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  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Aegoth said:
    just ask @Mishgul

  • Re: Memorable quotes

    I know this is a typo...but I couldnt help it

    2017/02/21 05:18:16 - Sholen has filed a bounty against Baenor for 'raiding the court'. The reward
    is 20000 gold.
    2017/02/21 05:18:55 - Sholen has filed a bounty against Issam for 'aiding the court'. The reward is
    20000 gold.
    2017/02/21 05:19:09 - Sholen has filed a bounty against Mazirak for 'aiding the court'. The reward
    is 25000 gold.
    2017/02/21 05:19:25 - Sholen has filed a bounty against Siduri for 'aiding the court'. The reward is

    Dont you DARE lift a finger to help, or else!
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Had a real grueling 40 min fight with @Proficy yesterday randomly for Sartan. Toughest fight I've had in awhile cause we were both playing real defensive cause of the god factor. We both had really close brushes with locks/kills throughout but he blew me up in the end. 

    Ive been really unmotivated to login recently, but I think that fight got me back a bit. 
  • Re: Achaea Combat Explained..

    I love how a thread about "Explain Achaean Combat" has descended into a discussion of which class is OP, whether or not the amount of scripting necessary is ok and who can/cant beat other people.    Couldn't give a clearer example of hot button issues in achaean combat if you tried :D
  • Re: Player Pics

    Carmain looks like Mr. Bean cast as Jesus.

    Like in a good way.
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    What? Goats are awesome. They don't taste half bad either.
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Kogan said:
    So this happened today!
    You have reached the illustrious level of Greater Dragon.

    I was going for a 0 death dragon run initially, but silent updates to Delos guards ruined that. They now attack you just for following someone if that person tumbles out even if you've never attacked them before ever. So that cost me a quick death at lower levels. So now I guess I'll just have to settle for being a 1 death dragon.
    Obviously you need to try again with a new character and aim for 0, since you so miserably failed in your goal this time around!

    (jk grats)
  • Re: Why do you play your class?

    I started out as a proud member of the Sentinel guild and citizen of Shallam. Mainly because the 'defender of nature' and 'warrior of Good(tm)' attracted me a lot. Even joined the Church for a while (man, speaking of an old-wives-tea-party).

    Didn't even get fed up with Shallam, but the Sentinels (long after they became a house) was so much more fun than the shit going on in Shallam that I decided to go full-fledged forestal after 90 IC years or so.

    Now that I'm back after my slumber, they gave me this whole new skirmishing skillset which I really disliked at first. I just wanted to ambush, maul limb-prep and roflaxewhore people. Didn't work anymore. After a bit of investing in learning my new skills, I've found the love for my class again. I'm still pretty much shit against anyone with slightly an idea of combat, but at least I can keep you off for a few minutes and eventually, I'll get my opponents killed again.

    Nature warriors ftw.