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  • Re: OOC Raves

    So I took a new job back in September of 2016 as the GM of a Cajun restaurant here in town. On top of going to school full time, the position has really made me push myself harder, to manage my time better and all of that. The restaurant has been open roughly 2 years, and has struggled the entire time. Had yet to obtain profitability in any capacity. When I walked into the place, the atmosphere was terrible. Employees were disgruntled, and the owner was just about ready to pull the plug.

    Fast forward six months: Our weekly sales have quadrupled, staff morale is high, and Q1 is about to end with a 7% profit margin. Even with the upswing and everything, I still have some things to address to refine our numbers better. Q2 is shaping up to return 12-15%, and our catering is starting to yield really solid returns/referrals. In the next month, we have events scheduled for nearly $10,000. Quite a bit better than the $0 I walked into!

    I'm not really one to brag, but sometimes you've got to pat yourself on the back. I wouldn't have been able to do it without the team (largely selected by me), but man it feels good seeing the tangible change in the bank account. There have been times where I was doubting my ability to turn this place around, and I've struggled to find the balance between school, work, and life. It's been a ride, but it looks to be going in the right direction.

    tl;dr Business is boomin'
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    You should make a goat one, simply because I love goats. (And Shirsz's pet is a goat)
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    Some uh, herb jars that I made.



    Work in progress...

    Smoky is next...

    Should I post followups?

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    Dawnlord Farrah Roualt has appointed you to the position of Minister of Maritime Affairs.