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What have you designed today?



  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect itMember Posts: 1,678 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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    I'm never going to actually make this chair in game, so for the curious, here is my furnishing design for Amarisse's contest.

    Appearance: a giant throne of charred dragonbone

    Dropped: Menacing even in death, a huge dragon's skull looms over this giant bone throne.

    Examined: Gargantuan dragon bones fully comprise this grisly throne, which towers imposingly above most mortals. Thick, dragon-sized femurs hold aloft a knobbly seat of tightly latticed humeri, lined on either side with small dragonlet skulls that support curved armrests of silver-capped rib bones. Reinforced by a steel bar through the centre, an enormous spinal column arcs skywards from the back, lifting a giant dragon's skull high. Wicked fangs gleam within the reptile's massive maw, bared in an eternal snarl at all who dare approach. A skeletal framework of dragon wings flares outwards from about mid-spine in a majestic display, each long, thin phalange crowned by a jagged claw. The charcoal aftermath of incandescent flame corrupts the ivory perfection of the dragon bones, a starkly intimidating enhancement to this macabre seat of power.

    I had fun making this! Everyone else should post their designs as well, because I'm curious.
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  • SthenoStheno Member Posts: 130 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    You don't know how many times I've laughed at the several bone thrones that were submitted.
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  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect itMember Posts: 1,678 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I wanted to do a chandelier, but sadly that wasn't one of the options.

    Here's my cooking design.

    Appearance: a plate of fried blood pears with bacon and cheese

    Dropped: Browned pear quarters, bacon bits and goat's cheese fill this black plate.

    Examined: Chunky quarters of blood pear star in this vibrant dish, each expertly fried to a golden-brown hue with charred edges and indulgently glazed with tangy mustard dressing. Thick quarter-inch pieces of fried bacon and roughly chopped chunks of roasted walnuts add colour and texture to the caramelised pears. Bright bits of crumbled goat's cheese peek out among the mixture, and a sprinkling of green chives finishes off the plate.

    Firsteaten: Biting into a soft blood pear yields a burst of sweetness tempered by a hint of tangy mustard, while tart goat's cheese, chewy bacon and crunchy walnuts provide an intriguing contrast of flavours and textures as you polish off the dish.

    Thirdeaten: $+eater takes a golden-brown blood pear quarter from a black plate and pops the juicy fruit into $eater_his mouth. $+eater_he follows it up with a bite of bacon, cheese and walnut, crunching down as $eater_he slowly works through the dish.

    Taste: tastes of sweet pear, tangy mustard and tart goat's cheese.

    Smell: emanates a delicious aroma of fried pear and bacon.
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  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lolMember Posts: 408 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Lol bone throne
  • StefanaStefana Member Posts: 69 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
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    My runner-up furnishing design :)

    appearance: an enormous kraken sconce of pallid bone

    dropped: The massive tentacles of a bone kraken sconce curl out of the wall here.

    examined: Mounted against an elliptical plaque of lacquered mahogany, the fearsome countenance of a terrible kraken stares out over a mass of writhing tentacles. Murky black clay from the Mannaseh swamp fills the barren eye sockets of a gargantuan mammoth skull, opposing the sallowness of the ashen bone. A pair of marquise cut tourmaline stones gleams menacingly  against the inky background, a vibrant magenta glare amid the otherwise ghastly sconce. Masterfully carved into the pallid bone, deep creases and rough, pocked excesses of blubbery hide droop over the creature's brow and down its gruesome cheeks. A dozen broad and hefty mammoth femurs sculpted into serpentine tentacles intertwine as they curl out and upward from the plaque beneath the kraken's maw, each boasting a profusion of suction cups crafted from small, smooth pebbles of obsidian. The ivory tusks of the mammoth curve away from the skull to form the beast's remaining tentacles, obsidian suckers clinging to their undersides as they cradle an ebony model of a war galley, the towering masts and black cloth sails of the robust vessel dwarfed by the monstrous appendages ensnaring it. Nestled within the miniature ship's rigging hides a glass bowl with a flat bottom, fit to hold a large candle.                                                                


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  • JiraishinJiraishin skulkingMember Posts: 2,121 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    My vessel design placed!

