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There was a conversation on Discord last night centering around the pace of change of the game. A few people chimed in that, while many improvements have been made
to balance the game, this has come at a cost to the learning curve overall. A dormant person is coming back to an absolute ton of changes, depending on how long they
have been dormant. Miss 1 classlead cycle, and your entire class defense concept can be altered dramatically. With that in mind, I decided to post a fairly short
defensive scheme differentiated by class. These defensive tips are largely what we provide for Dawnblade, or what I'll give people when/if they ask. I figure, though,
that not everyone is in the Discord or knows me well enough to ask for tips. So, with that in mind, I'm giving them to everyone equally. We can update these as required,
as classleads pass, and hopefully keep class-based defensive measures publically available. There have been times in the past where people have complained about us giving
out 'free' knowledge, and I've always thought that was a poor mentality to have. So if you're one of those who feels I've devalued your class by telling people how to properly
counter/cure against you - suck it. Anyway, let's get started.

I would estimate that 85%-95% of the time, you should have Paralysis as your #1 priority against nearly all classes. It's the most debilitating affliction in the game, as
it blocks movement, attacking, touching tree (active cure), and some class-based active cures. Except in some very select scenarios, this should be your main focus. I will
be detailing where and when to 'swap' (move another cure up, or move something down) a priority based on conditions of the class.

Air Lord

Class route: Will use pipe afflictions, and a new affliction called Pressure. Pressure stacks into an instantkill at 6 levels.

Primary Affliction: Deadening

Secondary Affliction: Manaleech, Disloyalty, Tension, Pressure

You will want to cure the pipe afflictions above everything else. They all relapse, and the more of them you have, the more pressure stacks the Air Lord can give you per hit.
Your primary way to handle this is to shield liberally once you see Pressure hitting you, or you can attempt to run. They have a hamstring-like effect, where they can't
force you to stay in room, but your movement is delayed. The Tension affliction also allows them to prevent LANDING if you are flying, which you will want to be mindful of.
While in the Air, they get a 10% bonus to all balance times, which is a big boost. You don't want to fight them in the air.


Class route: Will lean Paralysis/X afflictions, while building something called humours. These humours can be manipulated for various effects. At no point should you
be trying to cure them down while the Alchemist is in room. Focus on the afflictions, and do your best to mitigate the effects whether by running, shielding, hindering them,
or curing the right affliction so the burst effects aren't as strong.

Primary affliction: Paralysis

Secondary affliction: Asthma or Impatience or Sensitivity, depending on what the Alchemist is doing.

They can lock you, if you aren't careful. Asthma and Impatience will need to be watched closely to ensure you aren't close to a lock.

A phlegmatic inundant is nearly a full lock, minus impatience. So if you see them prepping phlegmatic, be mindful of impatience being on you or not.

A choleric inundate (the active use of the humours), is big damage. Usually paired with sensitivity so that it kills. If you cure Sensitivity well, and shield properly, you can
mitigate this route effectively. This is the most-used route, as it is the most effective.

A sanguine inundate is bleeding based, where they explode you wish massive amounts of bleeding. Something to watch for here, is if you are CORRUPTED when they use this. If you
are, then when you CLOT, you are using your health pool to clot instead of your mana pool. You can quickly kill yourself if you aren't aware of this. If you see yourself get
CORRUPTED - then I suggest not clotting until it goes away, and going defensive (getting out of room) until you can get back to normal curing state.

A less-used strategy is a focuslock using the SHRIEK from homunculus. The ability will knock your focus balance, so if you aren't careful, you can get locked after this
before you have a chance to recover - this is where Asthma mindfulness comes into play.


Class route: Will lean Paralysis/X afflictions, building to what is referred to as a lock. A 'truelock' is what we call a lock that a person cannot break without outside assistance.
The affliction requirements are: Paralysis, Asthma, Impatience, Slickness, Anorexia - with the added requirement of a blocking affliction for either a class active heal, or a passive heal.
Most actives are stopped with either Paralysis, Weariness, Recklessness, Selarnia (this is the venom name, not the affliction name), Prone - or some combination of these.
Passive affliction heals will always cure the Voyria affliction first, which is what you will use to nullify their effect either before the lock seal, or after the lock seal.

Primary affliction: Paralysis or Asthma

Secondary affliction
: Impatience

Apostate is very hindered by Clumsiness (active hindering through afflictions, if you have access), and Curseward (an active defense). Properly timing your Curseward can 
nullify an entire attack of theirs, if they don't handle it perfectly. This is by far the most effective way to hinder them. An added benefit of Curseward, due to its
long EQ time, is you can drop Paralysis down for a moment to cure another priority affliction, if you're getting stacked already.


