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  • Re: Bann's Seafaring Stuff

    Don't use expandAlias("pp") because that'll unpause your system if already paused.

    To pause:

    To unpause:

    The second argument is whether Svof tells you it's paused, so you can do it silently with
  • Re: PvE Analysis

    Mindshell said:

    Control subject - a little girl (Tasur'ke)
    you MONSTER
  • Re: OOC Raves

    Well if you ever get knocked off you should totally start screaming "Aaaahhh my legs! What have you done to my legs?!?" Much to the confusion to all.
  • PvE Analysis

    So I've been slowly collating this information when I find time to work on it. This is only one part of the whole when it comes to hunting, as I'm not picking up things like battlerage, critical hits, options for dealing with shielding, entanglement and broken arms, nor your survival capabilities and mobility. Take a look, use it if it helps, have some discussion, or make your own tests with a relevant basis for comparison. Enjoy!

    Control subject - a little girl (Tasur'ke)
    Lesser stats - 20str, 19dex, 19int
    Dragon stats - 23str, 22int
    Relevant gear - Level 3 weapons/collar, aldar, fangs. If there's an artefact for it, I have it.

    Points of note - Doublewhirl, Slaughter, Combination, Bop, Bite do NOT scale with main stat

    Layout - Per hit damage / modified bal or eq time with nimble or aldar and quick-witted / base bal or eq / calculated damage per second

    Disclaimer - Due to the nature of attacks being represented in percentages, there is room for the final percentages being marginally off. Balance and equilibrium times harvested as best as I could using serverside timestamps, there is variance in the figures so numerous samples were taken and a best fit concluded.

    No monk figures? Sorry, haven't gotten to them yet. I also can't do factional classes outside of Ashtan.

    Educe iron
    50.00% dmg, 3.06e (4.00), 16.34% p/s

    31.00% dmg, 1.76b (1.95), 17.61% p/s

    Drawslash (unstanced)
    34.00% dmg, 1.98b (2.20), 17.17% p/s
    Drawslash (doya)
    37.00% dmg, 2.48b (2.75), 14.92% p/s
    Drawslash (thyr)
    29.00% dmg, 1.76b (1.95), 16.48% p/s
    Drawslash (mir)
    32.00% dmg, 2.48b (2.75), 12.90% p/s
    Drawslash (arash)
    38.50% dmg, 1.80b (2.00), 21.39% p/s
    Drawslash (sanya)
    35.00% dmg, 1.94b (2.15), 16.28% p/s
    40.00% dmg, 3.06e (4.00), 13.07% p/s

    28.00% dmg, 2.07b (2.30), 13.53% p/s
    36.00% dmg, 2.70b (3.00), 13.33% p/s

    46.00% dmg, 3.00b (3.00), 15.33% p/s
    53.00% dmg, 3.27e (3.85), 16.21% p/s
    28.00% dmg, 3.40e (4.00),  8.24% p/s
    Thoth's fang
    22.50% dmg, 1.90b (1.90), 11.84% p/s

    27.50% dmg, 1.98b (2.20), 13.89% p/s

    50.00% dmg, 3.06e (4.00), 16.34% p/s
    Stormhammer (T1)
    49.50% dmg, 4.59e (6.00), 10.78% p/s
    Stormhammer (T2)
    47.00% dmg, 4.59e (6.00), 21.02% p/s
    Stormhammer (T3)
    47.00% dmg, 4.59e (6.00), 31.26% p/s

    47.00% dmg, 3.06e (4.00), 15.36% p/s

    Doubleslash (scimitars)
    31.50% dmg, 1.85b (2.05), 17.03% p/s
    Doubleslash (battleaxes)
    57.00% dmg, 3.33b (3.70), 17.11% p/s
    Doubleslash (scimitars + fury)
    32.50% dmg, 1.85b (2.05), 17.57% p/s
    Doubleslash (battleaxes + fury)
    59.00% dmg, 3.33b (3.70), 17.72% p/s
    Doublewhirl (morningstars)
    26.50% dmg, 2.16b (2.40), 12.27% p/s
    Doublewhirl (flails)
    37.00% dmg, 3.06b (3.40), 12.09% p/s
    Slaughter (bastardsword)
    42.00% dmg, 2.88b (3.20), 14.58% p/s
    Slaughter (warhammer)
    38.50% dmg, 2.66b (2.95), 14.47% p/s
    Slice/Rend (longsword)
    14.50% dmg
    Slice/Rend (broadsword)
    17.67% dmg
    Smash (SoA)
     5.50% dmg
    Combination (longsword + SoA)
    20.00% dmg, 2.16b (2.40),  9.26% p/s
    Combination (broadsword + SoA)
    23.17% dmg, 3.15b (3.50),  7.36% p/s

