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  • Re: Simple Ideas

    Nazihk said:
    Jonathin said:
    If someone has a bounty and you continue to add bounties because of stuff while the bounty was still  on the board, you are the worst kind of person.

    Get your city to start taking the bounties or stop being a prick. Simple as that.
    If you don't want to get bountied multiple times, don't keep doing bounty worthy shit imo.
    If multiple bounties are the expectation, why can't we have multiple bounties at the same time?
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Playing along with mis's:
    Proficy tells you, "I can check in a second for you."
    You tell Proficy frostily, "Thanks!"
    Proficy tells you, "Oo i dont think it can."
    You tell Proficy frostily, "Oh that's too bad."
    Proficy tells you, "Yeah you should issue yourself to confirm if its a bug or not... wouldnt be the first time they did this tho... not letting them be upgradeable."
    You tell Proficy frostily, "Will do! Luv u, boo."


    Proficy tells you, "Haha."
    Proficy tells you, "Did all those tells go to you?"
    You tell Proficy frostily, "Wink wink!"
  • Re: Message Delete Decays

    Send me message examples of these and I'll see about adding them in when I have a bit of free time!
  • Re: What have you designed today?

    'has been' is the devil's work. Is. Not has been. Also, you're missing a space between 'and' and 'flesh' in the first sentence. 'the dappled patterns that give the wood its name'

    Otherwise I like it :)
  • Re: The ongoing Yggdrasil event

    I think they have medication for that.