Blademaster Buff/nerf Discussion.



  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN
    edited November 2014
    88 alerts to my forums since last night and we're still complaining about evade prep.

    Go ahead take evade, I don't even care anymore, i'll just lyre prep instead.

    Also voidfists usefulness in groups has been deminished by how long it lasts and the fact you -need- to make a pommel strike hit to make it last longer. if your being afflicted while you try to pommel there's a good chance your going to miss your chance to start with.

    And Bm's raid utility is it's massive hindering, and of course hamstring which stops evade entirely.

  • Jovolo said:
    You are wrong. It's incredibly useful.
    What's so useful about it? I get evading across area borders, but not evading thru totems (unless "incredibly" useful is still less useful than flying)
  • Eh. If you're ever in an enemy city without a runist to smudge all their totem rooms, evading through totems is invaluable. Fly just means tentacle back into totem. Evade is a way to actually get out for a moment and then go right back in and keep fighting (without hitting totem).
  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN
    edited November 2014
    Guards can't be everywhere and instead are typically held up in the places people afk alot.

    There for you can just evade all over the city and don't need to worry about getting tentacled down/landing into the totem again. Plus like our raid in hashan last night, everytime I started getting low I just evaded south and didn't hit the totem. healed up and came back.

    Terra beat me to everything I was goint to say o.o.

  • Oh, yeah. Was thinking about it in the group sense, not solo survivability sense.
  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN
    Jacen said:
    Oh, yeah. Was thinking about it in the group sense, not solo survivability sense.
    Well if you consider that the group gets weaker when you die (because of defense loss/needing to pray/being raised ext ext) then solo survivability is also effects the groups strength.

    Especially in smaller groups when the bm is the main source of hinderance in melee's.
    I mean sure they lose power for a few seconds until you can heal up. but they don't lose it for good.

  • With less capable groups, if you were a target, that could be a few seconds of time before they switch targets, too. Tanking by not being there. Very zen!
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