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  • Rave: to IRE. Well done on the Knight Changes and Tradeskill Splits. Minimal lag and very minor bugs. Worth the wait, thanks!
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    I think @Kross just one-upped @Sartan in terms of Evil there </3

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  • Troll sense tingling

  • Kross said:
    Rave: to IRE. Well done on the Knight Changes and Tradeskill Splits. Minimal lag and very minor bugs. Worth the wait, thanks!
    You utter bastard. lol.
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    I'm willing to bet that when @Sarapis made that last post on this thread, fifty people logged in to look see.

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  • Damn you Kellonius. Damn. You.
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  • 9.67 Toxicology

    Toxicology is the creation of deadly toxins from a variety of sources. These
    toxins can be envenomed upon weapons to deliver ailments and afflictions to an

    Based on what you're making these toxins from, there are two methods for
    formulating them:

    BOILING     - For plant-based toxins.
    HYDRATING   - For mineral-based toxins.

    Each AB help file will list both the ingredients for each poison.

    Place the required ingredients into your pot or alembic with the following

    Boiling:   INPOT <#> <ingredient> IN <pot>
    Hydrating: COMPOUND <#> <ingredient> IN <alembic>

    You may concoct multiple batches of a toxin at once. Multiply the number of
    each ingredient by the number of batches you want up to forty batches.

    Once you have all of the ingredients in the pot/alembic, put it on the ground

    Boiling:   BOIL <pot> FOR <toxin>
    Hydrating: HYDRATE <alembic> FOR <toxin>

    Depending on the skill level of the practitioner, and the container that the
    toxin is being poured into, a "batch" of a remedy is worth a differing amount
    of sips:

                    non-trans    trans        total
                    practitioner practitioner sips max

    Regular vial      40           50         200
    Artefact vial     80          120         240

    To refill a vial:

    Boiling:   FILL <vial> FROM <pot> [# times]
    Hydrating: DECANT <alembic> INTO <vial> [# times]

  • ---[ OOC ANNOUNCEMENT ]-----------------------------( 2015/01/01 00:05:16 )---
    We're about to load up some major changes! There will definitely be some lag when we do this, so 
    please make sure you're somewhere safe for the next few minutes!

    HELL YES!!!!

  • ---[ OOC ANNOUNCEMENT ]-----------------------------( 2015/01/01 00:05:16 )---
    We're about to load up some major changes! There will definitely be some lag when we do this, so please make sure you're somewhere safe for the next few minutes!

    "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."

     -Albert Einstein

  • FML and I'm headed out right now to go to my New Years Party!!!

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    You did well, boys and girls of the Garden. I came home, with my curly fries and moonshine, and almost within 10 mins, I see the announce. You did very well. @Sarapis, please, pet @Tecton for me, as I don't wish to get the man's sweat on my hands.
  • This is the Achaean equivalent of the brown note, right?
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    And the announce

    ANNOUNCE NEWS #4245                                     (01/01/2015 at 00:09)  
    From   : Tecton, the Terraformer
    To     : Everyone
    Subject: A new year, a new day for Achaea
    The day is here! The much anticipated tradeskill split is upon us! This is the largest single code update we've ever 
    done; introducing several new class skills, a slew of new trade skills, updates to weapons and armour, and much more.

    Here's the list of major changes:

    - Class-based tradeskills are now available for all players! This adds another massive area of character customisation, 
    allowing you to be an Apostate who concocts venomous toxins, or a Bard who harvests primes and minerals. See HELP 
    TRADESKILLS for more information

    - Knight classes have had their forging skill replaced with a new skill, Weaponmastery! This is a new specialisation 
    based skill that allows four unique fighting styles! Check out HELP WEAPONMASTERY for all of the details. Your skill 
    level in forging has been directly transferred to the new skill. If you were a journeyman, your chivalry skill level has 
    been translated across to Weaponmastery.

    - We've opened up free Weaponmastery respecialisation for two weeks, and during this time, there is no need for weapon 

    - Alchemists have had the Transmutation skill replaced with Formulation! This skill provides Alchemists the ability to 
    formulate new gasses and liquids (usable only by the creator) that can turn the tide of any battle. See HELP FORMULATION 
    for further information.

    - Magi have had their enchanting skill replaced with Artificing, a new skill in which they create and control a large 
    crystalline golem! HELP ARTIFICING!

