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  First, I started this discussion to talk about Player Killing, what it means and how to make it more enjoyable Role Playing experience and less of a OOC rant.

  Second, I am sorry, I find Hunting and Questing boring, the reason is, because when I was young here, I couldn't hunt or quest at all because I was constantly hunted and killed.  You would probably be in shock to know that I have read about 10 actual room descriptions in my entire time playing Achaea.  That's how much I had to run and survive this place.  It's in my blood, so I am not used to the lazy walk around, hunt without a care attitude ok?  If I go hunting, I am ALWAYS on guard, never feel safe, and constantly worried ANYONE is going to attack me at any moment, hence why being a Mark appeals to me.

  Third,  I am not trying to suggest that everyone finds Hunting, Gathering, Questing and Crafting boring, Just us (ME) PKers. OK?  No offense to anyone that enjoys the "softer" side of Achaea, it's very fun and enjoyable.  Now...

  My thought is this, when I was a kid playing MUDs I had a 256 IBM boat anchor tethered to an even heavier 19" tube screen monitor (totally upgraded from those nasty 14"'s, ewww) but more importantly, I HAD A KEYBOARD.

  Now, kids today, don't have keyboards or computers, they have Tablets and mePhones.  So. 20 years later, I see a big push to make Achaea, not dumb and watered down, just EASIER to use on today's devices. And frankly I understand that if places like these are to survive, they have to go with the flow, stick with the times and change and morph into what the "population of earth" is doing.

  I have read a few people suggest they are happy with the new curing system because they can hunt from a mobile device, THIS is something I would never do.  Here is my mobile device that I play Achaea on, currently enjoying MechWarrior Online, (AWESOME!)...


  My point is, not to show my system but tell you that if your 30+, you might have an entire room dedicated to PKing on Achaea?  Anyone?  

  NO ONE is going to be able to do any sort of PvP or PKing and enjoy it on any hand held device, in my eyes, it's just not even doable.  That's why the KEYBOARD is so nifty!, Now I tried Achaea without a hefty computer on the Blowtorch app on my s4....oh god.  I hope the IRE mobileapp is better.

  Anyways, I love the server side curing, it's the best, really is.  What I would LOVE even more is server side aliases that you can add an RETURN in and run multiple commands. I have tried and can't seem to figure it out, maybe this is already a feature, but if is was, it would make mobile/tablet play even easier.

  PK to me, is FUN, and I will tell you why, because I enjoy the complex details, it's like a good game of chess with the right people.  But, I like a RUSH with it, and the Arena/Raid/Duel is not it.  Fun, don't get me wrong, but defiling shrines day in and out to get some PK action is, not really what we should have to do.  This should be a fun side of Achaea that everyone can enjoy, just like Quests and Hunting and Role-Playing.

  So I want to end this with, How can we make this more enjoyable for the rest of Achaea? I STUDY, print logs, highlight, think, tinker, try again, study the log some more, I don't Rant and complain...But I can see why some do.

  Also, PK is not MASS MURDER ok?  There is a difference, I understand "some people" are jerks and will kill you OVER and OVER again, been victim to it myself, and people will JUMP you, (that's what we called Ganking in groups in my day), usually happens when One PKer is outstanding and the other side needs 3-4 people to even get them pinned down.  I frown on this type of behavior.

  So PKing is just the natural use of all those skills that don't actually involve crafting and hunting.  No skills are need to Role-Play here, but when I look at my list of serpent skills they are geared to be an ambush/surprise attack, one vs. the world.  All my skills are used mostly ALONE.  If you don't understand, your probably not a serpent.

  Anyways, I am going to wrap this up, and add more thoughts later, I want to talk about PKing and don't want to offend people by injecting my thoughts all over the place.  So.  Here it is, the PKing - Improvements Discussion!

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      Well, I like to post something that matters, but yes TOTALLY for server side aliases with multiple-commands, with the new queue system I think that would be wonderful, taking away less of a need for Mudlet for people that don't want to learn LUA out of the gate.

