
    Ill grab some meters tonight and post screens. 

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    Me and @Lala just had a pretty successful round with PUGs in Mythics.. Did DhT, VH and EoA all without any real issues. Aside from us derping on Anub'esset the first time cause the adds were invisible (literally).
    Stuneree said:
    I'd say DK could just stand in middle and move based on direction.
    Oh yeah, I didn't just mean by following my method. I just meant in general DK seems to definitely have the poorest mobility nowadays out of the melee. So they might have the lowest window to react to the breath... Personally can't say I've had the issue with torrent outside of in heroic LFD, but I can imagine the horror of having to get hit by 1-2 in Mythic cause of lazy people. Fortunately tanks have been on point with their interrupts when mine were on CD.
    Dunn said:
    Good to hear, I haven't heard much outside of whining and bitching about how awful Spriest has been without STM this patch, so has lead me to be kinda reluctant on inviting any to my groups. Compared to the dps I'd seen them dishing out at the end of WoD in the pre-patch. Interested to see the meters; on 'proper' length fights (2-3 minutes) I've been parsing between 200-250 myself as WW; anywhere as high as 280-300 on short fights / fights with adds like the first EoA boss.

    Trash fight is just... Lol... Short-fight pulls I can do as high as 3M dps if they all die within ~5-6s. 1min trash pulls (standard) I've capped out at around 6-700k if I use storm, earth and fire.

    eta: Horde or Ally?
    eta2: Did a dummy test just for comparative sake. Was over the course of ~2 minutes. Few mistakes, mostly laxing towards the end- was about 235 before I stopped and started typing.
  • Geared spriest should be crazy dps. You just need good haste and muscle memory to smash the right buttons 
  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna be
    Morthif said:
    Geared spriest should be crazy dps. You just need good haste and muscle memory to smash the right buttons 
    And surrender to madness :innocent:
    Huh. Neat.
  • I'm 845 in Holy now and 842 in Spriest. Happiness abounds.
  • I was set to do a roll of Mythics last night and they removed me (random guild group on Dominican server) because their friend logged on. We were two bosses into Nelth's. :(

    then I raised Hashan with Jhui instead. 

  • That sucks. Come roll with us when we Mythic. I rotate two healers. 
  • You guys all horde? I need friends :(
  • I'm horde

  • 842 WW / 839 MW now on Horde. Still need mythic chest/trinket upgrades :(
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