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    Kyrra said:
    The Halloween patch dropped which coincided with Mudlet breaking my UI, so I've been checking out all the new additions. I have to say, I desperately love that Banshee Moira!

    It's also pretty broken when you can Sym in competitive and get 3 gold medals. It's so wrong.
    You can Moira in Comp and get 5 golds to be fair. I've managed it a few times... It's horribly depressing, when it happens, since it often ends with people saying "lol moira is ez gtfo op hero" rather than just admitting they blow ass. Sym can be grossly strong if you have a team that works with her.
    I managed it once, somehow, with Lucio as well... In a game we won... Competititve can be uh... Very interesting sometimes...

  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    I usually Moira.

    My pay just came in and I bought loot boxes. Just opened 20 in a row that is all duplicates. I guess they reverted back on whatever change they implemented to reduce duplicate content.
    (D.M.A.): Cooper says, "Kyrra is either the most innocent person in the world, or the girl who uses the most innuendo seemingly unintentionally but really on purpose."

  • Oh nice, Halloween stuff is out? I should play again.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Well now that I've thrown a new hdd into my computer and have it running again, this is currently reinstalling.

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