      I want to also mention that in my days of PKing, there was not ONE ounce of OOC ranting about it.  We didn't have the forums like this and there was not any social OOC networking going on AND no OOC clans.  I think the difference, for me is, instead of getting the RUSH from PKing, people are getting a rush from ranting OOC about it.

     You can tease me all you want @Daeir about being long winded and writing long posts,  I try my best to write something that matters, instead of slapping a stupid picture up to make people laugh, which I guess is offensive to most.  So be it.

      I believe there is a major difference from the old vs. the new, and I am trying to put my finger on what changed.  Tablet Achaea, can't be the same as 256 IBM Achaea.  So any suggestions, I will be adding here as my brain cooks them up, and I would love to hear from the other PKers, that actually enjoy this as much as I used too.

      For me, the ONE thing stopping me from enjoying this is the help PK scroll.  I think it should be changed and not so OOC orientated.  Some where, player killing has been frowned upon.  I am trying to find out why, where, when and what we can do about it, Because I simply will have to find another complex game if this goes to 4 skills, bash bash bash bash.  I have a bookshelf full of lifeless games just like this, and they happen to be way better an Achaea. No offense.

    Edit: Again I am a picky poster...some spelling issues

  • Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand what you have against the PK rules now. They're much more leniant towards the PKers than they were in the past, or at least the last permutation of the PK rules. What changes would you make to HELP PK?
  • Jacen said:
    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand what you have against the PK rules now. They're much more leniant towards the PKers than they were in the past, or at least the last permutation of the PK rules. What changes would you make to HELP PK?
    The first rule of PK rules is there are no PK rules.

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    @Rip's verbiage makes me miss @Xenomorph's. At least there was always a guaranteed laugh at the end of his posts.

    No, but really, if you are honestly interested in a discussion regarding pk and the like, you might want to try cutting back on the biography. 

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Yeah, multi-command server aliases are a possibility. There are reasons we haven't done them in the past, but with server curing, it seems silly not to have them.

    To be honest, we don't really expect people on mobile to be able to compete with people on a laptop or desktop, but I guess there is no technical reason why it couldn't happen (though there are a lot of practical reasons why). I personally couldn't do it, as I feel crippled trying to type on mobile devices vs. the ease of a keyboard, but to each her own. 

    The one issue with server-side aliases, though, is that the client can't recognize you've just completed an alias and thus auto-send the command to the game. In other words, with server-side aliases, you're probably going to have to hit 'enter' after every command. When I fought manually, that was anathema. Everything was set up as macros, as in control-2, shift-alt-f, etc. Things that didn't require pressing keys in sequence, in order to be as fast as possible.

    This is likely to happen in any case, barring some objections I haven't managed to surface yet.
  •   Well that's what I am doing, 17 years ago I enjoyed the blood bath of this place, not raiding and arena sparring, I am not saying it's not fun or exciting I am saying, jumping from a plane, and riding the wind in a tunnel are different "rushes"...

     The server side multiple command alias is about 20 years old, Avalon sported it and it was great, and I have sent a message to @Tecton many months ago now about how adding this feature would help him sleep better at night, so, that is really not my point of this forum post, but if they want PKing more accessible, then Server Side curing and good server side aliases would be needed.

      And just so you all know this is my opinion, not trying to offend anyone by your type of play style or what you consider exciting.  And furthermore if people don't read it I don't really care, Do you really think this is the first time I have wrote a post on a forum?  It's not.  People DO read them, even if they don't comment.  

      I could suggest what an idiot you are @Daeir for even suggesting that a MUD player base doesn't enjoy reading a post,  Fine, be narrow minded...but listen, would you stop jeering me with every freaking word I type.

      Yes the Help PK is horrid!  It suggestions that, if someone kills you, they are a jerk and therefore you should seek OOC means as quickly as possible.  

     Oh and great I am glad you have an education.  I understand people just fine because I AM ONE!

