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  • Re: Achaean Raves

    Had like a 30 minute duel or something with @Proficy. Was pretty fun (I can't outdamage him in Runie with Algiz, so I couldn't really win, and his Damnation defence is solid), even if it ended with hunger, since he couldn't kill me without it either. Good fight, mister!
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    Althena said:
    Omor said:
    Althena said:
    The soul of Avianca says, "You're fucking dead. Why the fuck did you kill me? I was clearing Annwyn!"

    Er... Annwyn is open combat. Would've told her to shove it.
    I try to be more polite than that!

    Hilarity ensued when Avianca jumped me in Delos immediately after the Annwyn kill. Keep in mind this was in the first 10 minutes or so of ever even crossing paths. Having no idea who Avianca is and fearing that she is confused, while she is trying to priest me to death, I ask her why and inform her that Annwyn is a free PK plane and that she doesn't have a valid reason. Avianca never skipped a beat. No reply. Still priesting my tits off.

    *shrug* *fights back* *facerolls Avianca*

    The soul of Avianca says, "NOW you're fucking dead!"


    The soul of Avianca says, "You just murdered me."

    Umm... K.
    I... I'm sorry...

  • Re: Player Pics

    I found  Neraeos  whilst I was out for a wander. He's stood on some other dudes stone, cheeky gods
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    Antidas said:
    @Frederich maybe I'm mistaken about who ganked who. Either way, I was definitely agreeing with Althena here lol.

    @Kayeil just on the off chance that your comment was directed at me, I'll clarify that I am by no means condoning chasing someone out of Annwyn and continuing trying to kill them if you gank them and they manage to escape. Always considered that to be pretty shitty as well, considering the only reason you were attacking them (in theory) is because of the area they were in.
    Nah it wasn't really directed at anybody. Just something I've seen happen many times by PKers that I know are very familiar with the rules.
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    Antidas said:
    Frederich said:
    It's the fact she attacked Althena outside of Annwyn, for things that occured in Annwyn.
    Honestly, thats the least of the problems. If someone ganks me in Annwyn while I'm hunting, I'll gank them back. Pretty sure most other combatants do as well. Just wouldn't hire/issue or anything like that, obviously (even if I wasn't mark). I think the problem that most people have is simply her response to purely reasonable actions on the part of Althena. She was in Annwyn and got ganked, which is a risk you accept by going in there. Then she went back and tried to get revenge, which isn't unreasonable, except that she flipped out when she lost again. Not exactly polite behavior.

    Except by the letter of the help files associated with a treacherous plane, you are definitely breaking rules by retaliating on the PMP after the fact.
  • Re: Let mining lodes spawn throughout the entire day.

    I just want stone for my house :(
  • Re: Let mining lodes spawn throughout the entire day.

    In fairness, the reason it's so hard to get good lodes these days is because there's just far too many miners fighting over too few lodes. But there's already too many commodities not being used, so you can't really expand how many lodes/commodities spawn in without giving more things to use commodities -on- that eat them entirely. It's been consistently worked out but there's still several without much use, and thus a low price.

    Just the nature of things for the time being.
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    "Not very polite behavior" is pretty much all I can really say about Avianca on forums, honestly.
  • Re: Amusing/Entertaining/Interesting things you stumbled upon on the Internet