Favorite Class (and why)?

Off the post of the class and race distribution of non-newbie current players, I'm just curious why you play the class you do? What about it and the environment around it and your city/House/peers makes it enjoyable for you? 

For me, a lot of the classes are interesting, but I really do like the Apostate side of things, or at least the Congregation focus. It seems similar to the Catholic priesthood, as I was discerning the priesthood for several years. It's something I can relate to in-game, as I spent a ton of energy and resources studying Catholic theology and philosophy in-depth. If things had went a different way, I could be a real-life monk at a Benedictine abbey in St. Louis, going to seminary to become a priest. So, at least with that, I can eventually use the same foundation and apply it to this character once I reach that level in the House. While I personally don't feel I am a Catholic any longer, I do have all the knowledge I learned from those years of study and interaction with people.

The Jester class has a playful appeal to me and has been a favorite type of class I like to play in D&D. But it doesn't really have a deeper meaning to me outside of that. I like the idea of it and once I am a Jester I get buyer's remorse. The Jester puppet shows were pretty entertaining when they happened (not sure if they still exist), and I love the matching Jester outfits and idea of playful pranks.

I haven't played a Shaman or Runewarden though. I do like the idea of a witch doctor type of Shaman with different beliefs like the whole throwing bones on the ground and reading them, etc, and other mystical beliefs, that may border on primal and savage (like the Tomacula somewhat).

Druid is pretty awesome in idea, but I just can't connect on the Nature aspect of anything. I like the idea of having a grove with tons of cool stuff in it, the ability to morph into different animals, and being able to make my own cures and get a bonus for them. I just didn't know what to do with it and felt lost. It just didn't connect to me at all, but it may be my inability to roleplay properly *shrug*

Anyways, what's your take on things?


  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway

    Apostate because I am the only one, and it's one of the few classes where artefacts can't replace knowledge and combos.

    I do wish I had health arties though.


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  • I'm torn between Monk and Paladin.  Monk is deceptively simple and allows you to fill in so many holes and really, it flat out encourages you to do so.  It has amazing potential compared to a lot of classes.  Plus, it's a monster in the combat scene.

    Paladin is newer to me, but I'm flat out loving the way the abilities work and the routes the RP leads.  But, I'm still learning as I go.
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    More seriously, I love the RPability of Bards, but my hatred of Bardic combat is spoiling the experience just a little.

    Blademaster is my current favourite because it just feels awesome to play a BM. [Awesome] combat aside, the flavour and utility have got to be experienced to be believed.  Moreso than any other class I've played, BMing feels like an epic story unfolding before me.
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    Sentinel is my favourite. I like the woodland hunter/tracker/ambusher thing, RP-wise. Mechanically, it has a lot of fun stuff like traps, impale, spinning, axegrab, etc.

    Plus metamorphosis is A+ utility
  • Monk for the bashing and neat abilities from which to draw RP.
  • Serpent by a ridiculous length.

    It's the class that most screams "Achaea" to me - it fits into the history nicely (tarot users might have a slight edge on that one I suppose, but not by much) and is significantly divergent from pretty much any normal class trope. Functionally, it's the "rogue/thief" type, but it's probably the most significant thematic alteration of that concept I can think of in any game.

    In terms of skills, it has minor problems with seeming like a bit of a grab bag at times, but by and large it's about the best design I can think of for a sneaky, mobile precision-based class given that we're talking about a text game. Bonus points for having a number of skills that only really work in a text game (things like illusion and suggest action).
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    In terms of skills, I love serpents. But in terms of rpg and where I could take my character, apostate

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  • NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
    @Drauka: Interesting. I have a similar background as you, but with Jesuits and Franciscans, instead. Pretty happy to now have a pope who's a Jesuit, and chose "Francis" as his papal name, though I wish I had time to learn more about him. Anyway, something I've noticed that others don't often catch is the similarity between Mhaldor's suffering theology, and the Catholic ideals behind sanctification.

    More on topic, I love Apostate's RP potential, and combat is definitely interesting. I do miss serpent, though, for its utility. Love subterfuge skill set.
  • Serpents by far, I mean who doesn't like jumping out of the shadows, and planting a dirk into your targets back? Just so much fun!
  • Aposthate.  Because we're all griefers.

    I second what Carmain said except about the only one business.
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    Thematically, I obviously like Tarot as a combat skill.
    I also love Runelore.

    Like Jester for how fun it is. Spirit of the class, really.
    Magi, the elemental mage, and crystalism really is badass.
    Apostate though is damn close just for how it's put together. Floating living daeggers are just the most sexy thing ever.

