What Happened To You Today?



  • Creamed corn.

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    I've been procrastinating working on my combat and got a jolt of energy when I got attacked by Mizik when I was putzing around Delos. Back at it!

    It's been so much fun interacting with Eleusis again after time away, everyone's been great!

  • Finished a very rough voyage of sight plus Fog. The voyage still has two major bugs so hold off doing it for now.

  • It worked before. Big sads.

  • Milabar resigned from a position as one of the The Tribal Assembly for the House.

    was a good run, catch ya all very seldomly for the next rl year! have fun!

  • Ilsefi was appointed Admiral of the Mhaldorian Navy and promptly made her first mistake. But mistakes are such good opportunities to learn!

    PS: @Taryius rocks. That is all.

  • Spent some quality time with her aunt @Ryssa and uncle @Synthus

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    Very.... awesome interaction with @Gaia , and interesting conversation with a sentient plant. I don't quite know how to tag it here @Synthus ... but, yes, much to think on.

    Edit: AH! And, Saphy looks different now, as the past look was based on certain RP lines. And now, well, different environment and she's grown. Half a hand taller now! :P Honestly, she now reflects true mind and heart's original intent, so, I'm happy.

    (Just logged in)

    Unfurling her wings to their full span, Ryssa stretches languidly, finally settling her wings behind her with a flap and ruffle.

    Ryssa blinks with surprise as a fiery chestnut pegasus ruffles her coat, a dark cloud of fur and feather getting cast over her.

    You say in a silvery voice, "Gah!"

    Pricking her ears, a fiery chestnut pegasus nickers curiously.

    Spitting tuffs of fur from her mouth, and picking down feathers from her hair, Ryssa looks over at a fiery chestnut pegasus with great surprise.

    You say in a silvery voice, "Well, you finally shed your winter coat, dear Saph."

    With a grin, Ryssa dusts herself off and walks to a fiery chestnut pegasus, running her hand over her coppery coat.

    You smile and say to a fiery chestnut pegasus in a silvery voice, "My beautiful girl."

    You pet a fiery chestnut pegasus very nicely.

    A fiery chestnut pegasus nuzzles you with a happy, soft snort.

    This bright chestnut mare strides with confidence at a mere fifteen and a half hands high, her coat gleaming with sunset hues in health. Her legs are all ivory up to her knees and hocks before breaking into little spots through her copper fur. Milky splashes and flecks spread from her belly to her sides and flanks. Between bright amber eyes, a wide blaze parts her face down to a soft pink muzzle, freckles cast over her cheeks. She's adorned with a fiery mane and tail. They sway like flames as she moves, a distinct white streak in her mane. Coppery red wings shine, the snowy primaries a brilliant contrast. Her name is 'Saphy'.

    A fiery chestnut pegasus is a humble-looking creature.

    She has 100% health remaining.

    She weighs about 1875 pounds.

    She is mountable as a legendary steed.

    She is loyal to Ryssa.

  • Morro got yanked from the gates by Pandora and had an unexpected and very lovely interaction. Honestly, I've just been puttering around this last week or so and hadn't really committed to coming back... but this is the kind of thing that makes Achaea so unforgettable.

    Thank you @Pandora!

  • Blood bubbles from your lips as your organs collapse. You try and unleash a terrible scream, but only manage to spew a torrent of milky gore upon yourself and the floor, the rest filling your lungs 

    as your gorge fills with fluid and you choke. Consciousness fades and blackness envelops your senses  as the bitter taste of poison lingers upon your dying tongue.

    You have been slain by Toby Treacletart.

    Bravo, I love seeing a story coming together.

    I love Toby even more than I already did, and honestly I love that things are moving along storywise.



  • @Gurklukke I have to admit I was really hoping some of the milk would have a non-lethal amount of poison, if the frog spoken about in the events post is the frog I'm thinking off... (it gives you some super crazy hallucinations for a very long time. Something like eight real-life hours.)

  • Today I waited at the board for a foray, no one else was there. In walks Mort and I gagged because he was stinky, I thought about telling him but then thought better of it because I did not want to get killed. I tell Kassie to come to the board. Meanwhile 4 other Mhaldorians show up including Proficy. Kassie arrives, follows and I sign for Aran'kesh.

    Proficy tells you, "I am going to kill you for that."

    Proficy tells you, "Just so you know."

    Your voice quietly thrums as you tell Proficy, "I 

    was there first."

    Proficy tells you, "I didnt ask for excuses or give 

    any reasons."

    Proficy tells you, "Just letting you know, so you 

    do not ask why later."

    1:       arankesh

    2:       margam

    3:       barrow

    4:       fortress

    8:       titania

    9:       telaan

    10:      sevet

    11:      pryla'ari

    12:      maim

    There were plenty of other forays there....just sayin'

  • The built in consequences of your actions, I'm told it makes the game feel more alive!

  • Pretty sure that is not a justifiable reason to kill anyone, under any circumstances. You could just camp the board and anyone that signs you now can kill. No thanks.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • "I didn't ask for excuses. Just so you know why I'm going to hunt you down later."

    Classssic Proficy. It's almost as bad as the Neener Neener fiasco, except this time literally nothing of insult was said!

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    @Adrik Proficy is doing the neenering this time, is why.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • But... did you die? Serious question.

    He has regularly played someone who attempts to intimidate and make threats (and sometimes/usually back them up). If it was just 'talk' and nothing cones of it, what is bad about this? He engaged with domeone eho now knows they frustrated Proficy, however ninor.

  • oh I did forget to mention he did come and kill me. I just sat down and let him do his thing. I honestly do not under stand this even in RP. I think Eryl and Proficy should make a play date.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    So issue him. It would be one thing if you had insulted him or goaded him verbally, but just accepting a foray before someone else is not justification for killing someone. There's no RP angle for that other than someone throwing a temper tantrum, which is thin at best.

  • Bad advice Kresslack! Admin have recently said one off deaths should not be handled with issues.

    Zadkiel, do you have lifevision? There could have been a shrouded or hidden person there before you and would be reason for Proficy to be annoyed with you. He might have already had a reason to kill you as well and didn't bother explaining that because you're an enemy.

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    Whether or not he had some hidden reason is irrelevant. PK rules dictate that the person you're attacking must be aware of why they're being attacked, and he made it pretty clear that he was going to attack her for taking the foray.

    And, even if someone was shrouded there, that's still not a valid reason. To be annoyed, certainly. To go and kill someone, nope. See: Atalkez's post.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
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    While I agree that hiring should be the first attempted option (even if the expectation of completion on someone like Proficy seems slim), I think a situation like that is extreme enough (given this is exactly how it went down and details aren't being left out) to warrant skipping an attempt to hire.

    Hiring is always an option, but mainly for deaths that happen even if the aggressor has a reason to kill the individual. Like if she had insulted him or told him to sod off and he killed her, she'd still be well within expectations to be able to hire.

    Killing someone simply for the sake of doing something that annoys you, without any real provocation, seems to circumvent any RP based justification or recourse, in which case I think Issuing would be fine. It means that the behaviour has been reviewed, is on record, and were it to become a trend would allow for it to be dealt with appropriately.

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    Meh, I will not hire nor issue. Just saying that many players are not as resilient as I am and will leave if things like this happen. So the player base become smaller and smaller. I already see less and less people IG. Makes me sad. i used to see 150 + IG now it's like 100....

  • Not hiring just perpetuates the their stance. Neener is more of a reason to kill for that, so absolutely hire on him.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    Then why say anything at all? It doesn't change anything, even potentially, without a follow thru.

  • I said it so that maybe the person behind Proficy would consider the consequences of killing for silly reasons.

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