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  • Re: Memorable quotes

    Siduri said:
    Micaelis said:
    I just want you all to know I believe in an eye for an eye too. So if you give me a hug, I'll give you a hug too. This applies to any type of physical contact. Any...type...
    Oh, really?  B)
    Yuck, I take it back!
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    I just want you all to know I believe in an eye for an eye too. So if you give me a hug, I'll give you a hug too. This applies to any type of physical contact. Any...type...
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    Proficy said:
    Just funny how you guys cry wolf all your life about how people do things, just to turn around and do them yourself.
    Call me ol fashioned, but i do things "eye for an eye". If its ok for you all to do, then its ok to have it done too you
    Idk what Xaden did, but I'm willing to bet that whatever it was, it didn't involve griefing you repeatedly until you were so pissed that you were ready to issue him. Considering this is what you threatened to do, I'm beginning to wonder if your definition of "an eye for an eye" is more like "an eye for a whole fucking head". If he did something shitty to you, then fine, suck it up and kill him for it and get your revenge, then go on your way. You don't need to threaten to grief people out of the game every time someone kills you for something.
  • Re: Memorable quotes

  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    You unleash a vicious reaping blow at Yuskah, the witchdoctor with a scythe of shadows.
    You have scored a CRITICAL hit!
    You have slain Yuskah, the witchdoctor, retrieving the corpse.
    Your soul cries out in ecstasy as it reaches new heights of power. You have advanced to level 99.
    You have completed the Ashaxei's Brood resolution! Congratulations!
    You just received a group of 15 mementoes!
    You have reached the illustrious level of Greater Dragon.
  • Re: Svof-- Racial defup

    Long story short, you don't.

    You could set up your own script to do this, or you could modify svo to fit your needs, but there's a few good reasons why you wouldn't want to do this, I believe.

  • Re: Player Pics

    Wait, Ehene's a dude?!
  • Re: Achaean Raves

    All you people with just one or two kids. Easy street. I have 5.
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Ahmet said:

    Most deadly: Misadventure (1159)

    Wait til @Rom and I have been alchemist for three months.
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Three more months of Achaea in (mostly accurate) number form:

    Deaths: 28415.
    Most deaths: Atalkez (827), Proficy (477), Farrah (455)
      (chill tf out kez)
    Most deadly: Misadventure (1159)
    Most deadly players: Proficy (623), Aegoth (621), Atalkez (444)
    Most deadly denizens: Flesh eating slugs (265), imp captains (251), pygmy guards (248)
    Most deadly mimics: Frederich (96), Seragorn (23), Quanshee (22), Xaden (21)
      (lol get rekt targ)
    Best K/D ratios: Seradai (9.0, 9/1), Sarathai (6.0, 12/2), Sethra (3.8, 19/5)
    Best K/D ratios for people that actually count: Kiet (2.88, 268/93), Dunn (2.77, 108/39), Aegoth (2.44, 621/254)

    Arena events: 67
    Most popular arena events: Rampage (42), FFA (10), TOTF (5)
      (bait the frog had 5 too, but doesnt really count. Fuckin cyrene)
    Most arena event wins: Dochitha (4), Iakimen (3), Shirszae (3), Chris (3)
    Most duel wins: Llesvelt (472), Dochitha (322), Shirszae (192)
      (Goddamn arena champions)
    Most duel losses: Dochitha (268), Shirszae (238), Djenn (182)

    New characters created: 3720
    Most indecisive characters: Nakra (14), Raguna (4)
    Level ups: 31944
    Most level ups: Raguna (103), Draedetha (94), Reyson (91)
      (Yay for new Mhaldorian supernoobs to rek other cities with)
    Levels lost: 864
    Most levels lost: Aralaya (12), Linusis (12)
      (Get ur shit together aralaya, gosh)

    Political leadership appointments: 23
      (Rip Hashan kek)