Why did you start playing? Why did you stay?



  • Started a long ass time ago, @Ranzou got me and @August to start playing. I am well past my first character, I think Riley is my 5th or 6th character to have resided in Achaea. I have been playing Achaea on and off since then, only ever really playing one other IRE game, We all jumped over to Imperian when we heard "Sartan" was going to be running it, so we figured it would be hard assed and no playing around.

    I still play because it is fun, I have invested a lot into this game, and met some awesome people, I have had the joy of being able to see a lot of Achaea's history unfurl before me, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

    Oh, and I feel bad for anyone who never had access to the Meets board, because you will never know the glory that was Sartan telling us he was going to be participating in a kickboxing tournament and would draw a pentagram in his opponent's blood in homage to himself, only to follow it up with a post describing how his opponent heard of his divine excellence and had pulled themselves from the competition.
  • I started playing a loooong time ago, back before Mhaldor existed. I went through a few characters though before I found one I could really get into though. I'm on like my 7th character now, and have taken a few laaaaarge breaks from Achaea, sometimes playing other IRE muds, sometimes just because I was bored with a whole scene.

    I always end up coming back though, there's just something about the massive depth of Achaea that always calls me back.
  • When I was still a kid I got tired of playing visual MMOs and I went looking for something that required more imagination and had lots of roleplaying. I eventually found Achaea and made my first character, Thalin. That must've been somewhere in 2008-2009 or earlier (my memory is terrible). He never even reached the age of 20. A few years later I returned to Achaea and made Kirrin, a Satyr Paladin from Shallam. I played him untill he was about 22 but I stopped when the summer vacation ended. It was really nice to play Kirrin and he made a few good friends as well (I still miss Xanthera Kal'Adun from that time  :>). Last summer I thought back about the good times I had with Kirrin and since vacation had begun again I went back to Achaea and made Tunnak. Honestly, I hadn't planned to play Tunnak for more than a month or two. But when I asked on my house channel about a mentor @Mina answered and everything changed.

    My parents, Mina and @Tukio, are the main reason why I still play Achaea. They're amazing and the reason why I haven't gone dormant so far is because I'm afraid that if I came back one day, they wouldn't be there anymore and I'd miss them more than anything else. Also, the kindness and devotion of many players are truly heart-warming. I've found Achaea to be a realm full of friendship and love, which is exactly what makes it so much more than a game.
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