    Theme: homely
    Required material: clay

    Appearance: a squat clay jug
    Examined: Unglazed clay, sturdy if unlovely, forms this thick-walled jug. The vessel is neckless and roughly globular in shape, a curved handle sprouting from each side for ease of lifting. The stylised image of a leaping flame is impressed deeply upon the body of the jug, its only adornment save for a bow-and-arrow stamped on its flattened base.
    Dropped: A squat, unglazed clay jug rests here.

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  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo DomingoMember Posts: 3,264 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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    This was the next-to-last draft of my mug, though I edited it at the last moment on the mudlet editor itself and so forgot to save it on a file.

    a cracked clay mug with etched patterns
    A chipped mug of clay lies abandoned, and close to breaking.
    Wide and stout, if not quite perfectly cylindrical, this chipped container has clearly seen better days. Dented at the lip and broad handle, the mug boasts little adornment but a washed-out number of painted pink and yellow flowers. A crude series of rutted markings etch an irregular but near continuous line along the rim of the container. Though in place it has joined the series of spidering cracks coursing thorough much of the vessel, a few of the symbols remain legible still, framing what appears to be a humble prayer of safe-keeping from parent to child. 

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  • SkyeSkye The Duchess BellatereMember, Seafaring Liason Posts: 3,054 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I went for literal for the vessel submission:
    Item type: bottle
    a cottage-shaped bottle
    A small, cottage-shaped bottle stands here.
    Barely large enough to hold more than a few sips, this small and squat bottle is made from colourfully glazed porcelain. Shaped like a small cottage, the boxy vessel is finely detailed with red brick walls and framed windows of clear glass that allow a peek at the contents within. The bottle's neck emerges from the green shingled roof as a cylindrical, terracotta-hued chimney.

    And I went non-alcoholic for the beverage. I'm so child friendly!

    sparkling strawberry cordial
    In Vessel:
    A sparkling pink cordial fills the vessel. Flakes of gold leaf are added to the efferverscent drink, the aurulent fragments rising and falling with the flow of bubbles like a never-ending rain of confetti.
    First Drunk Ideal:
    The fizzing cordial tickles your palate as you take a sip. Its sweet and candy-like flavours of sugary strawberry mingle with herbal hints of basil and just a hint of mineral salt.
    Third Drunk Ideal:
    Flakes of gold leaf renew their frenetic dance within the sparkling pink cordial as $+drinker tips $vessel towards $drinker_his mouth.
    has a sugary sweetness more akin to candy than fruit, but is laced with traces of basil oil and mineral salt.
    is a saccharine bouquet tempered with herbal notes of basil.

  • EllodinEllodin HawaiiMember, Seafaring Liason Posts: 951 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    a tropical cocktail

    A brilliant infusion of strawberry and banana swirls through a snowy cocktail of fresh coconut cream, sweet light rum, and tart pineapple juice.

    The vigorous fusion of pineapple and strawberry bursts festively over creamy undertones of coconut and banana as you take a long sip of your fruity cocktail. A faint bite of alcohol follows as the rum leaves its sweet, lingering impression.

    $+drinker takes a long, slow sip from $vessel, imbibing a white cocktail streaked with red.

    tastes like refreshing fruit underlined by sweet rum.

    exudes the faint scent of alcohol beneath a fruity bouquet.

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  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect itMember Posts: 1,678 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    When I saw the theme, my first thought was "I'm a little teapot, short and stout" so that's literally what I made.

    Appearance: a stout teapot of jet-black clay

    Dropped: Stoutly made, a round-bellied black clay teapot sits here.

    Examined: Thick layers of black Mannaseh clay shape this squat, stout teapot, hardened from long hours of firing on low heat. The clay is left unglazed to enhance the flavour of any hot liquid simmering within, resulting in the teapot's surface feeling slightly grainy to the touch. The short spout and small curved handle appear especially incongruous with the vessel's oversized, rotund belly. Small chips leave unsightly scars upon the lip of the spout and the base, while the rounded lid sits unevenly in place atop the teapot due to a piece missing from the bottom.

    Had to revise it a few times because apparently the initial design was too pretty/aristocratic.

    I'm honestly kind of surprised the drink placed because I made it very last minute and because I don't drink alcohol at all, I had to research what it was supposed to taste like if old or young. I didn't want to do alcohol at all but figured nothing else really screamed celebration.

    Generic: red berry cider

    In vessel: A thin head of white foam crowns the cold, bright red berry cider sloshing about within.

