Mining and Legions



  • Iron is spawning more frequently. Start assaulting if you want it and can't find it before others do. 

    ice/gems/gold/silver/platinum all need more uses. They are currently the least profitable commodities to mine when you factor in upkeep costs
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    There is a lot more Iron spawning, it hasn't really made a change to the market yet, but it also has the largest hole to fill so it won't be a sudden change.

    It probably could do with another increase though.
  • Iron prices have been steadily going downward. As Grandue mentioned, there are several comms like platinum that are just not worth mining given they are actually too abundant relative to their consumption. The issue is that its hard to get lodes if you do not have a network of people. Greys has people he regularly points out lodes to and in turn will get a heads up when lodes appear. You also need to track when lodes are completing so new ones will likely pop up.
  • Even if you do get the lodes, you need some connections to sell them profitably and in bulk. First you get a mine, then you try to get rid of the comms.

    If you are stuck with comms and willing to sell them 50% off CM, hit me up IG.
  • Could use some silver lodes, I know a lot of cities are hurting for it.
  • Let's let things ride for a while before we start adjusting things. If people are intentionally trying to corner a market to raise the price to a more profitable ROI it completely negates their efforts if we just keep increasing the spawn rate of commodities. There are currently enough commodities being produced to provide the comms for every city's annual upkeep plus a lot more. I say we wait a few more years before continuing to increase spawn rates. 

    When we see an increase in the number of people mining we'll see an increase in iron and stone usage. Which will raise the price of those commodities. When a new person begins working on leveling up their forging you are going to see an increase in demand for those commodities and this a rise in price. These are natural and predictable economic principles and they should be allowed to be played out instead of just increasing the spawn rate of everything. What if one city has been focusing on stockpiling their silver storage? Other cities are going to need silver, they can either work deals to get that silver, become more proficient at mining to get the silver or some other way. If you just increase silver spawn that negates a lot of more interesting things that could have taken place. 
  • I think we are starting to get to the point where the fight for mining is as much about the demand as the supply.
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