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    I don't think you're getting the point. Of course there isn't some vast conspiracy among game developers to create games with patriarchal story-lines and misogynist tropes to which only hetero-normative males can relate. Those developers are simply translating their experiences and their cultural education in gender into these story-lines and tropes, making the male experience the default experience. 

    I don't see the point in trying to minimize the effects of patriarchy by saying "Yeah, well things are getting better anyway" - yeah, they are, but unfortunately women who are alive today still have to deal with a lot of bullshit that you don't even have to think about as a dude, and it's likely that won't change significantly in any of their lifetimes. Things don't change on their own - they change through actively engaging the media we consume, the people in our lives, and our own belief systems - and they change through demanding accountability.

    In general people will only make sexist jokes as long as they feel safe doing so, companies will make misogynist games as long as the sales will outweigh the outcry, and grown women will be called girls as long as enough people don't think about it. But the more sexist jokes are called out, misogynist games critiqued, and people made aware of the misogyny that laces their every day speech, the more culture starts to move in a different direction altogether. Whether those conversations take place on the forums of an online game or an academic forum, they move culture, and I think that's altogether a good thing.
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    Fitz said:
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    Fitz said:
    My argument for oppression in the business world was in response to your statement:

    Just because males and females can reach the same levels as men does not mean that there is an equal opportunity, which wage numbers, numbers of CEO's in the fortune 500s and the like all show to be patently false

    And again, it's been shown even by research by the AAUW(American Association of University Women), and many other groups that systemic oppression in the workplace, especially in regards to wages is a myth. 

    [citation needed]
    Fitz said:
    Now, I can see your point with victim blaming. But based on my own experience as a victim, it is my belief that the best way to handle it, is to not be affected by it. Don't let it be a burden to you. If you're physically attacked, defend yourself. You have an inalienable right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, but if you're unwilling to defend it, either with force of will, or physical force you will always be a victim.
    This is an outright delusional view of the world. If you are suffering employment or housing discrimination there is no way to not "let" it affect you other than to pretend it doesn't exist. It's outright denying anything short of physical force can constitute wrongness or injustice that needs to be corrected.
    Citations were provide in a following post to Echald.

    There are ways around employment and housing discrimination, sitting around and crying oppression doesn't solve it.
    Can you repost the link?

    Insofar you believe that society -should- be colorblind and provide equality regardless of sex it doesn't matter if there are ways to get around it because they shouldn't exist in the first place.

    But in either case it's pretty difficult to get around racial or gender discrimination when it's so widely prevalent. If on some level every major corporation believes on some level that women or minorities are less qualified there's probably no way of getting around the fact it's more difficult to get a job.

     But, I wouldn't know anything about that, having been fired for being in the hospital and not being able to find a new job, because my previous employer falsified records to fire me, citing in the paperwork that on days I was scheduled off I was mishandling money in my office and not doing proper paperwork on shipments my assistant received on my scheduled days off. By your worldview, I should just sit around and say I'm a victim, cry oppressive system, and stop trying to find work. 

    I'm sorry man: but  there's no way I would take something like that from my previous employer sitting down. He screwed you on your previous job and is continuously screwing you on new employment opportunities: which, according to you, is the cause of your current unemployment. You should probably look into legal options on top of looking for a job because ummm...things are clearly not working out for you.

    In the same sense that things were clearly not working out for blacks in the 1950s: but things got better because people are willing to fight for it. Fighting back against injustice doesn't just consist of "whining", but it does consist of acknowledging injustice followed up by real actual actions (i.e protests, legal action). Society doesn't get better because magic: it gets better because people who does something about it.

    The problem is that you seem to be equating with any sort of action/standing up for yourself against people who have screwed you with "sitting around whining about oppression" I really don't understand your apparent pride in accepting abuse without any sort of reaction nor your insistent on other people doing the same. If I had to choose between standing up for myself and gettign called a whiner and getting screwed without doing anything about it I'd take the former every single time.
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