    First Drunk Ideal: The aromatic sweetness of apple and strawberry floods your mouth, followed by a kick of acidity that adds a pleasant tartness to the crisp cider. 

    Third Drunk Ideal: Lifting $vessel to $drinker_his lips, $+drinker takes a sip of the bright red berry cider within.

    Taste Idea: carries the tart yet sweet flavour of apples and strawberries, sharpened by the bite of acidity.

    Nose Ideal: smells sweetly of apple and strawberry.

    First Drunk Young: The liquid filling your mouth tastes bland and flavourless, chased by a slightly bitter aftertaste that lingers even after swallowing.

    Third Drunk Young: Lifting $vessel to $drinker_his lips, $+drinker takes a sip of the cloudy berry cider within.

    First Drunk Aged: The sharp sourness of vinegar fills your mouth as you take a sip of the frothy, sediment-filled berry cider.

    Third Drunk Aged: Lifting $vessel to $drinker_his lips, $+drinker takes a sip of the dark berry cider within.

    Young Taste: tastes flat, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

    Old Taste: tastes sharply sour, akin to vinegar.

    Young Nose: carries the unpleasant odour of sulphur.

    Old Nose: smells strongly of alcohol.
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  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,374 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I tried my hand but without much luck. Still really like what I put in though.
    Item type: mug

    a lopsided red clay mug

    Fallen by the wayside, a lopsided red clay mug rests here.

    Lacking skill but not love, red river clay has been pinched and pulled into the approximation of a mug. With a crooked handle, lopsided lip, and knobby sides, the honesty of the attempt could be questioned, though tiny fingerprints trapped beneath the uneven glaze provide a probable answer.
    sweet victory cocktail

    In Vessel:
    Crushed leaves of chocolate mint languidly swirl amid the translucent pink mingle that is a sweet victory cocktail.

    First Drunk Ideal:
    An ambrosial mix of watermelon juice and macerated strawberries sweeps the tastebuds with a tidal wave of sticky sweetness. The flavour of muddled chocolate mint gradually slinks in, tasefully tardy to the party as it cleanses the palate.

    Third Drunk Ideal:
    $drinker lifts $vessel to take a drink of a sweet victory cocktail.

    tastes of a blend of watermelon and strawberries, with a vague dash of chocolate mint.

    smells strongly of strawberries and a small hint of mint.
  • TaryiusTaryius Member Posts: 738 @ - Epic Achaean
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    Wow, didn't think I'd come anywhere near close to 1st place for the licensed category! Here is my design, decided to go with something simpler, was expecting a lot of people to submit champag-er "sparkling wine".

    I didn't get a vessel design in, partly because I've been busy but mainly cause I'm lazy.


    strawberry ale

    In Vessel:

    A creamy head of foam floats atop a carmine-tinged ale swirling within, the aromatic scent of fresh strawberries gently infused into the effervescent brew.

    First Drunk Ideal:

    The soft, subtle flavour of infused strawberries shines through the smooth, malt taste of this effervescent ale as you tilt back $vessel and swallow, leaving behind an imprint of creamy foam on your upper lip, which you quickly wipe off.

    Third Drunk Ideal:

    Tilting back $vessel, $drinker swallows a generous mouthful of strawberry ale, leaving behind a frothy imprint on $drinker_his lip, which $drinker_he quickly wipes away.


    This ale has a fruity, malt flavor with a slightly tart aftertaste.


    This ale emits the aromatic scent of ripe strawberries and toasted malt.

  • KhaibitKhaibit Member Posts: 375 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    I am overly excited by this... 

