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  • (Clan): Mindshell says, "Suspicious."

    (Clan): Mindshell says, "When did you become a tsol'teth."

    (Clan): Mindshell says, "I feel like this is something important we should know."

    (Clan): Mauk surprisedly says, "Wait what? Who great grandpa?"

    (Clan): Mindshell says, "Your sister."

    (Clan): You sadly say, "I didn't!"

    (Clan): You say, "I don't know how I got that shout!"

    (Clan): Mindshell says, "You've been dabbling it seems."

    (Clan): You say, "Gasp."

    (Clan): You say, "LIES."

    (Clan): Mindshell says, "Fortunately you've been outed."

    (Clan): You say, "Waily."

    (Clan): Mindshell says, "Is okay, we'll still love you."

    (Clan): Mindshell says, "Even if you're a little different."

    (Clan): You laughingly say, "Well, that's a relief."

    (Clan): Mindshell says, "And on the upside, I have more material to pick on you over forevermore."

    (Clan): You say, "Sniffle."

  • (Party): Kimora says, "Lighting the bacon."

    (Party): Kimora says, "Beacon."

    (Party): You say, "You have bacon on your mind."

  • (Party): Kimora says, "Wooooow."

    (Party): You say, "Wha?"

    (Party): Kimora says, "He's not even wakey."

    (Party): Kimora says, "Someone's chaming my boss."

    (Party): Atul says, "Who is boss?"

    (Party): You say, "Which boss?"

    (Party): Kimora says, "Dorth."

    You caress your chameleon tattoo and assume a new identity.

    (Party): Kimora says, "Lordy there's MORE OF HIM."

    (Party): Ripple says, "Oh noes."

    (Party): Ripple says, "It's a Dorthfection!"

    (Party): Atul says, "The Dorth Morph is happening."

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    (The Grand Merchant Collective): Vyktoria says, "The funny thing is, the underwear I gave him were

    ones that fell from the sky while I was standing in Delos."

    (The Grand Merchant Collective): Vyktoria says, "Well this is awkward."

    (The Grand Merchant Collective): You say, "What?"

    (The Grand Merchant Collective): Ifreann says, "Wow."

    (The Grand Merchant Collective): Vyktoria says, "Now I have to tell this story AGAIN."

  • This is Babel levels of sass. @Dunn

    Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

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  • The memorial said, "Some historians contend that the Heights, though short-lived, were, in fact, much more impactful than the entirety of the Seleucarian Empire."


    On a related note, enjoy this, from the same event.

    You whisper to Gurklukke, "OooOOoo gnome milk!"

    "Boo!" you scream happily at Gurklukke.

    Gurklukke gags and sputters.

    You begin to flap your wings powerfully, and rise quickly up into the firmament.

  • Despite her gentle nature, the Pixie Queen slays the cruel Lichking.

  • This makes me giggle.

  • Just missing :

    Nicola locks eyes with Axios, Her gaze one of exhaustion as She drops a baby rat into an exquisite urn.

  • Be better if it were just a plain old baby rat and the entire time that's all that was necessary to fill them.


  • (Mudlet Clan): Shecks (Discord) says, "Could just use a VM runnibg mudlet with profile specifically for mobile"

    (Mudlet Clan): Shecks (Discord) says, "If you're a geek and have a VM"

    (Mudlet Clan): You say, "Aren't you all geeks?"

    (Mudlet Clan): Mannimar laughingly says, "There are levels."

    (Mudlet Clan): Dominius says, "Nope."

    (Mudlet Clan): Shecks (Discord) says, "Def levels. Having a anime boobie mouse cushion is level 1, having a personal VM runnibg mudlet for mobile is like level 90"

    (Mudlet Clan): Alinoe says, "There's no way that's level _ONE_..."

    (Mudlet Clan): You say, "I would have stuck with mushclient but I don't want to run WINE. And it seems like you all switched to Mudlet anyway."

    (Mudlet Clan): Accipiter says, "Achaea is the drama geeks who want to be jocks, not the computer club kids."

    (Mudlet Clan): You say, "Lol."

    (Mudlet Clan): Dominius says, "Not all of us!"

    (Mudlet Clan): Agramon says, "Excuse me I am absolutely a computer club kid."

    (Mudlet Clan): Atul says, "I am all of the above."

    (Mudlet Clan): Dominius says, "I was more basketball and girls, now firefighter and dad!"

    (Mudlet Clan): You say, "You kind of pretty much get an automatic level 80 for playing a TEXT game instead of CoD."

    (Mudlet Clan): Dominius says, "What's CoD?"

    (Mudlet Clan): Mannimar says, "I think a fish."

    (Mudlet Clan): Dominius says, "I like fish."

    (Mudlet Clan): You say, "LMAO."

    (Mudlet Clan): Mannimar laughingly says, "Glad you enjoyed."