      Now, instead of arguing with me about what you find exciting about Achaea, I am trying to get to the bottom of why it's not player killing?  And listen, these words probably have a different meaning now then they did to me long long long ago.  So, with a new curing system, better server-side aliases, what else is needed to make PKing, interesting for the new school?

      Since this is a typing/reading game, tablet/phone play is rather limited, Aliases are needed, as well as good key bindings.  If we all had to type out every command to fight and hunt, this place would be heavily different.

      Asking a new player to "follow me" on a mobile device, is noticeable, there is no way, to keep the complex nature of Achaea and the 13-17 crowd with tablets happy in an strictly heavy macro/system combat game.

      Can you hunt and craft and role play on a smartphone, YES, so awesome, could you kill someone?You would have to be REALLY good, Maybe have Mudlet Pro for an iphone...I haven't tried the IRE app, like I said, but this game, combat wise is pretty heavy on triggers, aliases, and key bindings, and difficult code, if your not a coder, thankfully, I like to code as well, hence why I like to indulge in a good role-playing/player killing environment.

      But if you don't have the macros/system, PKing is not happening for you on a tablet or a computer.  I just don't see it, so what can we do as players/admin, to better that experience for the new age?

      I have taught so many serpents the basic coding knowledge just to do the simplest tasks, someone suggested in a post that another main aspect of player combat and killing is the learning curve, not just with Mudlet and Lua but the Skills themselves in Achaea.  

      The reason for this I believe is when I was young here, it took me 666 hours to gather 2,000 lessons.  That's a lot of time to LEARN each skill you receive.  Today, new ones are maxing out skills and barely know what the first one actually does.  

      And let's face it, Achaea doesn't come out and tell you, this is how it's done, you need someone to show you, the biggest complaint I get as head of newcomers and founder of the Shadowsnakes is they learned NOTHING from the other cities/houses.

      In fact I take this so seriously I started my own resource site, to help new serpents with basic things, like targeting, weapon handling, and some simple bow and arrow stuff, I teach non-stop all day and night to every serpent that I meet in Ashtan.  Ask ANY of them.

      Why do I have to explain how hypnosis works?  Because there isn't a lot of info, venom and biting, mind-boggling, healing and curing, HUH?  WHAT do I have to do to play this game again?  I spent the last year CODING my attacks, still not done, and I barely understand the more complex nature of LUA.  

      Seriously, combat is being taught in-game in an OOC fashion, how are the cities going to handle novice hood?  I am retiring for teaching any more serpents once multi-class comes, I done with your converts knowing JACK after months and years of playing Achaea.  Simply put, people complain to me every day how horrid the other cities/houses are with teaching young ones.  Disagree all you want, I don't care.

      And I am only talking about the serpent houses, not the rest of you.  I know very little about the other classes, and I don't pretend that I do.  I am very focused at the serpent way of life which is heavy on player killing.   It just IS!

  • @Sarapis, I realize there is a completely new player base, I realize from a business point of view that touch screens and voice activation is here to stay.  The world is changing and I am fearful that the player killing model of Achaea is being drowned out by the want for a more lax environment to chill and role-play with friends. Because it's just not doable on today's devices as well as it could be.  I want to help as much as I can just as I have always, which is why I started my own forum post, I hope you don't mind.

      @Shirszae, Maybe I read the Help PK file wrong, I am pretty sure if I pick someone off the who list to go rob them with intentions of sending them to their grave, I am going to hear about it.  I am being a Jerk.  The idea that murder/combat is referred to PKing in-game is a problem for me.  It suggests we are "players" in a game.

      I like the Mark/Infamous route, that is good, I would like more of that.  Death isn't that bad folks.  I mean not like I remember, I lose maybe 1.5 % per death as it sits, and that is not HOURS of hunting, that's one play kill later.  

      I like the City/Raid, but it's been DONE!  and that is even complained about.

      Sparing/Arena battles, Fun, good times.  Like it, but there is no RISK.

