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  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Channeling the fury of battle, you prepare to unleash a brutally swift stroke against your foe.
    Drawing back a Dreadblade bastard sword, you unleash a flesh-mincing blow at a xorani guardian.
    *-*-*-*   You have scored an ANNIHILATINGLY POWERFUL CRITICAL hit!   *-*-*-*
    You have slain a xorani guardian, retrieving the corpse.
    Your soul cries out in ecstasy as it reaches new heights of power. You have advanced to level 120.
    You have reached the illustrious level of Champion of the Dragon Soul.
    The death of the corpse of a xorani guardian fuels the fires that rage within an armoured charge tank.
    You feel a surge of energy course through your body as a shimmering wyvernscale cape feeds upon the lifeforce of your fallen foe.

    Now I have 2 empty class slots that I haven't the lessons to make use of :D
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    We had just finished with a fairly traditional, bloody Black Mass in the city, a few are speaking about praising Sartan's name and all of that, and:

    Shalltear says, "I need to go catch butterflies now, in His name."

    Cepheuss utters a deep, rumbling laugh.

    Calling out boldly, Cepheuss attempts to rally Shalltear to his cause.

    Kiet ponders the situation.

    Insid'atori Kiet Aristata al-Azhan says in a clear, confident voice, "Yes..."

    Stheno runs her fingertips absently over a butterfly-shaped rune.

    You nod your head at Shalltear, showing your acceptance.

    Saeva laughs with a bright smile.

    Saeva says, "Ensure to pluck their wings for good measure."

    Saeva says darkly, "That'll teach them."

    You say in Mhaldorian with a flowing, cultured accent, "May you terrorize such pretty, small insects well, slave, and use the gold to strengthen yourself."

    Stheno smiles softly at Saeva.

    Shalltear giggles happily.

  • Re: Memorable quotes

    So like. Nowhere did I say that he didn't have 'justification' to eject me. I said you guys should probably teach your new people that eject is considered an attack, and they can be attacked/killed if they choose to eject someone from their grove.

    That is all.

    And no, Lenn. 'The pkers' did not decide that forced movement is an attack. The admin did. Don't be silly.
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    It seems a lot of you don't understand the difference between "you can defend yourself from this reasonably" and "you can come back later and gank this person for this/hire on them for this.'

    Pyori has it right, in that if you get ejected from a grove that you got asked to leave from, it's unreasonable to gank the person for it later. It is -always- acceptable, though, to fight back in that moment. No matter why someone's attacking you, even if it's minor, or an illusion, or a fake insta, you can always retaliate in the moment. That doesn't mean that gives you a good justification for attacking the person next week or hiring on them for it.

    This is also to say: don't perform any abilities that move, disrupt, damage, or afflict anyone unless you're up for a fight. You're essentially consenting to a fight at that moment when you do so. It's the exact same reasoning for attacking city enemies in your city. They're free pk, they can't retaliate for it later, but they don't have to sit there and take it.

  • Re: Order Stagnation!

    Mercer said:
    It really is a Catch-22 with Eleusis. All we ever hear is that we cannot solve our problems without a Divine to help facilitate the needed changes, and we can't attract a Divine because Eleusis sucks and needs change.

    I haven't seen a God in Eleusis in the time I've been playing Achaea, so I really can't speak to what happened Way Back When. All I can say is that Eleusis represents a very sizeable chunk of the playerbase and has been left essentially adrift for a very long time now. On a game that prides itself for its quality above all others, that is a very unfortunate thing.
    That's not true. You don't -need- a Divine to have a good org, and Eleusis has always had a strange anti-Divine citizenry. Divine were fine if they handed out gifts and socialised somewhat, but once they tried to steer or even nudge the village? Besides, it wasn't the Divine who really steered the (previous?) direction, that was me, Ellodin and the other Hierophants at the time. The Divine -supported- that direction, but even the Viridian Charter was meant to be interpreted in ways that allow you to choose either peaceful means or violent ones.

    Sooner or later, someone will pick up a nature god again, probably. But there's absolutely no reason that Eleusis can't work on making an inclusive forestal faction that caters to both those who prefer peaceful Nature, and those who like the more savage and violent aspects of Nature. I'll admit having an active Divine who makes things happen can really make an org come to life, but you can still do that. It just needs good leaders who make things happen instead, even if it's not on the same scale.
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    A special prize will be in one of the next fifty globes to be opened!
    I sat there for a few minutes and didn't see anyone get it. I thought what the hell and bought 5 globes. First globe...

    The globe splits open to reveal a staff of illusion!

    The special globe prize has been claimed!

    First time I have won anything in Achaea so it was pretty exciting.

    EDIT: Also first forum post!
  • Re: What have you designed today?

    I was looking for something today and found a tapestry I designed for the tapestry contest. It didn't win (great job @Stheno!) so I may as well share it.

    a devastating tapestry of the Worldreaver

    Hung upon a nearby wall, an enormous tapestry depicts the grim legacy of the Worldreaver.

    Brightly coloured weft threads weave seamlessly together to tell the story of Bal'met, the Worldreaver in tapestry form. Starting small, the ormyrr rape of Elara is the first of a chain of events that wind serpentine across the fabric, depicting the alien God's rise. Towards the middle, the eye is drawn to vivid battle scenes of a formless black miasma astride a great undead dragon, Gods lying dead in His wake; followed by vengeful Lady Keresis forcing Bal'met into a portal to the bleak Nishnatoba wastelands. Larger images continue of Lady Maya sacrificing Her Divinity, Demigods fighting shades on Nishnatoba and finally, a last, stark portrayal of Aurora, the Lightbringer thrusting Her holy sword into Bal'met's dark heart, ending His reign of terror. In the bottom corner, a robed grey figure is half-turned away from the carnage, His hands cupped around a dancing flame.
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Today is a day of pleasant surprises, both IG and OOC! Not only did I get @Yae's greeting through Aedh, the furry Gaian mole and went to the Itinerant Bazaar with @Ellodin, hung around with some of the younger Scions, but people also sent me presents for which I am very happy with!

    Not to say the least, someone also presented me with a commission of a portrait for Marisella. It was apparently supposed to be a Christmas present, but the artist was delayed. I love everything I got so much. Hooray!
  • Re: We Draw Our Characters

    Someone commissioned a portrait of Marisella for me. I am beyond blown away by the artwork and how lovely she has gotten the pose, the dress and the little details right! Also the entire theme of the picture is very floral. So perfectly suitable for a Gaian! :heart:
  • Re: The Chaos Wedding (Dunn & Hecate)

    Relevant to this thread:

    (Order): Deucalion says, "There is little that man will not copulate with."