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    No I mean the environment. They spawn in polar and mountain but not tundra.
                      Valley     Hills     Desert     Mountains    Tundra    Polar
    Carbon              x          x                      x
    Iron ore                       x          x           x           x
    Raw obsidian                   x                      x
    Silver ore          x          x          x
    Gold ore                       x          x           x
    Platinum ore        x                     x           x
    Raw gems            x                     x           x
    Coal                           x                      x           x
    Raw bone            x                     x                       x
    Impure ice                                            x                    x
    Raw stone                      x                      x
  • What he said.
  • What would really make strongholds something to fight over is if they got a share, even 1% of what is refined at them.
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Commodity Price Quantity Available
    Obsidian                              80gp                               50
    Obsidian                              81gp                               50
    Obsidian                              82gp                               50
    Obsidian                              83gp                               50
    Obsidian                              85gp                               50
    Obsidian                              86gp                               50
    Obsidian                              87gp                               3000
    Obsidian                              87gp                               50
    Obsidian                              88gp                               50
    Obsidian                              89gp                               50

    This is such a blatant devaluation of prices and obviously the work of one person. People used to do this to credits except there's now this clause for the credit market:

    You can only have one batch of credits for sale at a time, if you change the price, it will nullify your previous sale offer and create a new one at the new price.

    I can see people maybe undercutting by one or two gold, but this is ridiculous. You shouldn't be able to sell more than 2 or 3 batches of the same commodity at different prices.

  • Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the way that gold is delivered from commodity sales in the Delos market?


    I am constantly juggling 50+ letters, sometimes from people buy only 1 or 2 commodities at a time. Just let it all be deposited into a bank, perhaps the Delos bank exclusively or something.
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    @Skye ,  I tried to explain this to a character in game - (was that you?), and I can post that discussion on public if that helps matters, but here are three quick, concise reasons (I had detailed examples, but decided against posting those):

    1) A few large orders makes it easier for people to manipulate the market.

    2)  Small order sizes means that everyone gets to sell some stuff.

    3) No pricing model is perfect.

  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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    2) is largely incorrect when it's only (or mostly) one person doing those multiple prices. The only thing that's happening is de-valuing the price of the commodity. Stone is acting much the same way at the moment.

    I bet the above wouldn't happen if a name was attached to any commodities sold, though that unfortunately defeats the purpose. While the idea of manipulating the market with a few well-priced batches of commodities is intriguing, I find it less so in the face of the current de-valuing that is clearly happening and unlikely to stop.

    Edit: To clarify, no one is going to be posting commodities in those little groups. Everyone will always want to sell now, now, now because people are impatient. Instead they'll just sell for the cheapest, even if it means they lose money. This is why it is not a very advisable tactic, for economic stability, and for all involved.

    So with that, I am for adding in the similarity of the credit market, in which you can only have a few groups of one type of commodity up at varying prices - a max of three sounds fair. Unless there's a better solution not thought of yet.
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  • AeryllinAeryllin Michigan, USA
    Yes.  Allllll for making it so you can only have one batch of one kind of comm up like the credit market.  These cute 'little orders' have devalued the market immensely and will only get worse with time.  It'd be fine if you posted one group at a time, but when you then post ten more and knock the price of a comm down by 20 gold...  it ruins the economy.  Period.

  • I find it easier to sell 200-500 at a time. And add them back as they get sold. 

    And agree with @Grandue, the gold goes to Delos bank, details goes as a message. 
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Delios said:

    WTB my wtf/disagree button back, please. 

  • I like the letters, personally. It allows me to keep things straight.
  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
    probably not worth the effort to code in, but a CONFIG option sounds perfect for this
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  • It is a little thing but.. any chance of putting the PROSPECT information in MINES SHOW? 

    What I mean by this is, when I am physically present to prospect my own mine I see how much of the lode has been mined out. It would be nice if this information was visible when I look at a specific mine with mines show so that I can figure out at what point I should go there and CLAIM STORAGE.

  • We could also use more iron drops, between its use for weapons, armor, seafaring, and mines. I'm reluctant to use it for anything but the latter at the moment, due to how seldom it seems to drop - and I'm reluctant to buy it at market prices because demand has been steadily outstripping supply, and people (generally) aren't stupid. 

    Besides that, I want to be Iron Man. :innocent: 

  • Greys said:
    Maybe time to change what the currency is? Can finally really be the iron realms.
    Iron sovereigns from the Iron Bank of Achaea! I like it
  • And lots of cracks about paying the iron price.
  • I guess I get the Iron-y....
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  • Clearly, Sarevok is behind all these iron shortages, so that he can start another inter-city bloodbath and become the new Lord of Murder from all the killing.

    The reference is a clue as to why I have not been present in a while. Well, that, and my almost-finished thesis. Only a few days more to print out the documents and participate in the dreaded 'defense'.