      Dueling, Fun, but my serpent character is completely set up for ambush style play, I am not a Knight and I DON'T CARE about your honour in game. So dueling really is like, giving up my whole character style, all my ambush skills are worthless if you know I am coming for you.

      Ganking - Un-accetable

      Mass Murder - SHRUB PLEASE

      Player Killing - This to me is the essence of our skills, at least for serpents.  And before any of you go, but Rip I never see you do anything!  That's because I am teaching serpents how to PK...get it?  Every time one of my House members kill you. I kill you.  I take a little slice of credit.

      So I am not just in this for myself, I teach serpents how to be assassins but then when they do kill it's no fun for either side, everyone seems to go out of character.  I couldn't stop thinking about what a bunch of fuck heads you people are last night (I don't really mean this but I just want to point out at what I feel when I get done trying to say something here.)  I get it, This is actually more fun then player killing.

      Instead of wondering about combat tech and code, I was raging inside about what I wanted to scream in all your faces. Not really the way I like to handle myself but my point is, I never had OOC discussion in my day, we had the news board, out of character banter was prohibited across the game.  Which of course it still is but, "the Ranting Menace" post is the most popular.  At least when I checked.  And the list of OOC clans is a mile long and PT's are about what I am having for dinner.

      Hunting, gathering, role-playing, raiding all good, sparring to learn to PK, perfect, what a better way to do it, but maybe I am reading this all wrong, is is fair to kill people once a month say?  If they are a City/House/Order enemy?  Or would they have to be Infamous.  

      What is being a jerk?  I have my version of that, I am sure you all have yours.  I think the Help PK scroll is lax, but it's not in-game, Rip isn't a "player killer" role...see the difference?  It shouldn't even be called PKing.  At least in Achaea.  It should be called murder and have equal consequences.

      Now I am a Mark, I have received 6 contracts so far, 2 I completed, 3 were canceled after a few months (thanks!) <- that's sarcasm... and I just got another last night. I am thrilled, I can't wait to spend the next year in game tracking down my target.<- not sarcasm

      I find that enjoyable, if some don't, I don't care.  I am wondering if we could increase the contract rates and maybe lessen the bad wrap PKing has received. Make more info about how to code, and get into combat, I really do teach a lot of people the basics, That's another thing I enjoy.  Teaching PKing.  Not hunting and crafting and role-playing.  

      To have fun with combat you need Mudlet, and SVO/or similar.  Or, spend a little while creating that all for yourself, no other game really makes me program for months on end.  You get in, you play you get out and watch TV.  Achaea you kind of have to build.  Combat wise I mean, before anyone jumps me on the forums.

      When a new serpents comes to me the first thing I teach them is, NO complaining, threats, bullying, name calling, whining, or anything else.  The reason is, first of all it hurts people's feelings and secondly, that's not what PKing is about and it's the first sign of self-esteem problems and a deeper weakness you don't want people to know you have.  

      We don't fight with words, if you die, you die well and you tell your killer they did a good job, compliment them, be NICE about it.  See I think some of you think I want to be "mean" and "kill" people, that's not really what I am talking about.  

      How many don't like team @Bonko?  Why? I think they are great, nasty, well role-played and literally scare me when I see Bonko on my screen.  I target him and find out where he is, and then wait.  (In fact Bonko is the reason I have an arefact veil)  That is fun for me, the suspense, and once in a while, he will enter Ashtan and send a few arrows my way, LOVE IT, I really do. 

     Killing me 20 times and then bullying me with YOU SUCK, messages, I think that is completely wrong and I think that's the experience lately,

      I have read many times about how people HATE people that kill you, guys and gals, this hurts people's feelings, You really need to lighten up on the words.

      Again, yes I want to actually DISCUSS a topic and even made my own forum as to not bother any of yours, so please refrain from picking on me and other people because they care about something.  This is about PKing and how to make it better, more enjoyable on both sides of the coin and possibly how to improve on teaching new people how to go about it. I have been a MUD player for the last 20 years, I am pretty understanding of it's concepts, but actually NEW people are going to be like huh?  


