Why did you start playing? Why did you stay?



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    I originally read about Achaea (in 2000-01 or something) in a PC gaming magazine that had one page devoted to MUDs and I thought the scope of it sounded cool. I rolled up a Hashani Paladin and got ridiculed out of the game within 30 minutes. Over the next 3-4 years I made a character every 3-6 months or so but never got past level 22 because of the lack of a map in game and not knowing about the giant layout map on the website.

    In 2005 I finally stuck around, my first main character was a Shallamese serpent. I bit my friend with oleander and he reported me to the city so I suicide;agree'd and made a Shaman (because I thought curse bleed looked BADASS). Since then I go through stages of quitting for a year and playing for a year, but I always end up coming back.

    I originally stayed for friends and socialising and stuff, then I turned antisocial and started to learn combat and have never looked back.
  • Daaad, tell us your Occultist Novice story! The for the record one, which made deciding houses an easy choice
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  • "Ascension" would've been a pretty good name, perhaps easier to market than "Achaea." Just saying. :P
  • It was 2003 and there was an ad for another MUD on a webcomic I used to read. I looked into that, arrived at TMS or Mudconnector (can't remember which), read about  bunch of MUDs and chose Achaea.

    Why did I stay ? I didn't, I left. But there's a lot of interesting new stuff now so I'm back to have a look.
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    Halos said:
    he's hacking the network safeguards so he can watch porn

    Why we got away with playing Achaea during class: People just think we're doing our programming homework.

    Halos said:
    I encouraged him to join, but he balked and decided to go dancing instead. He's gone now. Non-Achaeans. <_<

    Apparently, only the Gods of Midkemia are capable of balancing text games with dancing in the clubs.

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    Eld said:
    Sultani said:
    I got hooked on some BBS RPG games after logging in to play Doom with high school friends. (Yep, getting old) I found the telnet muds a bit more immersive and played several over the years including Achaea around 2000. ...
    I don't think LORD really counts as an RPG....
    As a retired warez courier, I can't tell you how many times it infuriated me to spend all night waiting for a ring-tone only to find out it was because a bunch of 'tards were playing LORD. ... Now we Achaea, go figure.
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    @Zahan introduced me to Achaea back in 2001 or so. I played for about 1 year before leaving. When I decided to start playing again, I couldn't bring my old character back (lost password) :(
  • I started playing after a friend and I saw Achaea featured on The Screen Savers (thanks Delphinus). We played for a while, but we were young and he quit after a decent period of time. I stuck around and eventually got swept into the incredible combat, and got frustrated with my inability to even trans a skill (too much class hopping, few OOC credits, never bashed). Eventually returned as Rom since I had some disposable income and stayed for the combat, but I have taken a break or two.
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  • @Ellodin  you are my hero.  

    the end.
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  • Boredom; raja monk
  • @Cobra :)

    Woah. Lazarus.

    I am glad you came back, Cobra! Let's PLAY!! :)
  • Definitely some interesting stories here, although mine really isn't one of them.

    First encountered Achaea in summer 2002. Until that point, I'd been mostly roleplaying on forums (sort of like writing long stories together, still do it occasionally on Aelyria), but was a bit bored and was hunting for something new. I'd found a LOTR Telnet MUSH at one point, but (ironically) I found it too fast-paced and "clique-y". The idea of a text-game intrigued me though. On the same website I'd seen the LOTR MUSH, there was a listing for Achaea and my then-boyfriend and I each rolled a Cyrenian Runewarden. (I think Unwin was GM at the time and I remember Cirdan giving us our orientation. Hah.) Although the character didn't last out of novicehood, the bug had bit me and I ended up back a few months later with an Ashtani Occultist that lasted a bit longer. Finally, I made the first character that I ended up sticking with, @Kallisto, a Shallamese Sentaari. A few years later, just after autoclass was put it, I created @Jhaeli. She was meant to be an Ashtani Occultist, but thanks to my then-partner, I ended up in Cyrene instead and found myself back where I'd started all those years ago.

    Over the dozen years that I've played, I've had numerous breaks, but I've pretty much resigned myself to a lifelong addiction. (The rest of you might as well do the same!) The only reason I don't play right now is because I had a baby in December and she deserves a mommy that actually pays attention to her.

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  • @Ellodin This idiot right here shanghaied a bunch of us into playing it.  Took me a couple characters to get started- I have the distinct memory of abandoning a character because I was devastated that the rapier proficiency had obliterated my 'huge' bank of lessons.  Then there was some dwarf priest whose grand strategy was touch web, touch hourglass on repeat into judgement.  Oh yeah, I suicided a Magi because I failed the novice interview.  They asked me to prioritize my loyalties, and I put Gods above the guild because I knew that Gods were actually admin and the IC/OOC line is basically nonexistent when you're new to MUDs and in middle school.

    I stayed for the camaraderie and because combat was and still is blithering awesome.  There have been a lot of great memories over the years.  When Naisar was a young monk I'd team up with my Jester buddy and we'd go to the mouth of Manara.  I would mindlock people bashing, travel to them, mind command GIVE VIAL TO NAISAR, and then be instantly summoned away.  Repeat until they went deaf or my mindlock broke, or whatever.  Then we'd run off and hide in the wilderness from the absolutely zero people hunting us, giggling in that particularly obnoxious manner only young adolescents can.  There was the time we were raiding Shallam at a LAN party and the router died just as they charged us.  We ended up being saved by some random ass serpent with an icewall ring who somehow managed to delay their entire squad for several minutes.  Ultimate snakebro, whoever that was.  Then of course there have been all of the 'privateering' shenanigans I got up to on The Hokulea- to this day, I have no idea why we were so successful.  We weren't particularly good at it frankly, it's just that everyone else was worse.  No one ever got even half decent at ship combat for some reason.  

    My time with Matsuhama's Order was probably the only time I was ever interested in RP, so I was pretty bummed when it got blown up.  There was some initiation ceremony I was being guided through by Ellodin and I was supposed to be reverently placing my hand on this shield, so naturally I entered 'touch shield.'  Bam, NO TOUCHIE MF-ERS.  I was almost crying with laughter over that one.

    tl;dr  Good friends & combat
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    I love how much admittance of breaking the ToS and playing at younger than 13 is going on in this thread.

    From pretty decently known people too.
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): Melodie says, "Get rekt scrubbbbb."
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): You say, "Scrubbbssss."
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): Trey says, "Austere was hangin' out the passenger side of his best friend's ride, apparently."
  • It wasn't a part of the ToS before.
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    I remember it being pretty clearly stated when I joined at 13... 
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): Melodie says, "Get rekt scrubbbbb."
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): You say, "Scrubbbssss."
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): Trey says, "Austere was hangin' out the passenger side of his best friend's ride, apparently."
  • When I first played, there wasn't much of a ToS. Later, it was suggested that players be at least 13 years of age.

    It's mandatory now? I suppose I should have actually read that before I agreed...
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    Can we please not derail the thread because I got amusement out of something, lets keep it to stories of how we originally got into the game, why we've stuck around, and not a "wait is this a rule" or not.

    I wanna hear more stories, I didn't mean to completely sidetrack the thread, sorry.
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): Melodie says, "Get rekt scrubbbbb."
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): You say, "Scrubbbssss."
    (Mhaldor's Next Top Model): Trey says, "Austere was hangin' out the passenger side of his best friend's ride, apparently."
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    irony realms entertainment?
    And as he slept he dreamed a dream, and this was his dream.
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