    EDIT: Serpents are a great piece of Achaea. I just think I'm biased against them because they made my early days in Achaea hell.
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    As long as it matches my char and isn't magi or serpent. I like all classes.
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  • I think most people are probably unqualified to answer this question, as they've only played a few classes extensively, at most.

    I prefer monk because I'm in love with the flexibility of it. I'm in love with all of the RP opportunities that telepathy and monasticism offer, and combat was as simple or complex as you chose to make it. Monk combat offers outstanding durability, several types of effective strategies, lots of unique utility, and beautiful team options. The top caliber bashing makes it tolerable even for someone that hates grinding (like me). It doesn't rely on secondary skills or items like Weaponry, Riding, forged goods, or mounts, and it fits very well with almost any race. The only downside to it is a complete lack of long-distance transportation abilities and lack of LoS, though both of these are remedied with artefacts.

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  • @Tanaar Everyone is qualified to answer the question. The question was 'what's your favorite class and why' not 'what is objectively the best class and support your answer with empirical evidence.' :P
  • My point is that *most* people have a high degree of experience and expertise with only a few classes. Therefore, they aren't qualified to answer an inherently comparative question.

    I can't compare monk to apostate, I've never played an apostate past newbie. The only classes I'm qualified to compare are monk and serpent, as they're the only ones I've ever had a tri-trans non-newbie on.

    The question is not "Why do you like your current class," it's "What's your favorite class." It is inherently asking to choose from all of them. People who jump class a lot become well known for it precisely because it is not the norm.
  • So because I haven't tasted every flavour of icecream there is... I can't say that double-chocolate icecream is my favourite..?
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    I think a more fair comparison is: Because I have only tasted double-chocolate and vanilla ice cream, saying that my favourite is double-chocolate isn't terribly informative/useful.

    At least that's what I think Tanaar is trying to say.
  • Now I want ice cream. THANKS YOU GUYS! O:
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  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen
    Occultist for RP flair and the combat is amusing.
  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
    You aren't cool enough to decide if serpent is your favourite class


    One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important

    As drawn by Shayde
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  • It's more about why you enjoy what you're currently playing. Even if you're a newbie, there is still a reason why you play the game and why you enjoy playing the class you're currently playing. This is what is important, in my opinion.

    You don't need to have 1000 hours played in a class to know why you enjoy playing whatever class you're playing. You can be ignorant of high-level play, history and lore, and participating in an events of note, and still enjoy doing what you do. I'd guess that most people that play the game have characters that next to no one outside of their immediate House/City would know anything about. There's a reason they still play and enjoy the game. The characters that have the biggest "impact" or are the most "famous" are likely the minority of the player base.

    It's more a personal question, and not really some question that requires qualifications of any kind where the notion of someone not being qualified to answer is applicable.

    It's a question to the person behind the characters, about what they enjoy about their class, and nothing more.
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    Hey @Tanaar, monk was my favorite class too, for many of the reasons you mentioned. :) I wasn't trying to discredit you or anything. I just thought the phrasing was funny.

    Believe it or not, I hated bard combat and even bashing. Hallelujah was great, though, and there were some neat utility abilities. Right now I'm classless and enjoying it well enough. :D
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    Tch. Sure, we're unqualified, but who needs qualifications to have funsies.

    I like druids because of the utility, mobility, and room for earth cultist RP. For me, as an irreligious transhumanist, it's a fun break from the norm.
  • Occultist. It's rather amusing, as when I first started on Achaea it was the class I had the least interest in and never expected I'd care to play. Varying IC events (and interaction with lovely individuals) slowly changed that, as did the vast amounts of lore and history available - I really love getting into the story of the world, and as I've learned more details of the theme my opinion steadily changed from 'completely disinterested' to 'enthralled'.

    The utility of the class is simply icing atop of that!
  • I can't say I've put 20 hours into ALL classes, but I've tried a good part of them until level 30.

    Serpent - Will always be my favorite. I'm a die hard RP and it seems the Naga take part in that as well, so it only enhances what I enjoy about the class in the first place. Secrecy and deceit are badass if you have a great roleplaying partner. The only problem is, the only people who have tried to RP with me, want me in bed first. :<

    (Nearly tying with first) Priest. Sorry, Mhaldor. But Priest just looks like so much fun, and possibly just as badass in RP with Serpent<3
  • Serpent, of course. For all the reasons listed above. Combat sniping/lupine, roleplay, and utility.
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  • Favorite skill: Tarot
    Favorite class: Serpent
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