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  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    I hate SoA :(
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Decided to go for a 1v2 in Annwyn today. Expected to lose but was all worth this gem. :lol:

    Your mind is able to focus once again.
    Xaden swings a Scimitar of Eagles at you with all his might.
    Your shield completely absorbs the damage.
    Xaden swings a Scimitar of Eagles at you with all his might.
    Your shield completely absorbs the damage.
    A prickly, stinging sensation spreads through your body.
    Xaden moves in to engage you. (2.423s) (7.758s)
    H:70(0%) M:83% E:98% W:96% A:390 ex|cbk Xaden[] XP:9.1

  • Re: Quick Coding Questions

    There are two main reasons I use in-game aliases:

    It gets around the 10 command limit that you have with the command separator. This isn't normally an issue, but there are certain situations where I'll have a lot of conditional requirements on attacks; wielding, getting vials/pipes from pack, etc. It's easier to not have to worry about whether or not I'd hit that limit.

    It means I don't have to requeue to change the commands to run as part of my attack, which in turn means I don't have to remove other things I may have queued (movement, blocking, picking up gold or corpses, etc.) if I decide I want to use different venoms, switch to targetting a different limb, and so on. I can just queue the alias once, and change what commands are associated with it as many times as necessary before recovering balance.

  • Re: Achaea Trading Cards

    Lusternia has a game like this, it's called 'Fate' and plays like Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8. You buy 'decks' that have static cards in them, though. It's just the hand you draw from them when you initiate is random (both players play from the same deck, too)

    MKO also have a version, called... Tri-something... Which played like Tetra Master from FF9.

    I miss both of them :(

    I had something halfway coded for the former at some point, ended up getting rid of it because meh.
  • Re: Combat Logs

    1) If they're not parrying head (as common sense dictates), one or two prec hits to the head after you've gotten some fractures everywhere will seriously set them behind.

    2) Mages basically can ignore clumsiness, doesn't hurt them at all. Lethargy is more of a killer. If you want to slow him down, I'd suggest trying to upkeep at least one arm fracture on him at all times. You don't need to go ham on him like you did towards the end, since arm fractures do really little on their own to progress your offense, they just hinder. Just being able to upkeep the affliction is good enough.

    3) At one point, you devastate arms with 1 arm fracture. That's a really bizarre thing to do, and would need explanation.

    4) Devastate isn't affected by stance, so you should not stance and burn your battlefury like you did. This is especially important for leg devastates, because you need your battlefury for upset, to prone them. 

    5) Very little point applying curare on a devastate. Should apply an ep venom, like epseth or epteth (obviously the opposite of the limbs you're devastating).

    6) You need to put stand/recover footing in front of all your relevant offensive actions. Furthermore, you can use recover footing off balance as long as your balance usage was a Weaponmastery attack. Not doing this screwed you over on your first leg devastate.

    7) After your first leg devastate and the failed impale/disembowel, you try to devastate arms again. Why?

    8) At another point, you devastate with only 2 leg fractures. Got to be more on point with that.

    9) I don't see any limb counters on your prompt, but it's possible you moved it to another point of your GUI. Nonetheless, you should start practicing limb counting in 2h. It's what elevates the class.
  • Re: Pineapple on Pizza

    I had pineapple on pizza that was good once. One time. I have had it and suffered many times.

    That one time was at the best pizza place I know with: carmalized pineapple, bacon, and banana peppers on a bbq sauce base.

    Every other time it has tasted like rubbery asshole which is so sad cause I love pineapple :(
  • Re: Player Pics

    I saw a kitty, so here is Bert in a helmet.

  • Re: Halls of Death

    Time to compile a joking @Makarios one?

    Something where you created a bug and he revives you in exchange for you being mum about it.

  • Re: Pineapple on Pizza

    Most of my friends like pineapple on pizza, which means most of the time that'll be at least part of an order. I don't, but I've noticed that I have a weird enjoyment of pineapple pizza with the pineapples picked off. You don't get that weird, bursty-fibery-overly sweet pineapple explosion when you bite into one, but it makes the spots where they were sort of like cheese curds in poutine, and it's just a tiny hint sweeter which makes the rest of the pizza sauce more savoury.

    I still put up a fuss and throw them at other people but /confession.
  • Re: Achaean Raves

    May favorite part about having the time for Achaea again is there are so many new people to meet (and fight wiiiiith)!