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  • @Aina How in the name of all that's holy do you only have 25 messages?

  • I check regularly and delete everything when it reaches 50 or more

  • Deleting is where I fail. I mean I try to as much as I can, but I also preserve messages I want and I frequently just leave things there as a reminder. I'm at 1286 at the moment. *hides*

  • Helped win the CTF. The growth Hashan has seen is fun. I haven't been in a winning faction since the Ashtan v Shallam days at it is fun seeing the city build up around me.

  • Whew... now of Eleusis. It'll be interesting how things go from here, as Ryssa still holds some Cyrenians rather dear in heart. But, as she would say, she knows the path she needs to take, even if the road ahead is shrouded in mist.

    Thanks @Adrik and @Venari for poking about a bit to help me with that whole thing! :D

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    @Ryssa hatred to Nature. Hate hate hate

    But also I hope everything works out for her

  • @Aina yeah, though I don't know Aina's whole story, I can get why. Familial ties are super messy, considering how different their paths are. Eh, it'll make for interesting if awkward and sticky encounters in future.

    I hope your RP paths are fun and interesting too :)

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    7380h, 7056m, 31502e, 29009w x-20%

    You have recovered equilibrium.

    You purge every drop of venom from your bloodstream.

    You feel the power of the venom camus flowing through your veins.

    You sink your fangs into a shambling zombie, injecting just the proper amount of camus.

    You have scored a PLANE-RAZING CRITICAL hit! (1.67s)

    8682h, 7086m, 31462e, 29039w e-20%

    A shambling zombie appears to be extraordinarily strong.

    He has 100% health remaining.

    A shambling zombie has not visited the Halls of Death recently.

    a shambling zombie has a significant resistance against physical cutting damage.

    a shambling zombie has a significant resistance against physical blunt damage.

    a shambling zombie has an indomitable resistance against poison damage.

    Okay then.

  • Damn that was a crusade.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    That post really conveys it well.

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    I never expected denizens had such significant resistances... So, without that talisman, you might be hitting a denizen for ages without ever realizing why it doesn't die? I now wonder if this was always the case, or if denizen resistances were increased when the talisman came about, to make it more valuable...

  • While you'd need the talisman to know if you were being inefficient in attacking a denizen and hitting with something it had some resistance to, resistance to that degree would show if you have target health in your prompt while hunting as you'd see their health be unchanged with each hit.

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    Tbh, if I saw a denizen take no damage, I'd always assumed (until now), that it was hard-coded to be unkillable (or only killable through a quest or something). I probably wouldn't have considered that it might just be due to resistances. Now, I would of course!

    P.S. And this still leaves the question if these things had those resistances even before you could see denizen health.

  • That fighting was almost as fun as the Crusade was, tbh.

    Also I said Pariah had the best flavour when it was released... I'm wrong. Unnamable flavour is amazing. Completely fucking disgusting, but amazing. Also the hounds are awesome.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • Been enjoying hunting as an Unnamable. Awesome flavor of a class.

  • The treekin and the jaguar are clearly breaking HELP AUTOMATION.

  • Purposely nommed by a writhing mass of Chaos whatever-it-is Unnamable turn into for their kill thingy, for science.

  • I reached Virtuoso Weaponsmith and was floored by the new comm requirements. 20-30 steel for some longsword descriptors. I can't imagine what they are further down the line. I need to start finding mines 😩

  • I call ogre favouritism!

    Joking of course, that little runt was adorable when next to his aunt Apple

  • Channeling the fury of battle, you prepare to unleash a brutally swift stroke against your foe.

    Drawing back a curved sword of shifting shadows, you unleash a flesh-mincing blow at a greater earth


    You have scored a WORLD-SHATTERING CRITICAL hit!

    The mountainous elemental lets out a final, bellowing cry as it lunges toward you, only to fall to

    the ground and crumble into countless pieces of rubble.

    You have slain a greater earth elemental, retrieving the corpse.

    Your soul cries out in ecstasy as it reaches new heights of power. You have advanced to level 132.

    You have reached the illustrious level of 3rd Level of Penwizian Fortitude.

    Numerous golden sovereigns spill from the corpse, flying into your hands before they can reach the


    You feel a surge of energy course through your body as a sycophantic shoulder cape feeds upon the

    lifeforce of your fallen foe.

    Just to also point out to the people moaning about the Hiring-for-bashing changes, I've done that entire level (More than 0-99) and 40% of the previous level without a single mob hiring on me.

    (Party): Mezghar says, "Stop."
  • I've been hired on twice, and just cheesed the mark both times to cancel the contract.

    Take denizen contracts, I'ma just lame the fuck out of you, that's my solution. But also the only place I regularly hunt that has a mob who hires on you is Sirocco, and half the time the duke is dead anyway so whatevs.

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • Led my first raid defence in forever, and didn't fail miserably. Archaeon helped keep things stable the time or two I had to bail and heal up.


    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

    smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.

  • Had an exciting sea battle with multiple mariner and pirate ships!

    @Minkai @Entaro @Barrien @Killian @Bann @Tarvius @Eoka

    Thanks for making it awesome and hope I didn't miss anyone!

  • Defended Cyrene from smelly Eleusians

    Defended Targossas from smelly Eleusians

    Invaded smelly Eleusis

    Died to smelly guards

    Still have no idea what Aina is doing combat-wise half the time.

    All in all, a very eventful evening

  • Promoted from Sapling to Tendril! Thankies @Argwin ! And those who were there :)

    And, to whomever sent the letter with the gifts, the mystery of who you are is gonna eat at my brain.

  • Utterly lost in Meropis and loving it.

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