Crafting Stage 2!

I'm pleased to announce we've made a decision after reviewing and considering all of the varied feedback and suggestions in the original thread. After a lot of internal discussion with the Garden team, allow me to present the three new trade based skills we will be working on in the immediate future: Drinks maker, Artist, and Shipwright!

All of these names are placeholders, and that's part of what we need your help with next!

The Drinks maker
This will be a design-based tradeskill allowing you to design your own drinks.

This will not be drinks that convey combat or other alteration effects, purely flavour, much like cooking. This will include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

What we need from you!
   * Suggestions for names for this tradeskill that fit the whole gamut of drink possibilities.
   * Suggestions for vessels from which you can drink, and liquid types to be drunk!

The Artist
This will be another design-based tradeskill for creating painted/drawn artworks. (I know we said we only wanted one, but we couldn't resist.) Sculpture won't be a part of this at this time.

What we need from you here!
   * Suggestions for the name of the tradeskill.
   * Medium and "canvas" type suggestions.

The Shipwright
This tradesperson we hope will be able to handle the creation and alteration of ship equipment (upgrades and moving), possibly the upgrading of ships themselves (no guarantee here), handle some customisation of a ship proper, and handle the dismantling of ships.

What we need from you here!
   * Suggestions for the name of this tradeskill.
   * Suggestions for flavour/function additions for ship equipment.
   * Suggestions for aspects of a ship proper that might be customised by a shipwright without requiring heavy design oversight.

The person who suggests the best tradeskill name for any of the above will win 100 bound credits! That's a possible 300 bound credits that you can win!

We'll be closing suggestions on August 2nd so we can work on implementation!


  • Mixology for Drinks maker!
  • Intoxicology!
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    Mixology! Refreshments! Caefir Consolation Utilities! 
    Glass, bottle, porter, boot, bucket, barrel, and tub.

    Painting canvas, sketchpad, coloring books, walls, relief, umm. Other artsy words.

    Ship equipment with lots of interactions! Some kind of thingie to swing around and hit people with on accident, rigging to mistakenly trip people into, sitting on a bait tank would accidentally knock it over causing a flood and making all the bait flop and/or squish around all over the place. Um. I don't know.

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       Mixology/A Mixologist 
       Victualling /A Victualler

    liquids: tea (hot and cold), blood, meade, ale, gin, rum, vodka, juice, water, kawhe, milk, cordials, mixed cocktails, wine/wyne, brandy, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, cider, moonshine

  • Primarily as it focuses to the vessels used for 'The Drinks maker', though, personally, I'd name it 'Mixology'.
    Vessels: Goblets, Mugs, Chalices, Glasses, Cups, Drinking Horns, Flutes, Tankards, Steins, and Hollowed Out Skulls.
  • The Drinks = Mixology (it's just obvious!)
    The Artist = Illustration or Artistry
    The Shipwright = Naval Engineering

  • Artistry 


    mediums: oil, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, quill sketches, chalk, pigments
  • Depiction or Portrayal for the artist one.
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  • More liquid types:

    fizzy tonic, lemonade, malts, milkshake

    Container type: glass, tumbler, flute, goblet, chalice, tankard, cup, stein, horn, snifter, thimble, bucket, carafe, bottle, decanter, pot, ewer, jug, flagon, keg
  • Artist - Limner
    Painter - Pictor, Tinctor

    Shipwright - Supercargo

    Drink maker - Tabernarius, Vintor, Belhoste

  • Artistry canvas types:

    canvas, wood, leather, silk, fabric, metal, glass.
  • Artist - Depiction
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    Uhhh I"m not gonna touch the names, I"m p bad with names haha.

    For the shipwrights:
    a way to return a ship to its original description? Some of us used pails before, I'm not really sure of a way to undo it >_> 

    In the same vein, maybe certain stock descriptions may be made available to shipwrights to alter the appearance of the ship.

    Ability to alter sail colour and materials.

    Ship housing to now require the presence of a shipwright for the first cabin expansion?

    Ship damages now affect the (purely aesthetic) appearance of the ship even with repairs (eg char from fires etc). and require the shipwright to perform the necessary restorations to return it to normal?

  • I missed the edit window on my initial post, but! 
    Vessels to drink from: tumbler, mug, flagon, boot, snifter, shot glass, cup, stein.
    Liquids: Teas, kawhe, liquors, ale, mead, lemonades (with various fruits mixed in), cocktails, and many more!
  • @Nicola I'll help you guys weed out any "protected" names with the alcohol stuff. Bothers the absolute shit out of me that we have champagne in Achaea.

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    Shipfitting / Shipfitter
    Shipbuilding / Shipwright

  • Drinks skill name: Infusions, Decoctions
  • Idea name for the drinks: Quaffables

  • The artist one should be called "Gestalt"
  • SHIP:
    -MasterGunner: allows weapons to be installed or moved on a ship
    -MasterCarpenter: allows general descriptions of each room at a cost
    -Ship Architect: (if allowed) to upgrade ships (ramming speed?) armour?

    -shot glass
    -double shot glass
    -jar(mason jar)
    -half keg

    -sand (make sandart on the beaches!)
    -brick/stone (chisel or cement/glue? together)
    -wood (carving/painting)

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    Artanis said:

    -sand (make sandart on the beaches!)

    Ugh I got stuck in the quote box. But anyways, this would be really cool! It could be like graffiti, but maybe not colored, and be a short description of a drawing instead of words. Since this skill is design based, perhaps you could submit it and then once approved, drop it like a glamour.

    ...but then that might be too much like glamours, so I don't know.

  • For names let's see.  :)

    Drinks - Libations.

    Artistry - Artisanship.

    Shipwright - Yarding.
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  • Not too sure about a name for artistry? But for the mediums and canvases:

    Mediums: Oil, watercolour, pigment, charcoal, pencil, pastel, chalk, ink, gouache, acid (for metal and glass etching, but glass and metal could also be painted on or turned into stained glass).

    Canvases: Fabric canvas, leather, wooden board or panels, watercolour paper, drawing paper, glass, metal, silk, sketchbook.
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  • Oh, got a name! Artsmanship for the artistry skill!
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  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
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    I vote for Decanting and Artfulness for names.  Alternatively, Artsmithing

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  • I'm a fan of simpler names.

    Drinkmaking: I feel this is the only name that really encapsulates what this skill is meant to do. Mixology (as suggested above) implies alcohol and even then it implies mixing alcohols, whereas someone might just want their own wine or beer stock within alcohol, or simple tea, fruit juices, or even ordinary water in a particular cup outside alcohol.

    I'd also suggest Brewing, since although it's not correct, it at least covers nonalcoholic drinks to an extent, and if you squint hard enough, it could imply mixing things too.

    For drawing and painting, I'd just call it Painting. I'm sort of assuming it involves putting pigments to canvas where inks act as pigments, so whether they're wet or dry at the time seems like a minor distinction to me personally.
  • Brewmeister/Brewmaster - for the drinks skill
    Expression/Artisanship - for the creation skill
  • I would vote for Bottling as a bottler not only bottles alcoholic beverages, but they also bottle other kinds of drinks, and they create the different types of bottles the drinks go in, too.

    I did a lot of poking around, and for Shipwright, unless you want to use middle or old English words, there aren't really other alternatives. If you are talking about upgrading and outfitting, Shipwarden might be an interesting choice. Other ideas could be Shipcraft, Shiplore, Shipmaster.

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    Artistry:  Verisimilitude

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