Class route: Will lean Paralysis/X either by jabbing with rapier, or singing it. To sing, requires you to be undeaf, which is trivial for them to accomplish. They will go
for truelocks, similar to Apostate, with the added ability to work limb breaks into their offense for extra pressure. Extremely effective, and very hard to mitigate
overall. One of the best classes for dueling, while being rather weak to damage unless you're artied.

Primary affliction: Paralysis

Difficult to hinder them, as they have two ways to give you afflictions. Clumsiness can make them miss, but that's about it. Best defensive option is to just run away
if you are getting too many afflictions.


Class route: Bleeding based, without access to haemophilia. Hard gated around an affliction called Impaleslash, which is very telegraphed, and usually allows you to run
away from them. They will use leg breaks, head and torso breaks, and/or arm breaks to achieve their kill condition. Impale>Bladetwist once the target is prone.

Primary affliction: Paralysis or Clumsiness if they are using them

Secondary affliction: Addiction and Asthma, while prone, if they are going for a Riftlock. A Riftlock is asthma/slickness/broken arms to stop OUTR from your Rift.

Overall, not that difficult to survive, but does require you to be intelligent in your movements and defensive measures. Walls help, as does being a damage class or an
extremely hindering class. 

Can be difficult to kill with their myriad of defensive moves, but it is possible once you get the hang of how to survive the offense.

They have an alternative damage route, so be mindful of tricks where they can swap to their damage stance (I personally always used LEAPHIGH to achieve this), so be aware.


Class route: Lock through Depression, Damage through Degeneration and/or Leach, Dictate through Retribution, Focuslock through Shadowmadness.

Primary affliction: Timeloop or Paralysis

Secondary affliction: Hypochondria, Asthma, Depression, Leach, Retribution, Shadowmadness

They cannot pair Paralysis with Depression or Shadowmadness, so the priority of Asthma or those instills will come down to how stacked you are. The first couple of hits,
you can safely prio the instill. Once you're getting pressured for the lock, you will want to prioritize hypochondria and asthma - as that is the gate to keep the lock
off of you.

Overall, the class can pressure several routes at the same time, and can build on you quickly if you aren't careful. They are hindered by Clumsiness affliction,
and are sub-par against Shield looping. They have a room hinder to make running difficult, which adds to their overall ability to secure kills. One of the better
classes in the game, can be difficult to survive when played well.


Class route: More often than not, they focus on getting an Embrace kill. This requires both arms and legs to be damaged (restoration apply), which they can squeeze into a
single application window. Difficult to survive without pre-application when you are close to prepped. Secondary route is damage, which can also be threatening if you
aren't a tanky class or heavily artied.

Primary affliction: Sensitivity, otherwise they barely use afflictions

Best case scenario is to apply restoration to legs when you are getting close to prepped. They have quick prep, and the kill execution will beat your salve apply nearly
every time. Tumbling out of a room hinder is an option, but is sub-optimal to a well-timed pre-apply.

To mitigate the damage, best case scenario is to shield or attempt to run, though they do have a room hinder to make this harder.

Earth Lord

Class route: Instant kill with Calcified Head or Torso

Primary affliction: None

They will break limbs to achieve their kill condition. Very difficult to survive currently, when played well. Will likely see some tweaks in the coming classlead rounds.
For now, the best option is to apply to Head or Torso between Leg applies, once they've broken you. This is not guaranteed to let you survive, because if they are good,
then they just wait for the leg apply to continue with regular offense.

Fire Lord

Class route: Damage

Primary Affliction: Paralysis or Sensitivity

Damage momentum class, where liberal shield usage and movement can really set them back. Very straight forward, have a few ways to burst you down, but it's entirely damage.
They do have an instakill if you are under a certain health range (I want to say 40%), so just be wary and move as required.


Knight classes can be played by 4 different Weapon specialisations. Dual Cutting, Sword and Shield, Dual Blunt, and Two-Handed. Specific to Infernal, the routes are:

Dual Cutting: Vivisection, Disembowel
Sword and Shield: Disembowel, Focuslock, Vivisection
Dual Blunt: Vivisection, Pulp, Damage
Two-Handed: Disembowel, Damage, Vivisection

Class route: Vivisection is more pressuring from the Dual Wield options, less so for Sword and Shield, nearly impossible for 2h.