  • Synbios said:
    Clearly, Sarevok is behind all these iron shortages, so that he can start another inter-city bloodbath and become the new Lord of Murder from all the killing.

    The reference is a clue as to why I have not been present in a while. Well, that, and my almost-finished thesis. Only a few days more to print out the documents and participate in the dreaded 'defense'.

    Binky had interesting ideas with his iron shortage, but flawed. For example, putting impurities into the iron? Sounds like the lame idea of some yes-man underling who didn't know when to quit. No doubt he was flogged. But speaking of a good flog, it brings to mind poor Auntie Sara. She too had a master plan to take over Sapience, though hers was considerably less dramatic and involved the use of some tasty recipes for turnip pie and some mind-altering herbs that Auntie Sara had bought from a rather disreputable-looking Eleusian. Do you think she'd listen? You can trust we forestals about as hard as you can newbiekick us (which isn't a whole lot of damage, even if you hit!) if you're one of those dirty city-dwellers... and even then it's not a bad idea to watch out in case the Blackthorn General is having a bad day. But alas, Auntie Sara just cackled in her most Mhaldorian-like way and was determined to carry on with her plan to snap-spam Sapience in aeon. Alas, she was completely undone by an over-the-top exposition she gave to a Luminai spy she had captured... and who subsequently evaded out, of course, before she could have him killed. Not killrooming properly is what villains do, I understand, when they're not busy defiling iron mines (or really just stealing them for themselves). Of course, they say that the Cyrenian Imperiate had already had a bit of Auntie's pie and enjoyed it immensely. Rather than become hypnotised, he just became rather pleasantly obsessed with silken undergarments (not an uncommon obsession in Cyrene). This, of course, led to the first Great Underwear Shortage (very uncommon in Cyrene). It's also known as the Three-Year Wedgie Drought, but that's another story entirely. </Jan>
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    - With sharp, crackling tones, Kyrra tells you, "The ladies must love you immensely."
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    - Makarios says, "Serve well and perish."
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  • Sarathai said:
    Binky had interesting ideas...

    BINKY?! You had best not be addressing me, gnome.

  • Okay seriously, all joking aside, I'm getting a little fed up with this. Its frustrating to spend hours prospecting and see nothing but:

    You are enough of a prospector to realise that iron lodes never spawn and there is no point looking for one.

    This one commodity is used for too many things. It is the Spice Melange of Achaea, and she who controls it, controls the universe! The price of iron on the com market hasn't budged all week and access to iron directly affects the profitability of mining ANY other com.

    At these prices its almost better to just let my ships weapons decay and buy new ones rather than maintain them. I have no problem what so ever finding vacant gold, silver, carbon and obsidian lodes. But if you want iron you better be ready to Kung Fu fight the whole planet for it...
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    There is iron, you just keep missing the spawns, same as the bunch of us. I dare say there's been an increase in spawn rates even. 

     'more iron' is nice, but I think more demand/outlets for the so-called 'precious metal'/rare lodes would be even nicer.  

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    I respectfully disagree. I prospect as I move through each mining camp area and I've seen the number of iron spawns (all taken, of course). 

    The total lack of supply on the market is pretty clear evidence the rate is not high enough. Every single person who mines needs iron, in addition to people who own ships, armour crafters, city improvements, the list goes on and on. If the spawn rate was just changed (I saw no announcement to make me think it was) then maybe I'd say give it a few more days and look at the market again.

    30K for 230 iron to start a large mine - the only viable kind of mine really - is a massive chunk out of the profits of any other com. It also makes for far fewer people willing to build mines on small lodes, which means that quite a few of those small lodes are a waste of space that nobody wants to pay the bill to clean up.

    I agree there should be some reason why the average player would want gold, silver and platinum...but that is very hard to do. I'd hate to see those commodities suddenly become important for totally artificial or illogical reasons. 
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
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    A lot of cities have citizens mining iron that will never see the market because they sell direct back to the city. There are also hoarders who keep a large supply of stock in spare and only release controlled quantities to the market to ensure stable prices. I took about a week off from mining/prospecting when I was making the push to dragon and I can definitely say that the number of iron mines I see (taken or not) looks more than before.

    At one point you would only see a few iron mines scattered around and you wouldn't expect another relode until those mines were all but gone. Now you can still find iron reloding without those mines getting depleted. I don't disagree that more iron would be good because everyone needs it, but it's also these limits that help maintain prices instead of a total market collapse. Bearing in mind that mining even with your own comms isn't cheap. I also feel like I have to point out that just like any other lode, there's an element of luck in it as well. You also need to develop good relations with other miners as a rogue otherwise nobody will tell you shit. 

    We just had an iron spawn with a ton of iron mines still standing. And I wouldn't have known about it if mining friends didn't tell me. 

  • we need more gilded weaponry! Let us fire golden bolts of lightning upon our enemies, rather than rusted bolts of depression.
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