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  • I'd just like to say, I appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into the late New forums. It didn't play out but it was clear a lot of effort went into it.

    I was very happy to see the old forums returned though - it's not a bad format.

  • We seem to have lost a usable mobile version of the forums. Can we have that back please?

  • Any chance of getting Pariah and Psion a section in the "Individual Class Sections"?

  • @Kogan I asked for that a couple of times, no joy so far.

  • I can't believe how much better the forums look after reverting back. I can actually enjoy browsing for things now.

  • Thank you.

  • Surely the Earthmother is powerful enough to bring back a simple button?? :)

  • My mobile view in iphone is the same as the desktop view. The only difference is the border image being there or not.

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  • For mobile users, is it auto marking threads as viewed even if you don't click on them when you reload the recent discussions area?

  • GaiaGaia The Garden of the Gods

    On my iPhone the recent discussions page actually looks pretty good compared to the version I'm seeing on my work desktop (running Windows 1983, if I remember correctly). It is a desktop version, but I quite like it.

    Threads that aren't read at all are on a white background, threads that are read with no new messages are on a grey background, and threads that are read with new messages are on a white background with the unread number in bold black text in a highlighter-yellow rectangle (PC is more of a mustard yellow/gold).

    Not entirely sure if it's mobile vs desktop or iOS vs Windows. I'll compare with my Air at home.

  • Mobile forums looks decent on my Android. Sometimes have to zoom in to tap the right button, but I still like it better than the last version of forums.

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    I've noticed that too Cooper. I'll read a thread, click back and refresh the page and it marks everything as read instead of showing me the 2 new flag on a different thread.

    What I see on iphone requesting mobile vs desktop views.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • @Gaia you said running Windows 1983? Please say that was a typo

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • She also said she uses an iPhone, so it's probably not a typo.

  • Personally, I like the commitment to testing for backwards compatibility.

  • I'm actually in the process of doing some work for a guy who keeps all of his finances on a Windows 3.1 computer...

  • @Iaxus , I believe @Gaia is just behind the thymes.

  • I have a couple hundred in my attic if you need some?

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • Comments like Gaia's AOL one make me really angry that there isn't an LOL reaction anymore.

  • Agree w @Cooper .

    Also, I am a bit sad that I bet a solid 50% of people don't get that reference or the joys of "ASL?" every 3 seconds.

  • HalosHalos The Reaches
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    Oh thank god(s)

    This looks so much better

    Eta: Browsing on iphone makes this look like forums for ants 🐜 so i have to zoom way in (am i on desktop version? halp)

    still looks goddamn amazing though feels like rocking 2018 again

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  • Chronology in the Search function.

  • The QUOTE feature has returned to us and signatures can now be editted again!

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    Woohoo! It actually works, and better than it did before even. Thank y'all!

  • Fuckin' ayyyyyyye

  • Wahey! Signatures, at long last. *skip*

  • UtianimaUtianima Norway and Austria
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    @Nicola wasn't there a mobile version back in spring when this was launched? I've just returned, and I only can see desktop version on mobile :(

    If this was done on purpose, I would urge to reactivate mobile view. That way users can choose which one to use, by using the "Desktop version" toggle in settings in their browser. The way it is now we have no choice.

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