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    Bann said:
    @Rangor You're looking for 'mitigation' I think it is. Or shielding, or something like that. Been a while since I played, though.
    Shielding shows up under healing. As long as the damage is absorbed, and it doesn't go to waste... I think one that isn't tracked though, would be reduced damage that smite causes mobs to do. Which is kinda easy to work out anyway, just multiply the amount of smite casts by... I think it's 35,000? It might scale with int... But yeah, calculate that and just throw it onto your healing done. You're almost surely going to surpass most healers except maybe Rsham/MW.

    eta: Provided you're playing Disc right!
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    Is the aoe barrier that isn't shown. But disc is supposed to be like 10% behind pure healers. And dps is supposed to be around tank lvl or higher I think.
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    BrB rolling Arcane mage so I can get sheep staff.


    edit: OMG it screams. O. M. G. 
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    Lala said:
    Ahmet said:
    I was like the fifth person to get it :D
    Huh. Neat.
  • What server is everybody or does t not matter?
    I am finding it hard to resist :(
  • Doesn't really matter anymore. 
  • Just don't go Alliance :D
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    Ryzeth said:
    Just don't go Alliance :D
    Excuse you
    Huh. Neat.
  • Ahmet said:
    Excuse you
    @Dairon: Just don't go Alliance if you wanna play with anyone cool*
  • Same goes for this IG event right now too


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    Dunn said:
    Same goes for this IG event right now too

    Too soon. Toooooooo soon.
    Huh. Neat.
  • Wee I'm an owkitten!

  • Ugg, I've only gotten one message so far :(
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    So, after all the bitching that the class has received since Legion (partially from myself as well, admittedly). I finally let it decide my next class to level. Thus I leveled my Priest...

    Holy: Never, in the entire 11-odd years playing, have I liked or enjoyed playing this spec. Even during WotLK days I was token disc priest in our raids (before swapping to druid), and I did just fine despite people saying it was horrible for raiding. Not touching Holy with a 10ft pole. I still haven't gotten my artifact.

    Shadow: Damn has my opinion on this spec changed since launch. The amount of pure damage you can dish out after Voidform wears off, and you have 30-35 stacks. Holy shit. Especially in PvP, you just rip through healers... Unless a rogue/dh is sitting on you :(
    7-8/10. Spec still has slight problems dealing with mobility-based fights, but other than that it seems pretty solid now, compared to my initial thoughts of it being awful.

    Discipline: I honestly don't think I've ever had such a drastic change of opinions about a single spec, the entire time I've played. Generally when I felt a spec was shit, I was usually right, no matter how good the player was. (Hi Survival)... Now that I've given it a serious try (no Mythics yet, but working on it. Just hit 830 ilvl after LFR, should be ~833 when I finish campaign in the morning). The spec is actually pretty absurdly fun, provided you have groups that don't think standing in fire gives you more dps. Nothing like throwing out a 800k crit Light's Wrath at something, and watching your healing done shoot up by 3-4 million.
    ~8.5/10. It's obviously not the top-parsing healer, but I really don't feel it's as horrible as people try and say. Was doing ~175k hps in LFR compared to the 130-140 that the 845+ ilvl healers were doing, and still ending the fight with about 30% more mana than them. As well as doing ~75-85k dps.

    I think the issue people have been having with Discipline is that the stat weights still aren't really making much sense, and the Mastery is kinda shoddy and not very well-thought out. Atonement should just be 50% baseline, and Mastery increases smite/penance damage. Combined makes for a kinda awkward playstyle, and a rather hard to get used to one, at that.

    No real regrets leveling this class, so far. We'll see how I do in Mythics after the reset. :)

    [spoiler]Btw Daeir, some 100k dps rogue in our group got a heroic titanforged (855 ilvl) Chaos Talisman earlier today. R.I.P[/spoiler]
  • Disc looks really fun, I kinda wish I had leveled mine. Resto druid ended up being really annoying/boring for me, but incredibly OP. My holy paladin is more fun and has pretty great gear now but their AoE healing methods are so much weaker, makes some mythic + runs way more difficult.

    Also last week's overhealing affix is fucking dumb for holy paladin. My best heal holy shock can literally vary from like 350k non-crits to 3 million. Not to mention one of my two AoE heals cannot be controlled, so I'd have to rely on my allies clicking the buff off so that they don't get healed.. every like 12 seconds. The overheal to absorb ratio is freakin 1:3.

    So I skipped +7 and higher last week, but I got my first +10 this week and it was very fun.
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    Did first Mythic today, was Halls of Valor after getting declined from like 6 different groups for being Disc... Man, can really feel the stigma this spec has gotten since Legion launched...

    Only one wipe on Odyn because people derped and didn't interupt surge so we got wrecked by that. Was averaging ~95-100k dps and on fights that required solid healing output (namely Fenrus and Skovald) was pushing around 170-180k hps.

    839 ilvl now, pretty good so far I think. 5-atonement Light's Wraths critting for around 800k now, with 60% transfer on atonement, works out to nearly 500k healing to everyone in group. Follow up with penance and it basically tops everyone off... Almost got the trait that gives Shadow Word: Pain a chance to boost penance damage by 50%; it's already critting 180k per bolt.

    God speed!
  • Disc is very enjoyable, and I find it to be a very good keystone spec. Lots of damage mitigation for tank. Cd's to burn. Can spot heal really well. Also helps speed up progress with damage.
  • yall have guild?

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    Daeir said:
    Can't see how Disc even functions in keystone 6+ runs outside of certain specs. Just too much damage coming out for even a Grace spec to heal through with mend spam.
    Every healer is -capable- of doing mythic +10. Problem is disc has the stigma attached to it that they're bad. Reality of it is though, that it takes a lot more skill to play it at a high level. So most people won't take one over virtually any other healer because of the risk of fail involved. Compared to say restoration shaman/druid, Legion Disc is like rocket science to people... it's not hard but it definitely takes efforRte. 

    Eta: also depends on group's ability to avoid/interrupt damage when possible, but that defs not limited to disc. 
  • RomRom
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    Disc is considered one of the best high-end mythic+ healers. They have lots of ways to avoid wipe mechanics (incredibly deadly during Tyrannical) via smite absorb, PW:S being one of the last absorbs in the game, and PW:Barrier being great as always. Their biggest appeal is that they easily do the highest amount of consistent damage of the healing specs, and shadow mend has basically no downside in Mythic+ since everyone takes loads of damage constantly, which makes their single target healing insane.

    Here's a video of a group clearing +15 with a Disc healer.
    Here's a +10 Maw group from 2 weeks ago Disc PoV (insane freakish UI though). He has lots of Disc PoV videos and quite a few are Mythic+.

    Some healers are better for different affixes too, like I mentioned earlier I can't even play my holy paladin during the overhealing affix.
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  • "No whisper target found."

    Fucking christ that got annoying fast.

  • I tried :(

  • @Lala --- omg the adorable. Just got him from class hall mission

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    (Mythic) Everyone died to first Corrupted Bellow in phase 2. Flashzz = healer.

    Git gud m8. Only took 6 minutes, lul.
  • Well, all you do is win so I'm not surprised. (Well done)
  • My sides, they ache.

  • Sometimes you never realise how much damage a class does until you actually play it.

  • Nice and clean healing UI.

  • Ew ElvUI base.
  • Ryzeth said:
    Ew ElvUI base.
    Yup. Easy to configure and doesn't need 15 individual addons for all the stuff you want.
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