What Are You Thankful For In Achaea in 2014?



  • Hmm, let's see... @Tibitha @Lauria and @Daeir for keeping me interested in continuing to log in as Shuns, and Mhaldor for making alting enjoyable

  • RuthRuth Singapore
    Gaia said:

    ..who keep me sane when I want to burn a whole load of trees.

    You know you really are just a secret little fire starter deep in your big foresty heart, Gaia... I'm sure Sartan will help set it free if you don't mind though! ;)
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  • I'm especially grateful to the team of Mhaldorians that stuck around when it was at its absolute worst. There were many issues that forced a lot of people to jump ship, or just seek greener pastures. However, there were a dedicated few who stuck around and made things great once again. It took almost two years of facepalming, but they finally did it.

    While I don't have much time to play anymore due to work, I am thankful for my friends who still chat to me on skype as well. Very good friends and bonds have been made in here, and I love each of ya!.
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  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    I'm thankful that I have a home in Ashtan where I feel like I belong.

    @Khairt for our marriage that's lasted forever so far and probably forever still.
    @Dunn and @Jarrod for all the love and support that's allowed me to not only survive the last year ICly and OOCly, but given me the strength to make some really massive life changing decisions.
    @Nemutaur and @Trey for being such awesome friends.
    @Bonko and @Earionduil for the grounding, the laughs, the insanity, the late night conversations, and being two of the most amazing if not most misunderstood people ever. Sorry for ruining your credibility of being douches.
    @Jhui for being the text-father that I've always wanted and being all sorts of wonderful.
    @Paine for being a life-long friend who's never changed.
    @Mizik for being fun and being so hawt.

    @Vastar for everything. Seriously, everything.
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  • JeslynJeslyn United States
    I come back from Thanksgiving celebrations and saw myself mentioned here. I hate you too, @Aodfionn‌ and @Jarrol . <3 But seriously, thanks to you both for making things interesting for me. Other honorable mentions would be the Vorondil family for being a badass, Diaspora for putting up with me, Cyrene for their weird Cts that crack me up, and all of the Targossians that I accidentally speak cyrenese to over tells.
  • Talismans. They keep me addicted to bashing so that I can gather the gold necessary for the 2,000 credits needed for a veil that I'll likely not get in favour of other arties if I can ever figure out what one's I'd rather have. Of course a veil would come in handy, too. ._. these goddamn talismans. At least my obsessive tendencies go well with my addictive nature.
  • Wow this could become quite the list..lets see.
    I'm thankful for my friends most notably @Sylpheria she always makes the rp epic. @Nessy has been a wonderful inspiration, and has started helping shape me into a better person. @Ellowyne for all the memories. Never ever underestimate a good memory. @Lauria for being a great daughter love ya kiddo. @Garden for making Achaea a place I want to come to, and enjoy myself. @Scarlatti because He's epic, and has been a huge inspiration to Sunny. @Divine, because what is a good time without a Divine showing up and stealing all the glory. Keep doing what you guys do, because we love You all. @Tecton, because if he had an Order I'd strive to be head of it. @Tecton you've done some amazing things, and I'm grateful for the chance to see how you shape the world. That said..there are many of you I didn't mention here, and I know that you all know who you are. Thank you for being such good friends, family, and weirdos. Love you all!
  • I am thankful because this game is up and running, if not improving!
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