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  • Yeah, that about sums it up. Fun class 😑

  • How do the reworks affect what to cure vs Runewarden, Infernal, and Paladin?

    Unnameable, wat do?

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  • Nothing really changed all that much.

    Vs Unnamable, at least, you're pretty much still better off curing as per usual. You can maybe time a goldenseal eat while you're prone, to cure off a stack before they get balance back... But unless they're doing 2-limb preps, you're just gonna get locked/disemboweled anyway.

    Runewarden is unaffected, they didn't get anything changed.

    Paladin I imagine is probably in the same boat as Unnamable, since it's pretty functionally similar in both speed and lock/stack capability.

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  • Unnamable and new Paladin are basically the same class. You want to focus the new affliction (horror or pyre/burn) only in certain spots. While you're being prepped, you don't want to cure them down because you run the risk of getting focuslocked, unless you're doing a standard shield/priority. That said, you don't want to go into the breaks with a full stack (horror5, pyre/burn3) because it's going to be very hard for you to survive the execute at that point. A little easier for Paladin since ablaze is a salve apply, while horror is an herb. Horror5 is an insta if they have an arm and a leg damaged, while Burning5 is an insta if you have a damaged head.

    So ultimately you want to cure normally, and know when the specials are getting high and take measures to try to mitigate those, critically if you know you're prepped or close to prepped.

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