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  • Re: Liquids/Remedies/Toxicology/Etc.

    I love how you used 'box of wine', not 'bottle of wine', in your example :D
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    NGL, got unreasonably angry this morning when I was forced to look at poetry in what should be a poetry safe place. Flashbacks to Sean Kavanagh and Seamus Heany. Triggered.
  • Re: The biggest release in Achaea's history will be happening

    They're going to make months 24 days to make planning events infinitely easier
  • Re: Liquids/Remedies/Toxicology/Etc.

    @Ronwe : Thank you for your hard work and bravery in tackling this task.
  • Re: The biggest release in Achaea's history will be happening

    I was having a long chat with my 12yr old yesterday about Achaea and he was amazed there was so much in it for a text game. He then laughed and said "How would you feel one day if you logged in and they'd changed it all to graphics?"

    5 days and counting... 
  • Re: The biggest release in Achaea's history will be happening

    Achaea is being upgraded with 4k resolution, high definition shadows, and 60fps bashing. Still may experience a drop in frames during large scale raids due to bloom and multiple spell effects.
    I'm looking forward to anti-aliasing.    Everyone has to type out commands in full.
  • Re: SnB Runewarden hunting - slice or rend?

    Slice is better. 

    Gebo/gebu reduce physical denizen damage. 
  • Re: Liquids/Remedies/Toxicology/Etc.

    Any chance of getting 'CONSOLIDATE ALL' to consolidate all of your elixirs/venoms?
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Starting to enjoy more of Achaea, the 99% of it that I have yet to enjoy until @Kogan made me this Alias that does this:

    Alias: ^define (\w+)$

    openUrl("https://www.google.com/search?q=define "..matches[2])

    Now the biggest release is gonna mean more to me!
  • Re: Liquids/Remedies/Toxicology/Etc.

    Refactoring the backend for a lot of this makes a lot of things easier for us to deal with in the future. Many of the systems involving liquids are very, very old, and many of the subsequent systems were duct-taped onto them. I suspect that one of the reasons there were so many different commands that boiled down to "pour something into something else" is that previous coders were afraid of interfacing with the older code, which is the sort of problem that compounds over time. It was time for someone to go in and stop this senseless cycle of code-violence.

    Some of the changes you're seeing are better for reasons that are not going to be obvious to players. The artefact vials change, for instance, was initially a solution to a problem created by some of the backend changes rather than a change for its own sake. It also makes it easier on future developers who don't have to worry about making sure there's never a way to pour between artefact and non-artefact vials, which would have allowed people to generate infinite sips under their old functionality.

    As for the commands, I think it will ultimately be much easier, with much less to remember. Older players have gotten used to when to FILL, when to REFILL, when to DECANT, when to POUR, etc., but, especially for newer players, it's easier when you don't have to remember and can just POUR everything it makes sense to pour and FILL the rest. This should be especially easier for new players, but also for people who have to stop and think about whether the command they need is FILL or REFILL, or look at a help file and break out a calculator to figure out how many many TIMES to FILL or DECANT in order to fill a vial completely, which is what people usually want to do! A lot of the commands and concepts involved here were from a different era of Achaea, like what is now a relatively arcane difference between Refill and Superfill.