    (Mudlet Clan): Shecks (Discord) says, "If you play MUDs but don't even know what CoD is you're def at least level 70"

    (Mudlet Clan): Shecks (Discord) says, "Probably have a vitamin D deficiency too ha"

    (Mudlet Clan): Dominius says, "105!!"

    (Mudlet Clan): Mannimar says, "No thats not dragon nerd level yet."
  •  Giving a newbie a tour. I'm following her around.

    You follow Usea west to Commander's sleeping chamber.

    4250h, 4935m, 16198e, 17385w ex-

    Commander's sleeping chamber. (indoors)

    Thickly woven rugs are layered upon the stone floor of the cave, illuminated by several large pots

    filled with phosphorescent fungii. Hollowed into the stone wall and separated by a rich crimson 

    curtain, a sleeping nook is layered with blankets and pillows. A well-sanded table lines the far 

    wall, overflowing with maps and hastily sketched attack plans. Gleaming weapons of the finest 

    quality are displayed prominently on a thick iron weapons rack, some shining with a recent 

    application of polish. Confidence radiating from his massive frame, Kr'Tachi the General stands 

    here. Usea, of Ashtan is here.

    You see a single exit leading east.

    4250h, 4935m, 16200e, 17385w ex-

    You say, "Try him."

    4250h, 4935m, 16200e, 17385w ex-

    Usea greets Kr'Tachi the General with a sincere smile.

    4250h, 4935m, 16200e, 17385w ex-

    Usea greets Kr'Tachi the General with a sincere smile.

    Kr'Tachi the General says, "What do you want, weakling."

    4250h, 4935m, 16200e, 17385w ex-

    "Heh heh heh," you chuckle.

    4250h, 4935m, 16200e, 17385w ex-

    Usea blinks.

    4250h, 4935m, 16200e, 17385w ex-

    Usea says in a smoky soothing sing-song voice, "Quest bitch."

  • Good old Kr'Tachi, makes us proud.


  • You look on in astonishment as the Spawn of the Unnamable Horror fades away into the ether.

  • Trixy, Siren of Mysia says, "You better not be a necrophiliac."

  • You sent the following message to Del:



    Del would like you to know: Proper message syntax. MSG DELETE RANGE first to last; MSG DELETE DECAYS CONFIRM; MSG DELETE #; The extra 3 letters make all the difference! Toodles.

  • A pile of golden sovereigns spills from some gold sovereigns.

  • ......

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  • edited November 2021

    Pharaus tells you, "Yea you're so good, stupid bitch. Need Pennys help to preset your limbs so you can not die like the first 

    time? Can't shield shield shield shield shield enough? you're trash."

    @Penwize I'm pretty disappointed in you interfering in a 1v1. I wasn't aware you did, but that's not very good sportsmanship if you did.

    - 2021/11/16 09:43:34 - The fluid grace of the ancient Sentaari style girds Blackthorn General Pharaus Kanku'Dai's movements as he 

    effortlessly ends Armali.

    - 2021/11/16 10:09:25 - With a splattering of gore, Pharaus's body has been crushed in the mighty jaws of Lady Armali Al'Jafri, 

    Dragonslayer, his head consumed as a victorious snack.

    - 2021/11/16 10:15:32 - A shower of gore heralds Pharaus's demise within Lady Armali Al'Jafri, Dragonslayer's jaws, chewed up and 

    spat out.

    - 2021/11/16 10:28:52 - Pharaus has stopped his own heart, killing himself instantly.

  • Big yikes.

  • Achaea is srs.

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  • Pharaus has some serious insecurities, damn. What a sad person

  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida

    This is on top of calling Penny "a bitch dude" and telling another lady to "go kill yourself", which we couldn't figure out if it was IC or OOC since he used lol in tells a few sentences prior.

    Pretty awful, honesty.

    And I love too                                                                          Be still, my indelible friend
    That love soon might end                                                         You are unbreaking
    And be known in its aching                                                      Though quaking
    Shown in this shaking                                                             Though crazy
    Lately of my wasteland, baby                                                 That's just wasteland, baby
  • The best part is I did nothing to Armali's limbs. I definitely did beckon tank+cleave him once since he wouldn't go away. Channeled my inner Caladbolg on that one.

  • Your fellow citizen, Greggo, has just escaped imprisonment in the foul pygmy dungeon. Welcome him to


    4300h, 5786m, 16600e, 21460w ex-

    Swift death claims Lhachman, his attempts at clutching to life proven futile.

    4300h, 5786m, 16600e, 21460w ex-

    Swift death claims Kiryn, his attempts at clutching to life proven futile.

    4300h, 5786m, 16600e, 21460w ex-

    (Ashtan): Lyrikai says, "Welcome to the Seat, Greggo."

    4300h, 5786m, 16600e, 21460w ex-

    (Ashtan): Morro says, "Welcome to Ashtan."

    4300h, 5786m, 16600e, 21460w ex-

    Lyrikai tells you, "Leggo my Greggo."

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