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    Greys said:

    I generally consider myself always ready to RP.  When I'm not I just don't login and play something else.

    Even right now, Tohran's sitting, by himself, in @Artemis‌ temple, begging Her to come back. He hit a real low point in life. It's not that I'm not willing to RP with others, just that everyones busy running around for that facet right now.

  • Generally, if you talk to me at least, I'm going to respond - even if Nell absolutely despises the person in question.

  • I am terrified of making someone mad at me for interrupting them. I see a lot of people speedwalking past me. I can't even talk to them to find out if they are interested in anything. Are they busy already? Do they want to RP with a person from <class/level> ? Are they in a general location waiting for special people to show up? I'd love to RP everything I do, but it never works out. Too much is going on, and I am afraid I am not interesting enough to keep their attention. Let me have a tag that says, "Yes, please talk to me", and let me see if others are "Too Busy right Now"

    @Santar and @Jovolo Yes, spontaneity is great, but it seldom happens, and I have no idea where to look in the first place. :(

  • If I'm wanting to talk to someone, I just contrive a reason for it. Like, asking about their Divine and why they follow them and similar. It can build off of that.

  • I like the RPWHO idea with the little bit at the end that @Nim brought up. You can probably add things like RPWHO <city> to make it easier to find someone in your city to get more faction RP too.

  • Jacen said:
    This is just confusing to me. What would be expected when I turn my RP flag on? That I'm ready to go off on a fantastic adventure with mysterious strangers, slaying ferocious dragons and exploring uncharted territories? 

    What about people who have their RP flag off? What is the standard of behavior that separates the two? Is the talkative, expressive Siren with a missing ear and a flair for the dramatic a better RPer than the quiet, reserved, always observing monk?

    Do I not qualify for the RP flag if I don't use expressiveness? Custom emotes? A description longer than five lines?

    Maybe we should just make IG badges for people that say "I'm a nice person and you can talk to me!"

    I think, if anything, what you want is an "I'm not AFK" flag.

    I always figured that it'd be a magic carpet ride.

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    I never have the slightest difficulty finding people to roleplay with, I have no idea why this would be necessary. Maybe it's just the people I choose to interact with or the environment I place myself in? There's always a novice to inspire or take on an adventure, a protege to teach something new and torment, someone awesome to try to convert, allies to check up on, enemies to threaten... the possibilities are quite literally endless.

    Not including yourself in a list like this would give the implication that you don't want to roleplay, which is tragic, considering the rich atmosphere of Achaea. Even that can be turned around to wanting to roleplay shyness, seclusion, fear, whatever. This might have the consequence of having less spontaneous roleplay, which is some of the most enjoyable stuff I've participated in. Randomly asking Halos to remove Daitya's tattoo turned into him trying to exorcise her and her curse manifesting and killing her. While that could have been potentially planned, I think it would have had a lot less impact if it was just Halos doing rp on, Daitya doing rp on, Tesha doing rp on, and then forcing the interaction based on who wants to participate. 

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  • Starting out with something more subtle, like an RPWHO that can be further broken down into broad categories like Casual, Ongoing, Conflict, Family, City, House, etc., would be a good place to start. It wouldn't interfere with the overall assumption that logging in = in character (which is one of my favourite aspects of Achaea vs. other MUDs), but it would allow people an avenue for seeking out others. 

    It also encompasses most of the benefits of a Craig's List for RPers without actually having a Craig's List for RPers. That said, if a request board is truly needed, a specific sub-forum for RP Requests could be created under the Scarlattan Theatre.

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  • and it occurred to me that "anti-flags" wouldn't have to be horribly glaring.  Something like "seems engrossed in the study of a sheaf of scrolls" etc... or  just "seems pensive and preoccupied".  Depending, it could even color direct communications with that person, so people would get immediate feedback if they "bother" you.

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    @Jhaeli: I'm not sure. This may easily lead to RP becoming much more "staged" and forced than if it just happens on its own and will increase the rift between RP and non-RP.

    I don't decide "now I want to RP with others" or "now I want to be left alone". It happens gradually, depending on the circumstances.

    Something akin to @Jules's idea would be somewhat preferable to me, as to me that conforms more to how I actually play this game: In almost all situations, I want to RP and interact with people, there are simply those times when I'm in a bad mood OOC or busy working on my system or something, in which I can't devote my full attention to IC interactions. But that's not really a "I don't want to RP" thing, but rather a "I wish to be left alone right now".

    Problem is, a "I wish to be left alone" flag wouldn't work well as a WHO list, since it would require people to check that list before talking to anyone at all, which would be silly.