    Design26693   Designer: Khaibit   Owner: Khaibit
                 Private: N   HideMark: N
    This design cannot be shared. It has a passcode of 0
    This is a beverages design.
    Type: whiskey  Ingredients: 1 grain, 1 water, 2 spices, 1 sugar  Method: distilling  Aged: YES
    Khaibit gold whiskey
    In Vessel
    This whiskey is a rich golden shade, a hint of red giving it a vibrant flash of colour when the
    light catches it. The faint scent of malt and vanilla lingers around the liquid.
    First Drunk Young
    Lifting $vessel to your lips, you take a sip of the whiskey within, the malt almost overpowering the
    faint taste of vanilla. The liquid burns across your tongue and all the way down your throat as you 
    Third Drunk Young
    $drinker takes a sip of whiskey from $vessel, the liquid within a dark gold that smells strongly of
    Nose Young
    has an overpowering scent of vanilla.
    Taste Young
    has the strong taste of malt and sugar.
    First Drunk Aged
    You swirl $vessel for a moment to waken the scents and flavours within the whiskey, and as you lift
    it to your lips and drink, you are met with the bitter and slightly rancid taste of malt vinegar and 
    too sweet vanilla.
    Third Drunk Aged
    $drinker lifts $vessel to $drinker_his lips after swirling the whiskey within for a moment and the
    acrid scent of vinegar rises from it as $drinker_he takes a sip.
    Nose Aged
    smells of acrid vinegar.
    Taste Aged
    has a strong flavour of vinegar.
    First Drunk Ideal
    Swirling the drink a little to stir the scent of the slightly viscous liquid inside, you lift
    $vessel to your lips and take a sip of the golden whiskey within. It burns as it crosses your 
    tongue, leaving behind the faint taste of vanilla.
    Third Drunk Ideal
    Swirling $vessel gently before lifting the whiskey to $drinker_his lips, $drinker takes a sip of the
    golden liquid, the faint scent of vanilla lingering on the air.
    Nose Ideal
    has the faint scent of vanilla.
    Taste Ideal
    has the delicate flavour of vanilla.
    Months of usefulness left: 150 mo.

  • TaryiusTaryius Member Posts: 738 @ - Epic Achaean
    Absolutely had a blast with the Artistry and Sculpture contests, designing these was so much fun!


    APPEARANCE: an oil canvas depicting the grim demise of Caizehl

    DROPPED: Painted in dark oils, a canvas of Lord Sartan depicts His triumph over Caizehl.

    EXAMINED: The desolate landscape of the Inferno is painted across this canvas in a swathe of acherontic oils and pigments. Gouts of hellish flame burst upwards from cracks and fissures in the blasted ground, daemonic legions and demon swarms clashing beneath a painted sky of roaring flame in a bloody, unrelenting battle for supremacy. The centred focus of the artwork, the cloven-hoofed form of the Demon Prince Caizehl, lies dead upon the canvas, torso ripped apart and body mangled within a pool of malignant, green ichor. A single steel pinion sprouts from the right shoulder blade of the mutilated Caizehl, stained with the grim splatters of blood, both emerald and crimson. Looming above His obliterated foe is the Lord of Evil, a bloodsteel-clad leg planted firmly upon his demonic prey. Vermilion blood, painted with vivid hues, spills from the grievous wounds of the Malevolent One, the grim flesh of His left side brutally ravaged and rent asunder, the Divine's fierce gaze and command of authority does not waver even amidst His injuries. Clenched triumphantly within the wicked talons of Sartan, the Malevolent, the eight-chambered Heart of Caizehl throbs, torn from the mutilated ribcage of the Demon Prince.


    APPEARANCE: a throned statue of Sartan, the Malevolent

    DROPPED: From atop His fel throne, a statue of Evil's god looms with imperious authority.

    EXAMINED: Captured in ebon-black basalt from the bowels of Mhaldor Isle, the ominous and imperious form of Sartan, the Malevolent commands authority even as stone. The portentous stature of Evil's god looms with lifelike accuracy from atop His throne, rope-like veins standing starkly against His basalt skin, the natural texture of the sculpture not unlike the grim surface of scarred flesh. Clenched fists tipped with wicked talons rest upon the throne's arms, the golden eyes of the malignant Divine staring fiercely outwards with irrefutable contempt. The fel throne from which Evil reigns is sculpted of the same blackened basalt, stone-carved skulls adorning nearly every surface of the malevolent seat, their faces twisted in a rictus of agony even in death. Distinct in size, two massive, daemonic skulls gaze forward from beneath armrests on either side of the throne, luminous emeralds set into their lifeless sockets to mimic the eerie glow of green flame.

  • SthenoStheno Member Posts: 130 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    I enjoyed every part of this gauntlet of contests. My other designs will materialise as goods, but I'm happiest with my art. With the ability to create art at all.
    a classical painting of the Morning Star

    A chiaroscuro of light and dark dapples a massive painting of the Morning Star.