Dual Cutting: Will use afflictions to hinder, while quick-prepping limbs into a kill.
If they are going for a Vivi route: You will need to use RESTORE to cure mending breaks while you are off salve balance. Once you regain salve balance, you'll want to apply
mending until you regain EQ to use RESTORE. You never want to be off both of these balances at the same time. If they are going for a Disembowel route, you will need to watch
your Torso carefull, as it is a hidden break. Curing your Torso largely will allow you to survive any Disembowel. However, should they choose to fork (force you to apply one,
then swap to the other route), it is very difficult to survive without correct Tumbling.

Sword and Shield: Will also use afflictions to hinder, but quite slow on the prep. Can pressure a focuslock through the affliction handling, so be mindful when you have
several kelp/aurum afflictions on you. Hard gated behind Slickness/Paralysis RNG, so you can use smart shielding to alleviate this quite well. You will want to watch your Torso
carefully here, as they can Disembowel off of a single leg break whereas Dueld Wield Cutting takes two. Vivi is much harder to pull off, due to the longer prep times.

Dual Blunt: Probably the strongest specialisation for this class. Can pressure Pulp and Vivisection at the same time. Pulp is already extremely fast, much faster than your
apply times. When played right, it is literally impossible to survive a break execution. Really could use some tweaks to help prevent 100% kill scenarios. That said, if you can
tank their damage, then applying to head instead of legs will counter Pulp route. Vivisection remains the same as the Dual Cutting defensive measures.

Two-handed: Uses a secondary affliction called Fractures to build into limb breaks. These are cured with health elixir applied to the respective limb, which consumes your sip
balance. You will want to parry your head versus them, as head fractures increase the balance time of your elixirs. Fairly straightforward other than that. Run away as best you
can from the damage. Tumble on leg breaks. Don't let them get both leg and arm fractures high, as that opens you up to a Vivisection.

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  • At least update the House scrolls if you're gunna post it here. :D
  • Slight adjustments to Water Lord: They deliver two afflictions at a time with mild damage and can deliver a third affliction if you have two preliminary ones. The tertiary afflictions can lead to a sustained focus or salve lock, which can then lead to Latch.

    Latch uses the following afflictions: Addiction, lethargy, haemophilia, nausea, and 200+ bleeding. If they have two of them, it's equivalent to pinshot. If they have three, it causes bleeding. If they have four, one of which must be 200+ bleeding, it knocks them off health balance and they can desiccate.

    All of their tertiary afflictions towards a lock require weariness stuck on the target. Latch requires you to be bleeding to actually kill you. Figure out whatever priority works for you, I'm not a combat genius.
  • Atalkez said:
    A phlegmatic inundant is nearly a full lock, minus impatience. So if you see them prepping phlegmatic, be mindful of impatience being on you or not.

    It's entirely possible I've missed/forgotten about an Alchemist change, but I don't think impatience is the only affliction to watch out for with phlegmatic inundate (depending on class). If you have any one non-inundate lock affliction (asthma, impatience, paralysis, from memory) and full phlegmatic (eight stacks), you can be locked because they can just fill in whatever they need that inundate doesn't give with truewrack on the same balance.

    Impatience is the important one for Dragon and Depthswalker, since both have active cures blocked (in part, in the case of Dragon) by recklessness, which is focusable. There the Alchemist likely needs to stick impatience in order to then stick recklessness behind it. For classes which rely on Fitness, phlegmatic inundate gives weariness, so they get the active blocking affliction included already; they just need to truewrack whatever you don't have out of paralysis, asthma and impatience.

    Of course, worth pointing out that weariness is (or was - maybe it's changed) the last inundate affliction, so they only need eight phlegmatic to lock if weariness is required to stop you curing. If it's not, they only need six phlegmatic before inundate gives all of the afflictions they care about.

  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    What is "Paralysis/X"?
  • edited January 2018
    Paralysis/otherAffliction, whatever that aff is. Just my way of showing that as a variable subject to change.

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  • I just have to say I'm very grateful for this thread. I keep getting smashed effortlessly in combat and it has made me hesitant to participate in battles. I miss out on a lot of this information from not being a Dawnblade. It isn't that the Harbingers are unhelpful (in fact they are amazing), but I often don't know what to ask about, and these priority swaps are a massive puzzle.

    I've been messing with a giant spreadsheet of afflictions and cures to try and figure out how to counter stacking offenses but just don't have the synthesized wisdom to know what is important.

  • Welcome to poke at me if you have any specific hangups!

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  • For Sentinel: Blind prio while prone if you see them going for dismember route (while tumbling). Can slow them down, even though they have an ent that can strip blind, because it means they have to use a balance to ensnare rather than let butterfly transfix you. Shielding won't get you all that far vs Petrify, since lemming; better to run since traps are their main form of room hinder and can be avoided by a lot of things.