  • StrataStrata United States of Derp
    This is 2014. Narcissism and self-entitlement are at all-time highs. Aversion toward risk is in style. People don't want to win with skill. Losing in a game is felt outside of the game as a great loss. Epeens are shattered.
    Sorry, @Rip. Your view is of the old way. Those that are 10-15 years younger than us know nothing about that. They do know how to write issues though - that's how they play now.
    If anything, PK rules will only continue to become more strict as the definition of "illegal PK" and "griefing" continues move further toward the frivolous.
    Kids today don't want to lose. And those kids have mom's credit card - which IRE needs.
  • RipRip
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    Thank you for your comments, I want to include the mass population in what 80% of my skills are for.  New and old alike, there is a great learning curve no matter how simple you make this, 

      My point is, all of the above in this topic, how to encourage more people to try it out.  

      @Cooper I would consider you a PKer, and that you enjoy PvP combat, Same goes for @Daeir, and @Strata.  If I attacked any of you in game you would be happy about getting the chance to kill me and the fact that I am not going to run away and I am not sitting on guards.

      Again sorry for my long drawn out posts, I thank you for pointing that out each and every time I write one.  I think I have the right to say what I want, as much as I want and I am being as polite as possible about this.

      I have talked to others, and have gotten private responds back from some of you, and I thank you for that.  There is a general lack of teaching of combat going on in Sapience.  That's is my opinion.  It's not very hard once you get into it a little and it's pretty fun.  Now, for those of you that enjoy PKing that's great I am working towards joining you all.  and understanding the rules governing it, In fact maybe one of you could enlighten me, as I am have a hard time with it.  However.

      Player Kombat/Killing in my eyes should be handled in a better way.  As I have tried to state, teaching someone coding, via text messages in game is time consuming and hard to do, I can see why most prefer not to. That is my own humble opinion.  I have to first explain to download mudlet, then I have to start explaining where to find decent info about coding and then we have to go through it step by step, and in the end I have created a person that actually wants to try and shoot a darkbow for the first time in their life.  It's rather enjoyable for me and that is how I have spent that last 450 years of my ROLE in game.  So.

      For me it's not about getting the old Achaea back, it was buggy, hard to figure out and a complete mess, but it was fun.  The new Achaea is much cleaner, I love not using graph paper and I actually have explored much more of the realm due to these fantastic features.  With the invention of server-side curing, multi-classing, NEW skills.  I am looking towards the future of Achaea here folks.

      From what I have heard, people avoid PK situations simply due to the rough and bad behavior following it,  they don't want the abuse, this goes for both sides.  I have heard SO many times, "I would go kill that person, but I don't want to be issued for it."  To me that's a problem.  Maybe not to everyone, but to me, that doesn't make me want to step out and attack anyone on this game.

      I want to discuss ways to better the experience for people that are too shy and not being taught probably how to PK.  

      I am not saying PK is dead now, I am saying most don't want to participate, not because it isn't fun but because the players have turned it into a mess.  I don't believe in ranting and calling people names in or out of any game. 

      I wish you guys would stop harassing me for wanting to share a view, it's hard enough to try and talk in this type of environment, I could space this all out into tiny posts?  and add stupid gifs to make you laugh and tally up my post total.  But really folks, my next topic is going to be Stop the Harassment. I already stopped signing my posts.  Give me break.

      I think you have the idea that I personally want the privilege of killing ALL, I do not, I want to get the people that are to shy and not sure how to go about it involved.  Why is that so hard to understand?  And I would like some constructive comments and thoughts on the matter.  That is my point, I am happy 5% of you enjoy the heavy deep side of combat.  Let's make it 100%.

      Mobile devices and tablets is where they will find Achaea, that's my opinion.  Mudlet is not accessible to them.  Two days ago, after years of development, the Admin just came out with a better curing system to make it even easier to get involved in combat, PvP, raiding, hunting and surviving.  People are excited to use the HTML client and their mobile device now.  I really think, this is a good selling tactic and will take IRE games where other MUDs are not.  Can they PK on it, probably not, but they might want to latter on their better systems, after a little taste of success.