    Light and dark collide in a cloud of rich, saturated oils on this vast canvas, the colours swirling into the cataclysmic coming of the Morning Star. The deepest blacks drink in the light and ripple like liquid smoke at the gilt borders of where contrast begins and ends. Effulgent white paint pours off the huge, shattered body of Ethian, as the star crashes into the bottomless pit of Abbadon that consumes the painting's lower frame. Where hopelessness hangs fraught below, above the scene is starkly different. Young and beautiful, the resplendent form of Aurora, the Lightbringer soars from the darkness, outlined in a nimbus of silvery gold. On the back of Her ivory dragon, She thrusts Her hand forwards through a veil of drifting, burning feathers and reaches for the figure far below Her. Falling helplessly through void, the indistinct silhouette of Apollyon, the Malefactor holds an answering hand out for His Sister, His features shrouded by the shadow around Him. Blood flows from the jagged wound in His torso, suspended in space like ink plunged into water, as Abbadon itself grows teeth to bite and drag Him into the exploding blackness. The black finally gives way to colour at the edges, bleeding into a deep, malevolent red.
    a sculpture of the Garden's creation

    Brow creased in fathomless thought, a sculpture of Ayar works on His creations.

    Seated at a workbench of rough white mineral rock, Ayar, the Creator hunches His broad shoulders over the fine work in His hands. Larger than a mortal, He is depicted in pale, polished marble as an ideal specimen of the male form, unclothed but for a modest cloth draped across His lap. Detail brings the cold stone to life, giving realistic definition to His muscle and the soft folds in the cloth. Though His open eyes are blank and pupilless, the Maker's focus furrows His brow and completes His look of distant wisdom. He holds a small, half-formed figure under a stone sculpting knife, as the tip of His blade envisions the maternal face of Gaia, the Goddess of Nature. A set of newly formed Divine lines the table by His hand, waiting to be painted. Rendered with the same perfect detail in microcosm, the Elder Gods take shape as Their domains are carved out, already beginning to war for space. A tiny Vastar tests His wingspan with a flex, while a skeletal willow tree hangs over Thoth and a snarling Shaitan, opposed by the bright figure of Miramar, the Even-handed. Green chrysoprase tops the workbench, shined and sculpted flat with the topography of the many worlds. With half the sculpture cut from raw rock, and the Creator hard at work, there seems more to come.
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  • EllodinEllodin HawaiiMember, Seafaring Liason Posts: 951 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    a wooden diptych depicting an empire's rise and fall

    A colourful diptych on palm wood stands here.

    Painterly strokes coat the two sanded faces of this palm diptych, one dominated by jungle tones and the other ruled by the colours of the sea. On the left, the palm and fig trees of the Atrousian grow next to the river Mnemosyne. One man kneels before an unusual cedarwood altar, and Another cowled in grey walks towards him from the depths of the jungle. The hooded Logos wields a tall, golden staff in His left hand, and in His right, He holds a black stone. On the diptych's other panel, the same Being stands on a cliff above a bay, gazing towards a separated landmass. Though His face is obscured, His tears drip into the sea between the sundered continents, and where they fall, small islands rise. Mossy amar creeps over the edges of the diptych, threatening to encroach on the painting.

    a cracked sculpture of broken Hermes

    Sculpted in cracked marble, despondent Hermes kneels on desert sands.

    Once the picture of vibrant exuberance, a young man slumps on the sands of an alien planet, fallen to his knees. Shock and despair etch deep lines into his once-boyish features, wrinkling his forehead and aging him significantly. Streaks of sand mar his white robes, and his winged sandals fly no more, grounded for eternity. Despite his broken demeanour and stolen divinity, his lean musculature is apparent even through the drapery, betraying his physical fitness. Incongruent with the sculptor's efforts, an inauspicious crack runs through the ivory marble of the Messenger's face, beginning at a temple and ending on the opposite side of his jaw.
    And as he slept he dreamed a dream, and this was his dream.
  • AshaiAshai Member Posts: 8
    Artistry design that placed:

    a vividly tiled mural in homage to Sin

    Thousands of small tiles cover the wall, forming a striking mural in homage to Sin.

