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  • Masterfully hammered into a long, thick blade of about a hand’s width, hardened steel tapers to a sharp point.

    There are many many ways to do it, this is just off the top off my head and is likely not the best but hopefully it gives you the idea!

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    Kresslack said:
    Saonji said:
    12 hours and nobody pointed out 'has been' - Impressive.
    What is wrong with 'has been'?
    Nothing is wrong with it, as it's all about preference for how someone writes. It's just something Achaeans have had a habit of trying to point out whenever someone posts things they do. You can look back through this thread, even, and see it. Clementius used be really pedantic about people writing that way, too.

    I wasn't poking fun at your stuff. Just people's tendencies to poke fun at it.

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    Awesome, thanks for the suggestions! Gonna see about getting this and the typos corrected.

  • I recently customised my artefacts and was having a bit of fun, the majority of my powers are on my pendant.

    a mercury-filled emerald pendant

    Wrapping around the neck, a length of ordinary stygian leather cord dangles midway down the chest. Upon the cording dangles a curious pendant of jagged, imperfect emerald, hollowed through the middle then filled with mercurial silver. As if deliberately opposing the mundanity of the capsule, the shimmering liquid metal ethereally floats within the prism, creating a paradox of shifting images. Coiling in gentle fractal symmetry one moment, curling into meaningless chaos the next, the visions within the stone never cease their churning, as if caught in an eternal flux.

    My Wings:

    a pair of spectral draconic wings

    This set of terrifying wings is destined to rest upon the wearer by being attached to one's shoulders and then resting upon their hips. The wings themselves are immense in proportion, and macabre is the bone structure that is clearly visible through the thin layer of skin and armour-like scales that grow on top of the wing's primary bones. The membranous features afford a hauntingly spectral translucence in the spaces between the framing bone structure. Numerous scales remain intact upon the surface area, and when struck by available light they glint like emeralds against the pallid verdant backdrop.

    Then my Lyre....

    a patinaed lyre bound in Ulangian hymns

    Patinaed copper has been wrought into a magnificent lyre, graced with a matte finish and lush verdant undertones. A straight crossbar connects the twin arms of the instrument, which elegantly sweep outwards from the sound-chest at grip. Gleaming with ethereal hues, seven mithril-spun strings flow down from the lyre's crossbar to rest upon the bridge and affix to the tailpiece, the sound-chest itself engraved with ghostly imagery of a dragon in flight. So pallid and subtle are the metallic chasings that they are difficult to discern at a glance against the predominantly blue-green copper backdrop of the lyre. Closer scrutiny unveils flecks and scattered traces of jade adorning the fierce wings of the dragon. When played, the lyre emanates a rich, mellow resonance that comes across as bittersweet in tone, the haunting notes lingering wistfully in the air. Trailing from the arches, an verdant banner of ribbon has been braided and tied, the remainder of the fabric about providing significant length and roughly a hand wide, sure to stream wistfully from the instrument whilst played. Numerous hymns have been scribed in the Grook language along the surface in silvered ink, a faint glimmer when struck by available light due to the diamond dust afforded to the ink, affording the illusion of the arcane upon the writing.

  • I'm not 100% happy with this, and will probably recustomise it at some point. Haven't designed anything in like 6 months, so very rusty :(
    Did get approved first try, though.
    Appearance: a luminscent staff of frosted glass
    Dropped: Emitting a faint blue light, a frosted glass staff lies here.
    Examined: Twin lengths of frosted sapphire-hued glass twist around one another to form this impressive staff. Measuring nearly six feet in length, the entire handle is perpetually cold to the touch with tendrils of hoarfrost layering the glass from base to tip. A large, specially-cultivated salt crystal is affixed to the top of the staff, meticulously chiselled into the appearance of a skull. Throughout the whole length, occasional thrums of bright blue energy pulse from the staff's core in a quiet, reverberating beat that grows brightest at the skull.

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