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  • Re: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

    I think the main things I considered regarding this was the fact that Christmas is not a staple of the plot. The movie can play out easily enough on Thanksgiving, or any day really. 

    That the story takes place around Christmas, and has some Christmas decorations doesn't make it a Christmas movie. I think it's a really good action movie.

    Essentially a man is visiting his wife and daughter, which happens to be during Christmas. The office party is hosted by a Japanese company to, primarily, celebrate the closure of a recent deal. Due to the timing, they essentially decide to merge the celebrations in respect of the location and culture. 

    Not to mention it was released in July. If you take away the setting of Christmas Eve, it's simply an action film on par with Con Air.
  • Re: Player Pics

    I hate when people make it look that easy.    But the old coot is clearly delusional.  He keeps trying to stomp on an imaginary CRUNCH pedal that isn't there
  • Re: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

    Not only is it a Christmas movie, it is the best Christmas movie.
  • Re: Quick Questions

    The best description I've seen the game give is "an aura of translucent divine fire."
  • Re: Quick Questions

    Odd question, maybe something more for the Garden or whoever to answer... but when you see gods and such "wreathed in divine fire", how exactly do you all see it in terms of colour and such? Has it ever been given a firmer description?
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    if it was anything like the chase I just escaped from poor @Jinsun was likely outnumber 6 to 1
  • Re: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

    I have a tradition of watching Charlie Brown Christmas followed by Die Hard. Very much a Christmas movie 
  • Re: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

    It's a great Christmas movie, along with other 80s mainstays like Gremlins and Lethal Weapon.
  • Re: Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

    Anyone who votes "no" doesn't know the true meaning of christmas:

    Bruce Willis and explosions.
  • Re: How many hours do you put in weekly on average?

    From Makarios and myself, ahahahahahaha