    Thousands of small square tiles comprise this mural, each painstakingly hand-painted to offer the most precise detail possible. Coming together in vivid hues of crimson, gold, and a void of depthless black, this mural pays reverent homage to Sin. A woman stands in the centre, wholly nude though lacking any impression of vulnerability. Sensually raised upon her toes with arms thrown back, the woman's head leans in a manner that elongates her slender throat and arches her torso forward, embodying pure and insouciant bliss. Bronze flesh enfolds her svelte frame, a fine specimen of femininity in the hourglass that is her curved body. A mixture of silver-infused roseate tones lends a glossy appeal to the branded escarbuncle painted upon her left wrist, denoting her surrender to Evil and the Lord Malevolent. Towering behind her in a depiction of seething malice, the arms of a baalzadeen wind over her form, one across her breasts and the other low upon her hips, affording the slightest modicum of modesty. A serpentine ouroboros circles around both woman and daemon, a mixture of brilliant gold paint and diamond dust composing its detailed scales. A striking crimson eye brings focus to the uppermost portion of the snake, where head meets the tail it is consuming. Along the outside, seven gargoyle faces are painted in a myriad of silvery-grey hues, each face contorted to represent one of the Seven Sins. Upon the bottom of the mural the following words are painted in flowing script: The only true sin is that of self-deception. - A'vroth'd'mhal.

    The one for the sculpture category that didn't, but that I am still going to make (maybe with some minor tweaks. Dang you @Taryius lol)

    a menacing sculpture in homage to Sartan

    An imposing sculpture paying homage to Sartan, the Malevolent towers here, exuding an aura of menace.

    Ashen marble rises up to a towering height in the malignant and scarred form of Sartan, the Malevolent. Angular features are twisted into a cruel and sinister snarl, fierce determination set on His heavy brow. In startling likeness to the immortal, each pock, scar, vein, and line of sinew are chiseled to precision, encapsulating the God in all His terrifying glory. Sharp eyes drawn into thin slits are inset with topaz, the golden colour a stark contrast to the otherwise dark and brooding features. Clenched within the God's fists are a mortal heart, and a pair of dangling shackles, individual links of chain moulded and shaped with some curvature to appear to be caught in swaying-motion. Forming the foundation of the sculpture is a shallow, circular basin, the lines of a pentagram carved out of it. Littered amongst the otherwise smooth platform are an amalgamation of sculpted bones, the God frozen in a forward stride, pieces of a skull fractured and broken underfoot. Daemons of all forms dance in sadistic glee at the foot of their Master. Each tiny creature is carved into the outside of the low basin, so detailed it is possible to see rows of razor teeth, curled horns, and spade tails. Like the corrupted blood that seeps from the flesh of the God Himself, minuscule marquise rubies are inlaid along the chest and arms. The pentagram at His feet is lined in similarly cut rubies, reminiscent of the haze that surrounds the Baelgrim and the blood that spills within.
  • JiraishinJiraishin skulkingMember Posts: 2,121 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    My artistry design didn't place, I'm going to have to actually buy an artistry license to make this :(

    APPEARANCE: a parchment bearing the Righteous Fire's image
    EXAMINED: The proud, painted form of Deucalion dominates this parchment, entirely monochrome save for His blazing gold-leaf eyes and the aurulent thurible held forth in one Divine hand. His features, rendered in bold black lines against the crisp white page, appear as those of a sternly handsome human man of middle age with salt-and-pepper hair cropped short. Echoed in the set of His shoulders, His unsmiling visage bears an expression of unsullied resolve. The Righteous Fire is depicted in soldierly boots, jacket, and breeches, the charcoal-grey ink wash that fills their crisp outlines a stark contrast to His parchment-pale skin. He bears no weapon despite His militant attire, instead thrusting His purifying thurible before Him. Stylized flames of scarlet, orange, and gold ink lick at the edges of the page, reaching for their Lord.
    DROPPED:  Displayed here is a parchment meticulously painted in Deucalion's likeness.

    The soul of Ashmond says, "Always with the sniping."
  • AshaiAshai Member Posts: 8
    Jiraishin said:
    My artistry design didn't place, I'm going to have to actually buy an artistry license to make this :(

    APPEARANCE: a parchment bearing the Righteous Fire's image
    EXAMINED: The proud, painted form of Deucalion dominates this parchment, entirely monochrome save for His blazing gold-leaf eyes and the aurulent thurible held forth in one Divine hand. His features, rendered in bold black lines against the crisp white page, appear as those of a sternly handsome human man of middle age with salt-and-pepper hair cropped short. Echoed in the set of His shoulders, His unsmiling visage bears an expression of unsullied resolve. The Righteous Fire is depicted in soldierly boots, jacket, and breeches, the charcoal-grey ink wash that fills their crisp outlines a stark contrast to His parchment-pale skin. He bears no weapon despite His militant attire, instead thrusting His purifying thurible before Him. Stylized flames of scarlet, orange, and gold ink lick at the edges of the page, reaching for their Lord.
    DROPPED:  Displayed here is a parchment meticulously painted in Deucalion's likeness.