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    Anything that makes it easier for shy individuals to put themselves out there is a-okay with me. RPWHO would be great as getting responses hours later because someone was hunting kinda sucks. 

    I'd turn it off when I'm out fishing or seeking out RP on my own and don't really have time to do random stuff. I'd have it on when I'm in areas that would be easily accessible and not in the middle of IC paperwork or a meeting, etc. 

    This seems like it'd make many feel more comfortable. As I don't think not being on a RPWHO would prevent any rp that anyone was already getting. As long as it isn't immersion breaking I'm A-okay for anything and everything!

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    Iocun said:

    Problem is, a "I wish to be left alone" flag wouldn't work well as a WHO list, since it would require people to check that list before talking to anyone at all, which would be silly.

    All in all, isn't this what SILENCEON/TELLSOFF is for? Perhaps if there were a universal rule that SILENCEON is okay in all cases, and orgs aren't permitted to whine about it, but is primarily used for people who want to just focus on something by themselves for a little while.

    Addendum: I'm all for an RPWHO. Considering other MU*'s methods of having an entire area of rooms dedicated to OOC hangouts, if you're on the grid you're IC, and the bulletin-board methods of requesting RP, a simple RPWHO seems like a very simple solution compared to what I had in mind about an hour ago (combination of an actual OOC hangout area you find in dozens of MUX servers, instanced private OOC areas, AFK idling room, etc.).

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    I worry about everything, that said, what would make it different than a 'I want to get laid' flag, because some people use 'rp' as a reason for that, at least that I've encountered.

  • I like the idea.

    What if you're added to an 'RPer' list after so many emotes entered?

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  • Santar said:
    Zii said:

    I like the idea.

    What if you're added to an 'RPer' list after so many emotes entered?

    Administratively sanctioned mudsex rankings?

    Saw right through it :(

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  • I've seen this in other games. The people who know how to RP have no trouble finding it and others can't find RP when it hits them in the head. As much as I would like a flag "Here be RolePlay!" to make RP easy to spot, it won't work because of vast differences in what is desired. A few things come to mind though.

    First, what would help is a flag/emote to show a person is busy and doesn't want to be bothered. Saves time for everyone.

    Second, if older, more experienced players would take time to meet and talk to new players, but individually, not just on a channel. 

    Third, follow up on the RP. I've had several cases of great RP, but the next day they have no idea who I am.

    just my 2 cents worth

  • @Sarapis what's driving this? Is it the desire to get newbies more involved in RP? I thought Santar's post was pretty accurate:


    It's probably harder for newbies and younger players, since you haven't had time to learn names, make connections, etc. 

    I don't really think there's a problem here for anyone experienced with the game, but for someone like you that doesn't have a firm grasp on socializing with others in Achaea, it's probably more challenging.


    If this is the issue you're thinking about, there are definitely better ways to address this than this proposal.

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    Eratta said:

    Second, if older, more experienced players would take time to meet and talk to new players, but individually, not just on a channel.  

    That's great conceptually, but newbies come and go all the time. You can roleplay with someone for hours, trying your best to make their first impression of the game fun, and then bam, you don't see them ever again. It's easy to get tired of it.

    S'why I would never take a novice aide position - why should I spend all my time making a game fun for people who will mostly just get bored of it anyway? I will pour my energy into having fun, and that might involve a newbie from time to time, but if it's not fun, I'm leaving it up to people who either think it is or get paid to do it anyway.

    And after enough people start to think like me, there will be few people left to interact with newbies unless they are brave enough to seek interaction in the first place - and not everyone is of that sort of stuff to seek interaction in something completely new and alien to them.

  • I honestly think it depends on the city you base yourself in. In Mhaldor, you jump straight into the roleplaying of serving Lord Sartan. You are a lowly Slave and must work your way up to earn the honor and respect you think you are entitled to. How much work and interacting you put into Mhaldor and the playerbase will -almost- always directly reflect your current standing.

    I/Naah never had a problem with lack of roleplay. Whether it's a superior giving me an order, a House task of asking about history, or I see a newbie standing around, roleplay is not scarce. I just think that we shouldn't have to make the newbies approach us, we need to approach them.
  • GawiGawi Washington

    It seems like the basic reason behind wanting this rp tag is to help young ones meet people and get more involved? Why not make specific events for organizations that start similar to an arena event but a little more story based, seeing as not all are good or interested in arena events. If you can get cities or houses to promote and get people involved that is how it will really get kicked off. What if you did something like a murder mystery, where you have to find clues around the city to find who murdered who in what room with what, but as an actual event that you have to JOIN, and actively RP a role given to you? Or your character?  (yes I realize lots of coding, but if you are going to do something, do it 100% right? hehe)

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