    Garrote (lash)
    29.50% dmg, 1.35b (1.50), 21.86% p/s
    Garrote (whip)
    39.50% dmg, 1.89b (2.10), 20.90% p/s
    32.00% dmg, 2.75b (3.05), 11.64% p/s

    15.50% dmg, 0.99b (1.10)
    Adjusted for defence + aelkesh (33% proc)
    Def 0.85e (1.00),  1.03b, 15.05% p/s
    47.00% dmg, 2.72e (3.55), 17.28% p/s
    23.50% dmg, 1.62b (1.80), 14.51% p/s
    47.00% dmg, 1.98b (2.00)
    Curse + Jinx
    70.50% dmg, 3.60b (3.80), 19.58% p/s

    Shortsword - forged
    38.00% dmg, 3.60b (4.00), 10.56% p/s
    Shortsword - forged (fury)
    39.50% dmg, 3.60b (4.00), 10.97% p/s
    Thoth's fang
    20.50% dmg, 1.71b (1.90), 11.99% p/s
    Thoth's fang (fury)
    21.50% dmg, 1.71b (1.90), 12.57% p/s
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Xaden said:
    Wouldn't worry about it. From what I hear he does nothing but whine. And blackwind in arena until limb damage resets.
    Putting people outside their comfort zone is a sure fire way of knowing whether you want to interact with them again. I'm finding that more and more recently.

    Also, the irony of that statement given what @Armali knows about combat. I'm not sure he could have picked a worse person to accuse of that. 
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Man, that clown is OP
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    - 2017/07/23 06:20:55 - Llesvelt falls before Wellspring Initiate Armali as his organs 
    fail catastrophically.
    - 2017/07/23 06:34:39 - Wellspring Initiate Armali has battered Llesvelt to death.

    Llesvelt tells you, "Well done. Artifacts trump skill it seems."

         Item  Name                                  Originally                    
        87194  a living rope                         N/A
       134830  a clown vial                          N/A
       152161  a decorated cigar box                 a decorative brass cigar box
       191867  a pair of eagle's wings               N/A
       194039  a ring of flying                      N/A
                - flying
       299381  a scarred scorpion                    N/A
       324480  a long, elegant ebony pipe            N/A
       329978  a long, elegant ebony pipe            N/A
       346965  a luxurious black top hat             N/A
       401137  an Aldar Diadem                       N/A
                - faster_eq(2)
       425800  a Shield of Absorption                N/A
       427877  a long, elegant ebony pipe            N/A
       427887  a long, elegant ebony pipe            N/A
       497361  a miniature clown                     N/A

  • Re: OOC Raves

    Race shifter (electric powered) so I can use clutch or not, but it will shift with a push-button solenoid.  Other than that and the larger-than-a-peg floorboards to rest my feet on.  Otherwise, just a stock bike.  Beyond that, just keeping my left leg (the above-knee side) on the peg and using my right (below knee side) at all stops.  Thus far, thus good

    I got a smaller bike because I've never legally ridden on the street and never ridden a Harley so.. wanted one I could put my feet down on, so I went with a 2017 883 SuperLow. Already wishing I had the 1200 because it sucks having a max sustainable speed of 70mph.  Figured I would start with a smaller, lighter, cheapest bike they make so I could get comfortable riding.  And while dropping a $10,000 bike would suck, it is way better than dropping a $30,000 bike so..

    Spent the last two days riding around.  Went for a nice 30 mile ride today.  Already love the damn bike. Finally found something besides a fast car that gives me the adrenaline I've been missing (since no place around here does amputee skydiving.  Bitches!)
  • Re: OOC Raves

    Bought myself a motorcycle.  Getting some interesting looks from people that have never seen a dude with no legs riding a Harley.

  • Re: OOC Raves

    I bought a power washer. It has to be one of the most satisfying things you can do with your clothes on. (Naked power washing is available in certain areas but ill advised)

    However, what's the first thing you do...