      So, if your next post is something insulting please don't post, I want constructive feed back folks, not a rant about my post length, or how I am wasting my time ok?  Is that alright with all of you?  Thank you.

      On with more ideas!

      I was thinking what if we could as players put down our RP for one second and help each other out with OOC combat classes, say 2 classes a RL month.  Just the very basics, nothing about SVO, or curing, just how to tell to parties, how to target, how to do some simple code, and then we finish in a lesson of respecting the other side.  You know in sports how the teams dislike each other on the field but then they thank each other for the great game!  That's what I am talking about.

      Everyone seemed to have the BEST time in the year 650 games, even if they constantly died.  That is just a small taste of what this place could be every day!  Enjoyable all around.  What did you do there to make Combat enjoyable?  Just wondering?

  • AlexandreAlexandre Raleigh, North Carolina
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    I think there is a basic point that is being missed in all this. 

    The biggest thing that is a barrier or turnoff from PvP is the speed at which whole screens of text fly by. 

    Tunnelvision helped with that but even still and especially in a group scenario, the main coding one has to do (besides basic aliases and a few triggers) isn't macros and fancy/tricky combinations with exact timing, it's gagging and highlighting lines and repeating them several times so you can tell WTF is going on. 

    I don't have a suggestion to fixing that particularly off the top of my head, but once you get past that then you can then get interested and start to play with things and test them, etc. At the very least you can work towards holding your own; beyond that you can decide if you want to invest the time/coding/money to getting higher towards top tier. 

    I don't think it's the complexity of curing priorities or the intricacies of what specific skills do that turn people away from PvP or make them learn to run as the sole solution, I think it's the basic confront of the speed and volume of data flying by and learning what's important and what's useless.
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  • Feral said:
    1. Lack of information on what exactly your skills do and more importantly what your opponents are capable of
    2. A strong desire to hold on to your experience and the dread of having to regain exp loss from bashing
    3. Fear of a disproportionate response from allies of your target at a future date
    4. Fear of being issued or not really being clear on when it is legal to engage in a fight

    The level of which I agree with point 1 is absurd, and from rants, 3 and 4 seem to be major issues too (I wouldn't know - I play a Cyrenian pacifist who just happens to kill people for money). Point 2, I feel, is pretty on point (I like the word "dread"), and is the actual reason I'm posting this post at all instead of just pressing the agree a lot in hopes that it'll somehow count it as multiple agrees.

    I know that some people love bashing and questing, and that's great, but for a lot of people, it's a boring, undesired exercise to gain resources. I understand why it exists, but it handily requires PvPers to engage in PvE. If people think it's silly to force PvP on PvE-style players, why is it any more acceptable to do the reverse?

    I don't have an ideal solution to this, but perhaps there could be some sort of death buffer. Maybe, when you kill another adventurer, instead of just getting a chunk of EXP, you could get some EXP, and then an even greater amount of anti-death buffer points that prevent you from later losing EXP the next time you die (preferably PvP deaths only, but if they ever add death cause tracking, maybe PvE deaths where another player directly contributed to your death in spite of not dealing the finishing blow). That way, it's still difficult (but still technically possible) to gain EXP from PvPing, but people who do a lot of raiding might not have to see their EXP drop, with the only cure being going out and bashing for 900.2 hours.

    There might be other ways to gain this buffer, such as active participation in raids, etc.

