Artefact Armour Arrives



  • Taryius said:
    I wouldn't buy the Cutting/Blunt resistances... SoA paragon and -maybe- the psychic resistance because its 7.5%, psychic is one of the hardest to resist and is getting more and more prevalent with depthswalkers and gold dragons around...

    What's worse is that the paragon isn't 5% physical resistances, but either cutting or blunt.
    If a person has to get a physical resist paragon. I definitely recommend Blunt resist. It has helped me deal with Monks with 20 strength and Dual Blunt Users who have level 3 maces and flails quite a bit...

    Also blunt/cutting paragons on a slotted robe worn by a Horkval is surprisingly fun to play with.
    That is not an ordinary star, my son. That star is the tear of a warrior. A lost soul who has finished his battles somewhere on this planet. A pitiful soul who could not find his way to the lofty realm where the great spirit awaits us all.
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