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  • Re: Quick Questions

    Yeah I falcon hunt when I qq or journal. Always come back to a fed falcon, but I assume he's just flying around clubbing or bar hopping until I log back in. 
  • Re: Quick Questions

    Sindregan said:
    Regarding Artefact Powers - can you buy them on an Artefact Armour?

    e.g.: I buy a cloth armour, I embrasure it, add rondel, then transfer powers on it? At least the ones that need to be equipped, like crit chance or stats +X?
    As far as I know, you can transfer artefact powers onto almost any item. Artefact armour should be included in that list. That said, unless you're either never going to invest in multiclass or are happy using the morphing paragon, it's probably not a great idea to move other artefact powers onto your armour.
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    I realized that Achaea has influenced my life in a negative way. 

    The thought that it was nearing Christmas time crossed my mind and my first instinct was to get excited about what I might get from Ironbeard this year.
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Um I was just kidding, I've already issued him and am currently preparing a twenty page essay highlighting the negative qualities of his mother which I will post later today.
  • Re: Quick Questions

    Ahmet is TRIGGERED.
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    So this happened recently! I was wandering around the Vashnar Mountains ganking bears when I suddenly spot a Dragon Bow lying on the ground. Naturally, I picked it up and probed it to see what it was. It looked like a sweet weapon, don't know why someone would leave something so awesome lying around in the middle of nowhere, but finders keepers amirite? I promptly put my sword away, wielded the bow, and tried to shoot a bear with it. Didn't work. Oh well, must be missing a skill or something. No problem, I'll just sell it later, I'm sure somebody would pay top dollar for such a badass weapon. Meanwhile this bear is still alive, so I removed the bow and started hacking away at him the old fashion way.

    Five seconds later someone pops up out of nowhere, kills me in two hits, and tells me to read HELP RELICS.

    Stupid &%#$! Dragon Bow you trolled me good you bastard
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Would've died if it had been in braille 
  • Re: What Happened To You Today?

    Message #6745       Sent by Makarios
    2017/8/16/11:20 Hey there. I was just looking at some emails and noticed we might have skipped over
    one of yours by accident (entirely my falt if we have). Did you ever get your Chenubian exit sorted 
    out, and if not would you still like it done? Sorry for any inconvenience!

    Message #6746       Sent by Micaelis
    2017/8/16/16:59 (To Makarios): Oh I completely forgot about that. Yeah, that's fine, and since it
    took so long how about we give the ole Mic-ster a discount, for old time's sake? Eh eh?

    Message #6747       Sent by Makarios
    2017/8/16/17:07 All set! I have given you your discount as well. Never let it be said I am not the
    most generous of them all.

    Message #6748       Sent by Micaelis
    2017/8/16/17:07 (To Makarios): A discount of 0%! So generous!

    Message #6749       Sent by Makarios
    2017/8/16/17:08 Its in your inventory. Gratitude these days!

    You are holding:
       scrap185831         a suspicious-looking discount voucher

    You are wearing:
    1 items were shown.

    This tattered piece of paper appears to have been torn off of a greater whole in somewhat of a hurry
    . Scrawled across the fragment in an afront to penmanship everywhere is the phrase, "no.".
    It has about a month of usefulness left.
    It weighs 0 ounce(s).

    Love you @Makarios
  • Re: Memorable quotes

    Sylphie says in a gloomy voice, "And, as the Guardian likes to remind all if they do forsake their oath."

    Sylphie raises a dove feather quill with her left hand, caressing it with her right as she does her best impression of the Guardian of the Blades. "There will be a price to pay." she says in a false baritone voice.
    Couldn't even tell the difference. Your move, @Xaden.