    Sorry @Feral, I would've kept the cookie in the quote, but I ate it :c

  • XP loss on death is basically meaningless now. It used to be like ten times worse (that's actually not an exaggeration, experience loss on death has been reduced significantly at least twice that I can remember).
  • AlexandreAlexandre Raleigh, North Carolina
    Most of us don't have a short attention span, but when Rip makes it a habit of regurgitating the same statement over and over and over across the forums spanning several days, it gets a little tiring. The enthusiasm and eagerness for PK are great to see. However, it's the way that Rip goes about expressing himself that is a bit of an... Issue. Talking down to people and taking multiple paragraphs to get to your point isn't very helpful. No one's trying to bully or push aside the ideas that Rip has, they just would prefer it if the ideas were presented in a structured manner.  And to say PVP is occupied mostly by "trolls" is a gross overstatement. People are under the impression that the majority of PVP interested players are all griefing, because that's all they hear about and not all of the good instances of PVP or roleplay paired with PVP.
  • Suladan said:

    Tunnelvision helped with that but even still and especially in a group scenario, the main coding one has to do (besides basic aliases and a few triggers) isn't macros and fancy/tricky combinations with exact timing, it's gagging and highlighting lines and repeating them several times so you can tell WTF is going on. 

    I don't know enough to speak to the claim that it is "the main" coding necessary, but I think this is very true, at least for me personally. I know that I need to sit down and spend hours coding up effective ways to portray what's going on, but I'm not really sure where I should start nor do I play this game because I really love to code. Nor is the tedium that will be going through a stupid number of lines to change how they are portrayed something even a interesting coding.

    And yes, I'm probably being lazy, but I don't play roleplaying games because what I really wanted to learn how to do in school was programming, either

  • XP loss on death is basically meaningless now. It used to be like ten times worse (that's actually not an exaggeration, experience loss on death has been reduced significantly at least twice that I can remember).
    so true, I lost dragon at least 20 times in 2004 because praying cost me 20% and level 100 was the cap :(
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    I've never met you in game

    However, what's your MWO name?

    I am of course... Aepas
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  • play megamek or frontierrmux @aepas @rip if you are true old nerds like myself.
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  • Try to keep this short as I can, thank you all for your comments.

    @Aepas, @Shibumi - I roll as CortexMeltdown on MWO, tried like 10 names before that too.  Place is hopping.  I think my Kill ratio is like .56 now, which I am quite please with, my first 200 drops were just, terrible.  Megamek is fun, but a little weak with play, once I got my joysticks setup is was a good time, MWO is great, Love it.

      @Suladan, @Nakari - Yes, information goes by to fast, without color highlights, some sort of chat window, and much of the text gagged, it makes it very hard to tell what's going on, it's taken me many months to set up my stuff just to have fun on Achaea.

    Tunnelvision is a step in the right direction and I really think improvements like these lessen the blow for new ones.  But are we explaining it how to use this at all? 

    Should gagging lines even be a skill?  Could there be a server-side gag feature?

      What I love about the idea of stated paragraph topic, is, they don't really require coding knowledge, if these were made to have multiple commands they would help everyone that doesn't want to learn to code.  Also, it would be easier to explain to people IG how to use them, and lessen the need for MUDLET and SVO just to get a toe into combat.

    @Jhui, @Florentino - What if XP loss was just tweaked to the point that regaining any lost experience would take half the time.  And maybe, just make that an option for non-Marks/non-Infamous.  The innocent if you will. And yes I agree the level at which you loss XP is drastically lower than I remember, which is nice. The idea that a PK death is stealing 900+ hours of hunting seems to be another factor that makes people upset.

    Thank you @Bluef, my randomness and brainstorming will be summed up I hope with some good ideas that lead to a better experience for new players here at Achaea and maybe even the other IRE's game.   Right now I am just letting it flow, and I really don't see why people are harassing me for it. Thank you for your comment, I feel the same way.

    Before I go over board, I am going to hit Post Comment.  Rejoice! Your next @Alexandre!

  • StrataStrata United States of Derp
    I think they've already turned off experience loss in some of the other IRE's. After the introduction of server-side curing and the complete and utter destruction of several classes by leads written by the "experts" - at this point I would not be surprised if experience loss were disabled in Achaea permanently. Will it stop people from being so uptight about being on the receiving end of PK a lot? Hell no. Will they still issue for frivolous things and even lie in their issues to get other people punished - in order to "win"? Hell yes.
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