    For Sylvan: Worth noting that (provided you don't do so too late), if they're going weatherweaving route you can reset a fight entirely just by moving out of the room. Doesn't have to be far away, literally adjacent will reset all of their momentum since arcane power is room-based, not target/self-based.
    Less relevant than the above: Priest can also prep limbs extremely quickly, especially with arti mace. Can use that to hinder people/keep them in room, as well as added pressure with earth disrupt. They won't need their rites to kill you, if you don't run early and often.
  • Dragon

    Class route: Damage with Bite, Devour, Lock

    Primary affliction: Paralysis, Impatience, Sensitivity

    Dragon has a few ways to kill, which are all pretty solid methods. They double leg break into Bites to do damage, which can be increased by sticking Sensitivity and using Broken Torso. Double Bite will kill most people, unless they're extra tanky/artied - which you will need at least 1 sensi bite to achieve. So defensively, cure sensitivity anytime you can.

    The Devour path is a bit trickier, as it scales with limbs broken. Generally, they will break torso, then break legs, which makes it extremely quick. Focus on your Torso, to ensure they aren't able to abuse this. Good Torso management circumvents this route pretty well, along with quick tumbling.

    Lock can be tricky, because of how the afflictions come out. It's easy to survive, but also easy to get caught off guard. If you're getting afflictions stuck on you pre-break, you'll want to just run away and cure up. They have no room hinder.

    I think that covers all the classes!

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  • Was thinking about this last night, and would it make more sense to have these on the Wiki rather than here? The main advantage is that it's editable so we can keep the pages up to date, rather than requiring people to scroll through the thread to see if there have been any changes to how classes work and how they should be defended against. We can keep this thread with links to those pages to make people aware that they exist, since a lot more people read the forums than regularly browse the Wiki (or even know it exists), and use it for discussing the content on those pages.
  • Past experience shows that people with combat experience are not generally the type that would keep a wiki page up to date, but a wiki page suggests being up to date more than a forum post.
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    I do think something like this would benefit from being on the wiki as well. It'd be easier to maintain, by whoever decided to do so, and easier to read.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Yeah if anyone wants to take that task, that’s great. It does make sense to be on the wiki, but uhhh I don’t have time for all that.

    Not it.

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  • Jonathin said:
    Can confirm that Atalkez will give tips if he has time.

    A+ dude.
    @Atalkez is the fearless new fighter (back then) who fights everyone, dies 1282294 times and learns his way up to the top and gives combat tips and advice to everyone regardless of faction.

    A+ dude.
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    @Atalkez Where is the tips on beating earth lord? Your most played class and your suggestion is "Class needs tweaks"? Clearly a bias heathen bible!

    In all honesty though, well written thanks for taking the time!
  • I’ve said repeatedly apply to head or torso between the leg applies. That won’t beat me, but it might someone else!

    It’s strong, but easier to survive than Pulp at least.

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  • The simple solution to earth lord is “play bard”

  • How to fight Earth Lord in 1 simple step.
    1) Don't fight Earth Lord
    2) Profit

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    Dunn said:
    The simple solution to earth lord is “play bard”
    Can confirmed. I duelled one today, actually killed it (after dying once as air lord and once as bard). Two words: trueparry centre.

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    Trueparry center and aff the shit out of them. 

  • For Two-Handed I'd like to add that another part of why you need to parry head is that skull fractures relapse nausea which negates any other parry you use. To get around head parry, they will break your leg and prone you to give you two skull fractures. Preapply to legs and they'll have to find another way through which could well give you enough time to secure your kill before they do.
  • Gilliam said:
    For Two-Handed I'd like to add that another part of why you need to parry head is that skull fractures relapse nausea which negates any other parry you use.
    If you're not parrying head they don't need to bypass parry, so the fact that it allows them to doesn't really mean anything.
  • Antonius said:
    Gilliam said:
    For Two-Handed I'd like to add that another part of why you need to parry head is that skull fractures relapse nausea which negates any other parry you use.
    If you're not parrying head they don't need to bypass parry, so the fact that it allows them to doesn't really mean anything.
    Gilliam said:
    For Two-Handed I'd like to add that another part of why you need to parry head is that skull fractures relapse nausea which negates any other parry you use. To get around head parry, they will break your leg and prone you to give you two skull fractures. Preapply to legs and they'll have to find another way through which could well give you enough time to secure your kill before they do.
    Thus giving you nausea. Thus negating further attempts to parry. Thus being relevant information in regards to facing the class.
  • If you're not parrying head, the nausea negating your parry is gonna be the least of your worries.
  • I... Are you guys taking the piss? Or just not reading the words on the page...?
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