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  • I completely respect and understand the move to update the forums to look more "fresh", or to improve the functionality of them.

    As with everything its worth giving it a bit of time to sink in.

    With this in mind, I'd like to give some feedback that is hopefully constructive.


    1. I really enjoy the new changes to writing comments - the smart bullet points etc.
    2. The fact that the forums haven't been overlooked and you are actively making changes to them implies a greater sense of direction to the whole game (to me anyway)
    3. The search function and speed of the forums for me seems quicker and more responsive
    4. I enjoy part of the colour theme


    1. A lack of theme relating to Achaea - it feels like its lost some of its link to the game, and seems like its more distant and separate due to the graphics/visuals
    2. Spacing on everything seems substantially too large - spacing between text, font sizes etc just feels somewhat off
    3. Lack of clarity between the comment and the signature - they're not distinct enough for me and I find myself reading down into the signatures after reading a comment
    4. Lack of clear navigation around the site - it may be the recent changes but it feels harder to navigate around - the lack of links to the left hand side to view sections/move around whilst in a post, and the long list of links at the end of a post to visit other sections is a tad overwhelming.
    5. I dislike the highlighting of some things (bright yellow on white when you @ someone/white font on white backgrounds)

    Overall, I like the fact that it feels quicker and looks a bit newer with more functionality, I dislike the loss of some of the navigation and the visual changes (spacing mostly).

    Looking forward to how it gets adjusted over time!

  • The dismiss text when trying to dismiss pinned threads is dark grey on black :(

  • They'll be fine in about 30 days.

    "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

  • This makes my eyes bleed :(

  • The preview button doesn't seem to work any more, when I click on it, it's only taking me to the top of the page and does not appear to doing anything else such as generating the preview.

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    I can't quote people? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO COMPLAIN IF I CAN'T QUOTE PEOPLE? (That caps is a poke at @Shecks [dear Lord that yellow tag is rough!] and his "boomer" remark.) edit: as usual I forgot a damn closing parenthesis.

    @Phaestus - this is new, and therefore much bitching will be made. But thanks, I didn't realize the pinned threads were per user. I don't mind the darkness.. I will hold back any comments until it has time to be adjusted to by all sides.

  • It has far too much dead space on both desktop and mobile. And on mobile even the dead space is covered up by a new tab of new dead space when you want to look at recent discussions. Like for some reason the designer loves blank gray sections so decided to put them everywhere.

  • UtianimaUtianima Norway and Austria

    I for one love the new design. Great with a fresh look that doesn't look like 2010, and I find the mobile version to be perfect and in line with other things I am using on a daily basis (such as Twitter).

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo

    You can't tell me this is better for mobile when the mobile look doesn't even show the last thread posted to on every section, something the old look managed to do perfectly.

    Thats the very definition of going backwards, and frankly makes navigating the forums a chore.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    i like it

  • UtianimaUtianima Norway and Austria

    I hadn't noticed that @Shirszae. Sounds like something that they should be able to adjust, @Jumpy?

  • Spoilers and in a few other places still contain white text on white/grey background.

    I’m not sure if this is only on mobile but indeed you cannot quote other posts as mentioned earlier.

  • Having to scroll just a tiny bit up to see who the 'latest' poster is, is quite annoying that yellow bar at the top of the screen just manages to hide it beneath it

  • I have to say I tried reading a post w spoilers (or code tags) and NOTHING was legible based on the background so that would be a decent change.

    I can live with having to scroll a bit and IDGAF who posted on the last thread... it is a game forum and you don't concern me THAT much. But I understand that is personal choice and won't be breaking out the hate if I don't get what I want.... except the spoilers - and name tags - dear Satan, please fix it.

  • Someone mod the pages please?

  • Notifications don't seem to go away after you click on them, on mobile? I'm having to click 'mark as viewed'.





  • @Eryl Now I'm living rent-free in your notifications, forever.

  • PainePaine Prime Material

    One positive for me- the user icons were always way too small before and now I can actually see them from reactions for like and awesome.

  • @Kog Welcome to my hell buddy.

  • @Peak I wanna play too

  • ItaIta Hashan

    This new layout is superduper pretty!

    I'm just asking as it was a favorite thing of mine on the old forum, and I'm not finding it here, and I think I might be just missing it, but is there a MARK ALL AS READ button like on the past forum?

    I survived by that button. I loved that button. Is it still here and I'm just missing it? If not, that is okay to! I just need help finding it if it it is here. Thank you!

  • When you click on a thread that has new posts it brings you just past the beginning of the first unread post. It is very annoying to have to scroll up slightly to see who has posted and what the first line was.

    Here is a snip of what I'm seeing on desktop:

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    Does it on Mobile too

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    Don't know if this has been mentioned but the notification thing for unread mentions etc. doesn't seem to go away for me after you've read them - even when clicking on the actual notification. Only way I've found they go away is the "Mark All Read" button so a bit of an all or nothing thing.

    Using newest Chrome on Win10 & Android - and is this way for both.

  • @Jumpy, it's been a while now with the new forums layout, and there are still some big functional issues that exist. Most of my personal hang-ups have already been voiced, so I feel listing them again would be beating a dead horse. Do you have any updates for changes or updates coming down the lines?

  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    This is the best forums we can offer

  • Don't ask questions, just buy product and then get excited for next products.

  • That’s a stupid thing to say, because the admin are great about answering questions.

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