Poll: Which modern Achaean House is the best and why?



  • I failed my GR1 Kharon interview and was kicked out of the guild waaaay back in the day for answering a test question, saying that I would toss a homeless person a few coins if I walked by them. That's it, was literally kicked out for that, lol.
  • I like the Heartwood for no reason
  • Aodfionn said:
    I joined the Harbingers because @Draqoom tried to pull the "WE ARE SO DARK AND MYSTERIOUS" card when I tried to join the Luminai. Have never regretted it. 

    I like the Harbingers; outside of the Occultists or Naga, they're probably my favorite house. It's very much like the Sylvans were (which I loved), just without all the clique-ish bullshit and uselessness (which I hated). They have a small but awesome group of active people (Torinn/Elipise/Aralaya/Daeir/Carmell/Greys/Micaelis/Reymi/others) who do a lot of work to help make the game more fun for other people, which is rad. 

    We also get the loosest rules on fraternization (in practice), which means we also get the opportunity to RP with people from other factions on a fairly regular basis beyond just raiding them. I like that. 
    I don't recall this happening.

    As for the best House? I've been in a ton, I've built up a ton, I've touched nearly all of the old Houses and am apparently starting on my path of doing the same for the new ones. I've been in Dawnblade, Luminai and Shield of the new ones. I see endless potential but lackluster performance. This isn't necessarily the players fault. They've got a decade of old stuff to basically erase from memory and prove to the old players that these new things can be great if given time and effort, and that's all they need. Time and effort.

    Yeah, having a House dedicated to combat in a Theocratic War city is redundant and a combat House in a city devoted to peace/pacifism/neutrality is a little discouraging, but both can work and be valid given time and effort. Shield could easily crack skulls to promote the continued peace and prosperity of Cyrene.

  • Kafziel said:
    I'm pretty sure that's verbatim stolen from sentinel guild novice test
    Not quite. 

    Druids had it first, then Sentinels split off and took the Novice stuff with then Sylvans did the same. 

    Deonymus wrote quite a bit of the originals.

    I still have all my wave quarterstaff faux illusions from the days when the interviews took 3-4 real life hours.


    - To love another person is to see the face of G/d
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  • Oops wrong thread

  • Sarathai said:
    Prythe said:
    I still have all my wave quarterstaff faux illusions from the days when the interviews took 3-4 real life hours.
    And people wonder why Guilds were overhauled.
    I never wondered. 

    So many stories I could tell, none of them flattering. Except about me. I almost always look good in my stories.

    - To love another person is to see the face of G/d
    - Let me get my hat and my knife
    - It's your apple, take a bite
    - Don't dream it ... be it

  • AereidhnaAereidhna Dallas
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    Man, I miss giving those interviews. I never failed anyone on a technicality, though I know now that they were horribly designed and a lot of people DID get failed unfairly. It's fun to reminisce about the good old days but I am glad Guilds are not a thing anymore.

    I think that's part of the struggle with the new Houses - it's also fun to reminisce about old Houses, but one can remember the past fondly and also try to create a present that, though different, is still fun and awesome. I've been playing this game for going on 16-17 years. I have seen a lot of changes, good and bad, and I find it's mostly what you make of it and what you put in. I have faith that it can be done.
  • This thread is one of the examples of why it's hard to figure out where to go now! Man, decision making is hard. :expressionless:
  • I've found the cities themselves ideologue a lot better than almost any point in achaea, but the houses feel like a "place within a place" so to speak. I feel that breaking them hard to be very specialised may help, so no real combat path is study houses as an example, would have been beneficial, but that may be way too constrictive for some.

    It would be nice to be able to join any city and have them offer houses or none at all. Personally I feel more connected to the cities themselves than the houses, and feel like another potential form of internal dispute available instead of being a place to foster characters who amy share similiar ideas.

    This is all personal opinion and not a dig at the houses, this is just how they have felt to me. Personall though before my dormancy krym is definitely an intruiging house.
  • Omg! krymenians got second place! Woot!
  • I'm loving seeing the different sides of this game which I haven't seen for years. On the one hand, I don't miss guilds for all the drama that they had. On the other hand, one of my favorite things about this game is the richness and depth of story it has created. I feel like the revamp of all of the cities did a great job of really making them stand apart thematically, with a down side of at least from the rogue gallery looking mechanically far too similar. I feel like the Houses themselves have tons of Potential, and I really look forward to them stepping into the big stage, both in representing themselves, and their respective cities. I miss guilds and the original houses only for how much story they had behind them. The rich traditions of the Druids. The world grand standing of the Kharon, or the Ashura. While many of the houses did have similar class origins, they managed to carve out unique identities and accomplishments, which I look forward to seeing the new Houses accomplish. For now, I'm fairly put off by many of the cities, and the constant need to fight and be contrary to all but themselves. In short, I miss the history and stories which were, and hope that in the future these new Houses will create stories and accomplishments just as rich and exciting. 
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