If you could change one thing about your city...

Hey everyone.

If you could change one thing about your city (or possibly another city) what would it be? To wit, I'm not talking about like government, religious affiliation or anything of that nature. Rather, what changes would you make to the layout? What would you move where? Do you like how your city is currently setup?

Personally, if I could change the overall design of Hashan, I'd close the southern gate, eliminate a lot of the unused stuff in the southern part of the city and move all the shops up to Epitine Circle. I'd also move the blacksmith off the main travel path in the city to someplace like near the Planetarium. Wishes are horses, though!

What would you do?

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  • Only two entrances. Dat three-way gets me so heated. Grr.
  • Obelisks of Light all day(and night)

  • Hey we tried to move Targ to Meropis it never was gonna happen though. I wish though we could establish some orgs on Meropis beyond pirates it would make things more interesting I think.

    For shallam-unsink parts of it. At least make explorable ruins out of it.
    For Cyrene- not sure yet... Possibly make it smaller? I don't know.
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  • If we're talking about layout... I would want a pier or something into the lake, a place for festivals and the like. Not like the marina we have, because that's cool and all, but like... an off shoot of that, four or five rooms with carts for the city that can't be moved but don't decay. A good place for us to sell seasonal wares and other fun things without needing full blown shops for it. (Think what we did for Mayaween but with a dedicated spot for it and other festivities.) I think that'd be cute and could be used for some good cultural points to. Also, something like a clan hall. Some where with a bunch of rooms Cyrene can rent out to high clans to sort of encourage organisations to make homes there, expand the cultural identity, and invest in smaller groups.

  • CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN
    Targ has to many rooms of the same name, 
    Our forge is in a terrible place, while trying to forge I was ganked like 500 times, a few people dying when I talked someone into placing guards there (guards were killed before the next day)

    But since the city forces you to be in a house, and the houses have a forge..

    Other wise layout wise Targ has a very good setup, not to many useless area's like in other cities and such.

    As far as the pig stench and all that, I never payed attention to it once.

  • Maybe make the way down the cliffs of solace or whatever a little easier to go down manually..Other than that I like targ.. 

  • I think it would be neat for every city to have a Information Center (for those not in the US, just about every state here has one of these spaces when you first enter the area). The name might need some IC application applied to it but every city could have a carriage leave from this location and drive people around their city pointing out touristy attractions (sort of like the tour of the Old Quarter in Hashan but totally automated and nested in a "you can't get out off the vessel" kind of ferry-type way. 

    For Delos, which is not a 'real' city with a government obviously, but has been growing by leaps and bounds anyway, I wish we had more shops available (or carts for rent in the un-developed Prosperian Bazaar area), more sights to see and things to do (Aktillum's recent suggestion of an amusement-type ride for example and if there are ever going to be river boats Delos would be a great place to "launch" the idea!). I'd love to see the theater used more often too. The isle has such great potential but what's already there is far too under utlized at times. 
  • OceanaOceana North Sea
    Possibly the layout of the first floor in the Druids' estate. It is most confusing and the first thing that comes to mind.
  • Kresslack said:
    Give Mhaldor their own man-made harbour rather than have some vague harbour on the other side of the Isle that no one really ever uses.
    I can envision an amazing harbor for Mhaldor a bit like Pyke in the Iron Islands of Westeros :)

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  • AlcinaeAlcinae AFK
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    More space for shops around Mhaldor. While I know a lot of better things occupy the majority of space in the city (ex. Cathedral, museum, arena, etc.) I feel as though perhaps the city could use a mini-expansion or a better allocation of rooms on each level (we'll put you Mhuns in the sewers to work, I swear). Especially with how vast the other cities feel, such as Ashtan and Cyrene.
  • Fire @Ruth and make Mhaldor ruthless.

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  • AodfionnAodfionn Seattle, WA
    This thread makes me feel like the only person who actually enjoys Mhaldor being blood-covered and terrifying ala Barad-Dür. Maybe I just went too hard on LotR as a kid. 
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  • RuthRuth Singapore
    :C how could you, @Atalkez!
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  • Naturally, no complaints for Ashtan.

    I'd blow up half of it. It's way too big. 

    Same with Ashura house hall. It's as big as Eleusis, but all unmapped hidden doors and exits. 
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