Recent Change to Seafaring and Automatic Drydocking.

edited May 2022 in North of Thera
On May 16th 2022, the following change was implemented:

- The two year timer on automatic drydocking (in manmade harbours) or accelerated decay of ships (in natural harbours) will no longer reset upon leaving and re-entering a harbour. Resetting this timer will require either docking at a different harbour, or spending twenty minutes at sea before re-docking at the same harbour. HELP SINKING has been updated accordingly.

For a long time now, players have been begging for a removal of the arbitrary harbour limits. I say arbitrary, because in no universe does it make sense that Zanzibaar, the largest island in the world, and the most central to seafaring, would only have 20 ship berths, while remote little islands like Prin have 30+. These numbers were always completely made up, and never reflected anything realistic in the context of Achaea.

The automatic drydock change is an extremely harsh penalization for any player who either personally owns or is responsible for a large fleet of ships. It is a heavy burden on maritime aides for every city. Having to shuffle ships around constantly to avoid decay and drydock is nothing but a tax of pure tedium, and a punishment for being too invested in the seafaring system. It makes no allowances for people getting busy in real life and not having a lot of time to spend in-game. It strongly discourages people from owning a lot of ships, which reduces the effectiveness of seafaring as a gold sink.

Why punish the players who love the system the most, to preserve an aspect of the system (harbour limits) that almost every player universally loves the least? There have been a ton of great ideas to address the problem of harbour bottlenecks, particularly from Kaiu. Why not consider some of those? Or better yet, just get rid of the arbitrary limit completely?

Edit: This probably should have gone into the "Golden Dais of Creation" section, but I don't see any way to move or delete/repost. Sorry. I don't use the forums much.
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