    I really like this. I totally would have had this place.
  • JiraishinJiraishin skulkingMember Posts: 2,121 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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    @Ashai Thank you! 
    The soul of Ashmond says, "Always with the sniping."
  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect itMember Posts: 1,678 @@ - Legendary Achaean
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    I had something else in mind for the artistry piece (namely Bal'met's formation) but when I read about the Shrine of Ascension's history, it seemed to be more appropriate to do everything.

    Appearance: a historical mural of the Shrine of Ascension

    Dropped: Scenes of divinity gained and lost adorn this stunning wall mural.

    Examined: Thick layers of colourful paint combine to create a large, vertical wall mural. Broad grey swathes outline the imposing Shrine of Ascension, which dominates the artwork as it soars into a misty, overcast sky. Detailed scenes of divinity adorn the bleak backdrop, each meticulously painted in progressively higher panels across the mountain. At the bottom, grey-robed Sarapis stretches a hand out to bless raven-haired Maya, then watches with all Sapience as She begins to merge with flame-eyed Makali in the next scene. The middle panel draws the eye to a shifting black mass coalescing into existence, surrounded by amaranthine-clad ormyrr on the ground and undulating black Dala'myrr in the sky. Beyond that, Maya and Sarapis return to join hands, His aura a brilliant white compared to Her faint, dull cream. The now-diminished form of the Great Mother watches over small, indistinct figures in the final panel as they step into a swirling pool, each emerging with incandescent gazes into the blasted battlefields of Nishnatoba, where a churning black presence awaits.

    I decided to try something totally different for the sculpture piece. I tried to keep to the 'show, don't tell' thing as much as possible, but wasn't sure if people would get it. Happily, it seems like they did!

    Appearance: a glass and marble sculpture of Selene's birth

    Dropped: Immortalised in sculpture, half-formed Selene gazes down at a dreaming Sarapis.

    Examined: Smooth white marble sculpts the supine form of Sarapis, the Logos, clad in simple traveller's clothing as He slumbers upon a wide rectangular base. His head rests in the lap of ethereal Selene, who sits perpendicular to Him with legs outstretched. The Goddess of Beauty and Love is largely immortalised in frosted glass, some sculptor's trick managing to recreate the flowing quality of silks draping over Her shapely form. However, white marble replaces glass where Her body comes into contact with the Logos, as though His mere touch gives Her tangibility. She lays a gentle marble hand upon His shoulder, and the ghost of a smile is visible beneath Her diaphanous veil as She watches over His sleeping figure, Her gaze filled with infinite love.

    If you like my stories, you can find them here:
    Stories by Jurixe and Stories by Jurixe 2 

  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,374 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    My piece of art was disappearing 3/4 of a bottle of red and sleeping past the submission deadline. So really... I think I'm the true winner here 
  • AmunetAmunet Spokane, Washington, USAMember Posts: 752 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I went with something simple, for my first attempt. Inspired by our dearly-departed Flair, without whom the Beverages skillset just isn't the same:

    rotgut whiskey

    In Vessel
    Sickly, yellow whiskey splashes about. Impurities float throughout the liquor, as unappealing as
    they are unidentifiable.

    First Drunk Ideal
    The ferocious burn of cheap, undiluted liquor assaults your tastebuds, sliding down your throat with
    all of the appeal of shattered glass.

    Third Drunk Ideal
    $+drinker takes a determined sip of rotgut whiskey from $vessel.

    Nose Ideal
    smells astringent and unappetising.

    Taste Ideal
    tastes like poorly refined corn mash.

    And the vessel in which it is served:

    a rustic stoneware jug

    A heavy jug has been abandoned.

    Plainly crafted, and glazed a deep shade of brown, this jug is utilitarian in appearance. A small
    handle curves near the top of its stout, cylindrical body, flanking a short neck that has been 
    plugged with a round of cork. Crudely painted in white, the letters 'XXX' stretch across the girth 
    of the vessel.
    My avatar is an image created by this very talented gentleman, of whose work I am extremely jealous. It was not originally a picture of Amunet, but it certainly looks a great deal like how I envision her!
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