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  • Re: Shikudo

    Snapping his leg out to its full extent, Antonius drives a heel into your torso knee.

  • Re: Quick Questions

    Cancel and resub is the answer. It may be a couple days after cancel before you can resub but you don't lose anything if you resub within 30 days. 

  • Re: Memorable quotes

    PUBLIC NEWS #20007                                      (05/20/2017 at 11:54)  
    From   : Tyndran Proficy, the Tyrant
    To     : High Warden Merewyn Wolfstamme-Stormwind
    Subject: Let us walk this inappropriate path together

  • Re: Combat Logs

    Solnir said:
    Miriew gets down and wiggles them cheeks furiously.
    Oh hey, you've levelled, lemme twerk for you.
  • Re: Shikudo

    Hmm, let me see:

    Bashing: Almost everything in the skill should work vs denizens. Notable exceptions are dispatch, crescent.

    Damage: Shikudo is faster, tekura has higher damage but is slower.

  • Re: Achaean Raves

    What the actual fuck, folks. Best Sunday.
  • Re: Shikudo

    Taryius said:
    Lots of affliction potential it seems, true locking monks?

    It has an aff route and a damage route.