GUI showoff thread #3



  • No use making a new thread when this one's perfectly fine.

    Been messing around with @Zulah 's GUI, rewrote a bunch of it and let my system hook into it. Even made a darkmode style to work with it, because darkmode is superior in everything. Not sure yet whether or not I like the middle window yet, but I'm mostly happy with the rest of it. Might add a background at some point if I can be bothered.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

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    Bumping because I'm working on putting together a GUI and interested in what others are working with nowadays!

    This GUI is a mix of a lot of different scripts but I managed to get everything working thus far on my 1280x800 display. I am planning on adding in a few clicky labels on the bottom right to toggle certain modes and perhaps health/mana bar once I figure out how to create my own gradients. Any other ideas that might be useful?

    • Valden's room tracker + Klendathu's people tracker made the info box really easy though I plan on rewriting the code once I figure out how to limit the amount of x things and to group multiples together because all though valdens tracker is godsend! My OCD kills me when Im looking for something that might be higher up on the list.
  • That looks really polished!

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