    - All lessons invested in previous tradeskills (Cooking, Gathering, Inkmilling, Jewellery,  Tailoring) have been 
    refunded. Any previous permits have been converted back into "a bronze trade seal", this item can be used in place of 
    the 200cr fee for re-obtaining any tradeskill permit (Cooking, Jewellery, Tailoring). These seals can be traded in for 
    200cr, should their owner no longer want them.

    - Crafters who previously had Cooking, Jewellery, and Tailoring have been gifted with a special item that will allow 
    them to continue to cook/sew/craft all of their previous designs without learning the skill again. Naturally, they're 
    free to re-learn the tradeskill to continue designing new items.

    - The rapier weapon proficiency has been removed, all adventurers with this proficiency have been gifted "a worn 
    whetstone", which can be used to learn a new weapon proficiency at no cost.

    - Forging has been overhauled! The random element of forging is gone, meaning that if you're after a longsword or a 
    scimitar, you do not need to spend days or weeks at the forge trying to find that perfect weapon or armour. See HELP 
    FORGING for more details. All existing weapons and armour have be normalised to their new stats.

    - Artefact weapon statistics have been adjusted; they will always be upgrades compared to the new standardised forged 

    - All artefact knight weapons have been given a one-off switch to another knight weapon of the same level. This is a 
    ***ONE-TIME ONLY SWITCH***, so be especially sure of your choice, as we will not change it after it is done. To do this, 
    simply EXCHANGE <weapon#> FOR <new weapon type>. e.g. EXCHANGE RAPIER1234 FOR BROADSWORD. If the weapon was customised, you'll receive a figurine to be used for a future customisation. Weapons with the ASP addon will transfer across, assuming the other weapon can support it. In the event you're swapping an ASP'ed sword for a blunt weapon, the ASP fee will be refunded.

    - Abilities that are affected by weapon stats have been rebalanced to factor in the new values.

    - Class-based armour and shield restrictions still exist, but anyone with the Armoursmithing ability will be able to 
    forge and sell any armour; fullplate is no longer bound to the forger who made it!

    - Armoursmiths and weaponsmiths can modify their forged goods with a variety of descriptors (e.g. "elegant" or 
    "serrated" can be specified to make "an elegant rapier" or "a serrated broadsword"). As you forge more items, you will 
    unlock more exclusive descriptors to set your wares apart.

    - The way armour and shield resistances are displayed has been modified to be more accurate. Rather than an arbitrary 
    value, it will show a percentage that is more in-line with the reduction for most attacks. A 100/100 fullplate doesn't 
    really block 100% of damage, for example. Nothing else has changed with armour, just the way it's displayed.

    - Class-only benefits associated with tradeskills (like Concoctions' sip bonus, Enchanting's necklace of purity, and 
    Transmutations's potash bonus) will not be present in the new tradeskills. They will stay in place for the relevant 
    classes until they receive their overhaul (i.e. sentinels will still receive the sip bonus until their replacement skill 
    is implemented).

    - Transmutation tonics and balms, and concoctions elixirs and salves have been combined into a new trade skill: Remedies, and have been standardised to the original concoctions names. We've converted all of the vials and tuns of the 
    transmutation cures over for you, and the server-side curing system has been updated to use these, even with 
    mineral/transmutation cures enabled.

    - All adventurers have been given a trait reset, if they did not have one already!

    - The Hammer of Forging artefact has been removed from the game, as it offers no benefit to the new way of forging. 
    We've given a full refund to anyone who had a hammer at this time.

    - Any tradeskill-related artefact purchased within the past 6 months (since June 31, 2014) is eligible for a 100% trade-
    in. Please email to arrange this. Artefacts purchased before this will carry their usual 66% value. 
    All of the artefacts will continue to work with the new tradeskills.

    - To go alongside these, we've also implemented some other relevant changes to classes and combat, which will be coming in a follow up post in the next few minutes.

    As mentioned in the opening, this is the single largest code change in Achaea's history! With this many changes, there's 
    bound to be some quirks! If you encounter anything that seems off, please file a BUG with as much information as 

    Penned by My hand on the 12th of Aeguary, in the year 673 AF.

    "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."

     -Albert Einstein

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    You have switched to the two handed weapon specialisation.
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    You are now specialised in the twohander weapon specialisation.
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  • First bug!

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    Obligatory poke at @Arador for being stuck at a party.

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